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Top 10 Best Canon Pixma Printer to buy in 2023

Canon has been in the industry for many years. This Japanese multinational corporation is mostly known for specializing in the manufacturing of imaging and other optical products. And now they’ve also come up with a great line of printers for your personal and business needs.

There are many great printers from Canon that you’ll be able to find in the market. And one of the best products they have is in its Pixma printer series. This series is made up of several printers with tons of great features that have made numerous users standby its performance.

While all the printers in this series are impressive, these Canon Pixma printer reviews are here to help you narrow down your choices, so you’re sure to pick the best one.

10 Best Canon Pixma Printer Reviews

Choosing from the many printer options in the Pixma series is not an easy task, so here are the 10 best printers to help with your search. Just read on!

1. Canon PIXMA TR4520

Starting off this list strong is the TR4520, which is an all-in-one printer that ensures it can cater to all your printing needs. There a lot of features that will be sure to impress you. This is more suitable for light printing needs like homeschooling printers, and it is perfect for micro-businesses as well.

If you usually have high volume printing needs, then you may need a different printer on this list, because this has a slower printing speed compared to others.

You can use this to print, copy, and scan all your important files. Despite being an all-in-one printer, it has a very compact design, which lets it perfectly fit on your desk without needing many compromises. It is considerably lightweight too.

When you start using it, you’ll find that it’s easy to handle and navigate. There is a paper tray that can hold up to 100 sheets. So if you mostly print in small volumes, then you won’t have to refill them too frequently.

The downside to this is that you’ll have to manually flip the pages when you’re printing two-sided pages because it doesn’t have an automatic two-sided printing feature. If you don’t usually print on two sides, then this won’t be a serious problem.

There is a document feeder so you can keep on doing your job, hands-free. And it also allows you to transfer your files through wired or wireless connections. To easily navigate through the settings of the printer, there is a control panel that you can use.

Overall, it would make a great addition to your office equipment or business assets. Among the many printers in the Pixma series, this is one of the best Canon Pixma printers.


  • Offers great convenience
  • Has a compact design
  • Great quality print outputs
  • Has very versatile functions


  • Slower printing speed compared to others

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2. Canon PIXMA MG3620

This next one is the MG3620, and like all printers from the PIXMA series, it has an exceptional performance when it comes to quality and efficiency. Although there are some pitfalls with it when you have high volume printing needs like real estate agents have.

Since it’s an all-in-one inkjet printer, you can use it not only as a printer but also as a copier and a scanner. This is perfect to use in office set-ups, and it will be able to accommodate light to medium printing loads.

But if you’re going to need your documents printed fast, this may not be the ideal choice because it is only capable of printing approximately 6.4 pages per minute. Even though it’s not that fast, it will still be able to suit your personal and micro-business printing needs.

The printing speed it has may not be the fastest, but when it comes to scanning, this is a strong competitor. It can scan your documents, regardless if it’s colored or monochrome, at an impressive speed. Making copies of your files can also be done a lot faster.

You won’t have much difficulty using this. It is very easy to use. But navigating the setting may be a bit challenging since there isn’t an LCD to display the settings. With continuous use, you’ll eventually get used to it.

Both dye and pigment inks are used by the MG3620 to produce crisp and high-resolution outputs. It can deliver much more vibrant color to your colored images.

For easier printing, there is a Canon Print Service application that you can install on your phone. With its affordable price, you’ll be sure to get the best value for your money.


  • Using it fairly easy
  • Can print, scan and copy files
  • Fast scanning and copying speeds
  • Comes with an application
  • Produces crisp and vibrant outputs


  • Slower printing speed

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3. Canon PIXMA TS6220

Another great printer from the Pixma series is the TS6220. There are many things that you’re going to like about this. It is designed to make your printing tasks easier and give you high-quality outputs. The TS6220 all-in-one printer is very convenient to use, and it can operate wirelessly.

You can use it to print important documents, photo prints, sticker prints, and many more. And since it’s all-in-one, it is capable of copying and also scanning your files. These functions are sure to be useful for your office works or business needs.

Thanks to its 5 individual color system, you’re sure to get crisp prints and highly vibrant colored images. You can use a variety of mediums, from photo paper, bond paper, and other specialty papers for the best postcards and greeting cards.

This can handle your light to medium printing needs considering that it has a printing speed of 15 pages per minute for monochromatic pages and 10 pages per minute for colored ones. It may not be the fastest printer in the market, but it’s fast enough to accommodate your needs.

For an all-in-one printer, it’s considerably compact, so if you have a small desk space, there’s no need to worry because this will be able to fit in just right without needing drastic changes.

There is a paper tray that can hold up to 200 pages. With this high paper capacity, you won’t have to make paper refills as often. Another great feature that this has is a Smart Home voice-activation feature, which makes use of Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa. All you’ll need is to download the needed software.


  • Compact in size
  • The tray has a high paper capacity
  • An all-in-one printer
  • Great colored prints
  • Has a voice activation feature


  • Not ideal for high volume printing

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4. Canon PIXMA TR8520

The TR8520 from Canon’s Pixma series is another printer that’s worth considering. Its many features make it worthy of a spot on this list. This all-in-one inkjet printer may just be what you’re looking for.

Compared to Canon’s MX922, this printer is approximately 35% smaller, which means much more space than you can save. It’s also pretty lightweight, so moving it around will be fairly easy. But even though it’s compact doesn’t mean it falls short in functionality.

Because this is a wireless all-in-one inkjet printer, you can use it to print, copy, and scan all your files. Being wireless also has its perks because you won’t have to deal with the messy, tangled wires and have easier portability.

This doesn’t have an auto-duplexing feature for scanning and copying two-sided documents. Nonetheless, it still has user-friendly features. There is an LCD where you’ll be able to monitor and adjust all the printer settings; getting this up and running is also fairly easy.

More vibrant images and darker texts are made possible thanks to its standard five processor color inks, which are all die-based. Using it and changing its settings is made easy because of its LCD, this holds the entire control panel except for the power button. So, if you already own a decent scanner for ocr, then be preapared to be mesmerized by the printed text’s quality.

You can set this up easily by yourself. All the instructions are very straightforward. And file sharing is also fast with its Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can print your files online from Google Drive, DropBox, Google Cloud Print, emails, and other online file sharing applications.

All in all, its quality is top-notch and one of the best Canon Pixma printers in the market.


  • Great color quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Wireless and easily portable
  • Compact in size


  • Printing costs are slightly expensive

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5. Canon PIXMA iX6820

If you’re looking for a more affordable printer but still want uncompromised quality on your outputs, then this will be the perfect choice for you. This is one of the best Canon Pixma printers for small businesses and personal use. It is also an all-in-one printer like most of the printers that are part of the Pixma printer series.

You might have to make a bit more room for this because it’s slightly bigger compared to most inkjet printers. Setting it up isn’t much trouble, and neither is using it. There is no LCD screen where you’ll able to visually see the printer settings, but you’ll get used it in the long run.

This won’t be the most practical choice when you usually have high volume printing needs because it has a much slower printing speed of only 2.8 pages per minute. But if you’ll be using it for light printing and personal use, the slow speed is tolerable. Photo printing is slightly faster.

Even though it’s slow, the wait will be worth it because it has high-quality outputs maintaining the color integrity of your photos and giving your text a crisp black color. This high color quality is thanks to its 5 individual color tanks. Consider getting a dedicated photo scanner to ensure color-rich outputs every time.

Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity is supported by this printer, making it possible for easier and faster file transfers. And you can print your files online on various paper sizes up to 13 by 19 inches in dimension.

With this full-package printer, you’ll not only be able to stay well within your budget, but you’ll also get great printed documents and photos.


  • Can copy, print, and scan
  • Highly vibrant colors
  • Caters to various paper sizes
  • Has an affordable price tag
  • Easy to set up


  • Slow printing speed
  • Has no LCD control panel

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6. Canon TS5120

Released in the last quarter of 2017, this all-in-one printer is a perfect pick for those who want a decent inkjet printer at home for an affordable price. Even though considered as a lower-end printer, this unit can print in a duplex, which is not very common for inkjet printers at this price range.

The design of this unit is simple as it comes with physical buttons and a 2.5-inch non-touch color LCD for easier operation. A letter-sized flatbed scanner is located at the top; however, it does not have an automatic document feeder.

It has a paper handling capacity of 200 sheets, equally divided between the main tray and a rear feeder, which can also handle 20 sheets of letter-size photo paper. In terms of print quality, you can never doubt the capabilities of a Canon printer.

Although categorized as a low-end inkjet printer, this unit can produce sharp and crisp text prints. Printing color pages in it will give you outputs with well-defined and vivid colors.

However, in purchasing this Pixma printer, you might want to consider its duplex printing capabilities. The print quality when using the duplex feature produced lighter and greyish print compared to single-sided prints. Mobile printing is also made available in this unit.

You can directly connect this unit to your mobile phone via the Canon Print application. This unit can also connect directly to a PC via USB or to a Wi-Fi network.

Print speed is not the market platform of low-end inkjet printers, and this unit is no exception. An average speed of around 12.5 pages per minute can be achieved in printing text documents.


  • Simple design for easier operation
  • Two paper trays
  • Duplex print feature
  • Faster-than-average photo-glossy printing


  • Lighter duplex prints
  • No document feeder

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7. Canon TS8220

With its outstanding print quality and hands-free printing feature, this unit is no doubt a top-contender for the best Canon Pixma available in the market. This is one of the consumer-grade six-ink Pixma that is perfectly suited for crafts and home applications.

And this unit’s software bundle includes some handy applications for arts and crafts lovers. The Easy-PhotoPrint Editor lets you edit and enhance your images without transferring them to your desktop or laptop.

Different craft features are also included in this printer, such as a template for greeting cards, square media size support, and built-in printable patterns like checkerboard and holiday patterns.

If you are looking for one of the best consumer-grade photo printers, then this unit is the one. It can print bright and vivid colors and gradients as well as well-shaped and crisp text documents.

Canon ChromaLife100 Technology is one of its features, so you can expect photographs that can keep colors for decades. Smart hands-free printing can be accomplished via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can connect this to other smart home appliances through your smartphone.

In terms of paper handling, this unit can accommodate 200 sheets divided between a cassette up front and a rear tray. The rear tray, like the previous Pixma in this list, can also hold 20 sheets of letter-size photo paper. This unit comes with a flatbed scanner that does not support an automatic document feeder.

You can connect to this printer via Wi-Fi, PC via USB 2.0, and Bluetooth 4.0. Photography enthusiasts can use the PictBridge Wireless LAN to print directly from their compatible cameras, or they can also use the SD card slot available.


  • Smart hands-free printing
  • Longer print quality longevity
  • High standard print quality
  • Built-in arts and crafts feature


  • No automatic document feeder
  • Lacks NFC and Ethernet connection

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8. Canon Pixma Pro-100

Are you looking for a Pixma printer that is dedicated to your photography needs? Then you can now hand down all your money for this unit. This entry-level inkjet photo printer is recognized for its commendable print quality, albeit it’s a very affordable price.

And this unit uses the eight-color ChromaLife 100 plus dye-based ink system, which can produce print resolutions of up to 4800×2400 dpi. Also, this unit utilizes Canon full-photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering that enables printing with microscopic droplets.

Although this unit is labeled as a photo printer, you can still expect high-quality, crisp, and detailed output when printing regular text documents. With its ability to produce a borderless print size of up to 13×19 inches, this printer is designed in consideration to photographers who would print high-quality big-sized images.

Like Canon Pixma TS8220, this printer utilizes ChromaLife 100 plus ink that can keep colors in photographs for decades if kept in a UV-protected frame. At an average print speed of 90 seconds in printing a high-quality color bordered image, this printer improved a lot compared to Canon Pixma Pro-10.

The printer has a weight of 43.2 pounds. Its design is very simple and compact. However, the unit does not have an LCD, and only three buttons are situated at the front: the power button, a paper feed button, and a dedicated WPS button.

Different connection interfaces are available for this printer, such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PC via USB 2.0, and the photographer-favorable PictBridge port that allows you to print directly from your compatible Canon camera.

However, one drawback of this unit is its lack of SD Card slot, which is somehow negligible since you can connect to it through a lot of ways.


  • Eight-color ink system
  • Large maximum print size
  • High-quality print
  • Longer color longevity through ChromaLife 100+


  • No SD card slot

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9. Canon TS9120

This all-in-one unit is another top-contender in this list of best Canon Pixma printers. With an additional two ink cartridge, this product can produce exceptional print qualities from your regular text documents up to your graphics and photographs.

When thinking about photo-printers, print speed performance is the least to be considered. Although this printer is not a dedicated photo printer, it can print at an average speed of 15 monochrome pages per minute (ppm) and an average of 32 seconds for a high-quality color 4-by-6 inch photograph.

What sets this printer distinct is its ability to print in a CD/DVD that can be used for making disc labels. The application needed for this program can be found in its software bundle. Also, with its lasting ink cartridges, you can expect a high-grade print from this printer.

It can produce accurate and bright colors when printing photographs, as well as well-shaped and high-detailed texts. Though low-cost, this printer proved that Canon assures quality over price.

Specifically designed for home-based office and family use, this can support a variety of connection interfaces such as Wi-Fi, PC via USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.0.

You might also find it useful to print directly from your mobile phone by using Canon’s Print application that can access third-party cloud sites such as Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Pixma Cloud Link, and My Image Garden. Photography enthusiasts can also use the PictBridge feature to connect from their cameras.

However, this Pixma printer does not support NFC and Wi-Fi Direct Protocols. In terms of paper-handling, this unit also comes with two input trays that can hold a total of 200 sheets, with the rear tray capable of handling 20 sheets of photo paper.

The design of this unit is fairly-simple and sleek with a spacious and easy-to-use 5-inch touch-screen display at the front to cater to a more user-friendly experience.


  • Six-color ink system
  • High-standard print quality
  • Large 5-inch color touch screen
  • CD/DVD printing


  • Lacks NFC and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Slow document printing

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10. Canon Pixma TS6320 BK

Last on this list is another Pixma multifunction printer that is a perfect fit for home applications. This five-ink machine can produce exceptional outputs for your family use or even for your small office needs. The Pixma line of printers can no doubt produce high-quality images.

This printer can print borderless 4-by-6 inch and 8-by-10 inch photographs with bright colors and extreme-details. However, running costs for these models usually charges around 4 to 6 cents apiece for mono pages and around 15 to 17 cents for color pages.

An average print speed performance at 15 pages per minute (ppm) for monochrome pages and 10 pages per minute for color pages can be expected for this unit. This unit can also print 4-by-6-inch borderless snapshots at around 20 seconds each.

One special feature of this printer is its smart home voice activation feature. It supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Designed to be small and compact, this unit weighs at 13.9 pounds, which is a perfect fit if your available space at home is not that big.

The sleek design is accompanied by a 1.44-inch OLED screen with an LED status bar. In terms of paper-handling, this printer has an input capacity of 200 sheets, divided between a 100-sheet tray in the front and another at the rear. The rear tray, as same as with the other printer, can hold up to 20 sheets of premium photo paper.

Connection interfaces for this unit include 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, PC via USB, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy). Same as with other Pixma printers, you can connect to this printer through your mobile phone by using Pixma Cloud Print and Canon Print App.


  • High-quality print
  • Five-color ink system
  • Voice-activated hands-free printing
  • Easy-to-use design


  • No sheetfed Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

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How to Choose the Best One

Many printers are available in the market, but not all of them can deliver exemplary performance that will suit your printing needs. So before deciding on what to buy, it’s best to check certain factors to make sure you get the most out of what you pay.

These factors include print speed, output quality, functionality, and many more. Here’s a checklist, so you’ll be able to pick the best among the rest.

Print Speed

This is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing a printer, especially if you usually have large volume printing needs. A printer’s speed usually varies depending on what you print. They take much longer when printing colored pages.

If you’ll be using the printer for personal needs and you normally have print light volume documents, printing speeds below 10 pages per minute will be enough. Inkjet printers can go as high as 20 and even more, and these are best suited for big businesses.

Output Quality

No one wants to have blurry texts and improperly colored printed photos, which is why the output quality of the printer is very important. The type of inks the printer uses has a huge impact on the quality of your printed documents, so it’s important to check that.


An all-in-one printer is always a practical choice because it doesn’t only let you print your files but also copy and scan them. There will be no need to buy a separate scanner and copier. So if you work in an office, an all-in-one printer would be the best printer choice you’ll ever make.

Canon’s Pixma printer series is composed mostly of all-in-one printers that also have top-notch features, and they’re worth considering.

Compact Size

Not all of us have a large space available on our desks, so a compact printer would be more convenient because you won’t have to vacate much of your stuff and go through the trouble of rearranging them.

Quiet Operation

Most printers tend to be noisy when operating, and this can be very irritating when you’re in an office setting, and you’re always printing long documents. Before you buy a printer, make sure to see it in action to make sure that it can operate quietly.


Setting up a printer shouldn’t be too difficult; it should come with all the necessary instructions that are straightforward so you can get it up and running as soon as possible.

An LCD control panel is a great feature so you can monitor your printer settings easily and also vary them to suit your preferences. Some printers even have a voice activation feature for easier operation.

For hands-free printing, you can opt for a printer with an automatic document feeder, and if you mostly print your pages back to back, then it will be more convenient if the printer has an automatic feature for that too.


Recently manufactured printers have great connectivity features like a built-in Ethernet connection and also a Wi-Fi Direct feature.

With these features, you can now print your files wirelessly through online file storage applications like DropBox, Google Drive, and many more. You can even print files directly from your email. A wired file transfer should also be an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best Canon Pixma printers

1. Why is my printer not responding?

When you’re printing a file wirelessly, and a printer is not responding, the usual cause could be a lack of connection between your device and the printer. You can check the LAN set-up of your device and the printer.

2. Can I use an inkjet printer to print photos?

Inkjet printers are very versatile, and they can mostly print on a variety of surfaces, including photo papers. So with an inkjet printer, you can easily print your photos, but the quality of the printed photo will have to depend on the features of the printer you’re using.

3. Which Pixma printer is the best?

The decision will have to depend on your needs. If you’re looking for something more affordable, then the PIXMA iX6820 is the ideal choice. When it comes to fast scanning and copying, the PIXMA MG3620 is a frontrunner.

4. What does an all-in-one printer mean?

All-in-one printers are capable of doing more than just printing files, but they can also scan and copy them.

5. Is it better to use an inkjet printer or a laser printer?

Both of these have their specialties, an inkjet printer is best for photo printing, and colored documents whereas laser printers are great for foiling and last long because they use tone instead of ink.

Final Words

Canon’s Pixma printers are all great and are capable of getting your printing jobs done without compromising quality. There are many of them, but with these Canon Pixma printer reviews, you’re sure to get the best one for your needs.

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