10 Best Photo Scanner with Feeder: Expert Guide 2023

If you’re looking to store your printed photos and documents, then a digital scanner is exactly the thing you need. Now you might be concerned about how to use one, but in truth, using a scanner is no different or harder than using a printer or copier.

You might need it for personal or work use, so depending on your needs and budget, we have listed the best photo scanner with feeder so that you can pick one right away. The gadgets we have considered are compact, easy to use, and best in the business.

Benefits of Photo Scanner

While many assume scanners are still big rusty machines, they can be found in a more convenient form.

Compact in Size

The first advantage of owning one is they are the size of small printers. Their compact size and lightweight make them efficient to keep and transport.

Feeder System 

As they come with feeders, so unlike flat-beds where it can scan only one at a time, feeder models allow it to scan a stack of photos. Hence, you can just stack it, and it will do the scanning on its own without you having to do it manually.

Affordable Prices

Unlike industrial scanners, these are also very affordable and perfect for personal use.

Easy and Quick 

Anyone can use it to scan without having prior knowledge. Moreover, you can scan multiple photos in seconds and still get top-notch quality.

10 Best Photo Scanner with Feeder

If you’re looking for the finest photo scanner with feeder reviews, then you’re at the right place because we will tell you all you need to know about these products.

1. Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300

Nothing exudes simplicity and performance better than our trusted Plustek scanners. Plustek specializes in producing these imaging solutions and has been in the business long enough for you to trust their products.

When it comes to scanners, they have all kinds, but for this list, we have chosen their most easy-to-use scanner. This is much more convenient than a flat-bed device. On top of that, it can quickly scan the print you provide.

Another reason why it’s so user-friendly is that it intuitively guesses the size and produces high quality digitized images.

You can throw in anything from 3×5 to 8×10 sizes or even A4 papers, it will scan it at an amazing resolution of 600dpi. But if you want, you can also choose between 300dpi and 600dpi according to your needs. You can use this to scan tickets and business cards too. Thankfully, your artworks are not an exception because you can use this scanner scan your art paper and print them on your watercolor paper printer

For those who are in a hurry and don’t prefer techy devices, this will save you a lot of trouble as you simply need to put it on the roller system, and it will do the rest on its own using its infrared technology. It takes 2 to 5 seconds to get the scanning done. Therefore, scanning 1000 photos in a quick time is not an issue.

Where it really stands out is its photo enhancement functions that let you edit scanned images right away with the software of the scanner. The advanced editing software will give you a range of options, including blur, vignette, and color correction.


  • Intuitive and doesn’t require buttons
  • Roller system for easy scanning
  • Auto size detection
  • Very fast at scanning
  • Free photo enhancement and editing software


  • Need to insert one photo at a time

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2. Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Epson is one of the biggest producers of printers and scanners. Very few companies make equipment at the rate that they make. Be it for personal, work, or industrial use, they have got it all. And according to many folks’ claims, this personal imaging device is the best photo scanner with a feeder.

The claims aren’t completely unfounded as it can scan up to 1 photo per second at 300 dpi. If you want a scanner precisely for scanning any photos, even the very old ones, then this is the scanner for it.

And the old black and white pictures that are already damaged may be too much for other devices, but with the FastFoto scanner, you can get the best resolution possible. With its 8.5 inches width, you can take down even framed pictures and have it scanned it in no time and preserved forever.

Moreover, accompanied by user-friendly software, you can edit it right away to restore the image quality of old photos. And if you’re concerned about your editing skills, then be reassured as the editing requires no skills and is only a few clicks away. Thus, the final result will look magnificent on the bright room TV.

Photos aren’t the only thing this can revive, as you can easily scan your written documents and drawings to get the best quality possible, including handwritten notes in the back. With 1200 dpi selectable, pixelated images will be the least of your worries.

If you’re connected to your Dropbox or Google Drive account, then it can auto-upload the images making sure nothing is lost. On top of that, it has both wired and wireless options to choose from. So, the dsl modems and routers of your home or workspace will get utilized.

As it has a very good feeder, you can stack up photos and documents of different sizes, and it will scan them all efficiently without you needing to manually set it up. However, photos with curves might jam the device on rare occasions.


  • Very fast scanner
  • Has a high resolution of 1200dpi
  • Can read the back too in one scan
  • Will easily detect photos of different sizes
  • Restore and retouch old photos easily


  • Curved images can jam the device

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3. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

You can always expect nothing short of the best photo scanner with feeder from the fourth biggest IT Company in the world. And as per your expectation, they have delivered.

The Fujitsu Scanner makes it to our list for its combination of intuitive use and budget-friendly price. But the thing that you’ll notice first on this amazing device is its touch screen with a display, making scanning only one touch away. With the one-touch scanning system, you can directly scan the file to your email. Thus, if you have a design that needs to be mailed for screen printing, you can do so almost effortlessly.

You don’t need extensive knowledge to know how to use it, the default settings are enough to get by your basic scanning done. Furthermore, you can scroll through options and change settings, too, using the touchpad.

Moreover, the free Scansnap software is all you need to keep your files organized. With its intuitive modeling, it can easily separate the files and help you to sort them out. You can keep them in separate folders according to the type and use the software to directly transfer files to your drive or other cloud services. 

Now, alongside an automatic feeder that halves your work, the automatic image cleaner is equally handy in optimizing the quality of the digitized image by color correcting and recognizing and fixing upturned documents.

However, the only concern to have on this is the tray. The tray of the scanner is somewhat delicate, and so you have to be extra careful to not break it. But considering the price of the device, this is still a great scanner.


  • Intuitive product with touch screen display
  • One-touch scanning
  • Reasonable price
  • Smart, organized and easy-to-use software
  • Automatic image cleaner to optimize quality


  • The tray is prone to breaking
  • Needs to be used carefully

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4. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

While the previous Fujitsu product was perfect for scanning your documents, this one may be an older model, but it has similar abilities and precision.

With 600 dpi optical resolution, you can expect the best quality scans. However, we do recommend this for personal documentation, image, drawings, receipts, and etc. scanning. For artists who need to digitize their work and keep them safe and organized, there isn’t a better device than this.

The feeder on this can easily stack up 10 pages and scan both sides efficiently. But more than that, it works effortlessly and at a very fast pace. It can cover up to 12 pages per minute, making sure you don’t have to wait behind it. Fujitsu devices are known for their organizing facilities.

And with this, work becomes a breeze as you can easily create pdfs and sort them in folders. This feature is extra convenient when you’re scanning multiple pages as you can make a pdf out of it with a single click. Followed by OCR technology, you can create searchable pdfs too.

Of course, with Fujitsu’s amazing Scansnap software, managing and organizing documents is easy as it will do the optimizing work for you by detecting blank pages and auto color adjustments. On top of that, if you’re scanning receipts or budgets, you can easily transport it to excel and work on it.

Finally, the sleek design and affordable price make it a top pick for anyone. But if you’re going to be using it continuously, then you might experience some jitters.


  • Affordable price
  • Intuitive and free software
  • Efficient at organizing, decluttering and managing files
  • Can scan 10 pages at a time
  • Scans fast and renders high-quality images


  • Can get jammed when used continuously

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5. Epson WorkForce ES-400

When it comes to functionality and power, it is difficult to overtake Epson products. This powerful device is perfect for both your home and office use. And it won’t mind a little heavy use.

The reason why it’s perfect for office use is that with the optional network interface unit, multiple users can be connected within the same network. So, one scanner can be used by multiple others. Thus, if you decide to scan the design of a label and send it to your buddy who has the best shipping label printer, you can do so quite easily.

Moreover, you can stack 50 pages and get it scanned right away. The pages can be of different sizes. And you can scan receipts, longer pages, IDs and even cards. To top it off, the Epson Scan Smart software will save your time by recognizing the pages and name them accordingly.

You can also use it to edit and manually turn off or on the “remove blank pages” option to carefully protect important documents. Furthermore, with the optical character recognition system, you can easily have searchable documents that you can edit too. Meaning, the digitized document can recognize words.

But its effectiveness isn’t limited to documents, as the 1200 dpi resolution makes sure you can scan photos and store them in high definition. Accompanied by the auto-editing features of the software, you can easily render upload-worthy pictures directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.

And the editing features include easy color balancing and adjustment options. Also, if you’re used to your own document management software, then the TWAIN drive is there to ensure that you can seamlessly connect to any document management software.

However, although this is a super-fast scanner, if your blank page settings is turned on, then it might take a little longer to get the job done.


  • Scans super-fast and efficiently
  • Can stack up 50 pages and scan smoothly
  • Powerful and accurate digitization
  • Resolution of 1200 dpi
  • Can connect with multiple users


  • Using blank page detection can slowdown scanning

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6. Fujitsu fi-7160

We can’t have enough of Fujitsu scanners, and that is for a good reason. Fujitsu, being one of the biggest brands in the business, keep delivering devices according to the needs of the users. While the previous ones were more suitable for personal light-duty, this one is there to handle the tough-lifting.

Perfect for both your home and office, this will last you a while, so the price should encourage you.

With a massive 120 pages per minute scanning speed, one would think this is for scanning big pages only, but you can throw almost any paper, even sticky notes, and it will scan it with ease. Be it small receipts or card or long A4 papers or photos, nothing is beyond its realm. Now, you can venture into the art of foil printing with the superior quality input provided by this scanner.

Moreover, the feeder allows you to scan 80 pages at a time. So if you want you can scan books in minutes. What other devices might take up hours on, this will do it in minutes. This device was designed for fast-paced scanning without jitters and hinges, and it does exactly that.

It has a duty cycle of 4000 pages, so if you need a scanner for your office, you can rely on this. This includes both TWAIN and ISIS drivers to help the device connect with any management software. Ergo, you don’t have to depend on one software and can work with the ones you prefer.

For reliable scanning, this is right there at the top owing to its sensors that hear the scanning. With the acoustic sensors, the device will stop scanning if it hears any anomaly in the feeding. Therefore, your documents will be safe in case of a misfeed.


  • Can scan 120 papers per minute
  • Automatic feeder allows stacking 80 pages
  • Powerful drivers to connect with any software
  • Reliable and safe scanning
  • Produces high-quality scans


  • Price is on the larger scale

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7. Brother ADS-2200

Brother Industries is one of the oldest Japanese electrical companies. Therefore, we can always put our trust in them as they are still commended for their equipment and devices. There is no surprise in selecting the Brother scanner as its one of the best for its price.

While we have reviewed other devices around the $300 mark, this one stands out due to the strong build and heavy-duty feeder. Nobody wants to stand and manually scan one photo at a time anymore, and you shouldn’t have to do that. But that doesn’t mean only expensive products can save you time.

With this scanner, you can easily stack 50 pages and get it scanned in minutes. Not only is it equipped with a powerful feeder, but the speed is above satisfactory as well. On top of that, the size detection on this is perfect as it will detect anything you feed and scan accordingly. It’ll work in unision with all the affordable printers without any hiccups.

As you can scan 35 pages per minute, this nifty little device is precisely what you need at your home and office. But scanning is not what makes it fast and reliable alone, as you can almost instantly deliver the scanned document or image to different locations. Hence, it works fast and saves time and effort.

And its image optimizing features are also praiseworthy as it allows to auto adjust images, remove backgrounds and blank pages. The TWAIN driver allows you to connect this with a bundle of software. Also, it’s compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux, so you can use it almost anywhere.

The user interface is easy and takes only one press to scan. For small businesses and personal use, this is perfect. It isn’t some flimsy device that will jam after some time. So if you’re looking for something worthwhile, this is the device for you.

However, color quality on this is a bit disappointing. But the suite of software does make up for it to some extent.


  • Great optimizing and size detection features
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Doesn’t jam when the feeder is stacked
  • Strong drivers to accompany its suite of software
  • Comfortable and easy interface


  • Color quality is not that great

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8. Brother ADS-1700W

This is the second product from Brother on our list. While the first one was more appropriate for small businesses, this one fits the bills for personal use. Brother is known for its diverse production of printers and scanners.

Hence, they have a range of scanners suited for the particular tastes of each individual because not everyone needs to scan thousands of photos every day.

What makes this model perfect for personal use is its compact design. The sleek and small device is easily portable. On top of that, it scans pretty quickly as well. With 25 pages per minute, this is more than what an average person needs regularly. We found it pretty handy while pairing this up with some of our printers for envelopes.

Also, it’s super easy to use, and scanning is only a touch away. The touch screen will let you scan directly to folders, saving you the time to sort them out individually. The touch supports scanning directly to multiple destinations, including email, folder, USB drive, FTP, and other destinations.

When it comes to versatility, this device will amaze you as you can wirelessly connect it to a computer or even a mobile. But that’s not the only reason we call it versatile. It can also scan a variety of documents and photos. Moreover, it even has a dedicated card slot to make sure the scanner doesn’t damage the cards.

Finally, it can easily optimize your images by adjusting the color balance, rotating pictures, and removing backgrounds. However, some of these features are limited to PC only and not available on mobile devices.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Quick scanning; 25 ppm
  • Touchscreen display and one-touch scan
  • Can scan directly to preset destinations
  • Optimizes image with enhancements and adjustments
  • Can be used with PC and mobile devices


  • Some features are limited to computers

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9. Raven Original

Lauded for their green initiatives, Raven promotes going paperless. And in their mission of doing so, they have created an exceptional device marking it worthy for a place in the best photo scanner with feeder reviews. The first thing anyone will notice is the huge LED display.

You can easily do it all with the help of the display as its easy navigation makes the task fun and uncomplicated. Also, if you think you can’t use a scanner without connecting it to a PC, then this device will prove you otherwise. With it being wireless, accompanied by the LED display, it doesn’t need a computer to work. Thus, if you have a minimalistic setup with a small printer, you can go for this one with your eyes closed.

Using the navigation, you can easily send the files to cloud services, email, fax, and etc. Now, if you’re wondering how the editing works, then look back at the 7” display. It has built-in software to do much of the same things you would do on PC software. But since it’s on a touchscreen display, this is much easier to maneuver.

Where this device excels is its scanning precision. It saves much work by automatically straightening curved pages. Furthermore, it also detects blank pages and removes them.

However, you also have the option to add blank pages to documents. With the OCR, the document is digitalized and can be used as searchable pdfs.

Another thing we love about this scanner is its own cloud service. Once you login to your Raven account, you can store all your scanned images in the raven cloud. On top of that, it has an unlimited storage space.

Finally, anti-jam technology makes sure you get smooth functioning. So if you’re willing to cross the $400 barrier, then this will surely be worth every penny.


  • Has an anti-jamming technology for smooth scanning
  • Straightens skewed docs
  • 7” display with built-in software
  • Doesn’t need to be connected with a PC
  • Has its own cloud service with unlimited storage space


  • For its price, it’s a bit slow

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10. Fujitsu Fi-7030

We can’t have enough of Fujitsu. If you want variety, all you need is look at different products from Fujitsu. When a brand is as big as they are, they start producing for every kind of use. Be it personal, office, or industrial need, they have the product for it.

The Fujitsu Fi-7030 is the best photo scanner with a feeder within the mid-level price zone. With its scanning speed of 27 pages per minute and duty cycle of 1000 pages per day, this is enough for office tasks and more than enough for personal use.

With the advance drivers and paper stream IP, you can connect it to most software and optimize image processes without updating your software. As a mid-range scanner, this has a lot going on for it. The skewer reduction technology and the multi-feed detection system makes your work a lot easier.

And with the detection system, it can sense any error in case of misfeeding of paper and will stop automatically in order to not damage the paper. The skewer reduction reduces the curve in pictures so that the scanner can scan properly and produce fine results.

However, if you are in a hurry, you’d better be within 300 dpi as going higher will considerably slow down the scanning speed.


  • Paperstream IP and drivers optimize image processing and editing
  • Reduces skewing to smoothen scanning
  • Can sense misfeed and stop automatically
  • Has a duty cycle of 1000 pages per day
  • Well-reputed and powerful device


  • Running on 600 dpi can slow down the scanner

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Features to Look for before Buying

We have reviewed the products that we think are the best right now. But if you truly want to buy a scanner that will meet your requirements then, you need to know the features that define a good photo scanner.


Resolution is important basing on the type of documents or photos you want to scan. That is, if you want to scan photos or old photos, then your first priority is to check for high dpi. Dpi measures dots per inch, and the more dots there is, the more clarity you’ll find in your scanning.

While 300 dpi is standard and enough in most occasions, but if the photo is damaged or older 600 or 1200 dpi can make better results.

Duplex Scanning

You don’t want to stand and turn over each side to scan. It is both time-consuming and unnecessary, as most devices now can scan both sides at a time.

Automatic Document Feeding

Another time-consuming method is scanning one paper at a time. The most flat-bed scanner requires you to do it one at a time. But the more advanced a scanner, the more its feeder. A feeder range can be anything from 10 to higher. So if you need to scan a lot of pages, then the higher feed is recommended.


If your scanner is wireless, then it’s more portable, and you can use it with more ease. However, if it’s connected via a USB cable, then it will bind you to your PC.

Editing and Customizing

Scanning is step one. After the image is scanned, it needs a lot of adjusting, like cropping off unnecessary bits or fixing the color balance. If you don’t want to tweak the settings, you should go for an easy and straightforward software with auto-adjustments.

But if you want to fine-tune your documents and tweak the settings, then you should go for a device that supports different software so that you have more options open.

Anti-Jamming Technology

Scanners within the low price range usually don’t have this feature, but if you’re multi feeding pages, then jams are likely. So, if you want smooth and hitch-free scanning, then look for scanners with this feature.

Coloring Quality

For photo scanners along with resolution, its color reading technology is also of great importance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best photo scanners:

1. What is a skew reduction in the scanner?

When the pages you feed the scanner are curved or crooked, it can affect the scan quality. To prevent that, some scanners can straighten the pages. That feature is known as skew reduction.

2. I only need to use it occasionally, what type of scanner should I get?

The decision depends on how many pages/documents you scan in each use. And the more the number, the more powerful scanner you should get.

3. Can you prevent the scanner from omitting blank pages?

If the blank page omission isn’t an automatic setting, then it can be changed through the navigation keys.

4. Can you replace scanner trays?

In case of a broken tray, some can be replaced. It depends on the brand and the product.

5. When is OCR needed?

If you’re scanning documents, to make it readable, you need optical character recognition. And if you want to edit a document, then make sure OCR is there so that it can understand the text.

Final Words

When you’re scanning photos, the color quality of the scanner is very important. So, when you’re looking at photo scanner with feeder reviews, don’t forget to focus on color, resolution, and enhancement features alongside other ones.

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