Best Printer with Long Lasting Ink

Best Printer with Long Lasting Ink in 2023 (Recommended!)

The initial expense is not the only thing you should be troubled with when it comes to buying an inexpensive inkjet printer. In the beginning, some printers cost very little but leave their owners feeling like it is not beneficial anymore in the long run.

Every business venture is about value for money. That is why always choose the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges.

So, keep on reading the article.

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Best Printers with Long Lasting Ink Review

Undoubtedly, you’re going to be swamped with multiple options on the market, and choosing one just becomes overwhelming. We have therefore narrowed our list to 10 printers that come with long-lasting ink cartridges.

1. HP Officejet Pro 8035

Another development of HP innovative products is built to satisfy your constant need for high-quality printing and smart tasks. This product is fitted with an all-in-one portable printer made of mobile and two-sided handheld recycled plastic.

For example, HP’s home or office printer delivers 20 pages per minute. This provides the ability to access a copy of such documents via fax and to scan digital copies. A portable computer like this one is 14 percent smaller in size compared with this product’s lower models.

There are 4 ink cartridges in this printer which are available in standard and XL format. The basic software kit also comes with an 8-month instant ink trial and a monthly plan to help you save up to 50 percent of the money, depending on your amount of printing.

It provides secure printing with its built-in security mechanisms that protect sensitive data like Wi-Fi security, password protection, and document encryption and safety.

Moreover, you can utilize the wireless connect feature of this machine to print remotely. With its built-in scanner, you can connect your devices and then print using the HP smart application. However, don’t expect it to do the job of the best scanners for medium format film. Also, do not worry anymore because your printer tests the amount of ink and places smart reorders when you run low on ink!

Lastly, you’ll be able to easily organize documents and synchronize convenient books to Google Drive to remove repetitive tasks by utilizing the smart task feature. This feature is the fastest way to digitize and organize receipts and business records.


  • Self-healing Wi-Fi to ensure a stable and reliable connection
  • Made of recycled plastics
  • Ink replenishment service
  • Compatible with different Windows operating systems
  • Relatively lightweight compared to similar products


  • Paper tray is somewhat hard to stick out

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2. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

How do you maintain your position on the cutting edge of technology? Of course, you need to provide a high-standard service. That is why this product is on the cutting edge of the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges. EcoTank printers will take the hassle and cost of your printing experience with the ink cartridge!

Furthermore, Epson’s wireless all in one super tank printer provides cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, massive-sized ink tanks. In addition, this printer comes with replaceable ink bottles set capable of printing 4500 pages, which are on par with 80 individual ink cartridges.

In the long run, the product offers you the opportunity to save up to 90 percent of your money because it has a low-cost replaceable ink. That means the less ink is wasted, the more effective the printer is treated.

The super tank printer includes 4 ink bottles and a wide variety of colors you can choose. This space-saving design features an easy wireless print from any device like smartphones and iPad, which also includes WIFI direct.

If you are in worry for protection, it guarantees built-in security essentials to safe-keep sensitive information. The product provides ease for navigation to help you cut to the chase instead of the usually long and complicated instructions.

While it does not allow faxing, you can still find a workaround and add any available gadget to the device as the digital technology advancement now allows you to acquire digital copies by scanning. Editing documents is now hassle-free for digital copies.


  • Considerably light for its size
  • Cartridge-free and easy to load ink
  • Excellent print quality
  • Good long term cost compared to printers that use cartridges


  • Plain paper capacity is really small that do not exceed 30 sheets
  • Printing is pretty slow with printing speed for color is 5 ppm

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3. Workforce WF-7710

If you are in the hunt for best long lasting printer, it might be a good idea to redeem yourself with this product as Epson takes a step forward in printing technology to deliver astonishing outcomes.

Investing in this system does not necessarily mean you need to buy a separate machine for a specific action. The printer’s all in one functionality ensures you scanning, faxing, and copying anything from a single device. Hence, the system saves you time and energy, particularly if you work on a strict budget and energy.

This includes quality options for Ethernet and Wi-Fi, making it suitable for large groups because it allows multiple connectivities. Also, when it comes to wireless connectivity, it offers better uptime ideal for fast accommodation of processes.

On the other hand, with regard to the economic aspects compared to laser printers, it has an edge as it consumes up to 80 percent less power. Mainly, it is powered by a precision core that allows you to create 4 by 6 borderless prints up to 13 by 19 prints.

Also, the package includes 4x DURABrite ultra ink cartridges that make it reliable for any large volume of your office. The 4 ink cartridges include 4 colors, namely 1x Black, 1x Cyan, 1x Magenta, 1x Yellow.

Lastly, there are many options to save ink, but getting an efficient and effective printer, in the beginning, gives you the advantage to save and the first way to save money. And don’t forget that this is the printer that also made into our best printer for stickers list.


  • Wireless support allows fast and comfortable communication
  • The unit saves on power up to 80 percent
  • Can accommodate a great range of types of paper
  • Features scan, copy and fax all in one device
  • Easy to set up and has a large LCD for ease and convenience


  • Large in size, not suitable for small offices
  • Heavy

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4. Brother MFC- J805DW

It’s nothing new how Brother products continue to grow and rise to the top. This brand is equipped with brilliance and excellence to compete with other giants. That is why moving forward, it’s no wonder that this makes it to the list of printers with long-lasting ink cartridges review.

If you are down for a significant amount of printing, it could be well worth the price you pay for owning this stunning device. Such a printer is the proud flagship of the Brother’s outstanding investment feature.

INKvestment tank printer models use Brother page gauge to track the usage of the ink and view approximate remaining page counts. This can help avoid running out of ink when you are in the middle of finishing a significant task.

And this ink system uses proven, safe, and easy to use cartridges. The structure helps ease your printing with cartridges that carry more ink to reduce the frequent replacement of cartridges as soon as the ink runs out.

Moreover, it includes handheld app printing, lightweight paper handling, two-sided automatic printing, and a color-intuitive monitor that allows you to navigate with ease.

 Finally, the product is engineered specially to fit your ideal choice for printing. It helps overcome two big printing problems, namely running out of ink suddenly in the middle of important work, and the need to refill ink shortly after buying the printer.


  • Excellent operating costs good in the long run
  • Commendable overall quality and performance
  • Borderless printing capability
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Lacks Ethernet connectivity feature
  • Does not provide flash memory support

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5. Epson Workforce ET-3750

The trick for determining the perfect printer with long-lasting ink cartridges is to select or choose among the upper-level products of any top-notch brands. You just have to jot down what feature you want to consider in a product.

Epson’s exceptionally produced printer has its features off the charts. This all in one EcoTank product provides cartridge-free printing with easy to refill ink tanks.

Moreover, the package includes mega-sized ink tanks capable of printing up to 14,000 pages, and this large super tank is approximately equivalent to 30 cartridge sets. This is capable of saving up to 80 percent of ink with replaceable ink bottles.

This machine provides an automatic document feeder. And this ADF takes several pages up to 30 pages and feeds one sheet of paper into the machine one at a time. During this time, a user can perform scanning, copying, and printing without having to remove and feed each sheet manually to the printer.

Furthermore, the device tray capacity of 150 sheets of paper is enough to handle borderless printing of documents up to 8.5 by 11 in size. Also, the black text printing outcomes are on par with laser-quality printing.

Although it is a high sticker priced product, Epson compensates it with massive ink supply and extremely cheap running costs to make it up for its downside.


  • Very low running costs with replaceable ink
  • Automatic document feeder of up to 30 sheets
  • Above-average performance graphics
  • Laser-quality printing


  • Does not come with a touch display for ease and convenience
  • Does not support scan into USB printing

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6. Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer

A fitting and worthwhile device is not uncommon to be included in the list of the printers with long-lasting cartridges. Anyone must not feel swindled that this product is part of the printer with long-lasting ink cartridges reviews because Canon always guarantees high output.

Well, this product is equipped with nozzles that can put a specific amount of ink in the appropriate positions. So, you can expect efficient results, and no ink is wasted. This same company also includes 5 ink holders, and two of these tin holders are used to produce pigmented black ink dye.

The other three containers carry colors of dye Cyan, yellow, and Magenta. These 3 are the basic containers capable of holding 7 ml of colored ink. This also comes in a variety of sizes that can carry from 7ml up to 22 ml of ink.

Like any other first-class devices, this is an all in one printer that features inkjet technology. What it means by all in one is that it is capable of scanning, printing, copying, and faxing without the need to buy different machines for a specific action.

Other excellent features include automatic document feeder, in addition to its efficient ink handling. It can handle 35 sheets of paper conveniently, and in terms of speed, there is nobody who can ignore the intensity of device printing compared to other products.

Overall, it can print 15 ppm black and white pages and 10 ppm for colored printing on the other hand. Finally, this device is a good printer for home use because of its decent monthly cycle. The said device is not bad for any type of work you get yourself with.


  • Has five tanks
  • Compatible with operating systems like Mac and Windows
  • Has a duplexing system
  • Includes wired and wireless connectivity


  • High operating costs
  • Slow in terms of speed

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7. Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

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Although there is no denying the fact that the laser printer is more superior to inkjet printers, this laser printer is on par with inkjet as it is only capable of printing in black and white. You may think this is an annoyance, but for the record, every product has its own unique feature built to match your wish.

The TN420 and TN450 toners are compatible with this printer. If you wish for standard printing, you may need to use TN420, and if you are up for high yield printing, TN450 is the best fit. Besides, the TN series also provides a wide range of compatible toners depending on your use.

If you compare TN2220 and TN2210, the former is a high yield toner capable of printing up to 2600 pages. This toner is designed for you to save in terms of printing costs. The latter, on the other hand, produces excellent output proficient in printing around 1200 pages.

Enough with ink handling capabilities, as it also features image resolution of 2400 DPI. That means aside from its printing proficiency, it is unlikely for you to spot any dot. Also, to add to its long chart, this machine’s paper tray can accommodate an insane amount of 250 sheets.

Finally, if we would consider speed, this machine can print a decent amount of sheets up to 27 pages per minute.


  • Supports operating systems of Mac and Windows
  • The output resolution of 2400 DPI
  • Utilizes laser technology
  • You can choose either Wi-Fi or USB to connect this device


  • Light-duty use only
  • Printing limited to black and white only
  • Expensive toner

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8. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-In-One Wireless Printer

Take a revolutionary leap forward in choosing the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges suited for your home office productivity. HP is not a newcomer already when it comes to manufacturing high-end printers. If we are talking about printer cartridges, this product will sneak its way into the list.

You can count on this all-in-one printer if you are down for non-stop and constant printing. And you can print, scan, copy, and fax with this device that best suits your small office. Most of the manufacturers are now adapting to mobile printing. HP also made mobile printing its strong key points. This product uses 962 ink series.

In any case, if you are not familiar with 962 ink series, it comes with 4 variety of holders: the 962 black, 962 colors, 962 XL black, and 962 XL color. These ink holders are pigment-based containers.

The output and input tray can hold 100 and 250 sheets, respectively, depending on the amount you print. To end the list of this device’s functionality, this printer has a mobile printing app to help you print from social media, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Lastly, HP ensures you the protection you deserve. With all these security essentials laid down for you, there is no more to worry as sensitive data like password and documents are protected and encrypted for your good.


  • Supports Windows operating system
  • It has a mobile printing app to print from devices
  • Excellent output resolution
  • Ensures optimum protection


  • Has only one input paper tray

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9. Epson Workforce WF-3620 All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

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10. Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank

Have you ever wondered what features will pique your interest? Page yield? Duty cycle? Print speed? If you are looking for answers, well, choosing this printer, which has long-lasting ink cartridges, is fairly reasonable.

And when it comes to all-in-one printers, common features include scanning, copying, and faxing. Regardless of whether it is a common feature or not, this product delivers quality outputs and exceptional performance when it comes to printing details of the design.

This device’s most impressive feature is you’ll get an ink tank with ink inside. The whooping amount of ink will last for two years. So, this time, you don’t need to spend money and save up to 2 years’ worth of ink supply.

Technically, the ink tank provided for you is equivalent to approximately 30 inkpots in which you’ll be able to print around 5200 pages. If you are needing to print documents using your smartphones, you need to download the smart application first so that you can connect your favorite devices wirelessly to your printer.

When it comes to letter printing, this machine can print 10.5 pages in one minute. And when the device prints colored images, expect to experience a bit of change as the speed slows down to 4.8 pages per minute.


  • Supports operating systems including Mac and Windows
  • The output resolution of 5760 x 1440 DPI
  • Uses inkjet technology
  • Low operating costs
  • Comes with an SD card reader


  • No touch display
  • Lacks Ethernet connectivity

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Things to Consider before Buying

For sure, you will be welcomed with a wide variety of options, and choosing one could just be challenging. Whether you require a printer for real estate purposes or for crafting, you can’t go wrong with long-lasting ink cartridges.

And if you want to get the best printer in your hands, with long-lasting ink cartridges, then you have to do your best. One thing is to have a list of factors that will allow you to know exactly what criteria and specifications you want.

It will also help if you do several small research such as checking some reviews or going through some feedback from some users of the product. For all these, you’ll be able to accurately purchase one that is worthy. So, here’s a list of some features that you need to remember when selecting the right printer.

Size and Quantity of Ink Containers

When you are considering buying a printer, your main concern should be the long-lasting quality of the ink and the size of the ink containers.

Larger containers mean more ink to hold. More ink to hold means printing at your desired pace for a longer period. Also, more ink to hold implies that you won’t have to replace ink cartridges more often.

Technology Used

Having massive and large containers means nothing if you don’t have the means to utilize it perfectly and efficiently. And having the technology embedded in your device to control and monitor the amount of ink available in your containers is an advantage feature.

Right, and the exact amounts of ink should be imposed on any type of print you want to be produced. Usually, if not controlled, this leads to smudges and other types of error. Cartridges with no means of control to what comes out of the containers mean wasting ink with no actual purpose.

Page Yield

One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a new printer is the page yield. A page yield for a printer is the average number of prints a cartridge can send you as the manufacturer decides.

Manufacturers include this number on the box, and the yield may vary considerably depending on which type of cartridge you have. The higher the number for paper yield, it’s either the device has the technology to control ink usage, or the printer itself has large containers that can carry a massive amount of ink for storage.

Consider choosing printers with the high paper yield for both colored and black and white prints. Paper yield for colored and black and white vary in numbers. Usually, black and white have a higher paper yield.


If you are in the lookout for printers, try considering the duty cycle. A duty cycle is the number of print sheets a printer produces with no issues in a month.

Having frequent issues in a month means wasting valuable inks that cannot be restored anymore. That means for any issues a printer may encounter, waste is ensured. Also, having low paper yield is not always desirable too.

Print Speed

You might be confused about why the likes of print speed are one of your considerations. Print quality may vary depending on how fast your printer handles printing pages. Let’s admit it, quality printing always consumes a lot of time. There is no other way but to choose between speed and quality. So be wise to do so.

Operating Costs

Other than stated aspects, you may want to consider refillable ink bottles as it will help you save money in the long run. Also, consider taking paying attention to the level of your ink. Empty holders may damage your printer too. Lastly, consider how much energy it may consume because it may be your loss in the long term use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does wireless connectivity affect ink control?

No, it does not affect. Wireless connectivity is just the type of medium you want to connect your device with. Control of ink usage depends on the technology it utilizes.

2. If the product indicates page yield, how do I know if it is good in handling paper?

To put it simply, higher page yield indicated by manufacturer’s means the printer is efficient when it comes to ink usage. Same as to low page yield that implies inefficient handling.

3. How do I connect my smartphone to the printer wirelessly?

Usually, the product comes with instructions for you to set up your network. The usual setup includes searching your printer in the Wi-Fi network and adding it as a default printer for your smartphone.

4. Why is it that color printing takes a long time to compare to black and white printing?

For printing black and white, the printing is set to standard optimal quality for standard speed. Usually, quality printing takes longer because it takes time to create those high quality, vivid, and detailed output.

5. What will happen if you happen to replace different cartridge not compatible with the printer?

Possibly the printer won’t recognize the cartridge you inserted. If this is not done properly, the printer will recognize this as empty. And cartridge can be damaged and cause leaks or waste in your ink.

Final Words

Too many brands and models are striving or competing in the market today. It’s hard to decide which would activate your curiosity. You are supposed to be driven where to start.

If you are considering getting the best printers with long lasting ink, you may start to focus on the performance it may give you. Hopefully, this article about printers with long-lasting cartridges will help you make a well informed and practical decision in choosing.

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