Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

10 Best Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest – Buying Guide 2023

No doubt, the mouse pad for your workspace is a must-have item for everybody. It is among the many computer accessories that also protect your health!

Finding the best mouse pad with wrist rest takes into consideration the many options in the industry, including the feature, price, design, and more.

The health benefits of using the best mouse wrist rest include reducing the risk from strains, preventing Carpal Tunnel, and minimizing chances to acquire arthritis.

Moreover, a right mouse pad also offers better mouse control, increased productivity level, personalized gaming space, and less slipping while using the device. These are perfect for individuals who are into gaming, or those who work at the computer for long hours.

Do Mouse Pads Help Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel, otherwise known as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, is a health condition that happens when the person’s nerve running from the forearm toward the palm of their hands become pressed at the wrist.

People who suffer from this condition include those working in the assembly line. This includes people working in industries involving fish packing, sewing, finishing, meat and poultry, manufacturing, and more.

Data entry staff or those who work in the office computer for a more considerable period also suffer from carpal tunnel. However, they are three times more prevalent among those in the industries enumerated above.

Choosing the best ergonomic mouse pad can provide solutions to this health risk, since mousepads may help reduce the risk to carpal tunnel. Nonetheless, you should remember that mousepads also have their pros and cons.

For instance, without the pad, wrists are more bent, thus increasing the chances to stress out the tendons and their sheaths. If you are into repetitive, prolonged work without this tool, it will increase your risks to the carpal tunnel.

Among the disadvantages include pads losing their form, not being able to maximize the benefits for all mouse sizes, failure to conform to wrist and hand shapes, and more.

With the support from the best ergonomic mouse pads, you can rest your wrist or palm area on a more comfortable, softer cushion.

Our Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad Picks

Using a mouse pad consistently will keep hands and wrists free from injuries. However, since you are bound to have different computers and various kinds of work, it is very much essential to select the right product.

1. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

The first one we have is one of the best mouse pads with wrist support out of its several impressive features. If you’re the type of person who is on the computer almost all day, then this is for you.

It features a patented GelFlex Comfort Zone cushion support for your wrists, allowing you to be on your desk for more extended periods without feeling pain or discomfort. This support system also helps minimize stress on the area of the hand and wrist, as well as repetitive motion disorders.

Utilizing a solid and smooth polyurethane material with a natural rubber base, it altogether prevents sliding from the surface. With this material, you don’t have to worry about the product deteriorating. It can last longer and maintains its shape even after several years.

You can get the product in color options of blue and black, plus it is also compatible with various mouse brands. Yes, magic mouse will work just fine. Apart from these, it also works with your mouse devices well with the best point-and-click precision, without excessive friction that may affect the way the cursor rolls on the screen.


  • Offers more comfort and support
  • Prevents repetitive motion disorders
  • Features surface on polyurethane for smoother, more even tracking
  • Prevents slipping with the rubber backing
  • Can be used for different mouse units


  • It may not conform with the person’s hand shape

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2. VicTsing Mouse Pad

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If you are looking for another excellent mouse pad made of gel, you may consider VicTsing Mouse Pad. It also uses gel as its filling, giving you maximum support and the best of comfort. Plus, it prevents the chances of getting wrist pain and irritation. So you can keep these areas of your limbs in the most natural position.

After figuring out how to learn AutoCad online for free, the first thing you should do is getting the ideal mouse and mouse pad combo for the job. And, yes, it fits the bill.

One of its features is the smooth Lycra fabric on the covering, which enhances movement tracking, as well as creates consistent gliding on the desk. With this, you can better up the motion of your cursor, increasing productivity while at work.

Its soft non-slip PU base holds the mouse firmly, so it never moves away from the surface. For its shape, it has a design that lets you move your mouse with ease while on the pad. The product’s reinforced edges prevent damage and deterioration when using it for more extended periods.


  • A sustainable product made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • The ergonomic design will minimize hand pressure
  • The cushion is filled with gel in slow-rebound capabilities
  • Improves the mouse movements with its Lycra fabric
  • No chemical odors present, so it is very safe for the health


  • The rubber backing may trap dust, affecting its smooth tracking feature

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3. AmazonBasics Gel Computer Mouse Pad 

Meanwhile, this home-and-office mouse pad is ideal for any type of mouse, as it comes with a more full, pillow-like feature for wrist support. Those working for longer hours throughout the day can have this computer accessory with them.

Like other products in the market, it also features a gel wrist rest and smooth-gliding surface for more comfortable use. What does the distinctive full pillow-like section offer?

Well, this will be taking charge of supporting your wrist throughout the use, ensuring wrist is in line with the hand. It prevents your wrist from getting into a bent angle, which increases risks to muscle injury.

You can also rely on the product’s gel-filled area that follows the shape of the wrist. With the cushion effect in place, you won’t compromise convenience. It also goes with a rubberized, non-slip backing to avoid the mouse pad slipping off the desk.


  • Features a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort
  • Offers smooth gliding with its high-quality cloth surface
  • Rubberized base keeps the mouse pad firmly in place
  • Provides a firm grip on any flat, hard surfaces such as tabletops


  • The design of this mouse pad may lack features for guaranteeing comfort

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4. TeckNet Ergonomic Gaming Office Mouse Pad

The main features of this ergonomic piece are its precise mouse movement, waterproof coating, and anti-slip backing. It also presents a gel-filled wrist rest to reduce instances of pain on your hand and wrist. You can also expect the product to help prevent RSL syndrome.

When it comes to the design, the surface provides mouse movement precision. It will, in turn, let you get a device that ensures consistent gliding, and accuracy of motion. Perfect to use this alongside your optical and laser mouse types!

Gamers may prefer this mouse pad because of its non-slip rubber base, and waterproof coating. The demands of this level of computer use will require a rubber base that firmly grips on the surface no matter how frequent the movement is. That’s why it’s the perfect companion for your silent gaming mouse.

It also provides the first layer of defense against water spillage with the waterproof pad material. With this, you are safe from worrying about such accidents, and won’t have to bother drying it off.


  • Comes with ergonomic design and gel-filled cover
  • Keeps your wrist free of RSL syndrome
  • Textured surface improves grip
  • The waterproof coating protects your mouse and computer from water spillage


  • It utilizes the gel filling, but not purely consisting of this material

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5. Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Superfine Fibre Soft Smooth Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Best for office workers and gamers, this ergonomic Gimars mouse pad offers a surface where you can rest your wrist in full stability and comfort.

You can use this soft and smooth pad either for your computers or notebooks. The design improves wrist posture, hand movement, and even takes good care of your elbows with the cushioning system.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a health risk that affects primarily those who are spending many hours in front of the computer screen and keyboard. Herein, this ergonomic product prevents this from occurring, whether you place them at home or in the Internet shop.

Talking of the size, it is a bit more significant than those from other brands. And though it occupies more space on your desk, it’s designed in such a way, it will not be bothersome. Among its outstanding features are the press handling support, smooth edge, and double sticking.

A common tendency for mouse pads is to curl up or split with continued use. This does not, and instead, it offers consistent support, not to mention the breathable fabric material it is made with.


  • Features a stable rubber base side
  • Prevents unnecessary movement, and sliding as you type
  • Design is anti-skid, to follow the lines of the wrist
  • Memory foam structure does not deform easily
  • The size makes it suitable for both home and office use


  • May easily get stained with continuous use, which is very common

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6. DemonChest Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support

One of those with creatively designed styling, the DemonChest mouse pad comes in a variety of colors. It uses Lycra cloth fabric, which is a popular material in the market today; a polyurethane-based synthetic fiber, also known as spandex or elastane.

The ergonomic design of this pad provides ease of movement. It also provides the best relief for joint stress while working in front of the computer screen. With the gel wrist support, you can keep your wrist in the proper positioning, reducing pressure for the wrist and ensuring comfort.

Being an office mouse pad, it also does not limit the movement of the mouse while working or playing games. Breathable materials and the soft gel have properties combined to keep the product in the best shape even for more extended hours for years of use.


  • Ergonomic design offers ease of motion
  • Provides relief for stress in the joints
  • Keeps your mouse pad in place, with more space for movement
  • Made with breathable materials
  • Can last for longer hours of use


  • The product may not be comfortable when used, plus the gel may fall out of place

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7. VORNNEX Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Minimalist in design, this mouse pad features a smooth, lightweight, and breathable memory foam that serves your purposes well. It is also comfortable and durable, with a shape that doesn’t curl up even after several hours of use.

The non-skid rubber support provides a substantial foundation so you can work with ease, free of unnecessary movement from the pad. Its design is also very aesthetically pleasing, enhances hand and wrist posture, and prevents problems with your wrist.

Minimizing stress around your joints, elbows, and shoulders, it comes in a simple shape and hue that does not catch too much attention when placed on your desk. This makes sure the color of your workspace compliments the mouse pad.


  • Very useful for different purposes, with the ergonomic design
  • Comes with premium quality memory foam that keeps its shape
  • Prevents risks from joint injuries and stress, and supports the wrist well
  • A non-skid rubber base prevents unwanted movement
  • Adds elegance to your workspace


  • May not be ideal for workspaces in different materials, for instance, wooden tables

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8. Quality Selection Comfortable Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

If you have a smaller computer mouse, then this comfortable wrist rest mouse pad will be adequate for you. Like other brands mentioned in this review, it also features superior quality materials that pave the way for comfort. Plus, it is also affordable to purchase.

You can use this for a more extended period without seeing a deterioration in the product quality. More so, if you are in search of the lower price range when buying a mouse pad, this product is recommended.


  • Comes with superior quality materials
  • Utilizes a specialized memory foam technology
  • Alleviates pressure from your wrist
  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Compatible with various types of mouse


  • Since it is more for a smaller mouse, it may have limited space for larger devices

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9. MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Unlike others, this ergonomic mouse pad similarly features a comfortable filling to provide the best wrist support. It reduces the risks from repetitive motion disorders, alleviating stress you can get while moving the mouse. High-quality Lycra cloth coats the gel pad to prevent uncomfortable use.

The cover fabric went through a manufacturing process to produce it into a smooth surface material for accurate movement and more continuous control. With its pinpoint precision, you may well use this for mechanical, wired, optical, and wireless mouse variants.

Aside from these, it also has a soft non-slip PU system that grips your tabletop firmly from the base. This setup allows you to move the mouse without disturbance. The pad has an impressive shape that prevents deterioration and damage even after using it for a long while.


  • Comfortable gel filling aids in reducing wrist stress
  • High-quality Lycra clothing constitutes the smooth fabric covering
  • Firmly grips the desktop to keep mouse and pad in place
  • Comes in excellent shape and design
  • Offers pinpoint accuracy, making it suitable for most mouse variants


  • The gel may be displaced with continued use

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10. Gimars Large Smooth Superfine Fibre Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Last but not least, the second mouse from Gimars that made the cut into our list is the answer to wrist fatigue and pain that comes with long hours of mouse use. It is more significant compared with other brands to provide more area for movement. This feature, in turn, proves more beneficial for gamers.

The lightweight design makes it very portable so you can keep it inside your laptop bag and other storage without losing the shape. Once in place, it alleviates risks from carpal tunnel syndrome and holds the hand in a neutral position.

It features a non-slip rubber base that firmly grips the surface to avoid unwanted sliding. The product only uses non-toxic materials, such as natural rubber, so it does not offer harm to the health and doesn’t produce odor from chemicals. As for the design,  it includes grooving to keep it stable in your work area.


  • Lycra fabric provides smooth and accurate mouse tracking
  • Does not lose its shape or curl up with continue use
  • Comes with soft memory foam to ensure convenience
  • Reduces wrist stress and fatigue
  • Non-slip rubber base and groove design keep it firmly on your desk


  • The pad may dent and lose shape

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Ergonomic Mouse Pad Buying Guide For Beginners

When looking for the best mouse pad with wrist rest, you must also decide based on some buying factors. This offers you information to determine your choice based on material, size, cleaning requirements, and more features.


The most common types are aluminium, cloth, glass, and plastic with rubber bottoms. Targeting portability and comfort, you must choose cloth pads with soft fabric and foam you can roll up without losing the form. These kinds of pads, though need replacement every five to six months.

There are also pads of plastic and rubber bottoms, providing the mouse with a smooth surface to glide on. These are also easy to clean. More sophisticated options are your aluminium and glass pads but could be expensive.

Design and Style

Choosing the right mouse pad design may depend on your tastes. However, you can find function-specific designs with features created for your preferences. You can find those in simple designs, and those with prints, as well as pads with pop media characters featured.

For instance, these wrist rest accessories must be firm but soft enough to promote better blood circulation. Also, if you own a wireless mouse for large hands, then make sure you buy its pad according. And don’t forget to adjust your desk’s height and chair to align the wrists along with the pad.

Particular Needs

Many people order mousepads to support their wrist and prevent acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome, which can worsen along the way. These needs will determine your option during the purchase.

Then, you may also be a gamer who invests on mousepads to smoothen the gameplay without interference. Gamers are searching for these items with the right texture, precision, and glide capabilities.

Businesses and offices must also provide a mouse pad for their employees while they work. Thus, they will need to purchase mousepads in bulk from their preferred brand.

It will also ensure the workers may perform their tasks effectively and productively without encountering health issues, contributing to the overall revenue.

Parts of the Mouse Pad

A common mistake among people who buy a mouse pad is missing out on the critical parts. There are three main parts of this product; the surface, the base, and the edge.


With various kinds of surfaces available, the keywords are control and speed. It is crucial to find mouse pads that combine these features.


The base of the mouse pad is a component many people overlook. It can make or break the best choice. Each base comes in various thickness levels, which can contribute to the purpose.


The edges must be stitched right, thick enough to stand like a frame around the pad’s perimeter. When you secure this along with your purchase, the lifespan increases and can survive the whole time you are using the product.

Ease of cleaning is also a factor to consider. Knowing how to clean a mousepad properly and effectively will not cut it if the pad is of the worst quality.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel To Flare Up?

Carpal tunnel affects everyone, young and old, and leads to weakness, numbness, and tingling sensation in the area around the thumb. The pain may arise from overpressure in the wrist area and your median nerve. This inflammation causes swelling.

Symptoms include;

  • Numbness or burning in the palm, thumb, index or middle fingers,
  • Weakness and difficulty holding items, and
  • Tingling sensation that may move toward the area of the arms.

The inflammation may worsen with a concurrent health condition the person experiences, especially an illness that obstructs blood flow.

Other conditions related to this health issue are;

  • Diabetes,
  • Thyroid dysfunction,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Wrist fracture and trauma, and
  • Fluid retention from pregnancy or menopause, among others.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may also intensify once the wrist gets overextended in repeated frequency. This occurrence brings about swelling and median nerve compression. The causes are;

  • The position of the wrist while typing on the keyboard or using the mouse,
  • Prolonged exposure to vibrating equipment such as construction power tools, and
  • Repetitive motion that may overextend the wrists, for instance; playing the piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mousepads wear out?

Yes, some types of mouse pads may wear out. Harder pads wear out more quickly than the cloth pads. Thus, keeping these products clean is essential.

How do I make my mouse pad smoother?

First, place warm water in a bath or sink, and prepare a hand soap. Dishwashing soap is also acceptable. Toss the pad in the tub before using a sponge to rub the mousepad lightly. Afterwards, rinse and make sure no soap residue is left. Pat the product dry.

How should your wrist be when using a mouse?

The wrist should be extended in a straight position, not bent. Mouse pad with wrist rests offer better options to use since the wrist rest can provide support while resting the wrist in between typing or mouse movement.

Should I rest my wrists while typing?

No, you shouldn’t rest your wrists while typing. Instead, use the wrist rest in between or taking a short break from typing.

Why is it a good idea to use a wrist rest and a mouse pad with a gel wrist support?

It alleviates the pressure, strains, and possible stresses you may experience while working on your computers or laptops. They also help reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Final Words

Purchasing the best mouse pad with wrist support should first have you consider the factors, including pricing and features. It should be a balance between what you need in particular, and what the mouse pad can offer.

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