Best Fabric for Quilting: [Top 8 Picks in 2023]

One thing that is pretty common among quilters is all of us want our quilting to turn out perfect. However, this is something we struggled a lot with before. 

We have the right needles and the right equipment, but things were not going according to our ways. Our projects were not ending up according to our expectations.

Well, first, we thought that our way of quilting was not right. However, And upon further investigation, it was the fabric we were using.

And right after we got the best fabric for quilting in our hands, we were more than satisfied with the results. Now, each of our projects turns out perfect and exactly the way we want it to.

8 Best Fabric for Quilting

Like any other product, there are plenty of fabrics for quilting in the market. And you are sure to get bombarded with all of them.

However, we did our research on these and tested out the top-rated offerings. In our rigorous testing, these are the ones that stood out the most:

1. flic-flac 200pcs 4 x 4 inches

To get eye-catching looks on your work, you would need to use a fabric of different patterns. Well, that is exactly where this offering from flic-flac steps into.

The first thing that makes this offering stand out is the number of sheets it includes. You are going to receive a pack that will contain 200 pieces of fabric. And there are a total of 50 different patterns. Each of the patterns is unique and good-looking.

Even the quality of the sheets is reasonably high. They are 100 percent cotton. These have a soft-to-touch texture on the top.

However, these are reasonably sturdy. The chances of them getting easily torn are basically pretty slim.

Alongside that, as the pieces are machine cut, they will have a perfectly square shape. And for the perfect square cuts, these are going to be easy to sew as well. Also, you can easily cut them into different shapes.


  • Comes in a pack of 200 pieces
  • There are a total of 50 different patterns
  • Patterns are unique and good looking
  • High in quality
  • Soft to the touch yet highly durable


  • Thread count is not that high
  • Some of the patterns are not that bright

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2. Hanjunzhao 100% Cotton

One of the things that most of the brands are going to do is mix different materials with their fabric. However, that is certainly not the case for this pack that Hanjunzhao is offering.

As we have mentioned, the material that the brand has opted for is 100% cotton. Thanks to that, the fabric achieves a dense nature. However, these are pretty soft, and they offer a soft-to-the-touch feeling.

Apart from that, you are going to receive seven large-sized sheets. Each of them is 18 x 22 inches in size. With this amount of fabric, you should be good for a reasonable amount of time. And as they are cut precisely, the corners will have a workable shape.

Alongside that, each of the sheets has a unique pattern. The patterns all have a grey theme, but they are reasonably vibrant. Your projects should look aesthetically pleasing because of these patterns.


  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Dense but reasonably soft
  • Includes seven sheets
  • The sheets are 18 x 22 inches in size
  • Each of the sheets has a unique pattern


  • Sheets are not that thick
  • Might ship with too many wrinkles on the surface

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3. Connecting Threads Blender Collection

On the lookout for pieces of sheets that are floral and have vibrant colors? Well, what you might be looking for is this set offered by Connecting Threads.

Firstly, there are eight different collections. Each of them has a floral theme, and the colors that they utilize are vibrant. It would be possible to get a unique look in your project for the vibrancy of the patterns.

On that note, the package that will ship to you will contain 18 pieces of sheets. And they are all 18 x 22 inches in size.

For being reasonably large, you can use each of these sheets for carrying out a large project or multiple small projects.

Apart from the size, the sheets are 100 percent of cotton. And as the cuts are pretty precise, it will be pretty easy for you to work with the corners. There is going to be a minimal amount of waste.


  • Available in eight different collections
  • Each of the collections has a vibrant floral theme
  • Comes in a pack of 18 sheets
  • Sheets are reasonably large
  • 100 percent cotton


  • Some of the packages might have damaged sheets
  • Patterns are not unique for each of the sheets

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4. Santee Vintage Floral Miniatures Jelly Roll Collection

Having 8 to 10 different types of patterns might not cut it for the project you are trying to carry out. Well, if that is the case for you, have a look at what Santee is offering here.

First of all, the package will ship with 40 precut sheets. Most of the sheets are going to have a unique pattern, which will allow you to get a diverse outlook on your work.

Also, as the sheets are 2.5 inches in size, you would be able to use these for reasonably large-scale projects.

Other than that, the quality of the sheet is stellar. They are100 percent cotton that is pretty high in quality. Also, as the cuts are pretty precise, it will be possible to use most of the sheets.

The finishing of the sheets is pretty soft. However, they have a dense trait. So, you can expect these to last for a good amount of time without showing any issues.


  • Comes in a pack of 40
  • Cuts are pretty precise
  • Has multiple unique patterns
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Soft yet highly durable


  • Not all of the sheets have a vibrant print
  • Thickness is not that high

5. ZMAAGG Roll Up Strips

While there is a lot of good quality fabrics out there, not many of them can hold the vibrancy of the color for a long amount of time. However, the case is not the same for this offering.

Unlike the other brands, ZMAAG has treated its offering with a special coating right after the printing. This coating will work like a charm in terms of holding the overall vibrancy of the color. So, the colors will remain bright and fresh for a long time.

Besides that, the pack contains 40 individual strips. And all of them are of high-quality material. They offer a soft-to-touch finish, but they are reasonably sturdy. So, these are not going to tear that easily.

These are even pretty easy to use. Cutting them to shape will only require a pair of scissors. Also, as they are 2.56 x 41 inches, it would be possible to use these for large-scale projects.


  • Sheets are treated
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Offers a soft feeling
  • Reasonably sturdy
  • Easy to cut


  • Cuts on the sheets are not precise
  • Some of the sheets have a shiny finish

6. NENERY 40 Colors Jelly Roll

Not that fond of the different patterns that most of the brands are offering with their package? Want solid colors? Then you should definitely have a look at what NENERY is offering here.

To start with, the package comes with 40 pieces of sheets. And each of the sheets has a solid color. The color for each sheet is a bit different, which means all of your projects will have a unique look to them.

Aside from that, the materials that the brand has opted for are pretty high in quality. For that reason, your works are going to be pretty durable and should be able to withstand the test of time.

Even the colors are going to stay vibrant for a long amount of time as the sheets are treated. Also, the strips are each 2.44 x 39.3 inches, making them suitable for most of the quilting projects


  • Contains 40 pieces sheets
  • Sheets have a unique color to them
  • 2.44 x 39.3 inches in size
  • Colors are pretty vibrant
  • Can retain the vibrancy of the color for an extended amount of time


  • Cuts are not straight
  • Not 100 percent cotton

7. Hanjunzhao Checked Striped

Want to get unique looks on your quilting projects?

Well, if that is the case for you, keep this offering from Hanjunzhao in your consideration list.

First of all, the brand is offering eight different collections for this set. And each of the collections has good-looking checked sheets. The package includes 8 pieces of them, and each has a unique pattern to them.

Other than that, the overall construction of the sheets is 100 percent cotton. The cotton makes the sheets reasonably dense.

But they all have a soft finish on the exterior. For the dense nature, these would be able to withstand regular use easily.

As the sheets are 18 x 22 inches in size, it would be possible to use each of them for multiple projects. Also, the cuts are pretty precise, which is going to make it easier for you to work with them.


  • Available in eight different collections
  • Each of the collections includes eight sheets
  • Sheets are 18 x 22 inches in size
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Soft and reasonably dense


  • Not that thick
  • Sheets do not have complimentary colors

8. Boao 10 Pieces

If you were on the hunt for a set that includes versatile patterns, you should stop your search right here because Boao is offering a set that meets your criteria.

To begin with, the pack contains 10 sheets. The sheets have a versatile design, which you can use for multiple quilting projects.

Also, there are some charming patterns, allowing you to add a touch of elegance to your works.

On that note, the sheets are all 20 x 20 inches in size. And as they are of soft material, making different wearable projects will be possible for you. Also, the surface is exceptionally soft and is skin-friendly.

Apart from that, the cuts of the sheets are reasonably accurate. They all have square corners, making it easier to work with them on different projects. Also, the sheets are breathable.


  • Soft, skin-friendly, and breathable
  • Cuts are fairly accurate
  • Ships in a set of versatile patterns
  • Some of the design is pretty elegant
  • Easy to work with


  • A bit on the thin side
  • Might ship with missing sheets

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Fabric for Quilting?

Even though the reviews might have made the choosing process a bit easy, it can get easier. But for that to happen, you need to keep some things before making a purchase decision.

Those are going to guide you into getting something that is definitely worth the money. And those areas stated:

  • Material

First and foremost, consider the overall material. Here, most of the brands are going to utilize 100 percent cotton.

However, some of the brands might mix cotton with other materials. We would recommend sticking with the ones that are 100 percent cotton. However, the ones with 96% or 97% are not that bad either.

  • Texture

The texture is one of the important criteria that you should not forget about. For this case, our recommendation would be to opt for the ones that have a soft texture.

Those would be ideal for both wearable and decorative projects. Also, it would be a wise idea to opt for the ones that are skin-friendly.

  • Density

Quilting works look exceptionally well when the sheets are dense. However, not all of the units that you are going to be dense.

We would recommend staying away from them. Those are not going to be that durable. Also, they are going to be highly prone to tearing and wearing.

  • Quantity

As you know by now, brands are going to offer packages that will have numerous amount of sheets. Here, you need to consider the scale of your projects.

If you are carrying out a fairly large-scale project, opt for ones that come with a large number of sheets. 

On the other hand, for small to medium-scale ones, you would be good with the packages that include eight to ten pieces of sheets.

  • Size

Apart from the quantity of the sheets, check the size of the sheets. If you opt for the package that comes with small sheets and you are carrying a large-scale project, a lot of stitching must be done. And that is an extra hassle, which you would want to skip if you can.

  • Patterns

Another thing that you should consider is the patterns. To get elegant and unique looks on your projects, you should opt for the packages that come with good-looking patterns. Also, we would recommend getting packages that come with different patterns. 

  • Thickness

The thickness of the sheets is pretty important. It will not be possible to make durable projects if you use thin sheets.

Also, the works will be prone to tears and wearing if you use thin ones. Considering that, we would recommend opting for the packages that come with thick sheets.

  • Cuts

Alongside all of the other factors, you also need to consider the cuts. Make sure that they are straight, or else you would need to do the cuts by yourself. And that would make you waste a good amount of fabric. 

Sometimes, if the cuts are not straight, you might have to waste a large amount of clothing, which would not be a cost-effective approach. Considering that, we would highly recommend checking the cuts before making the purchase.

How to Cut Fabric for Quilting?

To get proper end results, you must know how to cut fabric for quilting accurately. And for this, the first thing you need to get is a rotary cutter.

Place the quilting mat on a solid and steady surface. Iron the fabric a bit. Then start by making squire edges. Here, use the rotary cutter.

On that note, consider the angels. The cuts should be directly 90 degrees from the corners. If you mess this angle a bit, the cut will not be straight. And if the cuts do not end up straight, you might have to go through the entire process again.

Alongside that, do not stack cut the sheets that are not of the same material. That will just ruin the angles.

Also, take the help of the ruler to see whether the cuts you made are straight or not. You can also use the ruler as a guide to get perfectly straight cuts on the sheets.

Keep an eye on the rotary cutter when you are operating it. If it does not move smoothly, the cuts will end up with jaggy edges, which you would not want.

Also, if the rotary cutter is not doing a good job in terms of cutting corners, use a sharp blade.

Is Polyester or Cotton Better for Quilting?

In the world of quilting, there are two types of fabrics that are often used: polyester and cotton. Polyester is often considered to be the better fabric for quilting because it is strong and moisture-resistant. It also has a smooth finish, which makes it easy to sew with.

Cotton, on the other hand is soft and has a natural texture. Cotton threads will add lint while sewing, unlike polyester threads. Polyester is cheaper and lighter than cotton, but it doesn’t hold up as well to wear and tear. Cotton is more durable, but it can be heavy and it’s not as breathable as polyester.

So, Polyester is more effective when used for quilting, while cotton is better for piecing.

Final Words

Without getting the best fabric for quilting, it would be pretty much invalid to expect your project to turn out perfect. And all of the units that we have reviewed in this article are nothing but that. So, chose one with full confidence!

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