Top 10 Best TV Under $200 (We Recommended!)

Now that television has become one of the most common entertainment sources, brands are dropping insane deals on them. Because of these mind-boggling deals, it is now possible to purchase the best tv under $200!

Yes, we are talking about just 200 bucks!

You no longer need to eat too much ramen to save up for television, making these options great for students living in a dorm. Now, you might be asking yourself that you have to make too many sacrifices in getting a TV that is this cheap. Well, if you get one of the worthy ones, you will be making little to no sacrifices.

Also, there are smart options available too. With those, you will have unlimited access to entertainment.

Top 10 Best Smart TV Under $200

As we have mentioned earlier, you do not have to make too much sacrifice in getting television at this price point. However, those are not that easy to find because of the oversaturation of options in the market. To make things a bit more manageable for you, we have made a list of those by going through different brands’ offerings. They are:

1. Insignia NS-32DF310NA

Fire OS has been one of the popular operating systems for the best TV deals under $200. It helped to keep the cost down while offering a truly smart television experience. And this one from Insignia packs that.

To start with, it has Fire OS built-in. This Fire TV edition is going to offer you access to tens of thousands of apps, streaming channels, and entertainment sources. You would have easy access to streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Prime video, and Disney+. There would be a single moment where you would feel like you have nothing to watch.

Aside from the OS that it packs, the panel of this 32 inch television under $200 is pretty sharp. The resolution of the display is 720p. It is capable of offering an excellent picture quality, which will have deeper blacks. The colors that it can output are pretty vibrant too. You would have a full-fledged television-watching experience.

Alongside that, the unit integrates Alexa. It is a smart assistant that will let you control the OS through voice controls. So, even if your hand is dirty, you will not have to touch the remote control just to change channels or navigate through the OS.

Apart from that, even though it is a 32 smart TV under $200, the brand did not skimp one bit in the connectivity options. You will find three HDMI ports, which will allow you to connect different streaming devices, along with your gaming console.

Also, it has a USB port, antenna input, audio output (headphone jack), and an ethernet port. So, yes, you can connect all the compatible devices.

Talking of which, it utilizes DTS TruSurround technology for processing the audio. Thanks to this, you would have a premium surround sound experience while you are enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies on it.


  • Boasts Fire OS
  • Panel is 32 inches large
  • Has a 720p HD resolution and great picture quality
  • Integrates Alexa and can control smart devices
  • Easy access to online content, thanks to the easy-to-understand home screen
  • Features DTS TruSurround
  • Offers a voice remote


  • Alexa integration on the remote is a bit finicky
  • Does not support some of the local video formats

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2. TCL 40S325

Many of the buyers assume that the 200 dollar TVs skimp too much on the picture quality. Well, TCL is here to prove those customers wrong with this unit that they are offering.

First of all, this 200 dollar flat screen TV has 40 inches screen. And the resolution of the panel is 1080p, meaning full hd resolution. Such a combination of screen size and resolution will offer you a redefined television-watching experience. You would be able to enjoy all of your favorite content with sharper resolution and great details.

Aside from that, the color output of this 40 inch TV under $200 is quite praiseworthy too. The colors that it produces are vibrant and have the right contrast ratio. As a result, the picture will look full of life. And the brightness of the panel is great too. For such reasons, it will be perfect for both the dark and properly lit rooms.

Alongside that, the refresh rate of the screen is 60 Hz. The fast-paced scenes will have better and realistic motion because of that. Also, the amount of motion blur will be considerably low too. Watching action movies and sports on this will be a pleasurable experience.

Other than that, it integrates Roku OS. The OS makes this one the best smart TV under $200. This 40 inch 1080p smart TV will let you access millions of movies and tv episodes, which means there will be no need to spend a boring afternoon if you have this. You can even install some of the popular streaming apps on this. So, you can stream movies, music, etc., effortlessly.

Aside from that, this 40 inch TV for under 200 dollars integrates Alexa, which is a smart Assistant. Because of having this Assistant, you would be able to give voice commands in this Roku Smart LED TV. You can browse through the movies, search for content, switch inputs, control smart home devices, play music, and launch apps using just voice commands.


  • Panel is 40 inches
  • Has a 1080p resolution
  • A great TV that packs the Roku OS with smart capabilities
  • Color production is praiseworthy
  • Outputs sharp and lifelike picture
  • Allows voice control


  • Does not recognize most of the local USB contents
  • Some of the units might have a malfunctioning backlighting

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3. Toshiba TF-32A710U21

One of the leading brands when it comes to televisions is Toshiba. And they have an offering that is an excellent pick if you were searching for the best 32 inch TV under $200.

As we have mentioned above, the size of the screen is 32 inches. It is large enough for a living room TV and small enough for a bedroom TV. So you will be able to set this 32 inch smart tv up in any of the rooms that you prefer. The brightness level of the panel is also adequate for both dark and well-lit rooms. Thus, this one is often included in the best tv for glare list.

Aside from the panel’s brightness, the panel’s sharpness is quite up to the market for being a 200 dollar tv. It has a 720p resolution, which is perfect for a screen of this size. As a result, the pictures will be sharp, and the level of detail is going to be considerably high. You will sign up for a redefined movie-watching experience.

Other than that, it integrates Fire TV OS, which makes this 200 dollar TV smart. It is one of the models that have a built-in WiFi. That means you would not have to go through the hassle of an Ethernet cable connection. And after connecting it to the web, you can enjoy billions of shows and movies on it.

It supports most of the popular streaming apps too. You will have full access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Disney+.  It also integrates Alexa, which is going to let you give voice commands. You will not need to press any buttons to search for content on the web or navigate the OS. And the remote is pretty ergonomic too.


  • Sports Fire OS
  • Comes with Alexa integrated
  • Has a built-in WiFi chip
  • Panel is quite sharp
  • Bundles with an ergonomic remote


  • UI is not that polished
  • Comes with a considerably short power cord

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4. LG 22LJ4540

Another manufacturer that has been leading the charge when it comes to good displays is LG. And just like Toshiba, they have a good contender for the best 1080p TV under $200.

To begin with, it packs a display that most of the high-end televisions do not have. This 200 dollar TV has a Triple XD Engine. That engine will process the images with higher precision, which will result in better color production. The colors that it can output are lifelike, and each of the pictures is going to be full of life.

Aside from the color production, the sharpness of the image is comparatively higher than most of the 200 dollar flat screen tvs. The contrast is deep, and the vividness level is adequate to enjoy most of the contents. It makes no compromise in the picture quality.

Apart from the display, the backlighting technology that it sports will make sure that each pixel is properly lit. As a result, the blacks are going to be deep, and the whites will be exceptionally bright. This technology makes the unit ideal for most of the rooms, including the darker rooms that do not have a proper light source.

Alongside keeping the picture quality of the panel great, it takes care of the power consumption too. It is fairly power efficient, which will let you keep the energy cost to the bare minimum. In fact, it consumes considerably less amount of power than most of the models that are in this price range.

Other than that, the panel has a 60 Hz refresh rate. Because of that rate, it should be able to output motions without any jitters. Fast-paced movies and sports are going to look great on this.


  • Packs Triple XD Engine
  • Features an effective backlighting technology
  • Panel is reasonably sharp and offers excellent image quality
  • Has a 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Exceptionally power efficien


  • Only 24 inches in size
  • Does not have any USB port on the back

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5. Supersonic SC-2211

The pictures’ details are one of the crucial points that you need to consider when you are looking to buy the best 1080p TV. Well, Supersonic factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit.

Let us start by talking about the panel first. The screen that it flaunts on the front has a 1080p resolution (HD clarity). And unlike the other models that are available in the market, the picture quality that it can offer is truly astounding. The details of the images are going to be crisp, and the sharpness will be exceptionally high.

Alongside that, the panel sports digital noise reduction technology. This technology will ensure that the images you are viewing on the screen have a considerably low amount of noise. As a result, the chances of the pictures getting distorted and noisy will be reasonably low.

Other than that, there are multiple picture modes that you will be able to choose from. Starting from standard to dynamic to customized, it will offer you the option to set the color profile according to your preference. And the colors that it can produce is quite vibrant and full of life.

Apart from that, the back has a good selection of ports. It has USB, HDMI, and AC ports. The USB port will enable you to connect your local storage device. And after connecting, you should be able to access the contents you have stored in it. You can even connect your PC to it using the HDMI port.

Besides that, the remote that it bundles with is quite ergonomic. You would be able to browse through the channels and the picture modes pretty easily. The power cord that it includes in the box is quite lengthy too.


  • Outputs pictures that are crisp and full of details
  • Has a wide range of connectivity ports on the back
  • Features different picture modes
  • Offers a vivid display
  • Bundles with an ergonomic remote


  • Some of the units might ship with a faulty VESA mount
  • AC adapter tends to malfunction sometimes

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6. Hisense32H4F

Smart Assistants can make operating a TV an enjoyable process. That is why most of the televisions in the market are packing them. You will also find one in this unit that is being offered by Hisense.

First of all, the Hisense TV integrates Roku OS. The UI of this OS is highly polished and heavily simplified. As a result, navigating through the channels and different functions it has to offer will be a pretty easy task.

You can even use the mobile App to control the UI if you want to. So you would not have to worry that much if you can not find the remote of this Roku smart TV.

Alongside that, the OS makes this one pretty smart. You will have access to millions of movies and TV shows online. It is compatible with popular streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, and Hulu.  And thanks to the built-in WiFi, there will not be any need to go through the hassle of connecting an Ethernet cable.

Aside from that, one of the things that makes this one stand out the most is the motion. It has a 120 motion rate, which will smoothen all of the motions that will be on the video. As a result, the fast-paced scenes and sports are going to look more realistic.

Other than that, the image processing chip that it packs will make sure that the image is crystal clear. For that reason, the pictures will have much higher sharpness, even though the resolution of the panel is just 720p.

Lastly, it integrates Amazon Alexa. This smart Assistant is going to make browsing through the OS and searching for different content on the web an easy task for you.


  • Features simplified Roku OS
  • Integrates Amazon Alexa
  • Can be paired up with a mobile app
  • Offers access to millions of contents
  • 120 motion rate


  • Roku OS requires a subscription
  • Included remote is not that responsive

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7. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA

You might have already heard about the manufacturer Samsung. They are one of the top dogs when it comes to displays. And they are showing off what they are capable of producing with this unit.

Unlike some of the other panels, this one features Micro Dimming Pro technology. This technology is going to enhance the overall picture quality by increasing the contrast ratio. As a result, the images are going to look more true to life, and the color of the pictures will be lifelike.

Apart from that, the resolution of the screen is 1080p. The clarity of the images that it can produce is quite stellar. Even the sharpness is considerably high for being a 1080p panel of affordable price. Basically, you are going to sign yourself up to get a redefined movie and content watching experience by getting this smart hd tv.

Alongside that, it sports a quad-core processor. The CPU is quite powerful, and it has the ability to make each of the actions feel smooth. For that reason, there will be fewer jitters on the UI, and you should be able to navigate through the functions at ease.

Other than that, it adopts a smart OS that will offer you access to millions of content and movies on the web. You are going to have full access to the popular streaming services that are available at the moment. So the chances of you feeling that there is nothing to watch will be reasonably low with this.

There are plenty of input ports on the back of the unit. It has two different HDMI inputs, which will let you connect two different devices at once. Also, it has a component video input and an RF in port. There is a USB port as well.


  • Clarity of the images is quite stellar
  • Micro Dimming Pro technology
  • Can produce sharp images
  • Packs a quad-core processor and smart features
  • Features plenty of connectivity ports


  • Included remote is not that praiseworthy
  • Speakers are mediocre

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8. Vizio D32F-G D-Series

One of the manufacturers that have been making a lot of noise in the television market is Vizio. And after going through this review, you will know exactly why.

First of all, it is compatible with all of the smart Assistants. Whether you prefer Google Assistant or Siri, or Alexa, you will have the option to set any of them in this smart LED TV. And after setting one of them up, you would be able to control the overall UI using voice only. There will be no need to navigate through the UI using buttons.

Aside from the Assistant support, the unit packs a full array of backlighting behind the panel. This backlighting system is going to ensure that each of the pixels is properly lit. As a result, they are going to be uniform, and the chances of backlight bleeding will be reasonably low.

Other than that, the unit has Chromecast built-in. It will let you cast your mobile and computer cast directly on the panel. You would not have to go through the trouble of connecting them with a cable. The WiFi chip is going to make it effortless for you to connect this with the web.

Talking of which, it has a full HD panel. The 1080p screen should be able to output crisp and clear images. Also, as it has built-in, huge library of streaming apps, you will not find yourself in a situation where you will not have anything to watch for the moment.

Alongside that, there are plenty of connectivity ports on the back. It has two HDMI ports and a USB port. The USB port is going to let you connect to local storage, which should offer you access to the contents you have stored locally.


  • Chromecast built-in
  • Supports Google, Siri, and Alexa
  • Features a full array of backlighting
  • Panel is crisp and full HD
  • Boasts a built-in WiFi chip


  • UI has some odd glitches
  • Integrated OS is not that polished

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9. AXESS TV1705

Even though there are plenty of budget tvs with large-sized screens at this price point, you might be looking for something that is small in size but makes no compromise on the picture quality. In that case, you should put this one in your consideration.

To start with, the screen size of the unit is just 15 inches. You might think this is considerably smaller than what the other manufacturers are offering in the market. Well, it is small. However, this decent TV is perfect for dorm rooms, kitchens, and rooms with small storage space. And it would be pretty easy for you to handle it around too.

Besides that, the unit’s panel is up to par with most of the models that are out in the market. The resolution is 1366×768, which makes it 720p+. And as the screen is considerably small, the pixel density is going to be reasonably high.

Apart from that, the unit has a digital TV tuner. That will enable you to easily get access to different channels after installing an antenna. There will be no need to tune the channels manually. Also, the OSD has a pretty simple UI. That means navigating through the UI will be pretty much hassle-free.

Alongside that, the port selection of the unit is quite up to the market. It has a coaxial output jack, an HDMI input port, and VGA port, and finally, a USB port. The USB port will let you connect local storage devices to it, and then you would get access to the contents you might have saved on them.

Aside from that, the analog channel receiver supports most of the frequencies. You can make it work with VHF, UHF, and NTSC.


  • Small and compact
  • 720p+ panel
  • Features a digital tuner
  • Supports most of the analog frequencies
  • Has VGA and HDMI ports on the back


  • Sound quality of the built-in speakers is below average
  • Viewing angle is pretty narrow

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10. Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p

Another model that you should consider if you are on the lookout for small-sized TVs is this one. The compact size of this will enable you to accommodate this in most of the rooms.

Just like the label states, the overall screen size of the unit is 15.6 inches. And the good thing about this is that the resolution of the panel is 1080p. That screen size combined with this FHD resolution will output pictures with high sharpness and details. The movie-watching experience that you will have will be truly enjoyable.

Aside from that, the panel has a 60 Hz refresh. That means the motions are going to look lifelike on this. You would not be able to find any jitters or stutters in the fast-paced scenes. Watching sports will be pleasurable too. And the amount of motion blur will be reasonably low.

Apart from that, the port selection on the back is quite numerous for being a TV of this size. It has an Audio RCA port, VGA port, PC audio port, and finally, an HDMI port. You can plug both the VGA and the HDMI port at the same time, which will enable you to switch between two different devices smoothly.

Alongside that, the base that you are going to find in the package can be attached and detached pretty easily. You can even mount this on the wall if you want to. And as the remote support V-chip, it will be pretty easy for you to navigate through the UI and select different essential features that it has to offer.

Lastly, considering the color production of the panel, this is a pretty good TV. So you can expect the images to have to true to life colors.


  • Compact and small in size
  • Has a 1080p resolution, i.e., full HD quality panel
  • Features VGA and HDMI ports on the back
  • Screen is pretty sharp
  • Sports V-chip on the remote


  • Speakers are not capable of producing good sounds
  • Does not have a USB port

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Best TV under $200: Are Cheap TVs Any Good?

You might be hearing this first, but nowadays, good TVs are getting cheaper and cheap TVs are getting better. However, the same thing can not be said for each of the new TV models that are on the market. Most of them are going to be a cash grab.

And considering that you are not going to spend that much money on getting one of these, the money you are going to spend will be pretty valuable to you.

Now, you might be wondering what factors make a TV good. Well, without further ado, these are the factors that make these good and worth getting:

Screen Size

The trend for most cheap televisions is to stick below 20 inches. Even though they are compact and easy to accommodate, getting a good watching experience out of them is not that easy. And the experience that you would get from a television that has a large screen would be leaps ahead of those with a small screen.

TV Under $200

So, you would only want to get the small ones if you do not have that much storage space in your room. However, we would highly recommend making some space and getting the large ones.


This is something that will not be that much of a personal preference. As you might probably know, the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality is going to be. Considering that, you should try your best to get a cheap TV that has a 1080p panel.

However, if you are planning to stick with the small-sized screens, getting the 720p or 720p+ ones would be more than enough to get a good picture quality. The small screen size will make sure that the pixel density is adequate, which would eventually make the images look sharp and crisp.

Now, Getting a high-quality, low-cost OLED TV is difficult these days, but you’ll undoubtedly get some excellent LED displays in this price range.

Refresh Rate

Another thing that you have to consider for the screen is the refresh rate. This is going to dictate how the motions are going to look on the screen of your modern tv. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the motions will be.

For that reason, if you are really looking for good television in this tight budget, you should not settle for anything that has under 60 Hz refresh rate.

The OS

If you are generally looking for smart TV with internet connectivity, you should consider the OS. Most of the smart TVs in this price segment will either have a proprietary OS, Amazon Fire OS, or the Roku TV. The one that we would recommend you to opt for is the Roku OS — other ones would be pretty dated at this price segment.

However, if you can get something with an up-to-date OS, you really do not have to think twice. You’ll be able to control other smart devices as well.

Another thing that you need to factor in if internetyou are opting for Roku is the subscription fee. Many will require you to pay a monthly fee. Those are not going to be worth it.

Lastly, it’s very ulikely that you’ll get an Android TV in this budget range. So, if some lesser known brands are offering them, be extra cautious before purchasing those.


Last but not least, the units that are actually good in this price segment are the ones that have a good speaker. But sadly, not many will emphasize on the audio quality of the built-in speaker. However, we would recommend you prioritize this factor if you are looking for a great sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would it be possible to get a smart TV for 200$?

Well, there are plenty of smart televisions at this price point. You will have plenty of options too. There will be a proprietary OS, Amazon Fire OS, and lastly Roku. However, it would be pretty hard for you to get a proper Android OS television in this price limit.

2. Do all of the TV under 200 have WiFi?

Some of the smart televisions that are in the price segment will have a WiFi chip. However, many of the other ones will need you to connect Ethernet cable. Also, the ones that have no smart functionality will have no option for internet connection at all.

3. Is glaring on the screen normal?

Not really. Glaring on the screen means that the viewing angle of the panel is not that great. And if the panel has this issue, the chances are that the manufacturer of the television skimped too much on display. So if you do not want to face this issue, you should go for the units with a wide field of view.

4. Why do TVs have a USB port?

Most of the models are going to have one or more than one USB input port on the back. This port has only the main functionality, which is to let you connect local storage devices with it. And after connecting a USB storage device, you would have access to your favorite movies, songs, and other contents that you might have stored on it.

5. Can I set up a separate speaker with my TV?

It depends on whether your unit has an Audio out port or not. If it has that port on the back, you should be able to connect speakers with it. However, if there is no such port on the back, it would not be possible for you to connect external speakers to the unit.

Final Words

Getting the best TV under $200 is not an easy task at all. However, we are hopeful that our list has made it a bit easier for you to choose one for yourself. That being said, we hope that that the one that you decide to pick up offers you a good and enjoyable TV-watching experience.

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