10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges to Buy in 2023

If you own a printer, you’d understand the cost that comes with every printed page. Ink doesn’t come with a low price and if you usually print at large volumes.

You’ll have to spend more on ink cartridges and cut off more money from your office budget or your income unless you have the best remanufactured ink cartridges.

Remanufactured ink cartridges have become more and more popular since many inkjet printer owners have been looking for alternative ways to trim printing costs. These are recycled ink cartridges that have been sent to the manufacturer and refilled with ink and repaired of any damaged parts.

And just because it’s remanufactured doesn’t mean it can’t deliver high-quality outputs. With these remanufactured ink cartridges review, you’ll be sure to find the best remanufactured ink cartridges in the market!

Benefits of Buying Remanufactured Ink

Ink cartridges that have been remanufactured offer tons of benefits compared to new ones. They’re great not only for trimming down your printing costs but also in saving the environment. So if you’re looking for alternative ink cartridges that are much cheaper, then you should start using these.


Waste in landfills has been growing over the years, and they’ll probably keep growing if we don’t do anything about it. Choosing to recycle benefits not only us but also the environment.

So it’s best to do whatever we can to minimize our wastes. Even in choosing to use a recycled ink cartridge, you’ll be able to do something for the environment. Small things can have huge impacts.

With recycled cartridges, you’ll be able to help lessen waste in the environment because you’ll be making use of old cartridges, which would have likely ended up in landfills.

More Affordable

Recycled ink cartridges are much cheaper compared to new ones. You’ll be saving a lot of money in using these, approximately 15% up to 20%. Some products can help you save even more.

This is already a huge amount if you usually use up a lot of ink cartridges. The amount you can save in the long run is significant. Now you can redirect that money into buying something for your business or your home.

The reason why these are cheaper is not that they have low quality but because they cut down production costs significantly. Manufacturers don’t have to use new materials in manufacturing cartridges, and instead, they’ll only have to refill them with ink.

Same Great Quality

Despite being a more affordable option, this can still deliver the same performance compared to a new cartridge. You won’t be getting anything less just because you pay lesser. It’s a great deal, and you’ll be able to get the best value for your money.

All these go through the same checking and testing process to make sure you still get high-quality ink for your printer. If you’re worried that they could be damaged since they’ve been used previously, you have nothing to worry about because manufacturers make sure to replace any parts that have been damaged.

You’ll be receiving an ink cartridge that will look good as new for a lesser price. What’s not to like?

10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Because of their popularity, tons of remanufactured ink cartridges are now available on the market. Choosing the right one is hard, but with this review, you’ll be sure to find the best one.


To start this list, we have the 63XL manufactured by Green Box. As its name suggests, this is a company striving for environmentally friendly products that are also cost-effective. So if you’re looking for a remanufactured ink cartridge, you should consider this.

Like all of the cartridges that this company manufactures, this has been meticulously tested to ensure that the products you receive will be free from any damage.

Even though it’s a recycled product, you can still expect optimum quality in your printed outputs. It can precisely maintain the color integrity of the coloring pages you’ll print, and it delivers clear text documents. You won’t have to worry about any smudges because this ink is designed to avoid that.

This is composed of two canisters in its cartridge pack. These help to give more crisp prints and enhance the cartridge’s reliability. It plays a huge role in the overall quality of your outputs.

You’ll be able to save a lot from your usual ink expenses, not only that, but this has high page yield, reaching up to 480 pages of black prints and 330 on colored ones. This is comparable to the page yield of most newly manufactured ink cartridges.

Compatibility also won’t be an issue because you can use this on a variety of printers. Whether you own an OfficeJet printer, a Desk Jet, and even an Envy printer, you won’t encounter any compatibility problems.

Overall you won’t be disappointed because this will be able to deliver the same performance a new ink cartridge can give at a lesser price. This is the best remanufactured ink cartridge you’ll ever come across.


  • Much cheaper
  • Compatible to a large number of printers
  • Great color quality
  • Not prone to smudges
  • High page yield


  • Not ideal for photo printing

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2. Eject 63XL for HP

The next ink cartridge we’ll be talking about on this list if the 63XL manufactured by Eject, especially for HP printers. So if you own a printer from HP, then you just found the perfect ink cartridge alternative for it that’s both cheaper and great for the environment.

Eject is well-known for its great performing products, and the 63XL upholds that same company quality. You can expect clear prints from this cartridge, for both colored and monochrome prints.

It comes with a tri-color cartridge and another one that’s black. These ensure you’ll have flexible ink for all your printings needs, whether or not they are colored. The quality of the printed outputs was overall very high-quality, you’d almost think you were using a newly made ink cartridge.

You’re already saving a lot in choosing a remanufactured ink cartridge, but you’ll be able to save a lot more thanks to the high page yield of this ink cartridge. It can handle up to 480 monochrome pages and 330 coloring pages, so you don’t have to refill your ink cartridge too often.

This is compatible with almost all HP Desk Jet, Office Jet, and Envy printers. But you may encounter some problems when using it with other printers. All remanufactured cartridges from Eject are tested before they reach your doorstep so you can be sure they are of top quality.

Whether it’s for your office work, personal use, and micro-business, this would be the best remanufactured ink cartridge so you can cut back on your printing costs. All in all, considering the price you’ll be paying and the quality you’ll get in return, this will give you your money’s worth.


  • Has a very affordable price
  • Has a high page yield
  • Capable of producing quality prints
  • Great for HP printers


  • May have compatibility issues with other printer brands

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Another ink cartridge that’s worth considering is the 63XL remanufactured by JARBO. With this, you’ll be able to minimize your printing costs significantly, and not only is it reliable, but it also offers great quality. This works great for most HP printers and can also be used for other brands.

Despite being cheaper, this can give you black crisp prints and also great coloring pages. A sprinkler optical technology enhances its overall quality, and it also incorporates a clean chip technology. It is composed of two packs – one of which is black and the other is for the tri-color.

Much more, this is very easy to install on your printer, thanks to its canister design, and it is encased in a durable transparent cover. When you install it, you’ll simply have to take out the cover and remove any tape sealing it, and then you can go ahead and insert this cartridge in its rightful slot. After that, you’ll be ready to go.

If you own an HP printer, then you won’t have much of a problem when it comes to compatibility. This is great for the HP Desk jet and HP Envy series. As for other printer brands, you may have to check the product’s compatibility list to make sure it will fit perfectly with your printer.

With its page yield that reaches up to 480 pages for your monochrome documents and 330 pages of colored prints, this will save a lot of your money in the long run since you won’t need constant refills.

To ensure quality and reliability, this has been certified by the international standard, ISO-9001, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


  • Complies to factory and safety standards
  • Great page yield
  • Provides vibrant color
  • Equipped with Sprinkler Optical Technology
  • Easy to install


  • Slightly more expensive compared to others

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4. IKONG 950XL 951XL 950951

A great remanufactured ink cartridge can not only save you money but also give you high-quality outputs. So if it’s your first time trying a recycled ink cartridge, now may be a perfect time, and what better to use but the best remanufactured ink cartridges in the market that’s manufactured by Ikong.

This company is dedicated to producing more affordable and environmentally friendly ink cartridges without compromising its quality, and this is one of the best on their long line of products.

With its combinations of inks composed of 4 variations, this is sure to suit all your printing needs, from monochrome pages to colorful ones. The colors involved in this product are black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. It’s a great deal considering the price that you’ll be paying.

To ensure the best and most reliable performance, this has met with all the standards for quality and safety from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Specifically, its facilities ad products have been certified with the ISO 4001 and ISO 90001.

You’ll be able to print a lot more pages before you use this up because it has one of the highest page yields in the market. It will take 2,300 monochrome pages and 1,500 colored pages until this runs out. These numbers are pretty impressive, considering that it’s a remanufactured ink cartridge, and you’ll be paying less.

Whether it’s for your micro business or your personal needs, this is the most cost-effective ink cartridge choice for your printer. It is compatible with HP printers that can use 951 and 950 inks. You can also use it if you have a printer that’s part of HP’s OfficeJet series.


  • Impressively high page yield
  • Very economical
  • Complies with ISO standards
  • Reliable and wide compatibility
  • More affordable


  • No significant disadvantages

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5. LxTek 61XL

Many companies have started getting in on the remanufactured ink cartridge business, which explains why you can see several brands in the market. LxTek is one of the best-performing ones among them, it has great products under its belt, and the 61XL they’ve remanufactured is one of them.

Just because these products have been recycled doesn’t mean they have compromised qualities and issues with their parts. Just like newly manufactured ink cartridges, these also go through the same quality check so you can be sure that you’ll receive it at the top-notch condition.

There is a smart chip that is included in its design. This helps to expand its compatibility with different printers. Although some printers may have compatibility issues with this because it’s specifically designed for use on HP printers.

Like your usual ink cartridge, this has two canisters that hold a black ink and tri-color ink. These ensure that you’ll be able to print anything, from plain texts to colored photos. Its print outputs are fairly good; you may experience mild color inaccuracies on some pictures but nothing too serious.

If you compare it to the output of a new ink cartridge, you’ll hardly see the difference in their quality. As for its page yield, you can use it for up to 480 monochrome pages and 330 pages for images and other colored prints. This will be able to save you a significant amount because you won’t have to replace it too often.

Overall, it’s a great product both for you and the environment. It will be worth every penny.


  • High page yield
  • A good economical choice
  • Free of any parts issue
  • Great outputs


  • Slight color inaccuracy on some images

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6. Ejet 240XL for Canon

You can expect nothing less from this next ink cartridge. Ejet has manufactured tons of products, and they’ve also joined in remanufacturing ink cartridges. And so far, there has been great feedback with their remanufactured 240XL that’s for Canon printers.

If you own a Canon printer, then this will be perfect for you. This can give you great outputs with clear and vibrant texts and colors. You can use this to print your documents and even your photos, their color integrities are sure to be maintained with utmost accuracy.

There is a combination of 2 cartridges for better versatility, one is for the black ink and the other for the colors. The printed outputs don’t show any smudges and any leaks, so you’re sure that all your prints are free of any issue.

This has an impressive page yield, and although it’s not the highest yielding cartridge in the market, it will still be able to print a sufficient amount of pages that are going to give you the most of the money that you pay. Installing this is very easy too, you can get it ready for printing in no time.

Its black canister can print up to 630 pages before needing any replacements while the colored cartridge is capable of printing 560 pages. You’ll be able to save much more when you choose to use this for your printer, and it can last longer with its shelf life that reaches up to 36 months.

Since it’s designed specifically for Canon printers, you may want to find something else if you have a different printer. This is especially ideal for Canon’s Pixma printer series.


  • Capable of high page yields
  • Good quality outputs
  • The ideal choice for Canon printers
  • Longer shelf life


  • Limited printer compatibility

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7. GREEN BOX 245XL 246XL

This one is another great remanufactured ink cartridge from Green Box. Equipped with all the necessary features, this is going to be able to give you impressive outputs at a more affordable price, cutting down your printing costs significantly over time.

Green Box has managed to recycle ink cartridges and restore them to their former glory; this helps not only you but also the environment. This product, in particular, is well suited for use by Canon printers. It will work well with printers on Canon’s Pixma printer series, and many more printer models like the MG, TR, and TS series.

Aside from being versatile, it also performs very well, producing great prints, whether it’s a text document, a colored image, or a combination of both. Two cartridges come with this, and they are composed of a black unit and a tri-color unit to match all your printing needs.

Another thing to look at when you’re choosing an ink cartridge is its page yield, well this one is sure to not disappoint because it will take plenty more pages before you need any replacements.

Approximately you’ll be able to print up to 400 monochrome pages and 300 pages of colored prints. This is already a huge cost-saver if you look at the price that you’re paying for one of these.

When you look at all the benefits this offers, you’ll realize how much of a great deal this is. Even if it’s a recycled product, you won’t even be able to tell its difference from new ones. All in all, it’s one of the best you’ll ever find.


  • Great page yield
  • Lets you save more on printing costs
  • Printing quality is great
  • Has an affordable price tag


  • Printer compatibility limitations

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8. AISEN 245 246

Are you out of ink cartridge and tired of spending too much money every time you go and buy one? Well, remanufactured ink cartridges are sure to solve your problem. This one, in particular, gives you quality, reliability, and versatility at a lower price point compared to the new ones.

Even though Aisen hasn’t been remanufacturing in cartridges for a long, they have still managed to deliver high quality printed outputs. Many users have been pleased with the crisp texts it produces and its accurate colors. It’s almost as if you’re using a brand new patented Canon ink cartridge but only for a lesser price.

If you’re a Canon printer owner, you are going to love this. It’s designed specifically to be compatible with these printers. And it’s great for Canon printers that belong to the Pixma series like the TS3120, MX490, and many other models as well.

Like most products, is it a double-back composed of a separate cartridge for black ink and another one for the tri-color ink. With these, it will be able to accommodate every kind of documents you want to print, whether it’s a plain text file or it contains colored images.

You’ll be able to save more in the long run with its high page yield. There will be no need to replace your ink cartridge too often because it will take up to 400 pages of monochrome documents and an impressive 300 pages for colored ones.

All in all, it’s a great deal. High quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. You don’t have to go beyond your budget just to get a great ink cartridge. With this, you’ll be saving more for other things, and you’ll also be doing Mother Earth a favor.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Capable of high page yield
  • Good color accuracy
  • Reliable performance
  • Greatly affordable


  • Only for Canon printers

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9. E-Z ink 410XL

Epson printers are very popular. They are very well-known for having good printing speeds and great quality outputs. So if you have an Epson printer and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for your ink cartridge, then look no further. This is the best quality remanufactured ink cartridges in the market.

It is specifically designed to suit the requirements of your Epson printer. Whether you’re using an XP635, XP640, ‎XP340, and other printers that belongs to Epson’s Expression series, any Epson printer that is compatible with the 410 XL will be ideal for this remanufactured ink cartridge.

A much higher page yield will assure you more savings in the long run, especially if you usually have high volume printing needs. You won’t have to keep changing your ink cartridge because this can print 650 pages of colored documents and 500 pages of A4 monochrome documents.

There’s not a thing you won’t like about this. It can even give great print quality with its 5 pack design consisting of different ink colors. These colors include black, yellow, cyan, magenta, and a photo block. You can use it to print everything from documents, postcards, greeting cards, photos, and many more.

This has great packaging, and it arrives on your doorstep without any issues because it has gone through tests and quality checks to make sure you get it at its top condition.


  • Higher page yield
  • Has great packaging
  • Offers more ink colors
  • Great color accuracy and text quality
  • More affordable then Epson cartridges


  • No significant disadvantages

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10. Value toner 950XL 951XL

If you are looking for the best rated remanufactured ink cartridges for small-business and home-office that can deliver the best print quality, then this is the perfect fit for you. The package comes with two black ink cartridges and the tri-color cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.

Serving as a replacement for HP 950 XL 951 XL, this ink cartridge from Valuetoner is compatible with HP Officejet PRO 8100, 8600, and other similar all-in-one models. Cartridges from ValueToner undergo strict quality testing to make sure that it is compatible with your printer.

It is embedded with a new generation chipset to assure compatibility with a variety of printers. These cartridges can also present an accurate reading of its ink level. Valuetoner products can guarantee you of a performance like that of its original counterpart.

Same as for its HP counterpart, this remanufactured ink cartridge can yield 2,300 pages per black cartridge and 1,500 pages per Cyan/Magenta/Yellow cartridge with 5 percent coverage. If you want to print more with your constrained budget, then this is the perfect product for you. Print quality from this ink cartridge is first-rate.

This remanufactured ink cartridge has an OEM-like quality that can produce high-standard results. The printouts have vivid, bright colors similar to that of its HP counterpart. When printing text documents, you can expect a well-detailed, crisp, and precise texts.

Overall, this remanufactured ink replacement is a good deal, if you want to save some money but still want a high-quality output from your printer. This product can yield the same amount of output from its original counterpart while you the same standard of quality.

You can also check out other Valuetoner products available in the market that can be replacements for your ink cartridges, as they can assure you with a product of a lower price without compromising product quality.


  • New generation chipset for compatibility
  • Supports a variety of HP printers
  • High-quality printouts
  • Reliable performance


  • No significant disadvantage

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What Makes a Good Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

Ink cartridges that have been manufactured have a lot of advantages, but not all of them can give you the quality that you need. So to help you out in telling which remanufactured ink cartridges are good and which ones aren’t here are a few factors to consider.

Page Yield

The page yield of the ink cartridge refers to the number of pages that it will be able to print before it needs to be replaced. These numbers vary depending on the manufacturer of the ink cartridge.

They also vary depending on the type of document you’ll be printing. Usually, a monochrome page will have a greater page yield because this will only require a low amount of ink compared to a colored page, which requires a greater amount of with different colors.

If the page yield is high, this means that you won’t have to replace it as often. This will help you save more because it will cut down on your printing costs significantly.

When you have high volume printing needs, high page yield is very necessary, but if you are only printing for your projects or homework, a page yield of about 400 pages will be sufficient enough and still help you to save money.


Some ink cartridges that have been remanufactured have limited compatibility to certain printer brands or models. For example, printers for check may require a specific type of cartridge. So it’s best to choose one that’s compatible with the printer you’re using.

There are also ink cartridges that can be compatible with multiple brands. So if you have more than a single printer, this would be the more practical choice. You can check on the product’s list of compatible printers so you can be sure you’ll have no trouble in using it with your printer.

Ink Quality

The ink cartridge you buy should be able to give your documents good quality prints. Its quality will be affected mostly by the type of ink used. When there are more colored inks that are on the cartridge, the greater will be the color accuracy of your outputs.

Shelf Life

This factor refers to the ability of the product to stay in top condition even when it’s left unused for an amount of time. It’s best to check this information so that if ever you decide to stock up in your ink cartridge supplies, you can be sure they won’t go to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best remanufactured ink cartridges:

1. What are remanufactured ink cartridges?

These are cartridges that have been recycled and are sent to companies who are responsible for refilling its ink and testing it to make sure it has good quality and condition.

2. Why should I buy a remanufactured ink cartridge?

You should consider buying a recycled ink cartridge mainly because it’s more economical, and you’ll be able to save a lot more money from reducing your printing costs—another great thing with using these it that they are environmentally friendly.

3. Will these still be compatible with my printer?

Yes. There are remanufactured ink cartridges for most popular printer brands, and they have been proven to work just fine.

4. Do these have better quality than the original ones?

This will depend on the manufacturer, but remanufactured toners have been able to deliver quality that is comparable to that of the original ones. Considering the price you’ll be paying for these, they are worth it.

5. Can this damage my printer?

No, ink cartridges that have been remanufactured go through the same tests as new ones so you can be sure that they comply with all the necessary safety and factory standards.

Final Words

With so many choices in the market, this remanufactured ink cartridges review is sure to help you in choosing the best remanufactured ink cartridges among all of them. You’ll be sure to find the right one for your printer.

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