Top 10 Best Compact Printers to Buy in 2023

With the current advancement in technology, printers are becoming more compact yet still very efficient. Many consumers sought after a printer that doesn’t take too much space at home or in the office.

But do you need to compromise the quality of your documents and photos just to obtain a printer with the right size? Of course not! You’ll be able to find a lot of printing machines that have the perfect balance of versatility, printing quality, and efficiency.

In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the best compact printers out there. Among your options on the market, we have narrowed down the list to 10 and reviewed them carefully. You’ll also find a buying guide that can assist you in choosing one. Keep reading!

Benefits of Compact Printers

If you’re one of the space-conscious people, then a compact printer may be the perfect one for you. This type of printer holds a lot of benefits that you’ll surely love.


First off, it is practically designed not to take a bunch of space yet still being reliable enough to get the job done for you in no time. You’ll be able to let it sit on your desk or table even if it’s not commodious enough.


Compact printers can come in very handy, especially if you’re looking for a portable printing machine to produce your documents, labels, and photos while on-the-go. It’s an excellent option if you have very limited space in your workplace.

Multiple Functionality and Optimum Performance

There are also compact units that can perform multiple functions. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy maximum functionality and performance while saving both money and room. Hence, this is much advantageous when you are dealing with a small home or office.

10 Best Compact Printers Review

You’ll be welcomed with a myriad of options on the market if you’re going to opt for a compact printer. To make things easy for you, here’s a review of our 10 recommended products from different brands along with their pros and cons.

1. Canon TS5120

Canon is one of the top-leading manufacturers well-known to fabricate numerous printing machines having numerous exceptional features making them one of the best on the market today. This TS5120 also delivers optimum performance and never disappoints you when it comes to various aspects. Let’s find out more!

One of its noteworthy features is the fine hybrid ink system. You’ll love how it will be able to deliver you with the perfect combination of cost, quality, and performance. This is beneficial, especially if you’re working with detailed documents and photos, even the borderless ones.

As for the connectivity, this printing machine never comes last. It will be much easier for you to produce your photos and document from various media devices like Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, and even Cloud. Printing has never been this convenient with these options.

Much more, it is compatible with the optional XL cartridges. With this, you’ll be able to save from purchasing replacements of ink cartridges regularly since it can extend the time in changing them into a new one. You can also produce printouts twice than the usual.

The machine is equipped with a small 2.5-inch LCD screen. It may not be the touchscreen type, but it comes with the physical buttons having a stand-alone function. So you can easily navigate and operate your device

Also, it features two-sided auto printing. With this technology, you’ll be able to lessen the cost and utilization of the paper sheets that can reach as much as 50 percent. Amazing, right? You can also load up the tray with 100 sheets of plain paper or with 20 sheets of 4 x6 inches paper.

Overall, this is a pretty ideal printing machine, especially for those who have a small room to put the equipment. You’ll love how it perfectly balances all the basic features, decent performance, and outstanding quality for photo printing. All these for a reasonable market price!


  • Photo printing speed is commendable
  • Easy operation and navigation through the use of the physical buttons
  • Comes with two paper trays
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • Paper trays are not durable
  • Duplex printing speed is much slower

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2. Canon PIXMA TR4520

Another printing machine from Canon has made it into our list to impress us again with everything that it can offer. It is fabricated with a compact design perfect for home and office utilization.

This machine is wireless and all-in-one that allows you to print, scan, copy, and even send a fax. You’ll be in awe with how much space and money you can save having all of these functions in a single unit.

When it comes to setting up this device, you’ll not experience any trouble since it’s just a simple and easy process. It comes with a Wireless Connect on the printer and the Canon print app. With these two features, you can do the configuration using your smartphone or tablet.

Much more, Canon also started the usage of smart home functionality. It has made possible through the built-in support for both Google Assitant and Amazon’s Alexa. You can now utilize your voice to command and control the printer like printing anything, checking ink levels, coloring pages, etc.

On top of it all, this printing machine supports the IFTTT (IF This Then That) technology. With this feature, you can now use different web applications and services, especially those that have platforms allowing you to make automated workflows between your printer and media device.

It is also equipped with an automatic document feeder. This will let you scan or copy a stack of files continuously on its own while allowing you to do some other errands. For sure, it will improve your productivity and efficiency.

In conclusion, this product can deliver the functionality and quality that you’re looking for in a compact printer, making it the perfect option to choose for your small room at home or desk at the office. It’s one of the best compact picture printers on the market.


  • Outputs of photo printing have a great quality
  • Features the ADF for the scan and copy functions
  • Good connectivity options
  • Optimum functionality


  • Operating cost is high
  • Not ideal for fast production of documents

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3. HP ENVY 5055

HP is a very popular brand name known to manufacture some of the best compact printing machines available across the globe. And this HP Envy 5055 is just one of their best compact wireless printer. It integrates exceptional features that you’ll love for sure. So, let’s get into it.

First off, this is an all-in-one device that’s versatile enough to perform all the very useful functions such as printing, copying, and scanning. It can guarantee you that it won’t compromise the quality of your photos and document for each task.

Speed is a very essential factor to scrutinize in a printer. This machine delivers exceptionally on this aspect. It will be able to produce outputs with a rate of 7 ppm for colored files and 10 ppm for the monochrome ones. It may not be that outstanding, but it’s faster compared to its competitors.

Much more, the device comes with a lot of connectivity options such as Bluetooth Smart, Cloud Printing, and dual-band Wi-Fi networks. With this, you are ensured to have a very efficient performance because of the stable connection that it gives.

In addition to that, this printer is compatible with several third-party apps like Mopria, Apple Air Print, and HP ePrint. With all these connectivity options, you’ll be satisfied with its wireless capabilities that are way beyond its cost value.

It also comes with a 2.2-inch LCD monochrome touchscreen that allows you to conveniently and easily access and control your equipment. You’ll also love how it complements the elegant look of the printer.

Given all of these attributes and specifications, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the best compact printers on the market. It has a very friendly price yet delivers excellent functionality.


  • Wide options for its wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with various media devices
  • Guarantees to produce document and photos in the highest quality
  • Compact design with a sleek, stylish look


  • No wired connectivity options (USB and Ethernet ports)

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4. HP Envy Photo 7155

Next up is this excellent Envy Photo 7155 still from HP. This printer is easy to operate, allowing you to utilize immediately right out of the box. It will be the perfect choice if you’re someone who’s not fond of doing some installation process from a hard-to-understand instruction manual.

Connectivity is not a problem with this printing machine. It can support dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, USB connection, and Wireless Direct. This will allow you to connect your printer and media devices without the need for any router.

In addition to that, it is compatible with various third-party wireless options such as Mopria, Apple AirPrint, and HP ePrint. You can conveniently print your email texts and attachments. It also comes with an SD slot located at the front-left of the display panel.

When it comes to its paper handling, it can accommodate up to 140 sheets at a time, including 125 sheets of standard paper and 15 smaller sheets, just like snapshot-style prints. Hence, it’s ideal for home, small office, and medium-sized business utilization.

The maximum duty cycle of this printer is 1000 pages, but HP recommends that you should produce only up to 300 to 400 pages monthly. You should remember that you’re going to risk hardware issues in case you’re planning to print way beyond its capability.

Much more, it is equipped with a 2.7-inch capacitive touch display. This will then serve as your primary walk-up interface allowing you to manage and configure all the standard functions such as copying and scanning.

All in all, this printing machine will be the perfect option for anyone looking for a device with superb versatility and performance at a friendly price.


  • Utilization and operation is simple and easy
  • Equipped with an integrated print head
  • Comes with a photo paper tray
  • Ideal for home and small to medium-sized office use


  • Printing speed is slow
  • No ADF included

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5. Canon Pixma MG3620

It is another variant from Canon that will leave you in awe with its attributes. This Pixma MG3620 is one of the most affordable printing machines from this manufacturer. Despite its low price point, it offers more than what you expect. Keep reading to find out.

This equipment is a multifunctional wireless printer fabricated to be ideal for small offices, home businesses, or just for personal utilization. Its compact design allows you not only to save space but also to carry it around your workplace with ease.

Much more, the printer is equipped with a control panel that comes with a lot of function buttons, allowing you to easily navigate and configure the device. Also, it enables you to switch between photo papers and plain papers. Not to mention, you can set it to print either monochrome or colored copies too.

When it comes to media types, it can accommodate various papers for printing, copying, and scanning. These include plain paper, photo paper plus semi-gloss, high-resolution canon paper, matte photo paper, US #10 envelopes, etc.

And it also offers connectivity options that can support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. Although it has only a few options, it’s still manageable to give you the means to print the documents and files that you want.

Therefore, this printing machine is one of the books. It may have a few drawbacks, but it can still deliver the functionality and quality you’re looking for. That’s why its name pops up on the compact printer reviews.


  • Photo printing quality is great
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Sleek appearance
  • Superb cost per print


  • Colored printing speed is slow
  • No separate tray for photo paper

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6. Canon 2986C002

This Canon 2986C002 is a wireless all-in-one photo printing machine. It is made and designed to be perfect for all of your daily production needs like documents, reports, photos, and more.

One thing that it boasts is the compact size of this printing machine. You’ll surely love how it will fit on your desk or table even though you have a limited space only.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a control panel in the form of a 3-inch color LCD screen along with a few buttons. You can utilize the touch screen mostly to navigate the menus. There are also buttons that you can use to choose black or color scanning and copying.

It also comes with two paper trays allowing you to put two media types if you want. Both of the trays can accommodate up to letter-size papers. It’s as versatile as it is.

You’ll enjoy the printing speed of this device. It can print text documents quickly at a rate of 9.8 ppm. When you’re utilizing the duplexer, this device produces text documents at 3.5 ppm. This is a great speed as compared to its competitor.

Much more, you can enable a voice-activated printing through Amazon’s Alexa. You can prompt it to manage your printing lists, coloring pages, check ink levels and notifications, and more. Overall, this is considered to be one of the best compact picture printers on the market. You’ll love the quality of the printouts for sure!


  • Fast production speed for each function
  • Comes with two paper trays
  • Low text printing cost
  • Two-sided printing is pretty fair


  • Unresponsive touch panel
  • No ADF feature

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7. HP OfficeJet 5255

If you’re looking for an all-in-one printing machine that’s very much capable of handling every task at home or in the office, then this OfficeJet 5255 from HP might be the perfect choice for you. This printer is versatile enough that allows you to print, copy, scan, and fax.

You can enjoy all of these functions in just a single unit without even compromising the quality of the output.

Moreover, the configuration of printing machines has never been this easy and convenient. It is equipped with a 2.2-inch decent monochrome touchscreen display. So, you’ll be able to easily operate and navigate all the menus. Also, it’s installed with a slight tilt for you to have a proper view.

The machine is also equipped with an automatic document feeder. It’s a feature that allows you to automatically scan your pile of documents. With this, you’ll be able to work on your other tasks while the printer is on the process. One setback is that the flatbed can’t accommodate legal and tabloid sizes.

Furthermore, it also features duplex printing. A lot of consumers have been loving this aspect since it will let you print on both sides of the paper in just one run. Not only that, but it will save you so much time but also eliminates the inconvenience of flipping the paper from time to time.

Taking into account all of these features it has, you can say that it’s the best compact HP printer on the market. All its specifications and capabilities can give your money’s worth indeed.


  • Can produce high-quality borderless photos
  • Accommodation of paper sizes is good enough
  • Equipped with a duplex printing technology and ADF
  • Versatile printing machine


  • Tend to be expensive since it has only two cartridge
  • Slow printing speed

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8. HP DeskJet 2622

The next one on our list is this DeskJet 2622 still from HP but from a different line of series. This printing machine is a piece of multifunction color equipment that’s fabricated with a touch of modern technology. You’ll be impressed with its wireless printing.

In addition to that, you’ll love the presence of other useful functions. For sure, it’s not just like your typical inkjet printer. This device comes with more functions that it can also be an advanced copier and scanner that will let you digitize your documents, photos, and more.

It is fabricated with a compact design making it ideal for small office and home utilization. Also, you can put it in every interior – either on your desk, shelf, or commode. Its blue and white color makes it appealing to many consumers.

Much more, being equipped with a small 2-inch ergonomic and easy-to-use display makes it even more user-friendly. Although it doesn’t include any keys that you can utilize to operate the machine, it is still manageable.

Also, using this allows you to manage your printing device through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via a Wi-Fi network. It comes with two cartridges having a much-increased ink capacity. You don’t need to buy an ink replacement, and it can print twice as many sheets compared to other printers.

As for the printing speed of this device, you may not be offered with the fastest one. It can produce black and white documents at a rate of 7.5 ppm and colored ones at a rate of 5.5 ppm. This may not be ideal for offices and business that has high printing demands.

But then, with all of the outstanding features this printer can give you, there is no doubt that it is one of the best!


  • Easy connectivity with various media devices through Wi-Fi
  • Comes with an integrated, convenient control panel
  • Affordable market price
  • Increased ink capacity


  • Can be noisy while operating

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9. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

Next up is still from the OfficeJet series of HP. This Pro 8025 is considered to be the best compact color printer available on the market. Many consumers, especially in the business field, love this device since it can be utilized to create beautiful advert files like flyers and brochures.

This is a multifunctional printing machine that can help you improve your productivity and efficiency for sure. It offers some of the smart printing functions. Let’s get into it then!

The speed and performance of this product are excellent and commendable. It’s an inkjet printer that has a production speed of 29 ppm for monochrome files and 25 ppm for the colored ones. This is a great speed for both home and office use.

Much more, it excels pretty well when it comes to connectivity options. This device is equipped with all the standard options such as USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Direct. You can also configure it with Mopria and Apple AirPrint, so mobile printing is made possible.

In addition to that, you can make use of the smart app exclusively created by HP itself. It will let you remotely manage your printing tasks through a tablet or smartphone. You can also utilize the voice-activated printing through Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

With everything that it can offer, this is an outstanding printing machine indeed! You’ll love how it can produce great-quality outputs and deliver excellent performance. It’s all that you’re looking for.


  • Great and decent output quality
  • Comes with a voice assistant technology
  • Has a color touchscreen display installed with a vertical tilt
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • Low-yield for black ink

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10. Canon PIXMA TR8520

Last but not least is this PIXMA TR8520 from Canon. Most of the printers from this device guarantee an amazing photo printing quality, and this unit is no exception at all.

It is most advantageous to people who have a business wherein they’ll need to produce high-quality advert materials. For instance, you’ll need to produce brochures and flyers with high-definition graphics. Not only it works great on images, but it can also deliver sharp and clear text documents.

As for its paper handling capability, you can pretty much load it up with 220 sheets that can be divided into two parts – a rear tray that holds the 20 sheets of photo paper and an upright tray that holds 200 sheets of plain paper.

Much more, it is equipped with an intuitive 4.3-inch LCD color touchscreen that can be easily viewed at any angle. However, some users have been complaining about the sensitivity of its touch since it doesn’t respond very well on the first touch.

The machine also offers numerous connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SD card slot, USB port, Bluetooth 4.0, and more. Printing from your media devices has never been this easy with all of these options.

Additionally, it supports mobile printing through the use of various applications like Apple AirPrint, Google CloudPrint, Canon Print app, Pixma CloudLink, and more.

This printer may be on the expensive price point, but you’ll be assured to have a piece of incredible all-in-one equipment that delivers superb quality of texts, photos, and graphics.


  • Broad connectivity options
  • ADF for copy and scan functions
  • Superb cost-to-print ratio
  • Equipped with two input trays


  • Slightly expensive

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Best Compact Printer – Buying Guide

In searching for the best compact printer for mac, you shouldn’t just look at its dimensions and size. You must not compromise any other factors just for one aspect. Take time to read some compact printer reviews and feedback from consumers to ensure the quality and efficiency of the equipment you’ve chosen.

Moreover, you should have a checklist of the features that you should look for in a printing machine before buying. Besides, knowing what you want helps you narrow down your options until you come up with the appropriate one for you.

So here are the factors that you should take into account to achieve that perfect compact printer.


One of the first features that you should check is the versatility of the printing machine. Since the apparent function of these devices is to print, it would be better if you opt for the one that can scan, copy, and fax as well.

For sure, you’ll be able to find these various advanced models on the market. It is also essential to consider the specific requirements you need in a printer.

Indeed, a piece of all-in-one equipment can do most of your production tasks at home or in the office. It doesn’t just save you space but also save you from buying another machine.

The best compact multifunction printer is the one that can do all four basic functions without consuming too much room in your workplace while producing high-quality outputs as well.

Output Quality

One essential aspect of a printer is its output quality. You shouldn’t compromise this just to get a compact printer. Numerous options on the market give you both of these at a very reasonable price.

Make sure to check the offered resolution of the printer. The higher the resolution, the greater the image quality is. Also, reading a few reviews about a certain model will help you. The machine shouldn’t only produce good quality photos and graphics, it should also deliver you a clear, sharp text.

Print Speed

Speed is a very important factor. Before you decide to purchase a product, be sure that you’re aware of the volume of work that you’ll be dealing with. With this, you’ll be able to select the model that’s appropriate for your demands to accomplish your task in a day, week, or month.

This will strongly be dependent on your workload. One challenge is finding a unit that can give you both great quality and faster speed. But you can, for sure, find one in the numerous options you have on the market.

Ease of Use

A lot of consumers have been pre-occupied with the product’s features and specifications that they tend to overlook the usability of the equipment. You shouldn’t choose the product that will give you a hard time troubleshooting when something is up or even just in the setup stage.

To be sure that you’re chosen unit is user-friendly, check if they have the following characteristic – printer driver is easy to set up, comes with a system to load and unload media, equipped with a control panel that can be navigated with ease, and allows having a custom setting for future utilization.

Oh! And don’t forget to check if the printer is compatible with remanufactured cartridges as well. This will bring down your printing costs significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best compact printers:

1. Which is better – inkjet or laser?

Inkjet printers are better at printing photos, while laser ones are much better at printing documents. If you want to have a low cost per page, laser printers are cheaper. But if you opt for the one that doesn’t take too much space, inkjet printers are the option.

2. Can I find a printing machine that can give me both great output quality and superb printing speed?

Although it may be a challenge if you’re particular in both aspects, you can for sure find one as there are many efficient printers available on the market because of the growing technology.

3. What are the most common problems encountered in a printer?

Some of the problems commonly faced by users are slow printing, paper jams, superseded images when printed, expensive cartridges, output quality is low, and many more.

4. Are there wireless compact printers available?

Of course. You’ll be able to find a lot of compact wireless printers that are wireless. Most of them can be found on our review above, so check them out.

5. Can a compact printer handle tasks in small businesses?

Yes. Some of the best compact printer for home on the market are capable of tackling tasks of your small business. You just need to find the one that can meet your requirements and provide the functionality to achieve your key objectives.

Final Words

As you may have noticed, the list of the best compact printers in this review is from HP and Canon. Both manufacturers have made a name in the printing industry. Hence, you’ll be guaranteed an exceptional product whatever printer you have chosen from this guide.

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