Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay: [Top 9 Printers Here!]

One thing that has emerged with the fast growth of technology nowadays is the use of the internet as an online business platform. And eBay is just one of the most successful marketplaces all over the world, whether you’re selling, buying, or both.

So, if you want to improve your current business or you’re just starting out, then you probably know how essential it is to have a shipping label printer with you. It is most helpful in writing down the shipping addresses and sticking any other important labels and notes on the package.

This article will be all about the various shipping label printers for eBay. It will also provide you a buying guide to help you select with confidence the perfect one for you. So, keep on reading!

9 Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay

Certainly, you’ll be flooded with numerous options on the market, and it becomes just confusing to pick one.

Hence, we’ve narrowed our list to 10 shipping label printers for eBay and conducted an in-depth review of them.

1. ROLLO Label Printer

The first one that earned the spot on our list of the best ones is this label printer from Rollo. This product offers you the most reliable, fastest, and most affordable way of producing shipping labels. Well, it’s a commercial-grade label printer that is engineered for high-volume shippers.

This is made compatible with all the major and well-known selling platforms not only with eBay, but also with Shopify, Amazon,, Etsy, ShipStation, and more. Not to mention, it is also suitable for various shipping couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.

It only means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re producing just 5 or numerous 5,000. For sure, this device is capable of delivering high-quality and crystal clear labels for professionals at a faster speed.

Featuring a patented modern, rugged, and portable design, this printer ensures that it can help in improving your productivity. This is an ideal option if you want something that can offer you economical and high-performance in logistics printing, especially during the most demanding conditions.

More excitingly, it is equipped with the latest printing technology such that it uses direct thermal energy to print professional-grade tags without requiring any ink or toners. The printing speed is commendable, reaching a rate of 150 mm/s, which the manufacturer claims to be twice the speed of the other competitors.

On top of it all, the device also features an automatic label identification technology. With this, it can offer you an even more comfortable printing job. This system automatically identifies the properties and size of the tags to guarantee a hassle-free and faster label loading for printing.

You can also use this printing machine for creating barcodes, identification labels, warehouse labels, and FBA label. Just come to imagine how versatile this equipment is. For sure, you can get your money’s worth when you invest in this printer.

Therefore, taking into account all of its attributes and specifications, this device is one of the best label printers for eBay shipping labels. There is no need for you to be stressed out about the heavy workload since this printer will do charms.


  • Works with all direct printing labels of various sizes
  • Incredible printing speed
  • Equipped with an automatic label identification technology
  • Produces highly-resilient and durable tags
  • Delivers as much as 238 labels per minute


  • Doesn’t have separate label holders

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2. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Next up is this 2054A shipping label printer from Arkscan. This multi-functional thermal printer is fabricated to produce shipping labels, barcodes, product tags, and more without requiring the use of ink and toner.

You’ll be able to print the following minimum and maximum dimensions – width range from 0.75 inches up to 4.25 inches and length range from 0.4 inches up to 90 inches.

Much more, this high-speed machine takes only about 1.2 seconds to produce high-quality labels with a resolution of 203 dpi or 8 dots per mm. It is also compatible with any kind of thermal label papers having sizes of 4×6-inch, 4×8.25-inch, and 4×6.75-inch.

More excitingly, it supports the cash drawer kickback port (RJ-11). This means that this machine will allow you to integrate with a cash drawer and automatically opens it when needed.

Furthermore, the printer is compatible with printing labels for eBay, Amazon, EasyPost, Etsy, Paypal, Shippo, ShipWire, UPS WorldShip,, XPSship, and many more. This package comes with free shipping labels from FedEx and UPS. It is versatile enough to use in whatever online platforms you could think of.

On top of its all, you’ll have a free software of the Bartender UltraLite Label Making for Windows-based PC only. This includes all the most frequently used designs for your tags and print features with full-design capabilities for barcodes, text, graphics, and most of the serializing.

Overall, this product is pretty amazing. It is packed with a lot of exceptional features that are sure to cater to your daily production needs whether it’s for eBay or for labeling school projects.


  • Multi-functional direct thermal printer
  • Great printing speed
  • Equipped with an option compatible with Zebra printers
  • Easy to set up
  • Reasonable market price


  • May be hard to configure with Mac

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3. MUNBYN Label Printer

If you’re looking for a machine that has an exceptional printing performance yet priced decently, then look no further than this label printer from MUNBYN.

This is a thermal printer that comes with USB support, making it easy for you to produce labels and barcodes. Also, you’ll be able to configure it easily and quickly because of its one-click set-up feature eliminating all the complex installation issues.

It works well for all the Windows and Mac systems. In addition to that, this device is compatible with all the major shipping and sales platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, ShipStation, FedEx, Shippo, ShippingEasy, Ordoro, and many more.

What’s even more amazing is that it features an industrial-grade heat-dissipation setting. With this, the machine will be able to continuously produce as much as 700 sheets. Then, it automatically pauses for about five minutes to protect it from overheating.

Also, it comes with a built-in label identifier. This technology automatically detects the size and characteristics of your label. So, loading labels have been made easier and quicker with the use of this printer.

You’ll be able to utilize any size of the thermal label to produce high-quality barcodes and shipping labels without requiring any ink or toner. It also has an integrated adjuster that will let you set it to the size you need.

For sure, you’ll love everything about this printing machine. No wonder it has been listed as one of the best thermal printers for eBay shipping labels. You can never go wrong with this unit, especially for your small businesses.


  • Feature USB Support
  • Equipped with an automatic pause function for overheating protection
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Comes with an adjuster for the label sizes


  • Some have complained about the occurrence of frequent jamming

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4. MFLABEL Label Printer

The next one on the list is this label printer from MFLABEL. This machine is a commercial direct thermal printer that is equipped with a high-speed USB port offering a great production speed option and facility. Also, you won’t be needing any ink or toner for the process.

It is compatible with Windows, most especially with the XP and with much newer models. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize or configure this machine with Mac.

Much more, this can accommodate wide formats of labels from 108 mm. And it includes 4×6-inches shipping labels, warehouse labels, bulk mailing labels, FBA labels, barcodes, and more.

In addition to that, this printing machine is versatile and multi-functional that is equipped with an adjuster for paper sizes. It can be set on the proper size, depending on your production requirement.

You’ll be able to create your labels that are suited for almost all the online business platforms like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. Furthermore, it’s fabricated with a lightweight and compact design. So, it can be placed in areas with minimal spaces and easily moved from one place to another.

As for the installation, this is quite an easy and simple process. This won’t take too much of your time. Also, it has a superb printing speed at a rate of 127 mm/s that allows you to produce as many labels as possible.

When it comes to its cleaning and maintenance, you don’t have to do much at all. And for its price, it’s just reasonable, and it will be a great choice if you want a product that won’t let you spend much.

Given all of the attributes and specifications it possesses, you won’t have to worry anymore about printing those labels you need with the quality that you’re expecting.


  • Easy and quick to set-up
  • Commendable printing speed
  • Comes with an adjuster for the paper sizes
  • Compatible with most thermal labels
  • Reasonable market price


  • Not compatible with Mac

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5. Brother P-touch, PTD210

P-touch PTD210 is known to be the new stand-alone label printer from Brother – one of the most popular brand names all over the world. This machine is fabricated for any personal use, either at your home or your office use yet producing professional-quality labels.

It is an ideal choice if you opt for something that will make it easier for you to add your personal touch to the labels. This offers a wide selection of design options. You’ll never go out of style by choosing and utilizing anything from its built-in 14 fonts, 97 frames, 10 styles, and more than 600 symbols.

But if you’re too busy to create and customize tags, it can provide you up to 27 quick and easy templates. You just need to input the text for your label. Then you’re good to print it instantly. It comes with unique designs and patterns making it perfect for gift tags, scrapbooks, etc.

Furthermore, it’s designed to be portable and lightweight. You just have to obtain 6 AAA batteries so you can produce labels wherever you are. But if you’re just gonna use it in your desk, you can purchase an AC power adapter to keep it plugged in and ready to be used anytime.

Therefore, this label printing machine is a great product, especially if you’re after a reasonably priced device packed with a lot of excellent features. It offers way more than its cost value indeed.


  • Wide range of personalized designs to choose from
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with 27 easy to use templates
  • Reasonable price tag


  • No backlight on the built-in LCD screen

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6. Meihengtong Label Printer

If you’re looking for a versatile printing machine that is made and designed to offer you long years of service, then this label printer from Meihengtong might be a great option for you. It holds a lot of attributes, making it sturdy, compact, and highly functional.

This product comes with an affordable price for a high-speed printer. It has a fantastic production rate of about 152 mm/s. You can produce about 50 labels per minute to provide you with so much convenience. So, there’s no need for you to spend a lot of money just to meet your printing needs every day.

Much more, it features advanced direct thermal printing technology. With this, you won’t be needing any ink or cartridges. This is beneficial in a way that it can eliminate the cost you spend for your ink refills, which becomes impractical if you have a heavy workload.

There will be times that you are required to do continuous printing, and this can cause overheating issues to the machine. To address this, this unit is equipped with unique double-sided hole design, thereby preventing any possible occurrence of overheating damages. So, you’ll enjoy it for a long time!

Furthermore, this unit works well with various thermal direct labels that are suitable for eBay, Etsy, Amazon, warehouse labels, bulk mailing labels, barcode, ID labels, and many more.

You can utilize a USB cable to connect your laptop or PC for convenient printing. Also, it comes with a supplied driver CD that you can install, just refer to the user’s manual included in the package.

For sure, this product will never fail to disappoint you when it comes to functionality and quality of the output. So, this is worth your buck indeed.


  • Works with any thermal-direct label
  • Superb high-speed printing
  • Equipped with a USB port
  • Maximum printing width of 4.25 inches


  • Doesn’t work on Mac OS

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7. BEEPRT 4×6 Label Printer

Next up on the list is this 4×6 label printing machine from BEEPRT. This is a simple and highly-functional model that works wonder on your labels in many ways. It is packed with a lot of amazing features that can reach the demands of your production process.

Furthermore, this is fabricated and designed to have a high-speed commercial-grade direct thermal printing. So, you don’t have to worry about any heavy-duty production for your business. Combined with any high-end check printers, this unit will allow your business will grow at a brisk pace.

Also, it works well with any thermal-direct labels of various sizes, making it versatile enough. What’s more amazing is that it will be able to save you from the costs spent on shipping labels. It can incredibly produce shipping labels as low as 2 cents.

One major advantage of this machine is its printing speed. It will be able to work as fast as 150 mm/s, in which the manufacturer claims that this rate is twice as swift as the closest competitor.

You won’t also need to buy ink or cartridge or buy a replacement every time it runs out because this equipment utilizes advanced thermal direct technology.

On top of it all, it’s compatible with all the major shipping platforms such as FedEx, Ordoro, ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShipGator, ShippingEasy, etc., and online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, Etsy, etc.

In conclusion, this machine can deliver your printing needs every day without having to break your bank. It costs relatively fair, given its features and specs.


  • Equipped with a one-button release allowing you to quickly change the labels
  • Great printing speed
  • Compatible with all the major shipping platforms
  • Easy and convenient to set up


  • Quality of the print output isn’t that good

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8. LotFancy Direct Thermal Label Printer

Next up is this label printer from LotFancy. It is capable of working with 4×6-inches direct thermal labels, shipping labels, warehouse labels, food barcode labels, Amazon FBA labels, FedEx, UPS, and many more.

Furthermore, this device is compatible with most of the major e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Poshmark, Ship Station, Etsy, etc. You’ll be guaranteed with a professional-grade quality to ensure longevity and sturdiness.

Also, it can be configured to both Windows System and Mac OS System. You can also download the software for Windows and Mac online and easily set it up. But if you’re having trouble in doing so, you may contact the manufacturer to help you.

Much more, you’ll love the printing speed of this machine. It has a production rate from 150 mm/s up to 200 mm/s. With this, you can avoid the occurrence of jamming, and you can save time to change labels making the process more efficient.

Taking into account all of its features and specs, it’s undeniable that it’s one of the best thermal printers for eBay shipping labels.


  • Requires no ink/toner to print
  • Overheat protection
  • Automatic identification of labels
  • Works well with both Mac and Windows


  • User’s manual can be difficult to understand

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9. Phomemo Label Printer

Lastly, completing the list of the best ones here in our shipping label printer for eBay review is this unit from Phomemo. This is a thermal printer that you can easily and conveniently connect to your tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth. Don’t worry, the app can be downloaded for free.

Moreover, it comes with various types of paper refills like thermal sticker paper, transparent/semi-transparent, non-adhesive, and more. It also has a great printing speed at 150 mm/s, so you’re sure that it is carefully engineered, making it ideal for high-volume shippers.

What’s even more incredible is that you can produce labels for more than 12 hours, providing you about 43,200 labels at a high-speed of 6 in/s. This is, indeed, commendable.

You can create your labels and add some of your personalized touches on it directly from Microsoft or Mac Address Book since it is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The printer is suitable for all the major business and shipping platforms, namely eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Poshmark, FedEx, Amazon, and many more. Also, it features an automatic label identification, which makes the loading label way easier and faster.

All you need to do is insert the label. Then it will automatically catch it and feed it into the printing machine. Pretty convenient, right? Without a doubt, this label printer is a great product. It can deliver the functionality and quality that you’re looking for.


  • High-speed printing
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, or Linux
  • Works with various thermal direct labels
  • Comes with automatic label identification


  • Configuring to Mac can be difficult

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Shipping Label Printer for eBay: Buyer’s Guide

The market will welcome you with a myriad of options, and it may be just overwhelming to choose one. Also, choosing a printer for photo printing is quite different than choosing one for label making. And the decision making is just getting harder as you go through all of it.

So if you want to obtain the best shipping label printer for eBay in your hands, then you must do your part. One thing is having a list of factors to help you exactly know the requirements and specifications you want.

It will also help if you do some little research like reading some shipping label printer for eBays reviews or go through some feedback from some of the product’s users.

With all of these, you’ll be able to confidently decide which one is worthy of purchasing. Hence, here’s a list of some features you need to consider in choosing the best label printer for eBay shopping labels.

Printing Needs

One of the first things you should know beforehand is your printing needs. If you buy the best edible printer, then it’ll only serve that particular purpose. So, in this case, the machine that is perfect for you should be able to meet your daily production needs for shipping labels.

You should know whether you’re working with a low or high number of labels. If the number of prints you need every day is just low, then you can select the entry-level products since they will be able to satisfy your requirements.

However, if you have a high demand for your workload, then you should opt for a commercial-grade printer. They are made and designed with higher printing speeds and equipped with automated features to make the productions fast and efficient.

Printing Resolution

Another feature that you should take into account in a printer is its resolution. You’ll want to make sure that the machine that you’ll buy produces high-quality prints. Who wouldn’t want a crystal clear and very legible printing, right?

This aspect is usually measured in dpi or the dots per inch. So make sure to scrutinize the equipment properly by checking this feature. A great label printer should have an average resolution that falls around 2000 dpi. That will be a sufficient amount in producing labels with great quality.

Some high-end models have the capability of providing you with a much higher resolution that reaches up to 300 to 600 dpi. If you’re not on a tight budget, you might as well consider spending on these types of units as they guarantee you a professional-quality print.

Printing Speed

The printing speed of a machine is also very important. In the business industry, you usually deal with a lot of deadlines, so it’s just vital that the machine you’ll purchase can stay afloat with your pace.

Just like these label makers, it should be able to produce the number of labels you want anytime without compromising the output quality. You should know that each printer has various printing speeds. So you should pick the one that will suit the requirements you have if you want to save more time than just waiting.


Connectivity of the printer is also a very important feature to look for beforehand since it’s one of the factors that can determine the ease of use of the equipment that you’ve chosen.

Nowadays, flexible connectivity is considered the best choice. These devices are capable of offering you a wide range of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, wireless direct, Bluetooth, smartphones, and many more. They’re usually the best ones since it will let you print anytime and anywhere.

This feature can make the production process more convenient and efficient at all times. Hence, it’s essential to pick the one that compliments your requirements.


One critical feature that you should check in a printer before making the decision is its performance. This aspect merely depends on the features and technical specifications of the machine. 

And one good example is its compatibility specifications. It will help you determine if the equipment you’ve chosen will work well with your applications and devices. So you should ensure to check the performance of your printer since it will be able to increase your productivity as well.

Typically, the performacne of a shipping lable printer is almost identical to commercial printers for label making.

Size of the Labels

Think also of the size of the labels that you’ll print. You should be aware of how small or big it should be since it will also help you choose the right equipment for you. The best shipping label printer for eBay should be able to print the right size of tags for your package.

Desktop printers are usually ideal for handling and creating labels that have about 4 inches of width or even less. If you’re planning to produce larger ones, then you should select an industrial-strength machine.

However, you should check this aspect beforehand since there are also models like the desktop printers that are capable of producing larger labels for you.


You should know the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a label printer since this is merely a personal choice. One great suggestion is that you should go for that great equipment that matches both your needs and budget. This is pretty much an investment, so you don’t want to put it all on waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best shipping label printers:

1. Does a thermal printer help me save money?

Yes, it can. There are two reasons why they do. The first reason is that you don’t need to purchase ink anymore, and the second is that it will help you save a lot of time because of its great printing speeds that can stay with your pace on your daily production.

2. What are the common issues that you may face while utilizing a label printer?

The common issues that you may encounter while using a label printer are sizing issues, alignment problems, connectivity issues, and jamming. There may be more, but you can usually do some research and find easy ways to deal with or contact the manufacturer.

3. How should I clean my label printer?

This usually depends on the type of printer you have. For sure, it comes with an instruction manual that can give you the right process to maintain your printer to make it last longer.

If you have a direct thermal printer, then it’s very easy to clean or maintain them since you don’t have to do anything much. Just check the label rolls and around it. And if they’re dirty, you can wipe the rollers and sensors with isopropyl alcohol. Also, blow out the dust with compressed air.

4. Can I utilize inkjet printers to print shipping labels?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is change a few settings. Then you’ll be able to produce labels as you need. This is an option for new e-sellers that don’t want to spend much on a thermal label printer just yet.

5. What’s the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer?

Direct thermal printing utilizes heat-sensitive media, so it doesn’t need to use ink, while thermal transfer utilizes a heated ribbon for printing. One setback from direct thermal printing is that the text on the shipping labels fade over time since it doesn’t use any ink.

Final Words

If you’re an online seller, you’ll realize the benefits and advantages the shipping label printers can offer. All the listed equipment above can offer you the functionality and performance you need, so the final choice is yours.

Hopefully, this article has given you the confidence to choose the best shipping label printer for eBay among all the options available on the market.

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