Top 7 Best Edible Printer: Recommended in 2023

Birthdays, weddings and other special events aren’t complete without a cake. Cakes are even better when they are topped with colorful images, but this is very difficult to do manually.

But with the best edible printer, you’ll be able to give a personal touch to your cakes in no time. Using this is a good idea for both beginners and expert bakers. These reliable and all-purpose machines are available just about anywhere, but not all of them are capable of creating good quality cake designs.

Thankfully with this article, you’ll be able to narrow down your search. This edible printer review has a comprehensive list of the 7 best printers for edible images. You’re sure to find the right one for your baking needs!

There is plenty to discuss, so let’s head straight to it.

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7 Best Edible Printer Reviews

In this guide, we have compiled some of the top-notch edible printers that has everything you’ll need. Indeed, finding the best one is a challenging task, but we want to make things easier for you. Just read on to know more.

1. Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle System

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Getting a photo image on top of your cake isn’t that hard anymore with this cake printer bundle system. This product is very easy to set up, thanks to the clear instructions in its user manual, you’ll be able to start printing in no time!

It comes complete with a TS8220 wireless all-in-one inkjet photo printer that has a set of 5 ink cartridges including 2 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta, 1 yellow, and 1 designing software. It would not have been a crime if we included this in our best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges reviews.

This best edible printer for cakes system will give you beautiful cakes topped with the radiant pictures of your family on every important occasion. It can print up to 45 to 50 sheets, so you’ll be able to design more cakes in one sitting.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be able to create an edible image for your cakes and cupcakes easier and a lot faster. Also, this printer is compatible with both Mac and Windows. That means that whatever operating system you got, this product is sure to work well.

You can use a wide variety of sheets to print on – rice paper, sugar sheets, wafer sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, icing sheets, frosting sheets, and so much more, just name it. For sure, this device can produce top-notch quality images and capture pictures with optimum accuracy and clarity.

Overall, it would make a great addition to your baking equipment. There’s no way you will have an edible bundle printer system that’s ideal for designing your cakes other than this product from Icinginks.


  • Easy setup through a cake printing manual
  • Mac and Windows are both compatible
  • Image printing is easy and fast
  • You can use any icing sheets that best fit with your designs
  • Equipped with a portable and reliable printing system


  • Sometimes, the edible ink cartridge sticks

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2. Icinginks Cake Ink Wireless Printer

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In this digital world, almost everything is going wireless, even this cake ink printer. With this, you won’t have to struggle with tangled wires anymore. Icinginks are very popular, especially with their edible printers, so there’s no wonder why this printer performs so well.

You’ll be able to get the best quality photo design for all your cakes. This printer also comes in a complete set. That means there won’t be any more that you’ll need. It has a wireless cake ink printer, which uses 5 ink cartridges to ensure optimal color accuracy.

Much more, the wireless printer can be set up in no time. Also, it uses the CLI271XL/PGI270 model that comes with 5 XL ink cartridges. With this, you’re certain that the printer can be used for a longer time without needing to refill it frequently. In case you need to, you can simply use a syringe injector.

This ink printer system includes the latest PIXMA printer, and it is easily compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Much more, it is very convenient and versatile. This can be printed on sugar sheets, icing sheets, wafer sheets, frosting sheets, rice paper, and even chocolate transfer sheets.

Everything about this printer is great. The quality of the prints are vibrant and have good resolutions. So if you’re looking for a high-quality printer to design your cakes and other pastries, look no further. This is, without a doubt, the best edible printer for cookies.


  • Uses five XL-sized cartridges
  • Has a wireless cake printer
  • Comes with a detailed manual
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality prints


  • Requires frequent cleaning

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3. Icinginks Cake Printer Exclusive Package 

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If you want to make your personalized cakes more vibrant, try to explore more about this cake printer package. It ensures that it can give you reliable output qualities. The bundle comes with an image printer, and it uses 5 sets of ink cartridges. It also includes printing sheets that come in handy wherever you go.

With this printer, you’ll be able to let your creativity flow and display it on your pastries. You can use many different printing materials, too – frosting and icing sheets, sugar sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, rice papers, and many more.

There are two kinds of sheets in this bundle, namely wafer papers and frosting sheets. Either of these can be used depending on what will best fit your needs when decorating cakes. You’ll be able to start with designing your pastries right away, thanks to its inclusions.

This exclusive cake printer is wireless and mobile, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere you go as long you have a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Setting up the printer is fast and easy thanks to the design software and clear cake printer manual.

Using it is also convenient. Well, its design is not bulky, so it won’t occupy too much space.

Featuring 5 different colors, including 2 black colors, magenta, cyan, and yellow, the ink cartridges this printer has is just enough to print up to 50 sheets. Your printed images will be sure to capture the colors that the original photo has.

Moreover, this product guarantees that it can give satisfaction to your clients, given the top-notch quality of the print outputs it is capable of producing. They’ll be sure to come running back for more of your beautifully designed pastries.


  • Setup is fast and easy especially through manual printing
  • Various kinds of compatible sheets
  • Wireless and portable printing
  • Convenient to use, designed to be sleek
  • 5 ink cartridges included


  • The printer should be maintained to prevent printing delays

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4. Icinginks Latest Edible Printer

Both baking experts and beginners will find this edible printer from Icinginks useful in showcasing their creative artistry on their pastries. Well, using this printer is fairly easy. It includes clear instructions that you can easily follow if you ever run into any trouble.

You won’t have any compatibility issues when you’re using a Windows or Mac device. And since this is a bundle, you won’t only be getting an edible printer but also a cleaning kit and edible cartridge.

The cleaning kit will make sure that the product will last longer, especially when it is used regularly. Many other essential components are included in the bundle to help you start right out from the box.

More excitingly, this can be used with various kinds of edible sheets – rice paper, icing sheets, sugar sheets, wafer sheets, frosting sheets, and chocolate transfer sheets. This cake printer bundle system will give you an edible image fast with the help of its graphics designing software.

To ensure your safety, this product strictly follows all the safety and hygiene standards of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It also allows mobile printing as long as you have an internet connection. That means that it can be versatile enough to use wherever you go.

With this printer package, you can design a lot of aesthetic cakes for various events. For sure, this product is something that you can rely on. Not to mention, you can print additional designs like cocktail toppers, cookies, and chocolate Oreos that children will love.

Given all of these features, you will never go wrong when you choose this product.


  • The product has versatile printing features
  • Includes frosting sheets and wafer papers
  • Compatibility with iOS and Windows platform
  • Equipped with a cleaning kit


  • Requires regular maintenance

5. Canon LCD Wireless Printer Bundle

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Canon has a long line of products, and it excels when it comes to edible image printer systems. There is no doubt why it is dubbed as one of the top edible printers in the market. Let’s find out why!

The bundle features everything you’ll need. It already includes a wireless printer and sheets (icing sheets and wafer papers). These inclusions will help you get started right away. But then, you can also use sugar sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, rice papers, and frosting sheets when printing.

Well, this printing device system features edible cartridges and a set of 5 edible markers. The cartridges have large sizes, so you won’t have to refill them too often. Much more, this can produce from 40 to 50 sheets of good quality images. This is useful if you are printing mass of edible images for your pastries.

Also, you’ll be able to print different paper sizes, reaching up to 8.5 x11.69 inches. Setting up the wireless printer is fast and easy, there is a manual that you can refer to for clear setup instructions. You can do it all by yourself and get it up and running in no time.

When it comes to compatibility, this product supports Mac and Windows computers. Also, you can use it with iOS and Android smartphones so you can print anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Furthermore, there is an Airprint app for iOS users and a Canon print app for Android users that can help you manage the printer more easily. This printer will be able to give you the best quality images with optimum convenience. It will be worth every penny you’ll spend.


  • Features wireless technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and high quality
  • Downloadable app to manage the printer
  • Great print quality


  • It may get clogged if not used regularly, especially if it’s idle for a month

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6. PC Universal Cake Printer Complete Bundle

If you’re looking for an edible printer to give your cakes a personal touch, this next printer bundle will be perfect for you. This complete cake printer package from PC Universal includes an all-in-one wireless printing system, XL-sized cartridges, and cake topper design software.

Other than printing, you can also use this for copying and scanning. It comes with wafer paper sheets that you can use to decorate your cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. Your family and clients will be sure to enjoy your creations.

Quality is where this edible printer excels. It can print vibrant and accurately colored images and graphics. The printer uses 5 ink cartridges that provide excellent color performance. You’ll be able to use these ink cartridges to print up to 50 sheets.

It’s best to use it once every two weeks with at least 1 to 2 print documents to avoid clogging of the device print head. Also, be sure to regularly clean your printer and the cartridge using a cleaning kit.

In this bundle, the model included is a PC Universal brand 270/271 edible inks and has been tested and trusted by many customers when it comes to printing quality and compatibility.

This product can be connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to any electronic device such as computers, digital tablets, laptops, or phones. It can support both iOS and Android operating systems too. You’ll be sure to love this edible printer bundle.


  • Very easy to use whether you’re a pro or beginner
  • Superb quality images for cakes on every occasion
  • Maintains vibrant color quality of the images
  • Has wireless features
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • Printhead tends to clog with overuse

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7. Cake Printer Bundle Comes With Set Of Cartridges and 50 Wafer Sheets

This bundle includes the best edible printer for images that will be sure to draw everyone’s attention. It has impressive features to help fulfill all your pastry designing needs. You’ll be able to showcase your creativity more easily thanks to this printer and its excellent features.

Whether you’ll be using this for home use or your business, you won’t go wrong with this product. The bundle contains some printing essentials to help you get started right away.

Also, to set up the printer easier and faster, there is a detailed manual that you can refer to. Even if you’re new to using an edible printer, you’ll still find using this very easy to operate. It will be your stepping stone to producing more beautiful cakes topped with colorful images.

And this latest Canon all-in-one inkjet printer works well with different icing papers such as icing sheets, fondant paper, frosting sheets, pizza sheets, wafer paper, chocolate transfer sheets, and other printed sheets that can be applied to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and other food products.

For easier navigation, there is a screen display that shows all the important details of the printer and its settings. This bundle will make your baking tasks much more enjoyable; there will be no limit to your creativity.

Both your family and your clients are sure to enjoy all the colorful and beautifully designed pastries you’ll be making. There are a lot of other printers out there, but this one will be the best choice you’ll ever make. It’s a worthy investment and a great value purchase.


  • Includes an all-in-one printer
  • Great color quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a screen display
  • Works with different icing papers


  • Needs frequent maintenance to maintain good performance

Best Edible Printer for Cakes: Buying Guide

Selecting a good edible printer is challenging whether it’s for avery label printing or for making pastries. Not all of the edible printers in the market are capable of proving high-quality prints, and not all of them offer user-friendly features.

You wouldn’t want to buy one that ends up doing more harm than good to your pastries. Some of the factors that you should consider before making your purchase are size, ink, removable components, cartridges, speed, and budget-friendliness. Let’s get into details.


The measurement of your working area is very crucial when choosing an edible printer. If it has a rear feeder, then you will need to have more space because it might not fit. Also, if you need to print images with large dimensions, a small printer won’t be able to cater to your needs.

Ink Quality

Ink quality is also one of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing an edible printer. The ink plays a huge role in the quality of the images and how accurately colored they are.

Much more, its thickness also affects its overall quality. If the ink is too thick, it will tend to smear on the top of the cake, and it won’t be able to capture the original image or graphic perfectly.

When you buy any edible printer, also make sure that it is certified by the FDA because even a small amount of toxins can damage your health.

Removable Components

An edible printer is designed to handle the thickness of the edible ink, and if you’re familiar with them, you’ll know that the inks can tend to clog up the system. That’s why you will need to thoroughly clean it, and having removable components will make cleaning much easier and faster.


The essential feature of the printer is cartridges. They come in two different types: the refillable and non-refillable. You should know which you needed to buy as it will affect your printing.

Refillable cartridges can be used again after they are emptied. But when you have a lot of printing jobs, most experts would recommend that you only refill the cartridges less than three times. After refilling it at a maximum of three times, make sure to get a new one.


Speed should also be considered as it is a vital factor when you work in a business or an office. Faster print speed will allow you to finish more colorful cakes and have happier clients because of your prompt service.

Knowing the capacity of the printer’s paper tray is also important. If it has a higher paper handling capacity, you’ll be able to save more time because you won’t have to refill it frequently.


When looking for the best printer for edible images, another essential factor that you should consider is the price. High-quality products tend to be expensive, but some products come with affordable price tags and yet perform well.

It’s best to checks the features of the product first so you can decide if it’s worth the price. This way, you’ll be getting the best value of your money.


Some printers are only compatible with a single type of baking paper while some are more versatile and can print on kind of paper and sheets like the sugar sheets, wafer sheets, icing sheets, rice paper, frosting sheets, and chocolate transfer sheets.

These will help you a lot in baking as it provides convenience for your work. You’ll also be able to expand your creativity in using different mediums when you’re designing and printing on top of a cake.

Easy to Disassemble

There are a lot of essential facts that you should take note of regarding edible ink. Since an edible ink is more viscous than regular ink, there’s always a possibility that a blockage will occur. With that, you need to always clean the components, especially the print head, to avoid clogging.

With this in mind, you should always make sure that the parts of the printer are easy to disassemble so you can clean it more easily.


If you purchase an edible printer, the functionality should always be considered. All-in-one printers are always the best choice when it comes to functionality because there are capable of scanning, copying, and printing.

For sure, they are worth your money as you don’t need to make a separate purchase for these functionalities. Indeed, they are expected to be bulkier. And that means that they will take a little more space than regular edible printers. But then, it will be like buying three devices for the price of one.

It will also be better to opt for a model with a flatbed design because this is more compact, and it won’t take up more space.

How to Maintain Edible Printer

Edible printers can usually last for a fairly long period, but if you don’t take care of it well, it will deteriorate much faster, and you’re going to have to spend more for untimely replacements. Maintaining an edible printer is essential to prolong its service life.

Get a Cleaning Kit

It’s best to have a cleaning kit along with your printer so you’ll have everything you’ll need to maintain it. Be sure to clean it periodically to avoid any ink from clogging it up. Clean it both inside and outside so it won’t only look as good as new but also perform as if it were newly bought.

Follow the Designated Instruction 

Some cartridges are uniquely designed to process through the machine and break up clogs and patches where the ink has gathered and dried.

Make sure to insert the cartridges and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning the machine. Then after that, run a test batch to make sure that everything is in working order.

Use the Right Ink

Another reminder is to never mix inks from different companies in the same printer because not every ink is the same, and the differences may complicate your print quality. Also, always be sure to inspect the cartridges to prevent leaks and compromised casings.

Know When to Replace

It’s best to change your printer every four years if it has already been worn out and if it doesn’t perform as well.

Tips for Getting Best Result 

An edible ink bundle will help you to achieve better-printed images for designing your cakes and cupcakes.

Maintain the Ink Cartridges

To get the best results when working with an edible printer, make sure that you properly maintain it, especially its cartridges. Well-maintained cartridges will produce more vibrant outputs.

Know the Settings

For instance, the Canon printer has different settings that you can adjust to get the right amount of brightness for your images. You can also adjust the printer settings to change the level of quality that you prefer.

Make the Right Setting Adjustments

You can further adjust the settings for color corrections if you still don’t get the bright image you want. Moving the brightness and intensity bar towards “dark” will most likely give you a deeper and more vibrant color spread that results in better quality pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best edible printers:

1. Can I use my Canon printer for edible imaging?

This will depend on the model of the printer; not all Canon printers can be used for edible image printing. Be sure to check the specifications of the printer to avoid any problems with compatibility and safety.

2. Can I use my sugar sheets and rice paper with the latest Pixma TS8220?

Yes, you can because they are compatible with a wide variety of papers and baking sheets.

3. Is the latest Icinginks Edible Printer compatible with my iPad?

Yes, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows software. You just need to install the software; it will be ready for use with your printer.

4. How to set up the edible printer?

The edible printer bundle includes the printer instruction manual to help you set up the printer and let you enjoy the features it provides.

5. Which is better between a wireless and wired printer?

Both offer their unique advantages. But if you want better convenience, you can opt for a wireless printer. With this, you won’t have trouble yourself with any tangles wires when using it.

Final Words

Baking is fun, and with the right edible printer, it can be even more enjoyable. With these edible printer reviews, you’ll be sure to find the best edible printer in the market to suit all your needs.

Oh! And if you’re interested to learn more about printers for crafting, then give our previous post a read as well.

Happy baking! 

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