What Is the Best Label Maker for Electricians?

Being an electrician doesn’t only require skills to perform the job, but it also needs the right tool. And perhaps, you need to be good at organizing stuff, especially since you will be encountering lots of materials for various purposes. That is why it is a must to have the best label maker for electricians.

It cannot be denied, but labels are very crucial. Since they should be given the utmost importance, you just can’t manually make one using your bare hands. Labels produced by high-grade printers ensure durability, longevity, and quality, just to name a few.

There are more things that you deserve to know, so let’s start!

10 Best Label Maker for Electricians

For sure, you’ll be confronted with various options whenever you’re looking for a label maker. It’s quite hard to find the right one, but in this list, you can have the best. Just read on to obtain a product that comes with top-notch features.

1. Brother P-Touch, PTD400AD

If you want an easy and quick way to make various heavy-duty labels for home and office use, then this model from Brother may be an ideal choice. Being equipped with all the features that you need, there is no doubt why it is dubbed as one of the best label makers for electricians. Let’s delve deeper into the product!

With so many choices of symbols, frames, and fonts, it is sure to give you great labels. Using this can allow you to personalize them. Just come to imagine the 600 symbols, 99 frames, 14 fonts, and 10 font styles that you can choose from. You also don’t have to worry even if you use this device oftentimes.

Well, it has a huge internal memory so you can save labels that you commonly use. More excitingly, you can work on up to 50 labels, so you don’t have to repeat formatting all the time. In fact, this can allow you to reprint them in just a few easy steps – all you need is to press some buttons.

This device runs on 6 AA batteries. With this feature, you are capable of making labels anytime and anywhere you go. But if you don’t find this useful, then you can always use an AC power adapter. For sure, these flexible powering choices are ideal for various circumstances.

Much more, it is very simple to use. Since its keyboard is QWERTY, it is versatile enough to get the work done with ease. This device is also designed to be compact, so you don’t have to worry about storage or to carry it whenever needed. For sure, you will love the features it comes with.

And with all of these features, this is undeniably an excellent choice, especially if you’re an electrician. Now, you can organize your stuff instantly.


  • Easy to use
  • AC adapter is included
  • Ideal for printing larger characters
  • Works well with various tapes
  • Compact design


  • Limited characters

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2. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H

Offering a wide range of products for various applications, DYMO is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to label makers. Well, they can provide equipment for your home, work, and many more. And this product is sure to make your task easy without compromising professionalism.

The device itself is sleek, so it will be easier for you to bring it anywhere. Its handheld design ensures optimum portability. Much more, it runs on 4 readily available AA batteries. So, there’s no way you will find it hard to power this device.

More amazingly, this comes with a wide range of label texts and colors. It features several font styles, bolding, underlining, and sizing. Specifically, you can choose from 7 print styles, 5 font sizes, and 8 box styles. Its LCD is so huge that it can display 14 characters.

Don’t worry, what you see is what you get. Whatever is shown in the graphics is the result of the print. Using this ensures precision, thereby giving you optimum functionality. Not to mention, the ABC keyboard is easy to use so you can make labels with ease and at a faster pace.

It is also equipped with an internal memory that allows you to store up to 9 labels. With this feature, you don’t need to set it again. This means that if you frequently use a certain label, then all you have to do is to access and print it again. For sure, you can simply do this without any hassle.

With all of these features, you won’t expect that it comes at a very affordable cost. So if you’re looking for the best label printer for electricians, then this product is an excellent choice.


  • Handheld and compact
  • Numerous styles and sizes
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Easy to read graphical display
  • Quick access buttons


  • Internal memory is low

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3. Brother P-touch Label Maker

Now, you can keep everything in order with this label maker. There is no way you will mess up your things as they can be organized with ease. Well, this model is a good option, especially if you want a handheld device that comes with numerous excellent features. Without a doubt, this is the best label printer for electricians.

With over 54 font options that you can opt for, this gives you the versatility that you ever wanted. This can help you personalize the label with these choices- 9 styles, 6 sizes, and 1 font. For sure, it is already enough to suit your needs and preferences.

Much more, this can allow you to make non-laminated tags. You have the choice of making labels with different widths, whether 9mm or 12mm. More excitingly, it offers more symbols with over 71 selections, thereby enhancing your creativity. Not to mention, this also comes with 5 frames and auto-formats each.

And with its huge LCD, you can have an easy preview of the final look of your label. Thus, creating labels is very simple. This 8-character screen can let you see what you will be printing. So, there is no room for errors, and you won’t be wasting any tapes. With this feature, you can surely save costs.

Furthermore, it is capable of adding the date and time to your label. And it can be done with up to 8 format options. Also, the keyboard is QWERTY, so it will be easier for you to use it. Plus, the keys are raised to ensure that the input will be accurate.

But then, it is worth noting that this printer only accepts Brother’s Genuine P touch M tapes. Don’t worry, though. There are width options, as mentioned earlier. Of course, the discretion lies to you, and that would be according to your requirements.

Indeed, this printer is a good choice, as its quality and performance are unquestionable.


  • Various options for design
  • The LCD screen is easy-to-read
  • QWERTY keyboard type, thus user-friendly
  • Can add date and time to the labels


  • Exclusively uses tapes from Brother

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4. DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact

Another variant from the brand DYMO is this LetraTag LT-100T printer. This is sure to provide you with excellent features. It ensures that it is equipped with upgraded and innovative specifications and attributes compared to its previous models. Let’s find out what these are.

Since this is portable and compact enough, it can be easily carried in your workplace. Well, it is ideal for various applications, even at home. Much more, this product is versatile enough to print different labels, whether it be applied in plastic, paper, magnet, iron, and so much more.

This is very useful, especially in organizing your stuff, so there is no way you’ll be confused with your tools. Also, the keyboard is QWERTY, which makes it simple to use. The navigation buttons are easily accessible too. These keys ensure that you can modify font sizes and styles as well as perform date stamping.

With so many customization options, you can make different tags according to your needs and preferences. Using direct thermal print technology, there is no need for you to use any ink, ribbon, or toner cartridges. Also, you have the option to use one or two lines.

For sure, you can combine the following choices – 8 box styles, 5 font sizes, 195 symbols, and 7 print styles. More excitingly, it comes with an internal memory so you can store up to 9 labels. You won’t need to format again. All you have to do is to open the file and reprint it.

Also, this comes with 3 language options – English, Spanish, and French. Considering these features, there’s no doubt that this device can provide you optimum performance.


  • 13-character LCD screen for easy viewing
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Auto-off power saver
  • Includes 3 language options (English, Spanish, French)
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • No backlight
  • Number keys not included in the keyboard

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5. DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker

This device is equipped with an innovative technology that is sure to provide you with optimum functionality. And yes, it’s not a common label maker that you can find on sale. With its uniqueness, this product from DYMO is a good choice. Let’s find out why!

Unlike your typical printer, this product does not come with a screen display or a keyboard. It’s like a miniature printer, which makes it portable enough to carry it anywhere you go. For sure, you can have all the convenience you need when using it.

It doesn’t come with a keyboard or screen display installed on the device. Instead, it works sort of a miniature printer that you can carry around.

Through its smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, it will let you enjoy fuss-free creation of labels with less set-up time. It comes with an app where you can create, edit, and design the labels the way you want it to. Then, you can print it with a few simple steps.

The DYMO Connect App is compatible with Android or iOS allowing you to easily customize the tags. You can even use one of the most popular Google and Apple font styles. Also, it offers various templates and borders that can add a good look to your labels.

You’ll be very impressed with its high-resolution printing. It comes with a broad range of different styles and colors printed in a crystal clear 300 DPI resolution. Also, it will be able to produce these amazing outputs through thermal transfer printing technology, eliminating the need for ink and toner.

Hence, this product is one for the books! It possesses exceptional attributes that will leave you in awe.


  • Mobile connectivity
  • Can support up to 1 inch of tape
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery


  • The app interface is difficult to manage
  • Expensive

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6. Brother Printer RPTD400

This compact label maker will get the job done quickly and with ease. The RPTD400 model from Brother has a graphical display that allows you to see the layout and text of your tag before printing. Weighing 1.6 pounds, there’s no wonder why it is loved for its portability.

With its QWERTY keypad format, you can easily access numerous characters. More excitingly, this is equipped with one-touch formatting keys. The device offers you 10 styles, 14 fonts, 99 frames, and over 600 symbols for customization and personalization of your labels.

Well, it supports the printing of one-line huge characters allowing quick recognition and reading of labels. Also, this features multi-line labeling that enables you to print with a maximum of five lines of text.

One of its amazing qualities that can benefit an electrician is its ability to save up to 50 designs for fast reprinting, eliminating the repetitive effort of typing and customizing the label again. This is sure to increase your productivity and efficiency when working.

It uses a laminated tape that easily peels for convenience. It is also durable and long-lasting. The tape’s width is approximately 18 mm, perfect for any applications. Much more, it requires 6 AA batteries or an AC adapter to operate, which are both sold separately from the main product.

Consider this label maker from Brother. It will surely satisfy you with its performance and results.


  • It is easy to use and learn
  • Excellent quality of prints
  • It is a versatile product, suitable for any use
  • Great user interface


  • There is no backlight for screen display
  • No automatic cutter

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7. Brother VC-500W

This compact and versatile printer from Brother will surely impress you with the high-quality photos and labels it produces. You don’t need to worry about purchasing or refilling ink because the VC-500W has zero ink technology (ZINK).

Every color required for a premium-quality label or photo lies within its paper material, allowing you to print them in full color. It uses Brother genuine CK and CZ rolls, with the following width sizes – 3/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches.

The paper rolls are resistant to tear, smudge, and water, and it also has an adhesive back that can stick to almost every surface. Well, these are the qualities of a paper tape applicable for an electrician’s use.

Much more, it only weighs 1.45 pounds. With its small and compact design, you are able to transport and carry it easily anywhere with you. The automatic cutter of the device allows you to choose half or full cuts.

For sure, you can print anytime and anywhere with its wireless printing capability. It is possible by just connecting your smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop to the printer using WiFi or Wireless direct. It is also compatible with AirPrint, which enables you to produce outputs using an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone.

A label editor app is available for free to help you get creative and unleash your editing skills. It includes backgrounds, fonts, frames, and other ready-made designs for your images and labels. The product supports the following file types for printing: TXT, CSV, and XLS.

And the Brother VC-500W is suitable for an electrician’s use, but its numerous features would benefit someone who makes creative labels for decoration and organization more.


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Does not need ink to operate
  • Ensures premium-quality labels in various sizes
  • Printing speed is reasonable


  • Not recommended for massive numbers of monthly label printing
  • The app needs improvement

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8. Brother P-Touch, PTD210

This model is a standalone label maker that ensures faster and easier organization and identification. With its portable and lightweight design, you can immediately print labels for electrical cables, wires, and machines.

The product weighs 1 pound. By inserting 6 AAA batteries, this device can be handheld and carried anywhere for use. You also have the option to use an AC power adapter if you prefer to leave it on your desk plugged to an outlet.

With its QWERTY keyboard, you can quickly type in texts or symbols of your choice. Since it is designed with simplicity, you can easily and efficiently manipulate it.

For those people who enjoy decorating scrapbook pages, cards, and gift tags, this device offers you various options for personalization and customization, including 10 individual styles, 14 fonts, 27 templates, 97 frames, and 600 symbols.

Much more, its display screen allows you to see a clear preview of your label before printing. Unfortunately, it has no color display for the exact representation.

Anyway, durable Brother genuine TZe laminated tapes are the ones used for this product. The width of the label measures approximately 1/2 inches or 12 mm. They are also designed with fade and water resistance, assuring you with definite and long-lasting print-outs.

These tapes can withstand low temperatures in the freezer, and high temperatures in the microwave, so there’s no need for reprinting.

Specialty tapes are also available, which are more suitable options for labeling wires and cables. Not to mention, non-laminated tapes are made especially for linens and clothes. These come with various sizes, types, and colors that will be sure to suit your preference.

And the product can save up to 30 labels into its memory, a convenient feature for an electrician because previous prints can be accessed and produced again. Make your tags look professional with Brother PT-D210.


  • It is affordable
  • Supports printing of big characters
  • Can be easily used
  • It can save a maximum of thirty label definitions


  • The display is not backlit
  • Cannot be connected to a computer

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9. DYMO Label Maker

Print labels easily and quickly with DYMO LabelManager160. Weighing 0.77 ounces, this is lightweight and compact enough that will allow you to print labels immediately anytime, anywhere. Its QWERTY-formatted keypad will make your label typing faster because of its familiar letter and number placement.

You can customize and edit your tags using its one-touch formatting keys that are readily accessible, including underlining, italics, bold, and a lot more.

The device has 8 text styles, 6 font sizes, 4 boxes, and over 200 clip-art images and symbols to personalize and customize your labels. Its large screen display enables you to see the preview of your design before printing.

Typing and formatting labels take time and effort. It may become tiresome to most people, especially if it requires multiple repeats. One of the many features it boasts of is its last-label memory that enables you to print the previous tag without re-typing.

It is compatible with DYMO IND and D1 labels, which have widths of 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch, and 1/2 inch. With its variety of size choices and water-resistance, your tags will always look clean and professional. Various colors for background and text are also available for better coding and classification of your items.

This label maker has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents immediate drainage of battery. It requires 6 AAA batteries for operation, allowing you to bring it everywhere. But if you prefer to leave it on your desk, purchasing an AC adapter is also an option.

Undeniably, it is handy and convenient for an electrician’s use. With its simple features, you can make numerous labels as it prints 180 dots per inch, giving you excellent quality.


  • Affordable
  • It is handheld and allows PC connection
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Equipped with a colored-display


  • Errors often occur
  • The software can still improve

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10. DYMO Embossing Label Maker

This product from DYMO is quite different from the previous ones discussed on this label maker for electricians review. Instead of printing customized labels, you manually have to emboss the letters onto the tape, using the turn-and-click labeling system.

It looks like a handgun with letters and numbers in its front portion. With its ergonomic design, it can prevent too much pressure on hands while pressing down the handle, thereby reducing possible aching. You can store in on your desk or workbench without taking up too much space.

Weighing only about 0.52 pounds, you can easily carry and transport this portable and lightweight label maker anywhere.

You can customize and personalize your labels using 49 characters of numbers, text, and symbols in which it offers. It is suitable for DIY gifting, scrapbooking, home organization, and a lot more. For convenient color coding and classification of items, the brand offers a variety of label colors that may suit your preference.

The product does not need any battery or connection to operate, and it comes with three 3/8-inch tapes, just perfect for a professional and clean looking label.

For an electrician’s use, the product might require more work and precision when it comes to creating tags compared to other label makers on this list. But then, it can still perform its function well and deserves a try.


  • Easy to use
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • Made of durable materials
  • Allows easy reloading of labels
  • Does not require batteries


  • Does not stick well to curved glass
  • Requires hard pressure to emboss properly

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Features to Look for before Buying

With myriads of choices on sale, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. That is why, before you should opt for a certain product, you need to make sure that it has the following considerations:

Machine’s Purpose 

People use labels for different purposes, and these include quick identification of ingredients, spices, and products, and some may also choose to get creative with gift tags, cards, etc.

Each machine can print various label widths, and they also use different printing technologies, so it is vital to consider the purpose of your labels to ensure maximum efficiency.

Electricians utilize them for electrical safety, including warning labels for voltage, do-not-touch sign, cable, and wiring, so make sure to choose a label maker that can fit according to your need.

Kind of Keypad

Label makers come with two keypad designs that can suit your preference, namely QWERTY and 3 x 3. Typing mistakes using a QWERTY pad is lesser compared to a 3 x 3 keyboard, although you can type single-handedly using this, the QWERTY has individual keys that can be easily seen and pressed.

You are also able to type labels quickly because of its familiar letter arrangement, commonly found in computer and phone keyboards. Various frames and font styles are also available, and you can easily access different patterns and symbols with this design.

Printing Pattern

Label makers have different printing patterns; some may continuously produce outputs, while others print labels one at a time. If you are sequencing or numbering the items, it is better to choose a machine that prints in a constant flow, making it more convenient for you to track the order of the objects.

For single-purpose labels, a label maker with break prints is much suitable for your use because it produces tags one at a time. These types of machines have an automatic and manual mode to suit your labeling needs.

LCD Screen

It is nice to get a clear preview of your label through the machine’s LCD screen. Creative people tend to use label makers for decorative purposes that produce outputs with fancy fonts and colors, to place it on gifts, cards, journals, etc. for personalization.

That is why some models have graphical LCD screens that show hues and elegant font styles for these purposes. Other products in the market have simple styles and fonts, without any extravagant colors or decorative designs.

These types of label makers are perfect for an electrician’s use because it is straightforward and pleasing to the eye. The purpose of labels in this line of job is for safety, and warning, thus, a simple LCD screen, will be very much fitting.

Type of Tape

A laminated tape is water-resistant and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use; it can stick to any surface area and is durable and has the ability to endure scrapes and scratches. UV rays and various chemicals cannot penetrate this type of label tape.

Label makers that have laser printing technology, often use tapes made from polyester, but other methods such as thermal transfers and digital printing work well with the said material.

They apply to a wide variety of applications that can withstand rough handling, extreme low and high temperatures and chemical exposure. They provide a permanent, powerful adhesivity.

There are a lot more materials that compose label tapes, and those made from nylon are suitable for cables or surfaces that are curved or textured. It is vital to keep in mind the different types and their characteristics to ensure an effective and efficient purchase.

Label Maker’s Memory

For an electrician, it would be useful to have a label maker that can store data such as the previous labels typed in the machine for convenience.

With this, you can easily access tags that you frequently type, which can highly be beneficial, especially when labeling cables and wires, eliminating the need to re-type similar text for identification. A product that has at least thirty tags is suitable for electricians to use; this is to get the job done quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best label makers:

1. Is a label maker worth it?

Label makers are portable and lightweight machines that can make your life more convenient. With this, you can label items uniformly and quickly recognize them with a simple look. They come in handy, especially to those who have illegible handwriting.

2. Does Dymo run out of ink?

There’s no need to worry about running out of ink because Dymo label makers do not need any cartridges or toners to operate. Instead of using black ink, these products have a direct thermal technology that changes certain areas of the label to black.

3. Why is my label maker not printing?

First, inspect if there is something that obstructs the area of printing. Next, push and align the cassette inside the label maker correctly. If this does not solve the problem, try to replace the batteries.

4. How do you clear a Brother label maker?

Reset your label maker by following these simple steps. First, turn off the machine. Next, press down the Code, and the Clear (BS) key, while simultaneously pressing the On/Off key to turn on its power. Lastly, release the keys.

5. Do Dymo labels fade?

The brand uses direct thermal technology, which often causes the labels to fade over time because of its sensitivity to heat. Also, texts tend to disappear when exposed to direct sunlight, water, or various chemicals.

Final Words

Indeed, there are lots of choices of printers out there. Each of them is equipped with unique features that may or may not be useful for your tasks. But then, you only deserve the best label maker for electricians. Don’t worry, whatever you opt for in the list is sure to give you optimum functionality.

Oh! And don’t forget to check out our post on label maker for teachers if you’re one.


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