10 Best Printer for Watercolor Paper – Buying Guide 2023

Artworks exist in many forms – from paintings to drawings – and now it has adopted a new form that we’ve come to know as digital art. This is the latest art form that has become such a trend in the 21st century. Artists usually utilize Photoshop and many other platforms in creating stunning graphics.

To turn these graphics and digital artworks into the paper, they need to be printed. For the printed output to maintain the integrity of the original image, a great printer is essential. It should be capable of high-resolution and high-quality performance.

There are many printers you can buy, but with this best printer for watercolor paper reviews, you’ll be sure to get the best.

10 Best Printer for Watercolor Paper

The following watercolor printers are sure to bring your digital art to life while maintaining its color integrity and giving it a crisp and clear output. You’ll be in awe to find some of the best printer for printing on watercolor paper here. Just read on!

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

This first printer is by far the best Epson printer for watercolor paper. It has a lot of impressive features, and it can produce crisp outputs, which is why many users standby its performance.

Despite its great quality, it comes at a very affordable price, making it perfect if you’re looking for a professional-grade printer without breaking the bank. This will also be a great choice for photographers who want to put their captured images on paper.

It can produce images without any borders with sizes ranging from 4 by 6 up to 13 by 19 inches. And the color it injects into the image is bright and sharp, this is thanks to its individual 6-color Claria feature. This will be able to incorporate every detail on the printed output. Therefore, you can use this one as a photo only printer as well.

Unlike other printers, this doesn’t come in bulky size. Although it’s not the most compact printer in the market, it will be sure to fit your working space perfectly without much compromise. You can either use it to print on plain paper, watercolor papers and other specialty papers.

Another great thing about this is its printing speed. It will be able to print several pages in a single minute, increasing your productivity. Much more convenient file transfers are possible thanks to its Ethernet and Wi-Fi Direct feature.

You can either use the Ethernet Wi-Fi or a USB to transmit your files for printing. There are also a lot of cloud connectivity features that you can utilize like the remote print, iPrint Application, and an E-mail print, which is all exclusive to Epson printers.


  • Has several connectivity features
  • Doesn’t have a bulky design
  • Can print at a fast speed
  • Can print on several mediums
  • Produces high quality printed outputs


  • Printing expenses are slightly higher

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2. Workforce WF-7210 Wide-Format Printer

The next one on this list is also from Epson. This manufacturing company has been around in the business for quite some time, so there’s no wonder that they know what they’re doing. They have a long line of great products, including this one.

There isn’t much difference in its size compared to its predecessors, it has just the right size that’s not too bulky but also not too compact. It will be able to fit your office space without much trouble. This comes complete with 2 drawers that are capable of holding 250 sheets of papers each.

Its high paper capacity saves you from the inconvenience of having to refill it frequently. This can handle a wide range of paper sizes with dimensions reaching up to 13 by 44 inches. You can now print your pictures and other digital artworks that you scanned by your portable handheld scanners (or any other scanner for that matter) on a wider platform.

For greater convenience and a wider range of file-sharing options, it has a built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection. It also has a Wi-Fi direct feature, but if you want to do it the wired way, you can always simply attach it to your PC or laptop using a USB cable.

Using this is fairly easy as there aren’t any complex procedures you’ll need to do in setting it up. There is even a control panel consisting of an LCD screen and a set of buttons that you can use to change its settings based on your printing needs.

When it comes to quality, this will not disappoint you. This will be able to print your works at high resolutions and maintain its color integrity. It supports borderless printing, so you can utilize even greater spaces on a single page.


  • Produces high-resolution outputs
  • Easy to use
  • Allows file transfer both through wired and wireless means
  • Has a high paper capacity
  • Isn’t bulky in size


  • Costs more per page

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3. HP Designjet T100 24-In Printer

Whether you’re looking for a printer for your small business or your personal needs, this will prove to be a worthy choice. It has a long line of features that allows you to produce high-quality prints without breaking the bank.

Since it comes from the well-known laptop and printer manufacturer, HP, you can expect nothing less but an excellent overall product performance. The size of this printer is considerably small when you compare it to its competitors.

You can either install this yourself or have someone help you work it out; there are instructions that you can follow to smoothly get it up and running faster.

When it comes to printing speed, it does lag a bit behind, but it will still be able to accommodate your bulk printing needs. It is capable of printing 32 A1 pages per hour. There are some limitations to the size of paper you can use; this will not be able to print if it goes beyond 24 inches.

Clear and high-resolution outputs are made possible by its printhead, which uses 4 kinds of ink cartridges. This is more practical for small scale printing needs because you won’t have to use too many colored inks.

If you’re planning to use it for a photo printing business, you might want to look for something else. To make printing easier for you, there is an HP Smart app that you can utilize. This will help you manage your printer settings remotely.

Although this printer has its downsides, it still has a lot of great features to consider it as one of the best printers for watercolor paper.


  • Offer clear outputs
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • A practical choice for small businesses
  • Has an app for easy managing


  • Has paper size limitations
  • Not ideal for big businesses with high printing demands

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4. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Printer

You’ll find almost nothing that you won’t like with this wireless printer from HP. Like all printers manufactured by HP, this has a long line of great and useful features. Printing your documents and other files will never be as easy and efficient as it is with this.

Don’t be deceived by its compact size because even if it is small, it can still accommodate all your printing needs. Being small also offers its advantage because you won’t have to give up much space on your desk for it.

This can be used to print, scan, copy, and even fax all your files. It’s an all-in-one printer that’s very versatile. There is also an automatic document feeder for better convenience.

Sharing your files can be done either wired or wirelessly, whichever you prefer. It has a built-in Ethernet connection and also a Wi-Fi networking feature; this allows wireless printing from several sources like the Cloud, Google Drive, Apple AirPrint, and many more.

Regardless if you own a Windows or a macOS laptop, it will be able to work well. If you’re usually printing long documents you won’t have to wait too long because this printer will be able to get it done a lot faster compared to other printers. It can print up to 20 pages in a single minute.

There’s even an application that you can install on your phone, so you can print, fax, and copy files even when you’re on the go. Aside from that, it offers high-security protection of your files and other network settings and passwords. If you’re looking for a great deal and the best printer for the watercolor paper, then this could be it!


  • Prints at a fast rate
  • Very convenient to use
  • Can do tasks even on the go
  • Resolution is great
  • Has a security feature


  • Only suited for non-heavy printing demands

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Another great addition in this best printer for watercolor paper reviews that is from HP. A lot of users standby HP printers because of their great design and quality, so whether you’re an HP fan or not, this is very worth considering.

This printer is especially great when it comes to photo printing. You’ll be sure to achieve the same color integrity that your original captured or scanned photo has. And you can print pictures that are as small as 8.5 x 11 inches in dimensions and as large as 24 inches wide.

Aside from being a great printer for pictures, it is also great at printing your usual office and personal documents. It can print at a fast pace, so it’s sure to accommodate your high volume printing needs.

You might need to clear up a bigger space on your desk because this comes in rather bulky size. It’s best to put it on a stand with wheels for easier mobility because this isn’t lightweight.

The quality of its prints is exceptional. It can give you clear outputs with optimum brightness and color saturation. Using it is very simple and easy; there is even a touch screen LCD that helps you to navigate through the settings of the printer.

For a printer this great, it’s quite surprising that it comes at such an affordable price when you compare it with its competitors. It is capable of both wired and wireless connectivity, so you can have more ways to share your files. And it’s compatible with both macOS and Windows devices.


  • Has an affordable price
  • Easy to navigate with its touch screen LCD
  • Produces high-quality outputs
  • Offers several paper size options
  • Prints at a fast pace


  • Bulky in size

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6. HP DesignJet T130

There are tons of great printers in the market, and this is one of them. It has a performance that is comparable to professional printers. You’ll be sure to achieve outputs that have high resolutions and great color intensities, which is especially important if you’re printing pictures.

This is very versatile; you can use it to print on several mediums. It works well with bond, coated, and photographic papers, and it can accommodate several paper sizes too.

Printing is made much faster because it can print a page in just a matter of 35 seconds and 70 A1 paper prints in one hour. Although it may not be as fast as other printers, it will still be able to accommodate your light to medium printing needs.

Setting it up is very easy and straightforward. There are clear instructions that you can easily follow so you can get it up and running in no time. It has a built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connection so you can easily print from your devices easier.

You can also use online platforms to share your files. This way, you will be able to print your documents without having to get close to the printer. Aside from being great with printing colored files, it also produces impressive text documents with the darkest black colors than any other printer.

Overall, it has a lot of great features that will be sure to make your printing tasks a lot easier. It’s the best decision you can ever make when it comes to choosing a printer.


  • Produces great colors and dark blacks
  • Very easy to set up
  • Can print at a fast enough pace
  • Works well on several mediums


  • Not great for big businesses

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7. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 

This printer is an all-in-one deal. It isn’t only capable of printing documents, but it can also copy and fax your files. Most printers that have all these functions are usually large but not this one; this comes in a much more compact design so you can conserve more space on your desk.

Whether you’re using this for your personal printing needs or your small business, this will be perfect for the job. It is only capable of printing 20 text pages per minute and 10 if they’re colored, which is a good enough speed if you don’t usually have high volume printing needs.

Another great thing about this is that it has automatic two-sided printing, so you won’t have to struggle with manually flipping the pages. There is also a page auto-feeder so you can keep working hands-free.

You can still get the job done even if you’re on the go, thanks to its cloud-based printing feature that will enable you to print files from Dropbox or Google Drive as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular network. There is an application that you can use for this.

The printing quality it offers is top-notch; it can produce high-resolution photos and other text files. Not only that, but it also keeps your files safe with its several security features.


  • Produces great resolution outputs
  • Easy file sharing
  • Can print on the go
  • Very easy to use
  • Fairly fast enough pace


  • Has a low black yield

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8. Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless Printer

This is the only printer unit from Canon that made our list of best picks for a printer for watercolor paper. The device does not disappoint avid Canon printer fans, for it is at the top of the game when it comes to high-quality printing.

You would consider choosing this unit for watercolor printing as it needs a printer that can produce bright, detailed, and vibrant photo quality. Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing is integrated into this lightly and compactly designed unit.

The functionality and size make it perfect for family and home-based office applications. Canon’s five-ink and six-ink, photo-enhanced all-in-one printers have been acing the print quality market, and this unit is no exception.

With its five-ink cartridge (an extra pigment black is added to the original four cartridges), the quality of the print is boosted, producing prints and texts with a crisp and well-shaped appearance. Though the added ink cartridge added to its running costs, the output really pays it off.

And the exceptional print quality of this unit is compromised by its printing speed performance. An average speed of 15 pages per minute (ppm) is already slow or below average for a business-oriented printer.

Separate paper feeds with a capacity of 200 sheets for plain paper and 20 sheets for premium photo paper can maximize your productivity when using this printer. It also comes with a 20 sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) which is rare for small and compact printers.

Moreover, you can connect to this unit using compatible communication interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PC via USB, an SD Card slot, and Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to print from your own mobile device.

We cannot also leave the fact that Canon is a camera company, so this unit comes with an integrated wired or wireless PictBridge feature that can directly print photos from a specific Canon camera.


  • Wide range of connectivity
  • High-quality print
  • Has two black inks
  • Light and compact design


  • A bit expensive
  • Has high running costs

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9. Epson Surecolor T5170

If you want to consider large scale printing for your watercolor paper, then this unit would be a perfect choice for you. This inkjet printer is capable of printing documents of up to 36” with print resolutions of 2400×1200 dpi.

Its wireless features make this unit a great pick to maximize your business productivity. Different communication interfaces for this printer ranges from SuperSpeed USB, Wireless LAN, Wired Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Direct, with the latter allowing you to directly connect from your mobile phones.

You can also directly connect to a scanner using the touchscreen interface. Well, this device uses the PrecisionCore technology as well as a drop-on-demand printhead providing precision droplet control for clearer print quality.

There is also a nozzle verification technology that comes with it, which automatically detects nozzle condition and adjusts it if it is clogged. Print quality is also considered an advantage of this printer, despite the fact that it is specifically made to print large paper areas.

This unit uses next-generation high-capacity UltraChrome XD2 pigment ink technology, which generated vivid colors and crisp lines. Average print speed of 31 seconds for paper sizes of A1/D-size can be taken as a good performance for wide-format printers.

With top-notch speed performance and print quality for a wide-format printer, it makes this device suitable to print blueprints, graphics, and posters.

A touchscreen interface is provided for a more user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily navigate the menu, to check the printer status and supply levels, to access guide tutorial displays, and to update firmware directly from its control panel.

The printer is also equipped with an automatic document feeder that can accommodate rolls of up to 24”/36” wide and sheets of up to 11″ x 17″.


  • Easy to setup
  • High-quality printing
  • Precise, sharp details
  • Wide range of media handling


  • No significant disadvantages

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10. HP DesignJet T530 24”

For an office-based business that requires another wide-format printer that consumes smaller spaces, this printer unit is the perfect fit for your needs. This compact printer is capable of sheet and roll-based media of up to 24” wide.

The printer is specifically designed for office use and comes with a floor stand and a catch basket. It is equipped with an automatic horizontal cutter that separates pages when working with 279 x 610mm rolls.

There is a standard input tray that can feed paper sizes of A4 and A3 formats, however manual feeding is required for paper sizes of A2 and A1 formats.

Maximum office productivity has always been marked when using HP products. Built-in Wi-Fi makes wireless printing possible in this unit. Different communication interface is also compatible such as PC via USB and Ethernet.

You can also directly connect from your mobile phone using the HP Smart App, which lets you access files from the cloud server. Again, printing in watercolor papers would require you a high-quality printer to achieve the finest output.

This printer uses HP Bright Office Inks that can generate outputs with resolutions of up to 2400×1200 dpi. Definitely, this printer can print large-scale bold images and sharp lines in the equivalent quality as you expect it to be.

And the print speed performance of this unit averages at 30 seconds for an A1-size sheet for both mono and color formats. The speed of this unit is faster compared to other wide-format printers.

Another interesting feature you can find in this unit is its compatibility with HP Click Software. Together with the HP Poster Web App, you can create posters, convert it into pdf, and print it to this unit.


  • Light and compact design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with different applications
  • Fast print speed performance


  • No significant disadvantages

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What to Look for before Buying

With so many printer options in the market, it can be tricky to know which one is really the perfect choice. The feature that can be considered as mandatory for the best printer for checks might not be so important for other types. Each one has features that you can either find useful or impractical, so it’s important to check each of their features out. 

To help you choose the best one, here are some of the factors that you should consider first.

Printing Quality

The quality of your printed output is very essential, especially when you’re printing photos. All the colors have to be on point to maintain the integrity of the original photo.

There are many things that affect the printing quality of a printer, one of which is its cartridge. So, to make sure you’re going to get only the best outputs, it’s best to look into this factor. If possible, you can go to a printer showroom and see it in action.

Printing Speed

There are a variety of printing speeds that each printer can offer, but the best speed will depend on your printing needs. For large businesses, it’s best to have a printer at a faster speed.

But if you plan on using your printer for personal use and for micro-businesses, a speed of a few pages per minute will be enough to cater to your needs.


We’re all mostly busy and on the go. Luckily, there are now plenty of printers that are designed to accommodate our hectic lifestyles. HP printers, in particular, comes with an app that you can install on your phone so you can manage your printer settings and let it print, copy, and scan files on the go.

Some also come with an easy-to-navigate design, complete with an LCD screen where you can adjust the printer’s settings.


Recently manufactured printers are equipped with an Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection giving you the option of either sharing your files wired or wirelessly.

These features will allow you to print directly from Google Drive, DropBox, Emails, and many other online platforms. This way, you can print your files faster and easier.

Size and Noise

A noisy printer can be very irritating, so if you’re planning on printing tons of documents per day, it’s best to choose one that can get the job done quietly.

Size is also a factor you should consider, especially if you don’t have that much space to spare on your desk. There are plenty of compact printers that will be able to fit into the space you have available without needing any major compromises.


A good printer usually costs a lot, but since there are now many printers available in the market you can have more affordable options.

There’s no need to break your bank for a good printer; there plenty of printers out there that have great features and also comes with affordable price tags. So choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best printers:

1. What do I do if I have blank printed outputs?

This is a common problem in printers. If this happens, be sure to check the ink levels because this is the usual cause. And if your printer has enough ink, you can check the settings and proceed to check its hardware for any issue.

2. How do I improve the quality of my print?

A lot of things can be done to improve printing quality, like using the right medium and cleaning the paper path rollers. The ink you use also has a huge impact on the right color intensities.

3. Can all printers use photo papers?

Not all printers are capable of printing on photo papers; some may tend to smudge the ink and compromise the quality. There are printers that really excel in photo printing.

4. Can I print my photos without a border?

Some printers allow borderless printing, but others don’t.

5. Why are there dots on the printed pages?

This may be caused by dust and other impurities inside the device. To get rid of this issue, be sure to clean inside the printer.

Final Words

If you still don’t know what printer to get, these printers for watercolor paper reviews are sure to help you find the best ones in the market. Any item that you will opt for in this list is sure to give you all the features you need. And, of course, whether you’re buying a printer for printing icing sheets or watercolor papers, always keep the buying guide handy.

Good luck!

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