Is Cross-Stitch Easier Than Embroidery?

Fabric crafts can be quite challenging. When you’re only starting, you’ll face a lot of hardship perfecting the basics of this art, and you’ll be utterly confused when it comes to selecting a particular technique. 

There are many techniques. Among these, cross-stitch and embroidery are two of the most famous ones. Many people question, “Is cross stitch easier than embroidery?”

In this article, we’ll search for the answer!

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a broad topic that encompasses all sorts of fabric decorations that are done through threads and needles. Embroidery is divided into two types. There’s machine embroidery, and then there’s hand embroidery. 

Machine Embroidery:

Machine embroidery is more efficient and saves a lot of time. In this process, different designs are created on computer software, and then the designs are uploaded to embroidery machines. 

The embroidery machines are designed to support these designs and blueprints, and they follow these designs to stitch them on different fabrics. Even though there was a greater margin of error back in the days, these machines are becoming more and more accurate with time. 

Moreover, the best part about this method is that you can create tons of designs that look the same in a very short time. 

Even though embroidery machines can be used to stitch various fabrics, these can’t stitch fabrics that have a low thread count. Polyester is one of the fabrics that can be stitched with embroidery machines properly. The reason behind this is polyester’s high thread count and ability to regain shape. 

Different fabrics, such as wool, polyester, and quilting cotton are the most suitable fabric for embroidery machines. On the other hand, fabrics like velvet are pretty hard to embroider with embroidery machines. 

This is why embroidery machines are best suited for designing on tote bags, placemats, t-shirts, jackets, etc., as these are tough enough to withstand the pressure of these machines. 

Hand Embroidery:

Even though machine embroidery allows people to create lots of designs in a short amount of time, hand embroidery is also persisting to date as it allows the craftspeople to create unique designs, which isn’t possible to do with machine embroidery. 

In this form of art, the designs are created with needles and threads by hand. The benefit of hand embroidery is that you can create designs in which different sewing styles can be implemented on the same fabric. This allows the craftspeople to create versatile and unique designs without any flaws. 

Hand embroidery is very tough, and there are advanced designs that can only be stitched by professionals with years of experience. 

As hand embroidery is far more delicate than machine embroidery, a lot of different types of fabrics can be stitched with this. The craftspeople can stitch any fabric that comes with a thread count of over 28. 

What Is Cross-Stitch?

Cross-stitch is essentially a type of embroidery. In this technique, the craftspeople create unique designs through X-shaped stitch patterns. 

There are two main types of cross-stitches. There is a stamped cross-stitch where a pattern is printed onto the fabric before the procedure is started. The craftspeople will then stitch onto the pattern. 

On the other hand, there is counted cross-stitch. In this method, you start stitching from the middle, and slowly you need to come to the final design. 

The Differences Between Cross-Stitch and Embroidery

You already know that cross-stitch is just another part of embroidery, and this is the main difference between the two. However, due to this difference, many other smaller details are different between them. 

For starters, you’ll need an entirely different fabric for these two. As cross-stitch is more targeted, you’ll need to use woven fabric only. On the other hand, when it comes to embroidery, you can use all sorts of fabrics depending on the technique you’re using. 

Then again, there’s a big difference in the sewing style as well. As the name suggests, you need to use only X-shaped stitches when it comes to cross-stitching

On the other hand, you’ll need to use different types of stitching techniques like running stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, and even X-shaped stitch when it comes to doing embroidery. 

Is Embroidery Tougher Than Cross-Stitching?

Embroidery consists of different techniques, and cross-stitch is one of them. This is why it’s safe to say that embroidery is tougher than cross-stitching. 

If someone wants to learn embroidery, that person needs to work on multiple techniques, one at a time. One can’t claim to have mastered embroidery unless that person masters all the techniques related to embroidery. 

On the other hand, one can claim to be a master of cross-stitching by learning this art only. 

Other than cross-stitching, there are many different embroidery techniques that you must learn. There are free embroidery, surface embroidery, canvas embroidery, and many other techniques. 

Plus, to make a unique work of fabric art, it’s always recommended to use multiple embroidery techniques. For cross-stitch, only X-shaped stitches are necessary. 

Then again, cross-stitch is comparatively a lot easier than learning other stitches. It’s one of the basic stitches taught to beginners, by which we can understand how easy it is. 

Cons of Cross-Stich

Even though cross-stitch is comparatively easier than embroidery, it also comes with some drawbacks. One of the biggest cons of cross-stitch is that you can’t get that creative with cross-stitch. 

You can only use X-shaped stitches in this technique, which will refrain you from creating diversity in your art. 

Why You Should Take up Cross-Stitch As  Hobby

Scientists have recently unveiled that cross-stitching is a healing hobby. This form of art requires a lot of focus. By focusing on this, a person can gain inner peace, and it can also help one focus on other tasks more. 

So, cross-stitch can be a great meditation.


We tried to answer the question “Is cross stitch easier than embroidery?” and by now, it’s quite evident that it is easier. Even though it has its drawbacks, a person can learn this easily. Plus, it can be a fun way of meditation. 

So, learning cross-stitch is a good investment overall.

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