Best Suit Brush: 5 Recommendations for 2023

Are you looking for a convenient way to clean all your expensive suits without dry cleaning?

Does the thought of repeatedly washing your designer clothes scare you?

Then fret no more as we have the perfect tool for you. What you need is a top-notch suit brush that can get rid of all the dirt along with your worries!

Thankfully for you, we have reviewed the 5 best suit brushes of 2021. All of these products come with exceptional qualities that set them apart from regular suit brushes. 

There are even some multipurpose models included in the list for those who don’t mind spending an extra buck.

5 Best Suit Brush

You no longer have to be torn among the wide range of options online as we have carefully picked best suit brushes available on the market. We have also highlighted their main features to make your decision easier.

1. Home-it 3 in 1 Clothes Brushes Garment Care Clothes Brush and Lint Remover

We start off this list of reviews with this exclusive suit brush that is one of the best tools for keeping your clothes fresh. It’s not only a cloth brush, but it also works like a lint brush and hair remover. The manufacturer has prioritized versatility during the creation of this model. 

Its many features will allow you to maintain your clothes for a long time. This versatile suit brush consists of strong bristles that provide superior cleaning performance. The bristles have been built to last, unlike most models on the market. It’s still soft enough to allow smooth brushing motion when you use it.

The flip side of this clothes brush can also be used as an efficient lint remover. It can help you get rid of stubborn particles off your party suit within a very short time.

Apart from that, you can also use it to remove dust from your bed or couch. This brush has been specially built for those with a lot of pets in their house.

Some domestic pets tend to shed fur that can stick to your clothes. They are often stubborn and too hard to remove otherwise. Thanks to this amazing invention, you can now get rid of this dilemma as well. It also comes with a built-in shoehorn that is the reason for its sturdiness. 

This suit brush is made of Walnut wood, which also flaunts chrome accents. Thus, you can easily rely on its durability.


  • 3 in 1 suit brush
  • Long lasting bristles
  • Built-in shoehorn
  • Made of Walnut wood
  • Durable construction


  • Bristles can leave marks on the suit

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2. Old City Unltd. Lint Remover, Garment, Clothes Brush

Next up, we have this multipurpose suit brush that is bound to give you maximum satisfaction for an extended period. The best thing about this product is it has been entirely manufactured in the US. It might be a bit more expensive than other models, but that’s because it’s not a regular suit brush.

It’s not only a clothes brush but also a suitable lint remover for your velvet upholstery. You can use this brush to effectively remove dust, lint, and pet hair from different types of furniture.

Pet hairs tend to stick more to certain materials than others. This clothes brush can provide a permanent solution for that problem.

Besides that, it comes with soft bristles, which provide a smooth brushing experience. It never leaves any everlasting marks on your favorite suit when used with a steady brushing motion. This way, you can keep your suits looking as good as new for several years to come.

Surprisingly, it’s also good at cleaning suede shoes and boots. Rarely any other model on the market will offer you this feature. Moreover, this clothes brush and lint remover are made of a beechwood body. This gives it the strength to endure heavy-duty usage on a regular basis. It’s also fairly easy to clean.

You can use a fine-tooth comb to clean the bristles from time to time. When the brush gets too dirty, you can also wash it with some soapy water, but remember to dry it with a cloth. Due to its various features, it can come in handy, especially if you’re an experienced barber.


  • Made in USA
  • Cleans velvet upholstery
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made of beech wood
  • Suitable for removing hair


  • Comparatively expensive

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3. KENT CG1 Handcrafted Cherrywood Clothes Brush And Lint Remover

The third item on this list is renowned for its cherrywood construction, which ensures utmost durability. This helps them endure long-term heavy-duty use without any sign of wear. Therefore, it’s considered one of the best shoe brushes and lint removers on the market.

This high-end suit brush is mostly ideal for cleaning soft fabrics such as wool and cashmere. The bristles may be hard, but it’s still smooth enough to not cause any serious damage to your clothes.

It can certainly come in handy when you are in a hurry. You can dust off your old suit to make it look as good as new in no time.

Moreover, the bristles on this brush are exceptionally durable. This allows you to use it on a daily basis without worrying about any kind of permanent damage.

You can apply subtle brush strokes to get rid of the most stubborn pet hair. It’s the perfect product to own if you have a cat or dog living in your household.

This exclusive suit brush can be useful to keep your clothes fresh for longer. You can even renew the looks of your old suits and hats. The clothes brush consists of special fabric fibers that can lift the dust and other minute particles off the clothes. It can help rejuvenate the look of your stylish suede footwear as well.

The manufacturers of this clothes brush have been in this business for several years now. Therefore, you can easily rely on their products to be durable and consistent. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase, you even have the option to get a full refund.


  • Made of cherrywood
  • Reliable performance
  • Brush consists of special fibers
  • Get rid of pet hair
  • Highly durable suit brush


  • Bristles could be softer

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4. Lint Brush (3 in 1) Clothes Brush and Pet Hair Remover with Shoe Horn

At number 4, we have a suit brush that works as a clothes brush, a lint remover, and a shoehorn as well. There aren’t many suit brushes on the market that offer this level of versatility. This 3 in 1 clothes brush comes with a wide range of features that make it one of the most recommended products of its kind.

Not only that, but you can also use this to clean the dust off your velvet upholstery. You can clean both your clothes and the delicate furniture in your house. No form of pet hair stands a chance against this highly efficient clothes brush. It’s made of the most superior quality materials, which ensures its effectiveness.

Lints can be a complete eyesore for anybody who notices it. Thankfully, due to this remarkable product, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. You can simply get rid of the lint with just a few consecutive strokes. The manufacturer has also made it easy to use with the long ergonomic handle.

This can help you get a better grip on the clothes brush. Whether you’re cleaning your favorite suit or your old couch, you can do so with ease. It’s fully hassle-free and barely takes a few minutes to clean. This suit brush also has a desirable and durable design as it is made of high-quality Walnut wood.

It’s entirely natural and eco-friendly. The bristles are soft yet strong enough to last several years on end. They don’t tend to stick to the fabric either as it glides pretty smoothly. 


  • Made of high-quality Walnut wood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long ergonomic handle
  • Soft and sturdy bristles
  • Glides smoothly


  • Moderately pricey

5. Cokaka Clothes Brush Garment Brush Lint Remover Brush

Last but certainly not least, we have this enticing addition that has possibly the softest bristles of them all. This is because the bristles are entirely made of natural horsehair.

Yes, you heard it right! The softest horsehairs have been used in its manufacture to make them suitable for the most fragile clothes in your closet.

You can only imagine how smoothly this suit brush can clean your clothes. Don’t be deceived by its softness, as it can still get rid of dry patches of dirt with ease. It can be used for cleaning different types of fabrics and even handbags! This is a highly versatile suit brush with features that are hard to find.

It also allows you to make your leather and suede shoes shiny without leaving a single scratch on them. Thus, it’s specifically suitable for delicate outfits. Another cool thing about this clothesbrush is its intricate design. The handle is made from natural wood and coated with oil paint.

This also makes it resistant to wear in the long run. It is capable of providing you with several years of nonstop service with the same efficiency as day one.

The suit brush comes with an ergonomic handle that lets you maintain a firm grip during dusting. Its compact size makes it easier to carry around in your coat pocket.

Now you can clean your suits and other outfits on the go. This is a convenient tool to extend the lifespan of your clothes and furniture. It only takes a few strokes to clean any harsh patches, saving you a lot of precious time.


  • Bristles made from horsehair
  • Leaves no scratch behind
  • Suitable for various types of clothes and accessories
  • Portable
  • Saves time


  • Fairly expensive

Best Suit Brush Buying Guide

You might be aware of all the best suit brushes on the market but it’s still not enough information to go on. There are still some key factors you need to consider before you make a purchase.

These factors will help you determine which of these suit brushes is the most suitable for you.

  • Do You Need a Clothes Brush?

The first thing you need to mull over before buying is if you actually need a suit brush. Even if you do need it, what would you use it for?

Well, the answer is simple. If you have a wardrobe full of top-notch fashionable clothing and formal suits, you definitely need a clothes brush.

Those clothes are usually pretty expensive. Hence, you can’t risk washing them every time they get dirty. This will increase the chances of the color wearing out eventually. The quality of the outfits might decline as well. That’s where a clothesbrush will come in handy.

With just a few brush strokes, you can easily get rid of dirt and dust particles, and make the fabric look fresh and new. This barely takes any time, so you can get ready swiftly without worrying about dry cleaning your suit. Not only that, but you can also use the brush to clean your couch and bed linens.

The possibilities are limitless. It can be even more beneficial if you have a pet roaming around inside the house. They can often leave some hair lying on your garments. You can instantly remove them with a multipurpose clothes brush. It’s as easy as removing dust.

  • Durability

No matter what type of product you’re buying, durability is an extremely important factor. You should always prioritize it.

More often than not, the durability of a product is determined by the materials used in its construction. The same goes for a clothesbrush. Make sure you check what type of material the brush is made of.

Walnut wood is often the sturdiest material used in the manufacture of clothes brushes. There are a few other kinds of wood that share this property. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the type of bristles it consists of. They should be sturdy enough to stay intact for a long amount of time.

Cheaper models can shed bristles before their expiry date. This can cause a slight downfall in the performance. Also, make sure the bristles aren’t hard on the fabric. If they’re too hard, it can leave permanent marks on the fabric.

  • Versatility

What really makes a clothes brush worth the money is the types of tasks it can carry out. You might notice that cheaper models are only good for cleaning a certain type of fabric.

Alternatively, a good clothes brush can not only clean clothes but can also be used as a pet hair remover and lint remover.

Some even have a built-in shoehorn as a bonus. Having these features at your disposal can be extremely helpful for cleaning not only your wardrobe but your entire house.

How Do You Brush a Suit?

It’s pretty pointless to own a suit brush if you have no idea how to use it in the first place. You might be brushing your suits too hard or for too long.

This can end up damaging the fabrics beyond repair. That’s why it’s better to know how to take care of your clothes before you start using them.

  • Stocking the Fiber

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to apply firm yet smooth strokes across the fabric.

You should never try to apply too much pressure as it can damage the look of the suit or, even worse, tear the fabric. It’s okay to apply a strong flick every now and then, but scrubbing is totally prohibited.

Make sure you apply gentle strokes in the same direction from beginning to end. This will ensure that the threads on the suit don’t look untidy in any way. Otherwise, the fabric can look ruffled and weathered. 

  • Getting Hard to Remove Stains Off

If you want to remove any form of stubborn dirt or mud you should consider using a tougher bristle. Never try to scrub it off repeatedly as it would only make things worse. 

For more thorough cleaning, you can try brushing gently against the lie of the fabric. This will get rid of the tough stains and dirt accumulated on the suit. Once that’s done, try smoothing out the edges by brushing across the lie of the fabric.

This will help you achieve a more finished look in the long run. It will also make the suit look tidier and well-polished. If you come across a more stubborn patch of dirt, remain calm and apply shorter and quicker strokes. Doing this repeatedly will remove the patch of dirt.

If it still doesn’t come off, try dampening the bristles before using the brush. This will soften the fabric and allow the dirt to come off more easily.

Final Verdict

You have now reached the end of this article, and we hope you gathered all the necessary information to pick the best suit brush for yourself.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, go through deciding factors once again. That will make sure you realize what you’re actually looking for in your suit brush.

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