Best Cross Stitch Stand: Top Picks in 2023 (#1 Recommended!)

Cross stitching is an intricate craft, but it can turn out to be one of the most gratifying things quite easily.

In terms of the intricacy, it can be somewhat challenging to do if you do not have even tension around your fabric, which could otherwise result in some trouble like clumping. 

Moreover, many users do not like stands that you have to hold in your hand. And we get it; being able to work your magic without having one of your hands booked is pretty sweet.

So, all you have got to do is find the best cross stitch stand for that. 

Yes, we realize that it is easier said than done. Hence, we have listed the products that can help you choose one.  

6 Best Cross Stitch Stand

Finding the right product somewhat depends on your style and preferences, even though some things remain the same. Here are the stands that impressed us the most. 

1. Frank A Edmunds Universal Stand

One of the most important things that help you with your work is the adjustability of height. With that ability, it is simpler to get the stand right where you need it. Moreover, it also means that you can work with it anywhere, regardless of the position.  

Not just that, but you also get adjustments for the angle. This feature is handy to have. For instance, your requirement for the angle would be different depending on whether you are left or right-handed. Your position also plays a role in it. 

In terms of the build material, many manufacturers try to save up some costs in this sector. But thankfully, the 6111 uses high-quality American hardwood, which is very durable and sturdy. 

And in addition to the adjustable height, it is optimized for use from any position, regardless of your stitching style and hand orientation. Thanks to this, you can achieve much better stitch control. 

Another crucial factor is pricing. It is difficult to find a stand that hits the sweet spot between price and utility. And considering the build quality and materials, this product is quite reasonably priced. 

Moreover, you can get a scroll frame or large hoop and attach it to this stand effortlessly. However, you need to buy them separately. Lastly, it is foldable; therefore, you can fold it up for portability or storage.


  • Border half hoop 
  • Compatibility with many frames 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Quality materials 
  • Easily adjustable


  • Screw holes aren’t of quality 
  • Occasionally slips down 

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2. Daylight Company LLC Stand

Something you will realize about the standard cross-stitching stands is that they are not generally very sturdy. Hence, their weight-bearing capacity and ability to hold on to the frames is not as impressive. Well, that is not the case with the StitchSmart stand. 

This here is not your typical wooden stand. Instead, it uses a metal build as the main structure. As you can imagine, that makes it surprisingly sturdy and durable. And you might wonder whether this material will compromise on adjustability. 

Well, far from that. Unlike anything, this product features a unique swivel system, which you can lift and rotate 360 degrees. The textbook case of what goes around comes around, only literally. 

This ability makes your stitching experience much more straightforward and versatile. Again, one might wonder that it cannot possibly be as portable and foldable as a traditional stand. Once again, they would be wrong. 

Thanks to the quick assembling ability, you can set this product up in a matter of seconds. Moreover, storage and portability are crucial for a stand as well. And you can easily fold it, which ticks all the right boxes. 

Along with its strong jaw, the stable base ensures that the stand does not wobble even in extreme cases. And while it does cost a bit much, you are getting some quality stuff, as well. 


  • Strong jaw for hold
  • Foldable and portable
  • Adjustable height
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Assembling it only takes seconds


  • A little costly
  • Tightening knob is average

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3. Frank A. Edmunds Floor Stand

Here, we have another impressive product from Frank A. Edmunds. It is the Stitch Master 6116 this time. And as expected from their product lineup, this one is exceptionally well-built and versatile too. 

First of all, let’s talk about the adjustability of its height. The need for this measurement depends on where you are using it, so it helps to have some wiggle room. This product can go as low as 16 inches up to 37.5 inches.  

That number is rather impressive. Along with that, it is of paramount importance to ensure that it can go wide enough for your frames. To our pleasure, you can adjust its width from eight inches to as wide as 27 inches. 

This stand is surprisingly versatile, as well. You can have it hold Stretcher Bars, Quilt Hoops, as well as Ratchet Frames. This versatility ensures that you can use it for various stitching purposes without worries. 

Not just that, along with the manufacturer’s array of frames, this product is compatible with frames from other manufacturers as well. Moreover, it works surprisingly well in terms of portability. 

You can fold it up whenever you need to, which makes storing and carrying it much more straightforward. And when you want to use it again, assembling is just as easy and only takes a few seconds of your time. 


  • A handy height adjustment 
  • 27” maximum width 
  • Holds various frames 
  • Easy to fold and assemble 
  • Uses knobs for adjustment 


  • Clamping could be more robust 
  • Might wobble at times 

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4. AllAboutEmbroidaryUA Frame Holder

Now, time for a compact and affordable product. This guy features a minimal design for people that do not need a lot of height on their stands. 

What we like about it is the build material. This product uses organic beech wood with a clean and smooth polish, which looks and feels fantastic. It’s not the only remarkable side about it, however. 

Another side of this product that we appreciate is its ability to turn 360 degrees. Not every product has this, and having it protects the fabric from any kind of damage and helps it stay smooth without any wrinkles. 

And as you know, some stands require a few tools to assemble. Well, this one needs none of them, and setting it up takes no time. Now, how is the experience of setting the fabric up?

Unsurprisingly, that is quite effortless too. You can simply fix the canvas before you start working with the plastic holders. Moreover, it has plastic clips that you can attach to keep the fabric in place. 

Another remarkable side about this stand is the versatility. You can use it for anything ranging from cross-stitching to bead embroidery. That is great to have, regardless of whether you need it.  


  • Organic beech wood 
  • Effortless setup of the canvas 
  • Tight hold of fabric 
  • Rotates 360 degrees 
  • A tool-less setup 


  • Tightening at the bottom is average 
  • You might face occasional wobbles 

5. Morgan Lap Stand 

While the more extensive stands are all nice and sturdy, they might not be the most convenient solution for you. For instance, if you often travel or like cross-stitching at the break of your work, taking one of those is not plausible. 

In that case, buying a smaller stand is the wise option, which would allow easier portability. Hence, the Lap Stand Combo is a superb choice for you. This product comes with two plastic hoops. 

Therefore, it is also a worthy option if you are sitting on the floor or using it on your lap. Between the two hoops, one measures 7”, while the other one is 9”, which are divided with stands. 

The best thing about this design is the portability, as we talked about. What we did not say is that it shrinks into a form factor smaller than an inch when folded. And that is something unique. 

In terms of the material, it features non-slip plastic. Therefore, your fabric does not slip and stays in place. Moreover, the usage of plastic also means that it is incredibly lightweight (the whole package is only around 10 ounces). 

Lastly, the assembly and disassembly of this stand are also crucial. Since it only has two central portions, you can quickly get it ready for some stitching without having to fumble around. 


  • Surprisingly lightweight build 
  • Uses two hoops 
  • Storage takes little space 
  • Non-slip plastic 
  • An affordable price tag 


  • Not ideal for quill 
  • Durability is okay at best 

6. LQKYWNA Cross Stitch Stand

We have reached the end of the reviews. And this time, it is a medium-height stand that you can use in various scenarios. But first, let’s talk about the impressive materials that you will find in this product. 

As the primary material, it uses quality solid wood of hard texture. This wood is quite smooth, does not cause abrasions to the fabric, and looks quite sleek. It plays a vital role in durability as well.  

Now, let’s move on to the installation process. This stand is surprisingly easy to set up with the fabric. All you need to do is set the material between the plastic tube and the wooden stick, and voila. 

Another thing that impressed us is the sticker board design, on which you can paste your templates for an easier time looking at the reference. Moreover, there is also a small toolbox where you can store things like brushes. 

When it comes to the dimensions, its base is 21 cm wide, and the embroidery frame’s height is around 47 cm. And using the T frame, you get five positions for height adjustment, ranging from 24.5 cm to 45 cm.  

Furthermore, you can also rotate this stand 360 degrees, which is crucial for an improved experience. This ability reduces the pressure on your spine and makes long sessions much more enjoyable. 


  • Quality hardwood 
  • Installation is effortless 
  • Excellent height adjustability 
  • Rotates any way you want 
  • Contains a toolbox 


  • A bit short for a floor stand 
  • No instructions for set up 

What to Look for While Buying Cross Stitch Stand

The introduction of a stand to your stitching work can make a huge difference. And to maximize its benefits, you need to look out for some things before investing your money. We will try to cover them in a short guide below. 


Since cross-stitching is a long process, you can quickly get tired and weary if you do not use the stand correctly.

Not everyone is of the same height; hence, it would be wise to get a highly adjustable product. That way, you can adjust it to your heart’s content and get the perfect height. 

It might not seem like much, but it makes a massive difference in the long run. So, if you don’t want to face any neck or back pain in the future, then getting an adjustable stand would be wise.

Plus, you can also stitch much more precisely like this, so it is a worthy addition in every way. 

Build Quality

What is the point of getting a stand if it does not have a good build quality?

No one wants something flimsy, especially when you are stitching something on it. So, how do you choose a durable stand? Well, that depends on the material and design.

Try to go for a stand that has hardwood or a high-quality metal build. Yes, these might be a bit more expensive than the other options, but these are the perfect choice if you plan on using them for a long time. 

Suppose you are trying to work on something important, but the stand keeps shaking.

Not only is it very annoying to deal with, but it can also easily ruin what you are working on for so long. That’s why try to look for a stand with a sturdy base. That way, it will not shake too much. 

Plastic options are suitable for small projects. They are relatively cheap and will do the job without any hassle, but you have to be careful with them. That is because the durability can take a hit. 


Unless you are using a small lap stand, try to consider getting an easily foldable option. Since these stands are pretty large, storing them could take up plenty of space. Plus, it can be a pain to move them around too. 

So, if storage is your big concern, try to go for an easily foldable option or a lap stand. Plus, a compact frame will be much easier to travel with too. That is why portability is a significant factor for a lot of people. 

Since these stands will not be standing around in your bedroom, moving the thing around becomes necessary. So, something compact and relatively lightweight can go a long way. 

Support for Frames

As you know, there are different sorts of frames when it comes to stitching. You can find hoops, clip frames, bar frames, scroll frames, and the list will keep going on. Moreover, they can vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Therefore, when buying a stand, you need to check whether the product you are getting will support the frame that you own or are most comfortable with. 

How to Use a Cross Stitch Stand?

Using one of these products sounds quite simple, and for the most part, it is. However, this might get tricky, mainly depending on the product that you own. So, here are some steps that can help you with that process. 

The Assembly

The first step is obvious – setting up the stand. This step can be somewhat relative due to the difference between various lines of products. First, make sure that you have got all the parts connected. 

Your product should come with a manual that can help you with it. Make sure that you have not left anything loose, which can ruin the experience. 

The Frame

The decision of which frame to use is usually upon the user. And you will need to buy most of the frames separately. You could choose hoops, which are inexpensive and have various sizes. 

You can also get scroll frames, which reduce the disadvantages of hoops but are comparatively expensive. There are also easy-clip frames. Regardless of which one you have, set it up to the stand firmly.  

Setting the Fabric Up

This part is crucial in determining how well your project is going to go. Ensuring a tight and balanced fit will mean that you can effortlessly get through the process without the fabric wrinkling. 

Depending on the frame and stand, you might need to stitch the sides, clip them on, or even press them tightly like a hoop. Regardless of the style, make sure it has even pressure. 

Moreover, try to ensure that the fabric is not wrinkled or crumbled by uneven setup or pressure. This bit should get you ready to get stitching.

Final Words

If you were looking for the best cross stitch stand, these products are some of the best that you will manage to find in the market.

They will allow you to have a hands-free experience at a reasonable cost so that you can up your stitching game to the next level. 

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