What Is the Best Size for a Baby Quilt?

A quilt makes for an amazing gift for a newborn baby. In fact, in many cultures, it is a tradition to make or give a quilt to mark the birth of a baby.

In order to choose the best quilt for the newest member of the family, it is important to consider a number of different factors.

Of course, the color and pattern matter, but one major factor to consider is the size. So, “what is the best size for a baby quilt?” Here, in this article, you’ll find all the possible answers.

What Is the Best Size for a Baby Quilt?

Often, the size of the quilt is not given importance, despite the fact that it is equally as important as all the other factors, if not more. So, the best size for a baby quilt is a must to know. And this section will help you with that.

  • For Regular Use

30-inch x 30-inch is a standard size for a quilt intended for regular use. It is used for only a short amount of time though, as the baby eventually outgrows it.

Also, 30-inch x 40-inch is another quilt size for regular use. It is slightly bigger, and thus, it allows for more room for the baby to grow.

Right after birth, the baby measures around 20 inches from crown to heel. So for the newborn, a 20-inch x 30-inch quilt works just fine.

It is important to remember that it is not entirely necessary to strictly stick to standard sizes. It is completely possible to go with whichever one fulfills all kinds of needs, as long as it is a big enough size to gently but completely cover the baby from neck to down.

  • For Crib

A mini crib usually has a 24-inch x 38-inch mattress. So, a quilt for a mini crib is usually a minimum of 28-inch x 42-inch and a maximum of 32-inch x 46-inch.

As for the standard crib mattress, it is usually around 28-inch x 52-inch, so a standard quilt is typically between 34-inch x 56-inch and 40-inch x 64-inch. 

A normally recommended size for a quilt for a crib is 36-inch x 52-inch.

It is necessary to leave a few inches to drop around the mattress all four sides.

  • For Stroller:

Through the years, baby transportation has gone through many changes; all to make any ride as comfortable as possible for the baby. As of late, a stroller has been a great way to go.

A quilt can be used in a stroller to make the ride even more comfortable for the baby. A quilt for a stroller can be of different sizes, from around 30-inch x 35-inch up to 34-inch x 42-inch.

  • For Playmat:

In terms of size, any quilt larger than 36 inches on all sides can be used as a playmat. Simply lay it out down on the ground and allow the baby to move around and play on it.

  • For Comfort:

Any small quilt can be used as a piece of comfort cloth for the baby.

Even any quilt sized between 10-inch x 10-inch and 12-inch x 12-inch works as a lovey or a tag item. Leave it with the baby to create a bond of comfort.

As a security item, find a quilt around 14-inch x 17-inch, 18-inch x 26-inch, or 24-inch x 24-inch. Allow the baby to hold it for a sense of security.

  • For Receiving:

A receiving quilt is the first piece of fabric used to dry and warm the baby immediately after birth. 

It is also great for multiple tasks in various stages of childhood. It can be used as a swaddle cloth or burp cloth, as a clean space to change diapers and more.

A 36-inch x 36-inch quilt or a 40-inch x 40-inch quilt makes for a great receiving quilt. 

It is also possible to customize the size of a receiving quilt. Just make sure it is appropriately thin and square-shaped.


A large number of childhood memories are associated with a baby quilt. So, there is an obvious emotional attachment involved with a baby quilt.

All the hard work put into every stitch when making the quilt, all the excitement and confusion felt when choosing the quilt, all the emotions caused by the events when using the quilt, all of it is special.

And so, it is important to consider every factor to know what the best size for a baby quilt is. Learn about all the details and get only the very best.

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