Best Serger Thread: Top 8 Threads in 2023

Is sewing not satisfactory enough for you with regular threads?

Well, you are not the only one; the finishing of seams requires considerable strength to hold the fabric together. And most times, using regular thread does not provide uniformity or consistency.

However, purchasing and choosing the best serger thread can improve the quality of your sewing significantly.

More importantly, superior threads evade dust settling and avoid a frizzy mass of hair and fiber, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

If you are an avid seamstress or sewist, there is a vital aspect of the serger thread you are most familiar with. That is these threads exhibit firm outcomes with optimal flexibility for your utter convenience.

8 Best Serger Thread

It is essential to utilize various spools of threads to ensure that every serger project, including stitching, flat locking, embroidery, and overlocking, displays a long-lasting effect.

Most importantly, this article assists in finding the best options available for you. As a result, you no longer need to bother about the hassle associated with searching for the ideal product.

1. Simthread 63 Brother Colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

Are you one of those avid sewists who primarily focuses on versatility? In truth, that’s an indispensable aspect of an exemplary execution. As it happens, the product in question offers a whopping 63 reels of thread. 

Besides, a chart is available for you to choose from the range of colors and match according to your fabric.

Subsequently, each colored spool has a length of 550 yards. Thus, incorporating a polyester’s construction material, the 40-wt top-grade spool of threads is perfect to use for an embroidery machine. As for additional support, the kit includes Bobbins, a stabilizer, and thread nets.

On top of that, the inclusion of Trilobal Polyester embroidery thread maintains increased tensile strength. In that case, the stitches on your fabric will remain strong and durable at all costs. Moreover, the high-sheen fiber guarantees an incomparable shine on your fabric.

The brand comes with an experience of 20 years, and to top that off, they provide high-quality yarns that preserve the color within the fibers. Not only are the spools resilient, but they also highlight remarkable resistance to color fading.

 After the completion of your project, you can rough-use the fabric without any worry. 


  • Made of Trilobal Polyester
  • Contains 63-spools
  • 550 yards long
  • Resistance to fading
  • Long-lasting threads


  • Box containing the spools is too small
  • Quality may differ with each thread spindle 

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2. IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards

Have you been working on large-scale projects? And as a professional quilter, don’t you want the finest quality threading on your textile? Coincidentally, this product ensures just that with the added benefit of an incredibly lengthy string. As it happens, each spool has a length of 6000 yards.

Furthermore, there are no limitations when it comes to this product. If anything, you can use the threads for hemstitch, lockstitch, weaving, overlocking, and many more. The spools are especially ideal for serger and embroidery works and are compatible with most of the embroidery machines available. 

On another note, this all-purpose thread ensures consistent, durable quality in all the 4-spools included in the kit.

The smooth and strong texture promotes threading that does not break or fray at the very least. Each spool consists of a 4.5cm by 11.2cm size, making sure your spools will last long.

If you are partaking in a profit-oriented business, then these spools are perfect for you. Additionally, the thread’s pride is that it comes with no cut-ends, which significantly reduces the chance of breakage. 


  • Consists of 4 large spools
  • Does not require rethreading
  • Overall 24000 yards length
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Compatible with various machine and serger


  • Inconsistent amount of thread per spool
  • Susceptible to lint and dust build

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3. New brothread 40 Brother Colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

Did you recently start using serger machines? Then you are familiar with how effortlessly this machine operates. As for this product, the 40WT of each spool and 500m long thread feature will fit well with your sewing machine and result in harmonious stitches.

If you are a keen practitioner of intricate and fashionable embroidery, then this particular feature will urge you towards this option.

In fact, this kit consists of 40 different colors of the spool. And for your convenience, it also includes a color chart to coordinate with your embroidery machine.

Are you familiar with threads that turn defective if the tension in the string slightly increases? In that case, the fiber includes increased resistance to looping and puckering in the event of tightening the thread. The reason behind this phenomenon is that the string contains maximum tensile strength and elasticity.

Regarding the thread’s colorfastness aspect, you will find that the fibers will exhibit the original color at all times.

This characteristic is due to the fiber’s construction material, which maintains a resistant property that withstands laundering, bleaching, and chemically induced processes. 


  • 500-meter long thread
  • 40 different colors
  • Flexible fibers
  • Superior colorfastness
  • Used for various stitches


  • Tensile strength is too high
  • Spools are not big enough

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4. Mandala Crafts All Purpose Sewing Thread

Nothing is as important as the composition of fibers when it comes to purchasing threads. This quality determines the ability of the filaments to withstand hardwearing activity.

In the case of this option, the polyester-composed material prevents your stitching from entanglement and twisting, and looping.

Predominantly, the non-stretchable and industrial strength in the thread assures you of high-quality functionality and resilience. Aside from that, the fiber completely avoids the accumulation of lint and dust on its surface for proper usability.

Above all, the versatility of a thread also depends on the fiber’s potential in the case of stitching and seaming.

For that, this spool box is quintessential for sewing and hemming, quilting, stitching upholstery seams, and many more. In fact, these threads are suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes.

The spools are 24,000 yards long, ensuring a broad supply of threads. To top it all, the 40wt per spool feature also accounts for satisfactory outcomes in the case of both hand and machinery needlework.


  • Composed of 100% polyester
  • Can use it for various purposes
  • Total length is 24,000 yards
  • Prevents puckering and knots
  • Perfect for residential and commercial usage


  • Rough quality weave
  • Prone to breakage

5. 4 Pack of 6000 Yard Each Spool (White) Sewing Thread

You may wonder why polyester is so famous for the material used in the making of the best serger threads. No other material offers as much durability and elasticity as 100% polyester. Regarding this product, you have permission to utilize all the benefits associated with polyester, including high tenacity. 

Furthermore, this spindle of fiber is compatible with a range of embroidery machines and sergers. On top of that, per spool consists of a length of 6000 yards.

This attribute gives you the liberty to operate without worrying about running out soon. You can also use the threads for hand sewing. 

In contrast to naturally made threads, the colorfastness of this option is undoubtedly substantial. So if you are going to put your fabric through physical and chemical treatment, you cannot stitch with something susceptible to decolorizing or fading. The thread avoids this situation at all costs.

Alternatively, the kit comprises 4-spools. On a different note, the fibers resist the settlement of lint on the surface of the thread. And if you fear using your machine at high speed, fret not; the strings hold out against breaking.


  • Great colorfastness
  • 6000-yards of each spool
  • Not adhesive towards lint
  • Prevents breakage
  • Made of Polyester


  • Vulnerable to tangles and knots
  • Not properly spun

6. ilauke 12 X 1500M Overlock Sewing Thread

Are you associated with large-scale commercial projects? If that’s the case, sometimes you may find ideal options in terms of quality; however, they may lack the quantity aspect. Thereby, this option allows you to have a total of 18,000 yards of thread, each with a length of 1500 meters.

Conversely, the 12-spool included in the kit encompasses fibers made out of 100% spun polyester. As for the stitching, this material makes you confident your threads have a high damage tolerance along with increased sturdiness and durability. 

Compromising on the robust characteristic is not an option for this brand.

On the other hand, the spool of thread can operate on diverse tasks such as quilting, weaving, upholstery seaming, garments making, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to utilize this thread on fabric that requires hand sewing, then you have the liberty to do so.

Other than that, each spool in the kit consists of a different color. More importantly, the included spools come in a broad spectrum of rainbow colors. The polyester core in the thread guarantees greater strength with size.


  • Contains 18000 yards of thread
  • Includes 12-rainbow colored spools
  • Highlights high tenacity
  • Used for multiple stitching type
  • Optimal for commercial use


  • Thread continuously breaks
  • Thread gets fuzzy

7. 6-Pack of 6000 Yards (Each) White & Black Serger Cone Thread

Have you had the misfortune of buying a flimsy spindle of thread that damaged your work instead? You are not the only one cursed with such luck. As for this option, compatibility holds the greatest priority. Hence, this product allows you to do needlework such as seaming, quilting, hemming, and weaving.

Similarly, it is imperative to purchase threads that compliment your machine. In the case of this choice, the cone-shaped thread holder is ideal for serger machines.

If anything, you can also make use of this thread on embroidery machines. Reportedly, the yarn is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

In particular, the incorporation of filament polyester as the construction material bodes well with the users.

This material’s remarkable ability is to exhibit maximum elongation with the added benefit of texture that does not pile up lint and dust.

You can easily use the threads on fabric, including cotton, flannel, curtains, bedspread, canvas, and many more. Subsequently, the production company supplies 6-cylinder of affordable thread on a box, half of them black and the rest white. Each thread spool assimilates 6000-yards of length. 


  • Made of 100% filament polyester
  • Used for a variety of threadwork
  • Can use it for various machines
  • Compatible with numerous fabric
  • 6-spool of 6000-yards


  • Subject to fraying
  • Spools too big

8. 4 Large Cones (3000 Yards Each) of Polyester Threads from Threadnanny

Does your serger operate at maximum speed? Do you find yourself worrying whether this will break the threads in action?

No need to stress since this thread spool permits you to access premium quality fibers that avert any breakage associated with thread work.

Each cone has a dimension of 5 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches, which is more than adequate for extensive purposes. Additionally, the 4-spool of thread comes with a substantial range of length. In fact, each spool stretches up to 3000 yards in length.

Other than that, the polyester material establishes a durable and unchangeable texture that stands firm against discoloration and disintegration.

Moreover, the filament polyester material ensures high tenacity and elasticity in the case of stretching the thread. The lint build-up is minimal for this choice. 

If you like working at home and require thread with unlimited strength and quantity, this is the option. On the other hand, this product is also ideal for commercial work. This exclusive-quality thread encourages you to work on plenty of needlework, including hemming and seaming.


  • Large cones of thread
  • Total 12,000 yards long length
  • Does not accumulate dust
  • Includes polyester in the construction material
  • High tensile strength 


  • Thread gets clustered
  • Flimsy material

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Serger Thread

The bottom line is, when you are going to purchase serger threads, you must have proficient knowledge about the features that are compatible with your wants.

If you commence buying your product with a blank slate, you will only waste your money with a resulting factor of an unsatisfactory outcome.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to features that you need to get acquainted with.

Construction Material

When it comes to the range of material used for thread, there is no end to it. Some materials exist that are prone to faster wear-down. Others are just too expensive if you are planning to buy in bulk. The uniformity and smoothness also depend on the composition of the thread.

But among all the choices, the most popular option is polyester. Why is it so popular, you may ask? The answer is simple.

No other material comprises as much strength and stability at such an affordable price. With the added benefit of high tensile strength, a polyester thread spool may be what you require. 

Color Versatility

Who knows what color of fabric you are going to work on except for you. Regarding the color of threads, most of you may have difficulty finding the right color that matches your textile.

Black and white is an option for many since it’s adaptable to all fabrics, but a wide range of color availability is also convenient. 

Paying close attention to this feature will significantly reduce your trouble of buying spools repeatedly due to color mismatch.


This feature holds great importance when purchasing since it tests your thread’s ability to resist the fading of color from prolonged exposure to sun and water.

If you do not want threads that are susceptible to fabric damage due to the running of color, then make sure your option has a superior colorfastness potential.

Most importantly, this attribute gives you the liberty to freely wash the fabric, bleach them, or even use chemicals for relevant reasons.

Length of the Thread

How long should the threads be for perfect functionality? There is no definite answer to this question. As a matter of fact, this characteristic mostly depends on your preference. If you work from home and take on small-scale projects, you do not need extra length on the thread spool.

On the other hand, if you are working on a large-scale project. And you require spools for commercial usage, then you need a length that never runs out, which is not possible.

However, there are options available that make certain you have access to an incredibly lengthy yard of yarn. 

Additional Items

What could be more satisfying than additional tools included in the kit? The inclusion of extra equipment always manages to provide users with maximum convenience and comfort.

There is no doubt; you need quite a lot of support for proper usability as for the needlework. So in case you have the assistance of a bobbin or stabilizer, you will acquire threadwork that is not prone to knots and tangles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does thread spool go bad?

If you are thinking about the expiration date, rest assured that there is no designated date assigned to your thread. However, nothing lasts forever, and even fibers are subject to degradation and breakage.

How to avoid the looping of threads?

It is quite simple; you need to tighten your thread or correct each stitch’s length. Both of the factors are important to avoid looping of strings.  

What does a stabilizer do?

Fabric such as woven and knitwear is susceptible to puckering, which means the fabric is lightly knit and needs a little space to breathe.

In such cases, a little help from the stabilizer will reduce the possibility of puckering significantly.

Why does my thread break?

If you have purchased a product that guarantees no breakage in threading, you need to consider and improve the process of sewing. That means, modify the tension in your thread or modify any irregularity in your machine.

What is the reason behind the stoppage of wooden spools?

Wooden spools may be environmentally more sustainable, but it is a rather expensive option for a thread spool. 

Final Words

Finally, this article reaches its destination. You may have the best serger sitting at your home.

But to operate that machine, you require the best serger thread for flawless performance. Without any delay, choose your most desirable option and go for the purchase.

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