Best Double Pointed Knitting Needles: Top Picks in 2023

When we first took a look at double-pointed needles, we were pretty much intimidated by them.

That is why we stood clear from them but little did we know what we were missing out on. Trust us; we struggled a lot in the case of carrying out round projects, such as knitting hats and sleeves.

But once we get our hands on the best double pointed knitting needles, those tasks become a piece of cake for us.

These usually come in a set of four or five. And for that reason, it was possible to track at least eight different points at once. As a result, we even enjoyed a significant increase in the knitting repertoire.

8 Best Double Pointed Knitting Needles

The double-pointed knitting needles might look intimidating at first, but once you decide to get one of these, you will be baffled by the number of available options. We have had a tough time choosing one, and we certainly do not want you to have the same experience.

1. Z-COLOR 11 Sizes 55Pcs 7.9″

One thing that we learned throughout using these is that you can never have too much of these. And getting a load in one package is way better than purchasing all of them separately. Well, that is exactly what Z-COLOR is offering here.

As the label states, this one comes in a set of 55 pieces. And there are a total of 11 different sets in terms of sizes. Each of the sets has a separate package and labeling on top, which will make it easier to handle them around.

The units are of high-quality material as well. Thanks to utilizing heavy-duty stainless steel, these achieve a higher level of durability. They are going to last for a long time without showing any sort of issues.

Other than the build quality, the tips of these have precise tapering. And for the precise overall design, these should make the stitching tasks easier.


  • Comes in a set of 55
  • There are 11 different sizes
  • Each of the sets is individually packaged
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Features the right amount of tapering


  • Some of the units are a bit dull
  • Coated with a weird oil

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2. RELIAN 75 Pcs Bamboo Set

Having 11 different sizes might not be enough for you. Well, if that is the case for you, have a look at what RELIAN is offering here.

First of all, it comes in a package of 75 pieces. And there are 15 different sets. Each of them has a different size. The pack will also include four pieces of point protectors. Those are going to come in handy during different knitting tasks.

The overall construction of the units is of high-quality bamboo. That is why they are reasonably sturdy. Also, thanks to the carbonized nature of the material, these are not going to have splinters. Instead, they will have a smooth body.

Apart from that, the sizes are clearly labeled. So, you will not get confused while handling them. Also, as they are pretty light in weight, it will be easy to maneuver them around. These are also resistant to static reactions, which will ensure that the knitting process goes smooth.


  • Comes in a pack of 75 pieces
  • Includes four point protectors
  • Constructed of high-quality bamboo
  • Does not have splinters
  • Light in weight


  • Thin ones are a bit fragile
  • Some of the units might have blunted points

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3. Knitter’s Pride-Zing Socks Kit

Even though most of the brands are offering loads of units, you might not need all of them for the project that you are carrying. Well, in that case, you need to check out what Knitter’s Pride is offering here.

To start with, it comes in a set of six pairs of needles. The pairs have different sizes, and the labels are clearly marked on each of the pairs. Also, each of the sets has a different color, which will ensure that you do mix them up.

Apart from that, the sets will ship in a fabric case. This case will eliminate the hassle of storing the units around. The overall construction of the units is reasonably praiseworthy. They are fairly durable and sturdy.

Alongside that, the tapering one the units is perfect. This perfect tapering will make sure that you can do all of the knitting tasks without facing any problems. Also, these are pretty light in weight and easier to handle.


  • Ships in a pair of six
  • Each of the pairs has a distinct color
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Light in weight
  • Reasonably durable


  • Points get dull reasonably fast
  • Some of the units are reasonably small in size

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4. Exquiss 18 Pairs

While there are many brands offering bamboo double pointed needles in the market, there are only a few that are durable. And this package offered by Exquiss is one of those few.

Unlike some of the other bamboo units, these are of carbonized bamboo. This nature of the material makes these achieve a higher level of durability. Also, the body is smooth and does not have any splinters on the surface.

Other than the construction material, the package ships with 75 different pieces. There are 18 different pairs, and each of the pairs is different in size. For having so many different sizes, handling different knitting tasks should be an easy task.

On that note, each of the pairs has a clear marking on the body. That will eliminate the chances of you getting confused with the sizes while working. Also, the tapering on the units is in the right amount.


  • Made of carbonized bamboo 
  • Body is smooth
  • Comes in a pack of 75 different pieces
  • There are a total of 18 different sizes
  • Each of the units has the size labeling on the body


  • Some of the units have a circular edge
  • Thin ones are not that durable

5. CJESLNA 15sizes

One of the things that most of the brands are going to do is make the thinner units a bit small in size. But that is definitely not the case for this package that is from CJESLNA.

First of all, the package that will ship to you will have 15 different sizes. There are 75 needles in the package, and each of them will be six inches long. For having a consistent length, it will be pretty easy to maneuver them around with fabrics.

Other than that, the units have a good amount of polishing on them. This polishing will give the needles an exquisite look. Also, the body of the sticks has a smooth finishing. There is no barb, nor are there any splinters on the body.

Talking of which, each of the units will have the size engraved on the body. And as the labeling is pretty clear, the chances of you getting confused while handling them will be pretty slim.


  • Pack contains a total of 75 needles 
  • Each of the set is different in terms of size
  • Sets are all 6 inches in length
  • Has smooth body
  • Features a good polishing on the exterior


  • Does not ship with reusable packages
  • Marking fades away reasonably fast

6. CLOVER Takumi 5-Inch

You might not be looking for a package that has so many needles inside. Instead, what you might be searching for is something that includes a single size. Well, in that case, you should check this offering out.

To start with, the brand offers this in 10 different sizes. Each of the packages will contain 5 pieces of the size you are going to choose. And the good thing about the packages is that they are reusable, which means you can store the units inside them.

As the overall construction is of high-quality bamboo, there will not be much to worry about the durability. Also, the body of the units is reasonably smooth. There is no jaggedness, nor are there any splinters.

In addition to that, the units have the right amount of tapering on edge. This will ensure that you can drive them properly through the fabrics. Also, the units are reasonably sturdy. 


  • Available in 10 different sizes
  • Each pack contains 5 needles
  • Features a construction of high-quality bamboo
  • Does not have any jaggedness
  • Has the right amount of tapering


  • Does not have any marking on the needles
  • Might be a bit short for some applications

7. Yansanido Mini Size 5 Sets

On the lookout for mini needles for a specific type of project? Well, you will not have to look any further because Yansanido is offering what you were looking for all this time!

As we have mentioned, the needles have a mini size. They are each five inches in length. This specific size will make it easier to work with a delicate project that requires a higher amount of precision.

Other than the size, the pack you are going to receive will contain 55 pieces. And in terms of diameter, there are 11 different sets. For having this much amount of different-sized needles, working with different projects will be fairly easy.

The needles have the diameter labeled on the body. As a result, storing them in an organized manner will be pretty easy. And as they are of high-quality bamboo, these are going to last for a long amount of time.


  • Needles are 5 inches in length
  • Comes in a set of 11
  • There are a total of 55 needles
  • Each of the units has the diameter labeled on the body
  • Made of good quality bamboo


  • Some of the units do not have the marking on them
  • Does not have a smooth finishing

8. Knitter’s Pride Basix

The brand Knitter’s Pride seems to have a good lineup of high-performance needles to offer to the market. And this offering from them is not an exception in that regard.

The first thing that makes this set stand out is the overall construction. Here, the brand has opted for high-quality birch wood, which is highly resistant to breakage. So, you can expect to get extended use out of these.

On that note, the pack contains needles that are eight inches long. That size makes these units ideal for most heavy-weight projects. Also, as these are light in weight, handling these around different fabrics will be pretty easy.

Alongside that, as you are going to get five double-pointed needles with the pack, it will be possible to keep track of ten different points. Also, the points have a good amount of tapering, which will make the stitching tasks easier.


  • Made of high-quality birch wood
  • Resistant to breakage
  • Comes in a pack of five
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Has a good amount of tapering


  • Packaging is not reusable
  • Does not have good polishing on the exterior

Buying Guide for Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Before you decide to make a purchase decision, there are a couple of things that must be in your consideration. By keeping those in your mind, the chances of you ending up with something that is high-performance and worthy of every penny will be high. That being said, the factors we are referring to here are:

  • Build Quality

The first thing that must be in your consideration is the build quality. Not all of the brands are going to opt for the same material.

Some will opt for stainless steel, while some will go for wood or bamboo. No matter what the material is, make sure that they are high in quality.

If the material is not high in quality, the overall durability level will not be that high. Without having a high durability level, these are not going to last for a long amount of time. And you would not want to purchase a new set after using each for a week, would you?

  • Tapering

This is one of the important things that should be in your consideration. Without having the right amount of tapering on the points, it will be pretty hard for you to drag them through the fabric.

And without being able to properly drag them through the fabric, doing proper stitching will be pretty much impossible.

  • Sizes

Another thing that you should consider is the size. Some of the brands are going to offer a set of 75 or many that will include a large number of sets of different sizes.

Those are a great pick if you want to have needles of different sizes and different dimensions in your arsenal.

However, if you are looking for a specific size and dimension, we would recommend opting for the packages that offer exactly them.

That will let you save a bit of money and save you from the hassle of storing a large number of needles.

  • Labeling

The labeling is something that you should not forget if you are picking a package that comes with a large number of needles.

Without having the labeling, you are sure to get confused about the size and the dimensions while you are working on them. For that reason, consider the labeling and make sure that they are clear.

  • Smoothness

Aside from the labeling, you need to check the overall smoothness of the units. This is something most of the brands are going to skimp on.

However, having smooth needles is pretty important. If the body has splinters or has a bit of jagged finishing, it will be hard to drag them through the fabrics.

  • Points

The needles that have dull points are pretty much useless. They are not that easy to drag through the fabric. Also, they are hard to work with as well.

Considering that, we would highly recommend checking the points of the units. Make sure that they are pointy enough but not too pointy.

  • Polishing

Last but not least, consider polishing. This will basically make the needles look good. Also, the polishing can help in the case of extending the overall lifespan of the units. So, keep this one in your consideration.

How to Switch to Double Pointed Needles?

As we have mentioned above, these do seem a bit intimidating at first. But once you get used to it, you will notice what you were missing out on. Nevertheless, the easiest way to transfer to them would be to follow one by one method.

Here, you first need to count the number of stitches for the circular needle. Let us consider 84 stitches as an example.

Keep this number in mind, and then divide it by the total number of double-pointed needles you are planning to handle. We are taking three double-pointed ones, so our number would finally be 28.

After that, pick up and transfer the 28 stitches from the circular to the double-pointed ones. Follow the same procedure for each of the three needles.

Ensure that you are picking the stitches like you are to purl. This will make sure that the stitches do not get twisted.

Once all of the units are in place, take one extra double-pointed needle and start knitting!

Final Words

As you can clearly see, getting the best double-pointed knitting needles is not a hard task at all. All you need to do is know about the important points and have proper knowledge about the brands that are offering them. And hopefully, you were able to gain both through this article.

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