Best Mouse for CAD 2023 – Enhance Your 3D Modeling

For designers, using the best mouse for CAD is highly imperative. A mouse is a commonly used peripheral device in computers; therefore, purchasing one entails careful selection. With the right mouse, designers can secure their comfort all through the grueling eight hours of work time.

When choosing a mouse for drafting, consider looking for an excellent hardware that offers portability, precision, programmability, and comfort. By doing so, not only will you spare yourself from hand discomfort, but you will also experience greater productivity.

Selecting the right mouse also means ensuring that the product perfectly fits your needs. In this article, we will discuss the ten best mice for AutoCAD from a number of popular brands. This review will assist in your purchasing decision, ensuring that the product perfectly fits your needs.

Our Best Mouse for AutoCAD 3D Modeling

Here are our top choices for the best mice for CAD. Let’s uncover what sets them apart from all other products.

1. TeckNet Classic 2.4G Portable Optical Wireless Mouse with USB Nano Receiver

The ergonomically crafted design feels normal in either hand and provides a more pleasurable experience than a touch-cushion. Intuitive button placement, comfort-grip side zones, and a tactile scroll wheel are combined to ensure ease of use and decrease the weakness that is generally associated with the use of the cursor.

Moreover, the ultra-low friction underside quickly stretches over almost every surface to hold you in control of every click and scroll. To improve the accuracy and control of the cursor, the M002 is designed to integrate the Tru-Wave motion sensor.

The M002 is designed to integrate the Tru-Wave motion sensor. Tru-Wave allows the mouse to be used on nearly every surface, including simple surfaces, such as glass.

Smart rest mode helps minimize power consumption by allowing you to prop up for more. As a matter of fact, the mouse can be utilized for a year and a half using only one AA battery. There’s a convenient marker light to tell you when it’s almost time to switch the battery.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Has an auto power on and off switch that helps to save power
  • Boasts an LED light that indicates when the charge is running low
  • Convenient to use when browsing websites or scanning documents
  • Can be used in gaming or performing daily work


  • The package or box does not include the battery

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2. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

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Trackball mice require less wrist movement compared to traditional mice, and they track the motion of the built-in ball rather than the mouse’s action as a whole.

With the Logitech M570, you can use your computer for a considerable amount of time. The trackball mouse enables you to unmistakably explore highlights with minor wrist movement, and appreciate the long-lasting relief through the carved form that protects your hand curves.

This trackball mouse features a scroll wheel, as well as forward and back buttons for easy control of computer functions. The mouse’s engraved form underpins your palm, allowing you to remain relaxed for more extended periods.

Also, the M570 is sufficiently small; therefore, it’s a superior compact alternative. It is constructed using molded plastic with a divot for a finger to place on. Also, this mouse is wrapped in a sleek, hard plastic.

This variant is said to have a cohesive receiver and redesigned thumb configuration, which makes it the most recent trackball on the market. Logitech promises a battery response lasting for a year and a half using a single AA battery. Furthermore, chromebook vs laptop, you name it, this mouse operates on a wide range of computers.


  • Easier and lighter to use compared to the conventional mouse
  • Has adjustable buttons
  • The shape of the mouse provides comfort and prevents the occurrence of wrist pain
  • Convenient device to have for limited spaces
  • Excellent for people looking for an ergonomic input device


  • Quite bulky
  • Wears out easily

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3. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common complaints that millions of office workers typically have. If you are someone who requires doing long hours of work in front of your computers, it would be essential to ensure that the mouse you are using does not put stress on your arms and wrist.

Normally, when using a mouse, the wrist is positioned palm down. Because of this, the bones in the forearm stiffen. With Anker 2.4G Vertical Ergonomic, such a problem can be resolved.

Due to the vertical position of the mouse, it is easy to have the armrests in an anatomical point. This helps you work all day without getting tired and without feeling any wrist pain.

It may take a while to get used to the Anker 2.4G. Nevertheless, the adjustments will greatly benefit your health. The features of this mouse include a 1,000/1,600 DPI resolution, and back and forward buttons. These buttons make browsing so much easier.

However, the Anker Wireless comes with a drawback. It is not wireless. Nonetheless, with its USB cable, that is 4.9 ft. long, this mouse offers lots of slack and will not interfere with the tasks you need to accomplish.

This ergonomic optical mouse is a great investment due to its design that helps alleviate wrist pains. Moreover, if you encounter any problem with your Anker 2.4G, the Anker support team is ready to provide a solution.


  • Helps reduce and prevent wrist pain
  • Its back and forward buttons make browsing easy
  • Has a 4.9-ft USB cable
  • 1,000/1,600 DPI resolution


  • Not wireless
  • The user will take time to adjust and learn

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4. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The DeathAdder Elite highlights Razer’s most outstanding optical sensor. Just like the exceptional ergonomics that the top sports experts depend on, so you’ll have unparalleled accuracy and pace to navigate the field.

Also, the neurotransmitter of Razer controls the DeathAdder. With this cursor, you can adapt your gaming presence to programmable buttons and customize your style to over 16.8 million colors. That’s why it’s included in so many gaming mouse reviews.

The Razer Elite Gaming Mouse is the equivalent of an excellent and ergonomic system that we know and love. While it is recognized as a gaming mouse, its simple, convincing plan makes it fair for a customer. The most significant thump against the Elite is that it’s only open to right-handed clients.

Also, the DeathAdder Elite has a total of seven configurable “HyperSense” buttons that you can direct to use for almost anything.

This gaming mouse sticks with its time-tested optical concept. It’s got an incredible sensor, and although it doesn’t have a sharpshooter button that can make it easier to concentrate on your target quickly, it’s more than accurate to fly for FPS titles like Battlefield V.


  • Durable and solid structure
  • Perfect illumination
  • 16,000 DPI
  • 5G sensor


  • Covered RGB lighting during usage
  • Does not have on-board memory for quick profile switch

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5. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

If there is a mouse perfectly designed for multitaskers, it would be the Logitech MX Master 2S. This product is equipped with innovative features that make it an enjoyable peripheral device for multiple Windows PCs and Macs users.

This wireless mouse allows copying and pasting of images, documents, and texts, thereby speeding the flow of work.

Logitech MX measures 3.4x5x 2 inches, and the mouse is designed in a way that it fits right-handed people with average-sized hands. The mouse works perfectly on all types of surfaces and wakes instantly from sleep. It provides a visual indication of the battery level through the three green LEDs.

The battery life of this mouse has been enhanced from 40 to 70 days. According to Logitech, a three-minute charging of the battery can make the mouse run for a whole day. It has a micro-USB port that allows you to recharge while in the process of using it.

Logitech MX has seven buttons and two scroll wheels. The buttons have adjustable functions for volume control, left click, zoom, and brightness control. Moreover, you can unlock the full potential of this peripheral device by downloading and installing the Logitech Options software.


  • Functions perfectly in all kinds of surfaces, even glass
  • Long battery life (70 days)
  • Has a micro-USB that enables recharging while using it
  • Provides exceptional control, comfort, and precision
  • Can function using multiple computers


  • Left-handed people will find this mouse uncomfortable to use

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6. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Hailed as one of the best gaming mice, the G600 MMO has programmable buttons and is worth its price.

What makes this mouse distinguishable from other mice in the market is the set of 12 keys plotted to the keyboard’s number row. This allows you to utilize the mouse for most of the spellcasting.

What sets Logitech G600 apart from other gaming mice is the extra three buttons. Aside from the 12 buttons situated at the right portion of the mouse, the mouse also has the right and left mouse buttons, and an additional button situated just right under where the pinky rests.

In practice, the extra buttons are very convenient when you spend some time using the app, although this may be frustrating to learn. On a mouse, which attempts to add additional buttons on every available surface, finding places where the user can actually click them conveniently is difficult.

Logitech has the other big advantage, which is evident upon customizing G600 apps. It offers a lot of customization options, which greatly enhance the device. The functionality of the G600 does not entirely suit the function of the Razer Synapse but is significantly narrower and easier to use.


  • Buttons are good for over 20 million clicks
  • Comfy design
  • Extremely customizable
  • 8200 DPI sensor


  • Difficult to reach the buttons easily
  • Side buttons can be tricky to navigate
  • Designed only for right-handed individuals

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7. Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball Mouse

Trackballs are commonly suggested as an ergonomic option for mouse sufferers. The Kensington Expert, with its scroll wheel, extra-enormous ball, as well as programmable buttons, is often held up by the importance of trackball.

This wireless mouse is the best finger-worked trackball because of its smooth and responsive ball. The structure is pleasing to both right-handed and left-handed individuals, and its four buttons are easy to rework with Kensington’s product.

It connects with either a Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, and its AA batteries offer an extended battery life.

The 55 mm ball of the mouse moves quickly, and its enormous size makes it easier to move your cursor across multiple screens.

Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball is accompanied by a detachable, delicate padding wrist rest. This takes into account the required hand position for some individuals, depending on their work area and seat arrangement. Thus, you don’t need to buy additional wrist rests for mouse.

Its finger-operated trackballs work for both right and left-handed individuals and empower better wrist action, making them easier to use.


  • Excellent for individuals with big hands
  • Designed for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Comfortable to use
  • Helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Better ergonomics
  • Wrist pad helps to prevent numbness
  • Great orthopedic substitute to traditional mice


  • Not ideal for users with small hands
  • Tight scroll wheel

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8. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700028 SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

The SpaceNavigator is a powerful gadget. Its base is substantial and allows you to lay firmly on your work area when you control the top zone, which looks like a fat, squat joystick.

With 3Dconnexion mouse, you can control the tilt, zoom, rotate, and almost all other functions. This control is accompanied by a precarious expectation of learning and adaptation.

The controller separates and contorts the handle from side to side, sliding it evenly. This can be confusing as you learn it. Nevertheless, you can slow down the response speed of the controller if you are not comfortable with the controls.

Other potential downside of the mouse is the up/down and zooming functions. These activities can be controlled either by dragging forward/backward slides or by dragging the controller all over. You decide which course you want to monitor.

Despite the joystick control on the top, there are two custom buttons on the controller. You can set both of these buttons using console macros, which is exceptionally convenient if you are using applications for 3D modeling and end up using similar console commands continuously.

The SpaceNavigator is easy to set up on both Windows and Macintosh PCs. Further, its Configuration Wizard completes the setup procedure with an intuitive instruction exercise on the use of the device. This mouse is perfect for a wide range of other 3D applications, particularly for Windows users.


  • Exceptional tool for CAD users
  • Ideal for 3D applications
  • Great application control
  • Space-saving


  • Difficult to use programmable function keys

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9. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700040 SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse

For individuals who have not encountered the SpaceMouse 3D interface gadget line, the controllers give clients the full opportunity to move around the advanced 3D world.

The 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) protected SpaceMouse Pro Wireless sensor allows you to push, pull, bend, and tilt the controller to zoom, pan, and rotate your perspective, just like control geometry. There are 15 programmable keys, along with the sensor.

With the smaller 3Dconnexion 3DX-700040, there are only two programmable buttons. In any case, except if you need to overwrite console modifiers or QuickView keys, there are only four additional buttons available.

The rotation toggle key switches off the functions of 3D model rotation when you only need the zoom and pan navigation. It has intelligent function keys that recognizes the application and designates the right commands to the four keys.

This mouse has a convenient On-Screen Display that offers visual support. Using 3Dconnexion to explore assemblies and models is generally smooth and simple.

Sadly, there’s only one small provision. If you lay your hand on the controller, the minimal pressure will change your perspective, and even well-adjusted users will sometimes be lost.


  • Smooth software user interface
  • 2-month battery life
  • Superb function and form
  • Easy navigation
  • Shortcut buttons are perfect for CAD users


  • Quite bulky

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10. Lexip Pu94 Spacemouse

The Pu94 Spacemouse by Lexip possesses RGB lighting, six programmable buttons, a laser sensor, as well as no-slip side brackets. Moreover, this mouse has a pair of joysticks that makes it distinct from the rest.

Lexip Pu94 is used for gaming, but its beginning originates from the previous version of this mouse designed for 3D modeling work and CAD. Its two joysticks allow the user to control 3D objects without utilizing the keyboard or having to click and drag using the mouse. Also, if you’re learning AutoCad online for free, you’ll certainly appreciate this beast.

The mouse is lightweight and made from materials of high quality. Its palm rest, as well as the left and right mouse buttons, delivers a sensitive, eye-catching touch, and an elastic cover protects the side holders.

Pu94 Spacemouse has the usual six-button mouse interface. At the top of the mouse are left and right buttons, a clickable scroll wheel as well as the Lexip button behind that scroll wheel. You can adjust your mouse using the free Lexip Control Panel app.


  • High-quality cover
  • Sensitivity settings for the joystick and the sensor
  • Ensures comfortable grip
  • Highly innovative
  • Ceramic glides that work best on surfaces such as fabric 


  • Not fit for users with small-sized hand

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What to Look for Before Buying?

Before purchasing the best mouse for 3D modeling, there are various things you need to consider. Ultimately, you will want a mouse that is user-friendly and provides the best comfort.

If you are someone who uses the mouse most of the time, it is essential to choose a mouse that will prevent damage to your fingers and wrists. For many users, a standard mouse does a perfect job. However, for specific tasks, it is imperative to look for a specially designed mouse.

Corded vs. Wireless

The first thing to consider before purchasing the best mouse for solidworks is whether or not to get a corded mouse or a wireless one. A wireless mouse saves you from the risk of having a tangled cord.

However, this also exposes you to the possibility of running out of batteries. Nevertheless, there are wireless mice that have charging docks. Hence, there is no need to worry about purchasing AAAs.


For many gamers, investing in a gaming mouse does wonder by making gameplay easier. The best mouse for gaming provides ergonomic benefits, thus, allowing for more comfortable extended play sessions.

Such type of mouse has a better-quality sensor that enhances accuracy. It also has buttons that users can configure to ensure that repetitive tasks are quickly done.

For many designers, a good mouse is  the one that provides them the best comfort even for extended periods and prevents stress injuries.

Other Factors

Before buying a new mouse, consider looking at the device’s ergonomics, aesthetics, functions, and size. If you have small hands, and you go for a mouse for big hands, then it’ll surely be a waste. Thus, ensure that the mouse is user-friendly, fits your hand perfectly, and provides the best comfort.

If you are someone who spends long hours working or gaming, choosing the best mouse for solidworks is highly imperative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the top priority when choosing a mouse?

The top priority when considering the best mouse is precision. However, it is also important to consider comfort, the technology used, and design. Poor performing mouse may affect your designs as well as your overall productivity.

Which is better – wireless mouse or corded mouse?

The answer to this question will depend upon your work and your needs. If you are someone that continually travels, it would be ideal to have a wireless mouse.

However, the downside to this is the risk of running out of batteries. On the other hand, if you are someone that does not want your work interrupted by low batteries, then a corded mouse would be the ideal one.

What is the best mouse for CAD designers?

There are all kinds of mice for designers. However, a good mouse would be one that provides accuracy and prevents wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator and Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball are two of the top pieces for 3D modeling. These mice offer the best ergonomics and aesthetics design.

Final Words

For many designers and gamers, choosing the best mouse for CAD is an important decision to consider. A poor performing mouse can have adverse impacts on productivity and health.

While some mice have programmable buttons, others have a 3D mechanism interacting with on-screen objects. Pick the type of mouse that enables you to perform and complete your design and application process.

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