10 Best Gaming Mouse For Mac: Buying Guide 2023

When it comes to gaming, gamers like you only want the best gameplay experience so the immersion is seamless and lets you get lost into hours worth of incredible stories and gameplay mechanics.

To accompany this experience,7 you will want the best gaming mouse for Mac to get the most enjoyment possible.

In this review, we’ll be at the some of the best mac mice for mac gaming available. The apple magic mouse simply isn’t good for gaming, and you should switch over to a gaming mouse and see which one you should choose to suit your gaming preferences.

In a hurry! Here are our top 3 recommendations

Why Is the Apple Mouse Not Good for Gaming?

While the Apple Mouse is of high quality, it is not a mouse suitable for gaming in any mac device. It simply does not have what it takes to match the performance that the latest gaming mouse devices provide.

Clunkiness and Lack of a Scroll Wheel

The Apple Mouse can be a bit awkward to use due to the fact that you cannot press either the left-click or right-click button without letting go of one or the other. When gaming, this can be problematic as the left and right-click buttons need to be able to function together at the same time.

Limited Programmable Buttons

One of the biggest key selling points of a gaming mouse is its multitude of programmable buttons for gameplay. Even the cheapest gaming mouse has plenty of dedicated buttons that you can customize to make your gameplay experience even smoother.

Unlike traditional mouse, a programmable mouse for Mac computers is something that you will definitely want. The more expensive ones come with plenty of programmable buttons on their chassis to offer more bang for the buck.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the top  gaming mice for macs that will really ramp up your gaming experience.

Top 10 Best Mac Gaming Mouse 

After using plenty of brands of mice, these are the top 10 mice that we have concluded to be the best for your mac gaming experience.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer is a giant in the gaming industry with its high-quality products. This Gaming Mouse is no exception to this and is easily up there in terms of the best mouse for mac gaming. You’ll also be surprised to know that people who are learning AutoCad online speak highly of this piece of gem.

Once you open the box and get your hands on the mouse, you will be greeted with a High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor with dedicated DPI buttons for fast DPI adjustment.

Next up are the 7 fully programmable buttons that give you full control over button remapping and assignment of complex macro functions through the Razer Synapse. They’re especially useful for inventory hotkeys for playing video games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

This great mouse also features ridged, rubberized scroll wheel for maximum accuracy during some particularly heated gaming situations.

Do you want to add some flair with your mouse? You have it, because this also comes with Chroma RGB lighting with over 16.8 million color combinations.

Of course, a high-quality gaming mouse wouldn’t be complete without some heavy-duty durability. This gaming mouse features a whopping 50 million clicks, meaning you can put it through hundreds, if not thousands of hours of gameplay and it will remain heavy-duty.


  • Dedicated DPI buttons allow ultra-fast sensitivity changing
  • The 7 reprogrammable buttons make it an extremely flexible mouse
  • Durable build quality means long mouse life. 


  • Quite pricey

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2. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

Love playing MMOs like World of Warcraft, EVE Online, or Black Desert Online? Then this might be your pick for the best mouse for macbook pro or macbook air. You are looking at a mouse that’s catered specifically to hardcore MMO players.

This MMO monster features a High-precision Optical Sensor, unlike a cheap trackball mouse. With over 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed, and a high precision Avago sensor, this mouse boasts superb and adjustable optical sensor performance.

MMOs are incredibly button-heavy as the wide variety of skills/combos are a core part of the genre. This particular mouse features a whopping 18 reprogrammable buttons, and you will find a whole new programmable button experience to enhance your gameplay. You’ll be raid bossing and farming like never before.

Lastly, it’s ergonomic for long hours of gameplay and has a sturdy USB cord. It’s also got the gaming mouse staple of having a Chroma RGB lighting feature that also features over 16 million color combinations that are only limited by your imagination. You’ve got weight adjustment too thanks to its 8-piece weights that weigh 2.4 g each.

Now, if you’re a big bloke and looking for a mouse for bigger hands, then you might have to skip this one. That’s because you may find the side buttons to be a bit awkward to make use of.


  • Really high-quality mid-range gaming mouse
  • 18 reprogrammable buttons offer some of the best customizations
  • Has solid build quality and is comfortable in hand
  • Weight adjustability makes it easier to handle different gaming situations


  • RGB lighting isn’t that impressive compared to other similarly priced gaming mice
  • The side buttons can be awkward to use for gamers with larger hands

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3. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech mouse is another well-known manufacturer that releases some high-quality gaming mice at affordable prices. And this gaming mouse we’ll be talking about is one of such peripherals to watch out for.

For its features, the mouse has surface-level calibration that lets you calibrate and play smoothly on your preferred mouse pad. It’s got dedicated DPI buttons too for fast sensitivity adjustment of your cursor.

Another feature that you will surely enjoy is its 11 customizable buttons. While not as much compared to MMO targeted gaming mice, it’s a much better compromise for more casual gamers

If a mouse’s weight matters to you, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s got customizable weight, featuring five weight pieces, each one measuring three grams if you feel like it’s a bit too heavy or light.

Lastly, the mouse features a dual-mode scroll wheel with an electromagnetic scroll wheel that gives you impressive click-to-click precision for gaming and awesome scrolling speeds for surfing the web.


  • Has 11 reprogrammable buttons to cater to your gaming needs and preferences
  • Surface level calibration and DPI adjustment
  • High precision scroll wheel for precise gaming and web surfing
  • Adjustable weight makes it much more comfortable to use


  • The middle scroll wheel can be obnoxiously loud for some users
  • Not ambidextrous

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4. VersionTECH Wired Gaming Mouse

Next up on our list is the is the first budget mouse we’ll be looking at. Though it’s aimed more for the casual gamers, and it’s the first budget mouse on the list, don’t dismiss it just because of its price tag.

Now let’s move onto its features. Right of the bat, this  one stands out from the rest due to its unique crack design. It’s quite aesthetically pleasing and has its look enhanced even further by its RGB lighting and ergonomic design.

Coming to the technical attributes, the mouse has four DPI options. You can switch between 1200, 1600, 2400 and 3600 DPI for sensitivity settings. Depending on your needs, you can switch between work and gaming at a few clicks of a button.

This wired  mouse is also no slouch in the button department, either. This wired mouse features 6 reprogrammable buttons, which are more than enough for the casual Mac gamers.  Unfortunately, Mac OS does not support the forward and backward function for browsing, which could be a huge turn off for some.


  • Unique aesthetic design, greatly enhanced by its RGB lighting
  • Smooth DPI adjustment and a good scroll wheel, which you can use for both gaming and browsing
  • An ergonomic design that brings maximum comfort
  • 6 adjustable buttons for your gaming needs


  • Limited features compared to what the more expensive options can offer
  • Mac OS does not support the mouse’s forward and backward functions

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5. PICTEK T16 Gaming Mouse for Mac

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The second cheapest mouse in the list is also something you shouldn’t dismiss because of it’s price tag, for a budget gaming mouse it is incredibly heavy duty. Definitely keep an eye out on this one.

To start things off, let’s take a look at its programmable buttons. The mouse features 8 buttons with a dedicated fire button that can help you dominate FPS games. Though don’t count out MOBA games yet. The extra buttons can also serve as hotkeys for your inventory items for better item management.

Aside from that, it’s also got dedicated DPI buttons to cycle between its 5 DPI options.

In terms of design, this is an ergonomic mouse with a streamlined design. Needless to say, it feels good on the hand.

To finish things off, it also features pretty good durability for such an affordable mouse. Lasting over 20 million clicks, this is a mouse that  will serve you for many years to come. As such, this is a mouse that mac gamers on a budget will want to look at. And it works just as efficiently on chrombooks and laptops as well.


  • A really good mouse to get if you’re on a tight budget
  • Has 8 programmable buttons with a dedicated fire button additional macro functionality.
  • Standard ergonomic design, an ideal pick for long hours of gameplay


  • Below average plastic construction.

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6. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Our second Logitech entry and the first wireless entry in the list, and quite possibly the most expensive one as well. Logitech once again delivers another candidate for the best gaming mouse for mac computers with their iteration of a competitive gaming mouse.

With a super lightweight build and advanced wireless technology, you’ve got an easy to use with little to no latency issues. At a 1-millisecond report rate connection, expect a really fast and guaranteed solid gameplay experience. Say goodbye to the fear of laggy connection and play till you drop.

Not only that, it comes with a Hero 16K Sensor that reaches up to 16k DPI, this is Logitech’s most accurate mouse yet and is 10% more powerful than other similar wireless gaming mice.

As for its build quality, it’s a good wireless gaming mouse with pretty durable endoskeleton that only weighs in at 80g and is ergonomically designed. It comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a total of 6 reprogrammable buttons. And lastly, it’s ambidextrous – letting you use either your left or right hand for gameplay.


  • Really durable and lightweight
  • Incredible sensor tracking and accuracy with little to no delay
  • Ambidextrous functionality
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting battery


  • Very expensive

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7. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse for Macbook

Our second wireless gaming mouse entry is nowhere near as expensive as the Logitech’s wireless entry, and its performance is something you’d expect from a mouse within this price range.

In terms of DPI, this mouse doesn’t reach the enormous DPI values that other mice in the list reach, capping out on 2400 DPI, but is still solid.

For connection, the mouse uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which might cause it to encounter some problems in more crowded areas. Its signal strength is over 30ft or 10m and is very stable overall. It’s packing a silent click design, meaning you won’t cause a ruckus when mashing the left and right-click buttons. And that’s exactly why it’s rated as a top silent mouse for gaming.

Another nifty feature that it’s packing is its power-saving mode, thanks to its advanced energy-saving chip. After 8 minutes of inactivity, it enters sleep mode and conserves its power. To power it back on, just simply click any button, and it will come back to life.


  • Reliable connection
  • Silent button clicks
  • The auto-sleep mode is good for conserving battery life
  • 7 button design


  • The tracking and accuracy of the mouse cursor are a bit underwhelming.
  • Not rechargeable

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8. VEGCOO C10 Wireless Gaming Mouse

For the third  wireless gaming mouse on the list we have another budget mouse for the wireless fans out there. Not only is it an affordable and reliable superlight wireless gaming mouse, it is also visually appealing.

One really great thing about this mouse and one of it’s biggest selling points is that it’s rechargeable and can be used while charging. This grants it a significantly better battery life and gives you minimum interruption when playing with your favorite games. You’ll be enjoying hours of straight gameplay without pausing your game and going through the hassle of looking for replacement batteries.

Aside from that, it also has the silent click design and is a really good fit for gamers with smaller hands.

Ultimately, our 8th entry is a great pick for gamers with smaller hands and wants some additional flair on their mouse. Really feels good on the hand with its non-bulky and ergonomic design and grabs your attention with its aesthetics.


  • Silent clicking
  • Rechargeable battery with decent battery life
  • Comfortable design for avoiding arm and hand fatigue
  • 7 Color LED Lights and buttons


  • The 2.4 GHz connection may lag in pubic places.Build quality and durability could be better

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9. BENGOO Gaming Mouse

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For the second to the last mouse on the list, we have another pick that  looks good, performs well, and is also one of the most affordable you can get your gamer hands on.

The mouse possesses all the staple features of a modern day gaming mouse. It has four levels of DPI adjustment, RGB lighting chromas, 6 buttons, and an ergonomic design. More so, it also has the ever popular crack design to accommodate the RGB lighting.

Overall, there’s nothing much to say about here. It performs exceptionally well for a budget mouse in a really affordable price range. It has enough buttons for use in different genres and it looks good and quite nice to use.

Overall, this is a great all-rounder kind of mouse for casual gamers or gamers that like diversity in their genres. Definitely a great pick for a gaming mouse.


  • The aesthetic design looks great when combined with RGB lighting
  • Adjustable DPI and good scroll wheel
  • Ergonomic design is always a plus
  • 6 buttons that can be reprogrammed however you want
  • Forward and back buttons feel good to use


  • As a gaming mouse, it’s painfully average
  • Build quality could have been better.

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10. FOME I720 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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For the last mouse on the list, we have our fourth great  wireless mouse that packs, performance, simplicity and affordability into one package. This mid-end mouse has been a pretty popular pick for quite some time already, and for good reason.

To give a description of the mouse, picture mid-end mouse that performs like some of the best high-end wireless gaming mice available in the market. It’s performance is that good.

It has a noiseless click design and 6 reprogrammable buttons for you to use. Being also ergonomic, it is always a plus for long hours of gaming. Not only that, it’s pretty darn durable and can survive over 2 million clicks.

Definitely take a look at this bad boy if you want a great wireless mouse that’s also affordable. It has superb performance for its price, a really good feel on the hand . It’s definitely a strong contender for the best mouse for mac users.


  • Tracking and accuracy are top-notch
  • Comfortable scroll wheel and DPI adjustment
  • Silent click design
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Sleep mode contributes to power-saving 


  • Non-ambidextrous design, suitable for right-handed users
  • A bit more expensive compared to other budget wireless mice

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Best Mac Gaming Mouse: Buying Guide?

The perfect mac gaming mouse is often determined by its function, material and  whether you like fast-paced shooter games like CS: GO, Warframe and COD? Or do you prefer the slightly slower but just as intense MOBAs like LoL and DOTA 2? If you prefer one genre over the other, then you should get a mouse suitable for it.

But before that, ask yourself this: are you really in need of a gaming mouse?

All-purpose mice are more than capable of handling all sorts of genres, from shooters, MOBAs, RPGs, and more. For casual gamers who really don’t gravitate to any specific genre, this mouse will serve you well and is going to be more than enough.

Despite that, though, all-purpose mice for more hardcore players will not be enough. Gaming Mice were built specifically to accommodate the needs of the gamers, and there are plenty of mice that offer either super lightweight performance or multiple heavy-duty buttons depending on your preferred genre.

With all that said and done, let’s take a look at the qualities of a good gaming mouse.


One of the biggest things you should always consider when buying a gaming mouse or just about anything is cost. Cost matters because you will be paying for three things in particular – brand, materials used, and features.

Take note, the brand should be your lowest priority as features and materials are much more important.

Lesser known brands are still capable of bringing much more affordable mice in the market, which are on par with giants like Razer, Logitech, MSI, and more. The best part about this is that you’ll be saving at least $30 to $100 if you choose to buy one.

If you also know where to look, you can buy premium mice for way less if you put effort into looking for the right store to buy in and take risks. However, affordable mice tend to come with single AA batteries that are not rechargeable. So, those are not great for sustainability.

Overall Handling (Weight, Orientation, Size)

To make things easy, remember that;

FPS or fast-paced games = lightweight and better sensors.

MMOs, RPGs, and slow games = more buttons and less emphasis on weight.

Good to remember as well, all the features in the world won’t matter if the mouse doesn’t fit your hand correctly.

Some of the biggest brands available might not have the right mouse size for your hand. One thing we’d recommend that you do is to measure the size of your hand from your wrist all the way to the tip of your middle finger.

 Another thing you should consider is ergonomic mice that fit the curves and crevices of your hand. Long hours of gaming aren’t healthy for your hand, and it may lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You should also know that most mice brands are right-handed only, with ambidextrous mice being slightly pricier.


The number of buttons that your mouse should have is highly dependent on what kind of genres you like to play. FPS games like CS: GO, and Overwatch don’t make too intensive use of hotkey buttons. Though MMOs and RPGs are a completely different story altogether.

 You can settle for a 6-7 button mouse layout. if you are much more casual in playing games on your Mac mini and lean more towards FPS games. But since MMOs are much more heavily reliant on buttons to cast skills and use items, you may want to look for a mouse that offers at least 10 or more buttons to use.

Good DPI and Polling

DPI and polling both dictate the overall movement of your mouse cursor and crosshairs. As Macs aren’t generally the first choice for gaming but are all-rounders, you’ll want a mouse that has high polling for maximum accuracy. DPI is mostly how much your mouse will move in an inch.

In a much simpler explanation, polling is the accuracy of your mouse’s position, while DPI is how much distance your cursor will move in a single inch. Ideally, the best combination is going to be high polling and adjustable DPI for gaming. Quite a lot of mice offer up to 16,000 DPI adjustments, so it’s your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best gaming mouse size?

Small to medium and lightweight for FPS or any fast-paced game. MMOs can make use of heavier mice as they need more buttons.

2. Are all gaming mice compatible with Mac OS?

Yes! Windows and Mac OS are pretty identical, so you don’t have to worry too much about incompatibility. Still, best to do your research on brands beforehand if you want a specific mouse.

3. Are Bluetooth mice better than USB mice?

This is highly dependent on your location and preference. Bluetooth connectivity mice with a USB receiver lack a cord but can lose connection and are laggier in busy places, while wired mice can be frustrating, thanks to their cords.

4. Are gaming mice for macs usable outside of gaming?

Definitely. In fact, if you use have multimedia work, the extra buttons can be handy for quickly changing tools in software like Adobe if you take the time to map them out.

5. Is high DPI (Dots Per Inch) better?

If you want minimal hand movement, then you’ll want higher DPI in your mouse. Though for some, this can prove to be annoying as the mouse cursor will be moving too fast for their tastes.

Final Words

A good mouse can spell the difference between a good gaming experience and a bad one. There are over thousands of available gaming mice that could really help you out on this experience, but you need to know what you need. Do checkout our magic mouse vs magic trackpad post for your creative endeavours.

After reading this review, we really hope you now have a better idea of what mouse you’ll need for your game. With that being said, this review should hopefully conclude your search for the perfect mac gaming mouse

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