How to Learn AutoCAD Online for Free?

For those who don’t know, AutoCAD is a computer-aided 2D and 3D design software that is often used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructures. This is one of the handiest tools for an engineer or an architect.

If you happen to be in that line of profession or are interested in going into that sector, the importance of learning how to use AutoCAD is paramount. That is why, in this article, we will show you the many ways and avenues that you have available in the wonderful world of the internet to learn AutoCAD for free.

In this article, we are going to provide links to websites, YouTube channels, and eBooks that will help you learn AutoCAD online, and we are going to tell exactly what makes each beneficial so that you can decide which one is right for you. So with further delay, let’s move on with the article.

Websites for Learning AutoCAD

Here are the websites you can learn AutoCAD from for free;

1. Cadalyst 


This website contains a wide array of AutoCAD tutorials that are perfect for beginners, which come in forms of both videos and articles. They have an extensive library of videos that feature AutoCAD tutorials on the basic and intermediate levels.

They also have tips and advice for aspiring architects, along with training resources.

2. CAD Tutor


Like the previous website, there are a lot of free tutorials and articles on this website as well. They are specifically catered towards beginners. But the biggest advantage of this website is its forum feature.

Through their forum, you can get in touch with professional architects and take direct advice from them. You can also communicate with aspiring architects and beginners like yourself and help each other out.

3. Tutorial45


This website has a huge resource of tutorial videos on AutoCAD. On the plus side, there are lots of practice exercises to help you learn AutoCAD swiftly. You can also find how-to articles on specific problems and exercises that will boost your growth.

4. All about CAD


If you are someone who emphasizes a lot on quantity, this website is for you, as this has the highest amount of AutoCAD tutorial videos and articles. The vast amount of resources is enough to justify its credibility, but it’s also highly organized, and everything is extremely easy to navigate from this site.

5. The CAD Setter Out


This website offers a huge array of tutorials and practice exercises. The tutorials and exercises are divided and organized based on their function and utility. You can learn and practice everything about AutoCAD, like creating projects, editing them, and documenting them.

They also offer multiple tips on how to increase the productivity of your time and work. So definitely check this one out.

6. Draftsperson


There are lots of tutorials and articles that are fit for both beginner level and intermediate level learners, along with many practice exercises to help you grow.

7. CAD Oasis


This website is extremely organized. The tutorials and articles are organized based on your level, i.e., beginner, intermediate, or professional. So regardless of your level of expertise, there is something here for you.

YouTube Channels for Learning AutoCAD

Here are the YouTube channels you can learn AutoCAD from;

1. Awais Mirza 


The above video is a 5-hour long tutorial video that shows you all sorts of AutoCAD tutorials starting from beginner level to advanced level. And no, we aren’t telling you to do a 5-hour marathon of this video. Take your time, learn as much as you can in one day and then return again the next to learn some more.

2. Source CAD 


Unlike the previous entry, this is an entire channel that is dedicated to CAD. It has an entire playlist of tutorials for beginners. This channel also lots of videos on specific topics relating to CAD. Give this channel a watch and see if it is your thing.

3. CAD in Black 


This channel also has a lot of quality content relating to CAD. They have an entire playlist of 54 tutorial videos. Alongside this, there are lots of practice exercises to help your development process. Besides, they also have a specific topic and exercise based videos to help you out with your specific queries.

4. CAD-CAM Tutorials 


As the name suggests, this channel also has a huge array of tutorial videos, particularly on solid works. It has a playlist of 84 tutorial videos to help you learn AutoCAD. And like the previous channels, they also have multiple videos on specific topics and exercises.

EBooks for Learning AutoCAD

These are the e-books that you can resort to for learning AutoCAD;

1. AutoCAD 2017: Beginning and Intermediate by Munir Hamad 


This book is really helpful for beginners as it is very well organized and illustrated, for which it leaves little-to-no confusion regarding its tutorials. The tutorials are organized step-by-step to help the learners easily grasp all the information.

2. AutoCAD 2017: A Power Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Users by CADArtifex 


This book is explained in very simple and practical terms, which makes it easy for anyone to learn from this book. It is extremely helpful for beginners and intermediate users alike. It also has a lot of practice exercises that will challenge you, and in turn, make you better at AutoCAD.

3. AutoCAD: Beginner Guide to 2D and 3D Drawings by Kendrol Phillips 


This book is overall very well-illustrated and thus easy to understand. All the information is presented in such a way that makes it very easy for readers to understand. So, for beginners, this book is very beneficial.


Having the best mouse for cad won’t help you, if you don’t have the knowledge.

With all the resources mentioned above, you can learn AutoCAD easily now. Choose whichever process seems best for you and start learning, and you will reach the advanced level in no time. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous post to learn how you can copy paste without a mouse in different operatins systems.

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