Chromebook vs. Laptop

Chromebook vs. Laptop: Which One to Get if You Are on a Budget?

Most of us face a dilemma whenever we decide to buy a gadget. We have trouble deciding which one to get from a wide variety of models and brands. Our options get narrower as the budget becomes tighter.

Though it is slightly easier to choose from the narrowed options, the dilemma still remains – a Chromebook or a laptop? A comparison between the two devices can also help you to decide which one to go for. Read on and have a better picture of which one comes better within your budget.

How Chromebook and Laptop Varies from Each Other 

A Chromebook, being cheaper, varies from a typical laptop in design, software, use, etcetera. Let’s compare both laptops and Chromebook feature by feature.


Out of the many aspects, a Chromebook varies from a Laptop, and the main difference lies in the software. The device uses Google’s Operating system – Chrome OS. A laptop operates by running Windows, and a MacBook runs by Mac OS.

Due to Chrome OS, a Chromebook mainly specializes in online activity – surfing the web, browsing, social media, online videos, and so on. Unlike Chromebooks, a great deal of work can be done both online and offline with a laptop quite smoothly.

That being said, a Chromebook does offer a range of offline activity as long as it is not on a large-scale basis. A Chromebook can run android applications from Google’s own Play store. This allows the user to get their offline tasks done from the applications.

If you are a gamer, then it’s one of those high power laptops that you want to satisfy your gaming needs. A Chromebook offers gaming apps from the Play Store, but serious gamers are seldom satisfied.


A Chromebook offers less RAM, about 2 to 4 GB, and less storage since it mainly syncs with Cloud. And a laptop, in contrast, offers higher RAM, about 8 to 16 GB, and storage.


This is a quality where our patience can be tested. No one wants a slow computer. Chromebooks run smooth and fast for the low price they come with. A laptop, however, at the same price, will give a lagging performance.

Once you stop thinking about prices, you can easily realize that laptops are definitely more efficient, all-rounder devices. They cost more with their new processors, as with Chromebooks, the processors used are older.

Also, if you manage to get the best wireless mouse for chromebook, then it would be more easier for you to work with the device. It would certainly increase the efficiency by many fold.


If you need to travel with your laptop a lot, you need to go for something that is light and easy to carry. This is something that Chromebook offers in a budget. Smooth, glossy, and lightweight laptops are also available, but they come with a much higher price range.

Battery Usage

The battery is something you need if you are working while you travel, or somewhere you can’t charge your computer. This is where a Chromebook comes in really handy with their long battery lives.

A Chromebook usually lasts for about 8 hours without power. Whereas for a laptop, it is much lower. The Pixel book of Google can go up to 10 hours straight. This is a great usage in a budget.


If you have visited some shops, then you know that even the Chromebooks of higher-end can be within reach. As for laptops, you have to pay more if you want one with good performance and high storage and RAM. And for solving your connectivity issues, you might have to install the best wi-fi cards for laptops.

The Chromebooks definitely offer more value for the price. And the flagship models of Chromebook from Acer, HP, Samsung, costs from $600 to $1000 only.


So, if you are a student and you need a computer for research or someone who works online, then a Chromebook is the one for you if you are on a budget. Plus, the cad learners who are equipped with the best mouse for cad will find the Chromebook pretty handy.

However, if you are someone who needs to work both offline and online, use software for digital art, or any software that’s only offered by Windows, then a Chromebook may not be what you want.

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