Best Pens For Scrapbook: Top Picks by Expert in 2023

Scrapbooks include memories that are special to you, and you want to cherish them forever. Along with that, maintaining a scrapbook is also an excellent way to explore your creativity.

To make your scrapbook stand out, you will need to be creative with your ideas, and for that, you need the right set of tools. One of the important tools is the pens that you will use to write about the picture or add a pop of colors on each page.

You may think that it will be easy to choose the right scrapbook pens. But with the abundance of options available in the market, the process will certainly get confusing. And to select the right product, you will have to assess and evaluate multiple options.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best pens for scrapbooking

Top 10 Best Pens For Scrapbooks

1. 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set By Taotree

This is one of the best pens to use on a scrapbook for many reasons. To begin with, it comes in 24 vibrant colors to complete different creative projects. These are perfect for fine drawing or writing and works well for all your paper needs.

With such an extensive collection of colored pens, there will be no need to purchase another product of the same size. From dark to light and bright, the wide spectrum of colors is the main highlight of this kit.

The markers feature metal-clad fine tips that offer superfine drawing and writing experience. The pens glide smoothly across the surface, making them easier and comfortable to use. These are especially great for Animation and Architecture designers who draw lines as well as signing.

Additionally, the ink on the paper instantaneously, which reduces the chances of smudges, smearing, or making a mess.

Coming to the usability of the product, it is perfect for middle school students, high school students, college students, and professionals.

Whether you want to carry one pen or the whole packet, there will be no trouble. The pens are packed in a quality plastic storage case accompanied by a fold-over snap closure.

Key Features:

  • Comes in 24 vibrant color options.
  • Features 0.38 mm fine point colored pens.
  • Each pen has a distinctive color.
  • Ideal for painting, drawing lines and details, sketch, writing, etc.
  • Perfect for the office, home, business, and organization tasks.
  • Metal-clad, superfine tip for smooth performance.
  • Comes with a quality plastic storage case featuring fold-over snap closure.

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2. Sunshilor Store Metallic Marker Pens

These metallic marker pens come in a wide range of colors. The pack comes with 12 various colors, and each pen has a unique shade. The colors include blue, light green, light brown, light purple, orange, white gold, silver, Fuschia, light brown, gray, red, etc.

It is an acid-free product, which gives rich and seamless glides. The bright colors add nice metallic sparkle to any creative projects.

The ink smoothly comes out of the tips without the need of shaking before writing. Moreover, the writing is quite consistent and seamless.

These markers are made using water-resistant, opaque metallic ink. The fact that the ink is acid-free makes it an environmentally friendly product. The acid-free ink also makes the marker safe for adults and kids. There is good control over the ink dispenser, so there will be no watery mess.

Additionally, the ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort, even when working for long hours. The hexagonal shape of the barrel makes it steady on the table. So when the pens are put down, they do not rollover.

It is designed to work on multiple surfaces efficiently. It can work cards, metal, ceramic, wood, rocks, and glasses.

Therefore, it is perfect for DIY projects, arts and crafts, paper crafting supplies, etc. All the markers come in a well-packed and creative paper box. The pack is very lightweight, making it easier to carry.

Key Features:

  • The fine point metallic marker is perfect for drawing, coloring, and writing.
  • Features 12 distinctive colors that have a metallic shimmery finish.
  • Include water-based, opaque metallic ink.
  • It comes with non-toxic, acid-free ink, making the pens environmentally friendly.
  • The acid-free ink also makes it safer for kids.
  • The hexagonal design prevents the pens from rolling over the desks.
  • It works on different surfaces, including cards, metal, ceramic, wood, rocks, and glasses.
  • Ideal for DIY projects, arts and crafts, paper crafting, scrapbooks, etc.
  • It comes well-packed in a paper box, making it easier to carry.

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3. Tebik Journal Planner Pack of 45 Pens

When it comes to choosing a set with a variety of color shades, then this 45 pen set by Tebik is a perfect choice. And, you do not just get 40 colored pens but also get five stencils in the package.

Each color in the pack is vibrant and distinctive. The tip size is 0.38 mm, which is ideal for multiple creative and professional activities.

These pens can be used for doodling, drawing lines and details, making planner, agenda, calendar notes, coloring, scrapbooking, etc.

Moreover, the pack also includes five stencils of various shapes. This allows you to be more creative with your projects and get the most out of the pens.

The fine tips of the pens allow you to get every detail right. Whether you are writing, coloring, or doodling, you will get precise performance.

The high-quality of the inks make sure that there is no smearing as the ink dries very quickly. And, it also ensures that the ink does not bleed on the page, the product ensures clean usage.

The pen set does not merely offer fine performance; you can also ascertain safety and durability with it. The ink used in pens is water-based and acid-free, which makes them safe for kids and the environment. The entire set complies with the ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards.

Key Features:

  • The pack features 40 vibrant colors and five stencils.
  • The water-based ink offers precise and smooth glide.
  • It is ideal for multiple activities such as writing, coloring, drawing, doodling.
  • The set conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards to provide safety.
  • Acid-free ink makes it safe for kids and the environment.

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If you are looking for an extensive set of good marker pens for your projects, then this pack is a product to consider. There are 18 unique pens in the set with no duplicate colors. The assorted collection features a 0.28 mm fine point for smooth and precise writing.

These pens are ideal for painting, drawing lines, sketches, intricate patterns, etc. You can use it for office work, home projects, business, and organization activities.

The superfine, metal-clad fine tips offer smooth and comfortable writing and drawing experience. The pens are specially designed for comic and animation drawings, architecture, school supplies, student pens, journaling pens, planner pens, AD, artworks, etc.

The ink is water-based to ensure there is no smearing or bleeding of inks while working with the pen. The ink also dries quite quickly after the glide and does not fade. Subsequently, you will get clean doodles and notes. Moreover, fiber-tip provides precise lines and rich colors.

Coming to the durability of the product, these marker pens are designed using durable materials, making them a smart investment.

These pens come in durable plastic storage that includes folding over snap closure. The snap won’t lose even after using it for a long time. This makes it easier to carry and store these pens.

Key Features:

  • Features 18 vibrant colors to take up a wide range of creative projects.
  • 0.38 fine point colored pen for precise and clear drawing or writing.
  • It offers versatile use, which is ideal for home as well as office.
  • Metal-clad fine tips give a smooth and comfortable glide.
  • Features water-based ink designed to reduce the chances of smearing.
  • The ink also protects bleeding on the paper.

5. Sharpie Pen 12 Fine Pointed Pens

This is a product that is popular among both novices as well as experienced artists, scrapbookers, and writers. The pack comes with 12 pens featuring ten unique colors.

The blue and black have one duplicate each. The shades are bright that will perfectly enhance the appeal of your projects.

These pens can be used efficiently on different types of paper, including notebooks, cardboards, wrappings, etc. Irrespective of what paper surface you are writing on, the quality of ink will not be compromised.

Moreover, another great thing about these marker pens is that there will be no smear. The ink dries soon after you have written and once it has dried, the color will not smear or get faded. The water-based ink also protects the bleeding, so your pages appear clean.

The tip of the pens is very thin, which makes the writing, drawing, or coloring experience smooth and precise. The vibrant look that the different colors offer makes your projects look very appealing.

Considering that the product is AP certified, you can be rest assured of its quality. The quick-drying ink offers both water and fade resistance. Moreover, the ink is acid-free, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Key Features:

  • Comes in 12 vibrant colors, including blue, black, clover, red, aqua, hot pink, orange, green, etc.
  • Features thin tips for smooth and precise glides.
  • The ink dries quickly to provide fade and water resistance.
  • Water-based and acid-free inks make the product environmentally resistant.

6. Tanmit Gel Pen Set With 36 Distinctive Colors

This is an excellent product to refine your artistic and creative abilities. With this pen set, you get to express your creativity in 36 different shades. Within the package, you will get 12 glitter pens, 8 metallic pens, 6 neon pens, and 4-classic colors.

While some colors might look similar, each pen offers a unique color on the paper. These colored gel pens are ideal for drawing, sketching, writing, and coloring.

These can be used on different kinds of papers, making it a versatile product. These pens offer a professional finish to your various creative activities.

Coming to the quality of the pen set, you would not be disappointed. The gel glides on the surface quite smoothly, giving a shiny look. You would not experience bleeding, so you will get a clean surface. However, it may take a little time than other products to dry, that is not too much.

One of the great features of the product is that it is non-toxic and acid-free. This makes it safe for both kids and adults, and when you discard the pen after using it, you do not have to worry about environmental damage as well.

Additionally, the 36 colors come organized in a good package, which is easy to carry. The plastic package has two layers where pens are placed in a way that it will be easy to take out and out in.

Moreover, each pen comes with a plastic cap with a slide-in the feature. So even if you are using one pen, you can easily store it.

Key Features:

  • 36 gel colored pens for different creative projects
  • Smooth writing, sketching, drawing, and coloring
  • Different types of pens, including glitter, metallic, neon, and pastel, for versatile use.
  • The package is well designed and organized.
  • The lightweight of the package makes it easy to carry
  • The pens are filled with non-toxic, acid-free inks for safe usage.

7. Misulove Hand Lettering Pen Set

If you are a beginner in scrapbooking writing, art, journaling, or watercolor illustrations, then this is an excellent product to start your journey with.

The pens come in four different size options, including extra-fine, fine, medium, and brush. These are ideal for calligraphy and lettering.

With these pens, you can easily decorate wall arts, planners calendars, printable invitations, textiles, blog designs, decors, scrapbooking projects, invitations, etc.

The quality of ink is one of the key highlights of this product. It is non-bleeding, acid-free, blendable, water-based ink, which is highly pigmented.

You will get both small soft and hard tips for black calligraphy ink brush pens. The brush tips are designed to facilitate various lettering as well as drawing techniques. Depending on the brush pressure, you will be able to create extra-fine, fine, and medium strokes.

Moreover, lettering pens can be refilled with ink, thereby allowing you to use the product for a long time. These pens would be perfect for people who do calligraphy, drawings, hand lettering, and creative illustrations.

One of the factors that make this pen set stand out is the one year warranty.

This is a perfect product for all people who love doing artistic and creative activities. And if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your full money back.

Key Features:

  • The black pen set comes in four different sizes.
  • It is ideal for wall art, calligraphy, scrapbooking, textile decor, invitation, calendar, printable invitations, etc.
  • Ink is non-toxic, acid-free, blendable, water-based, odorless, and pigmented.
  • Enables extra-fine, fine, and medium stroke with different brush pressures.
  • Lettering pens are refillable for lasting performance.
  • The product comes with a warranty of one year.

8. Artistro 12 Acrylic Paint Markers

People who want to explore their creative side cannot miss out on this product. These paint marker pens are designed to provide metallic effects to enhance your projects.

You will get 12 unique colors in the set to make your scrapbooks, journals, or notes fun and appealing. The pens feature 0.7 mm extra-fine tips that work perfectly for detailing work.

Ink is the most distinctive feature of this set. The acrylic ink exhibits a metallic effect, which stands out both in light and dark surfaces.

Moreover, these are designed to work on multiple surfaces, including cardstock, paper, ceramic, wood, wine glass, etc. Moreover, it dries very quickly to provide a glossy finish to your work.

The company has adhered to the right safety standards. The ink is non-toxic and odorless and complies with the ASTM D-4236 standards.

Key Features:

  • 0.7 mm tip to provide extra fine glide.
  • Features metallic effect that stands out both in light and dark surfaces
  • Dries quickly for an opaque and shiny finish.
  • Works on multiple surfaces such as cardstock, paper, wood, metal, plastic, porcelain, rocks, stone, etc.
  • The ink complies with ASTM D-4236 safety standards that make it non-toxic and no odor.

9. Sunshilor Metallic Markers, Set of 20

This product is for people who wish to explore their artistic and creative side. You will get 20 pens in this set with a metallic effect. The glossy effect of these pens makes it perfect for coloring, writing, or drawing.

The shimmery effect of these pens makes it ideal for any kind of paper- dark or light. These are designed to work perfectly well on any kind of surfaces that include card paper, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and rocks.

The permanent marker dries quite quickly, giving you a clean finish to your scrapbook projects. You can also use it for your journals, DIY projects, and decorations.

The ink used in these pens is premium quality water-based opaque metallic inks. Additionally, it is acid-free and non-toxic, making it safe for humans and the environment.

When designing these pens, the brand has taken care of the comfort of the people. The structure of the pens is ergonomic, so you can comfortably use this product for a long time.

It also comes in a creative paper package, which adds to the appeal. Along with being visually attractive, the packaging also makes it easier for you to carry the pen set.

Key Features:

  • Fine point market is ideal for coloring, drawing, and writing.
  • The permanent sparkle finish makes it a perfect choice for various creative projects.
  • The set comes in 20 different metallic colors that stand out on dark and light surfaces.
  • Pens are filled with non-toxic, acid-free ink.
  • Designed to work on card paper, wood, metal, glass, rock, and ceramics.

10. Morfone Set of 10 Metallic Marker

Decorate your scrapbook or take up any kind of creative projects with this metallic pen set from Morfone. The product comes in 10 colors, including brown, gold, white, black, purple, blue, burgundy, etc.

Although the white applies transparently, once dried, it will turn opaque. The metallic shine that these pens leave makes them perfect for various creative projects.

The pens feature 2mm tips that offer medium strokes. The glide is firm yet smooth and flows very comfortably across the surface. The colors are highly pigmented, and the colors come out consistently.

It features a water-based ink, which dries out quickly and gives an opaque and metallic finish. This makes it ideal for various creative projects. Moreover, they are designed to be used on car papers, mugs, rocks, glasses, ceramic, wood, and metal surfaces.

In order to add reliability, the companies give 12-month free replacement and refund. So if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get it replaced without paying a single penny. Furthermore, you can also get a full refund without having to provide any explanation.

Key Features:

  • Comes in 1o vibrant metallic colors
  • Features 2 mm tip for medium strokes
  • The tips are well-pigmented and offer a consistent flow
  • Pens work on multiple surfaces, including paper, stone, glass, metal, ceramic, and wood
  • Filled with water-based ink that dries quickly.
  • Enable 12-months replacements and refunds.

Buying Guide for best Pens For Scrapbook 

Making a scrapbook is quite a satisfying hobby. But you cannot just paste photos and be done with it.

You have to decorate the background and write something about the picture for your scrapbook to make the process fun and more memorable. Creating a scrapbook is an area where you can explore your creative side. 

Before you begin your scrapbook, you need to choose the right pen to enhance it. If you are new at this, it will be especially challenging for you to decide what pens you need to work on your scrapbook.

And here are some of the tips that you should consider when buying pens for the scrapbook.

  • Style

When you are buying pens for scrapbooks, the first thing you have to consider is the kind of design you want to make on the paper.

If the pages are not broad and you have little space between the pictures, then you should go for pens with thin tips.

Fine-tipped pens will allow you to write more without the page looking cumbersome. And small pens will make it easier for you to reach into narrow spaces of the age as well.

With more control over the strokes and lines, using fine-tipped pens will reduce the chances of messing things up. But in case your pages are large and you have a lot of spaces between the photos, you have the liberty to choose different kinds of pens.

A lot of space on the page will give you opportunities to play with different colors, sizes, styles, and create a unique theme.

  • Scrapbook Surface

The next thing to consider when choosing a scrapbook pen is the surface you are working on. If you are solely working on paper, then you do not have to think much as almost all products work on paper efficiently.

But scrapbooks are where you would want to get creative, not just with what you write but also the kind of elements you use in it.

People use tons of materials to use on their scrapbooks, such as metals, plastic, rocks, stamps, glass, etc. If you search for scrapbook ideas, you will come across some amazing and unique ideas that go beyond imagination.

If you plan to be experimental with these materials, you would need to find pens that can help you with the same. Not all scrapbook pens can work on all surfaces.

Therefore when buying, you need to ascertain whether or not the pens are capable of working on the surfaces that you plan to add. You will easily find this information in the description of the product.

  • The Purpose

Pens can be used for drawing, writing, doodling, and it is important to know the purpose of choosing the right product.

If you are doing a lot of writing, then you should not use thick pens as they will leave a mark on the back page and ruin your scrapbook.

Additionally, if you are looking for a pen that can do calligraphy, then you should look for pens that do not blot.

For sketching, you will need pens with a fine point. And last but not least, coloring is your purpose; then, you should go for thick markers as you will be able to cover more surface with less ink usage.

  • Review

You cannot overlook the importance of reading reviews of the products. The abundance of options you get, especially online makes you vulnerable to exploitation if you are not careful.

So when you are looking for pens for scrapbooks online, you should consider the reviews of the products. To begin with, always choose products that have a lot of reviews. This will help you decide whether or not you should opt for the product.

  • Budget

When choosing pens for scrapbooks, you have to consider a budget and stick to it. This is because you are likely to get options in different price ranges, and not having a budget will make you confused.

When setting a budget, be practical; don’t go too low as you might compromise on quality this way. With so many options, you will be able to find the right products at a reasonable price if you research well.

What Are The Types of Pens For Scrapbooking?

Following are the best types of pens used for scrapbooking

  • Gel Pens

Gel pens that come in metallic glittery colors are popular choices for the scrapbook. They can make a perfect pop of color to your scrapbook. But thick or thin papers like foam sheets or transfer paper do not work well with foam paper.

  • Felt Tip Pen

These types of pens are popular among sketch artists. These pens do not smudge or bleed and give smooth love.

Moreover, the tips of these pens are extremely saturated; therefore, when working with these pens, you will get a bright and bold look.

  • Calligraphy Pen

If you are planning to do calligraphy in your scrapbook, then you need pens that are designed for the same.

These pens will give you a polished look, making your letterings appear more professional. These can also be used to write a short caption below the pictures in your scrapbook.

What Supplies Are Needed For Scrapbooking?

Along with the right pens, you will need a lot of supplies to bring your scrapbook to life. And here are some of the scrapbook supplies that you need ti to invest in-

  • Cardstock: These are hard paper that creates the base of your scrapbook.
  • Paper: Scrapbook paper come in different design patterns and color scheme
  • Cutting Tools: You would need a cutter, trimmer, or scissor to shape papers.
  • Adhesives: You will need glue to paste pictures, card stock, paper, embellishments, etc.
  • Embellishments: These are used to accentuate the appeal and add a personal touch to the scrapbook
  • Binding: To Tie all the pages of your scrapbook together, you will need to bind the pages together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What Pens Should Be Used For Scrapbooking?

Depending on how you wish to decorate your scrapbook, you can choose different kinds of pens. Some of the options you have include gel pens, calligraphy pens, felt tip pens, etc.

  • What Pens Are Acid-Free?

You will find acid-free pens in different categories. It is always recommended to choose acid-free pens as they are safer and of better quality.

  • How to Store Pens In the proper manner?

Gel pens can be stored up or down on your storage unit. Moreover, ballpoint or rollerball should be kept upright so that they don’t leak. When storing felt tip pens, microns, highlighters, or sharpies, make sure that their tips are down.

  • What is the best pen for writing on photographs?

Not every scrapbook pen can work on pictures. When looking for pens for scrapbooks, you should consider whether or not the pens work on pictures.

Final Thoughts

Today you have the luxury to choose from a wide range of options by sitting in the comfort of your home. But often, having too many options makes the buying process overwhelming.

Choosing the right pen set for your scrapbook can be similar, as there are so many options. But we hope that with the above information we have guided you well to make the right buying decision.

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