Best Paint Pens for Rocks: What We Recommended in 2023

Why restrict your creativity to the canvas when you have so many other elements to explore. Rocks are one of the distinctive craft surfaces that allow you to be innovative with your vision.

But unlike other surfaces, rocks are not smooth, and you cannot just use any paint pens on them. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best paint pens for you to use on rock surfaces:

Top 10 Best Paint Pens for Rocks

1. Artistro Paint Pens For Rock Painting

The first product on our list is premium quality and versatile paint pens by Artistro. The ink containing the pen is water-based; therefore dries quickly. The ink offers an opaque and glossy finish on both dark and light surfaces.

The water-based ink is not just clean; it is safe as well. With no toxicity and order, the acrylic paint markers adhered to the safety standards ASTM D-4236 and EN-71.

Considering that it is fast dry, you can expect to get a durable and clean finish.

The manufacturer has designed the product to be used on multiple surfaces including stone, rock, metal, pottery, plastic, treated smooth wood, fabric, canvas, paper, terra-cotta, card stock, polymer clay, etc.

The tip is excellent for detailing; so they are highly functional for fine line works, DIY rock projects or fine line work.

For your different rock projects, this is the only acrylic paint pens you will need. The set comes with tons of colour variations including blue, black, white, yellow, green, pink, red, brown, silver, orange, violet, and gold.

Key Features:

  • Water-based ink that dries quickly and gives a glossy finish.
  • These pens can be used on various surfaces, including stone, rock, metal, pottery, etc.
  • The tip is designed to provide excellent and accurate detailing.
  • The paint pens conform to the ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards.
  • It comes with multiple colour options, including orange, brown, yellow, black, white, silver, violet, red, pink, green, and blue.

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2. Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Niutop brings, and extensive paint pens set specially designed by professional artists.

The water-based ink dries quickly to provide a smooth and clean look. Another great feature of the ink is that it is weather resistant. 

Therefore they are perfect for your outdoor rock painting projects. Complying with the safety standards, ASTM D-4236, the ink is safe for people as well as the environment.

Coming to the tip, it is designed using nylon and features a fine tip. This allows you to make fine smooth strokes.

Moreover, paint pens are designed to work efficiently on different surfaces, including rock, glass, stone, fabric, wood, ceramic, metal, etc.

In the set, you will find 24 vivid colours including 12 basic colours blue, black, white, red, yellow, pink, violet, orange, brown, grey, etc., four pastel colours pastel yellow, pastel blue, pastel, ink, and pastel violet and eight metallic shades such as silver, gold, metallic violet, metal blue, metal pink, etc.

A unique feature of these paint pens is the unique valve action. Just push the tip down on the paper a couple of times, and you will get a smooth, rich and free-flowing painting experience.

The paint pen set is extremely easy to use and is oven and dishwasher safe.

Key Features: 

  • It comes in 24 vibrant colours options that include 12 basic shades, eight pastel shades and four metallic shades.
  • The water-based ink is quick-drying and weather resistant
  • The ink also conforms to the ASTM D-4236 safety standards, making it safe for the environment.
  • It comes with a unique valve action, which offers rich premium colours.
  • The paint pens are oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.

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3. Penguin Art Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

When it comes to rock painting, you cannot go wrong with this paint pen set by Penguin Art. The versatility of the product is one of the main reasons why this product is so popular in the market.

It comes with dual tips that include a 5mm tip to make bold strokes, and on the other side, you will find 3 mm tips for fine strokes.

The ink offers UV resistance and water resistance, making the paint last for long, even in outdoor settings. The pens can be used in a wide range of surfaces, including rock, stone, wood, ceramic, canvas, paper, and metal.

Within the package, you get 28 vibrant colours that can cater to any creative projects. The extensive collection ensures that you do not have to use any other paint pen set.

Furthermore, it is a non-toxic paint market, which makes it an excellent craft supply for both adults and kids.

Another impressive aspect of this product is the package that it comes in. The pens are stored in a convenient nylon zipper pouch.

So once done, you can store the marker back in touch and avoid any mess. This pouch also makes the set easier to carry along.

Key Features:

  • It is an extensive set with 28 bold colours.
  • The pens come with dual tips for bold strokes and fine lines.
  • Water-based ink is quick-absorbing and UV resistant and water-resistant.
  • It comes in a nylon zippered pouch which makes it easier to carry.
  • The paint pens can be used on different surfaces, including ceramic, wood, stones, rocks, canvas, glass, etc.

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4. Acrylico Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Markers

To perfect the fine details of your craft on your rock surface, the pen set by Acrylico would be a perfect choice.

And not just for drawing on rocks, you can use these pens to draw on various surfaces including glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, paper, canvas, wood, stones, rocks, clothes, fabric, etc.

A great feature of this paint set is that it is free of odour and toxins. So you can give this acrylic market set to your kids and also have peace of mind.

In this set, you will find 16 shades that include black, white, brown, red, blue, pink, orange, violet, yellow, pastel blue, metallic violet, blue, silver, gold, metallic blue, etc.

Key Features:

  • The acrylic pens work on different surfaces, including plastics, rock, stone, glass, canvas, metal, paper, clothes, fabric, etc.
  • Water-based markers dry very quickly for a clean look
  • The ink is odour-free and toxic-free, making it safe for everyone.
  • The package comes with 16 different colours.

5. Moxix Acrylic Paint Marker Set

This is one of the versatile paint sets for rock painting in the market with 32 vibrant colours.

The 22 basic colours include black white, yellow, lemon, red, light purple, pink, peppermint green, light orange, light blue, bright green, dark blue, claret, chocolate, bluish violet, chrysanthemum pink, rose red, light brown, butterfly blue, gouache orange, etc. there are eight metallic colours including metal yellow, metal blue metal green, metal block, metal sky blue, metal hot pink, metal orange, and metal purple, and two special tones including silver and gold.

Furthermore, the water-based ink is odourless, free of toxins, sun-proof, quick-drying, waterproof, leakage proof.

Since it comes with ASTM D-4236 safety certifications, you can rest assured about the safety of this product.

The set is specially designed to offer fine-line finishes. You get 24 shades with 1mm tip and rest eight have 2mm fine tips. The ink is water-resistant and consistent to offer smooth strokes.

The paint pens are designed with user comfort in mind. The pens are easy to carry and come with anti-rolling features. Furthermore, the airtight abilities prevent the inks from volatilizing.

The reason why this acrylic paint set would be a perfect investment is that it can be used in a wide range of surfaces: stones, rocks, wood, canvas, fabric, mugs, shoes, plastic, glass, etc.

Key Features:

  • The set comes in 32 colours, including eight metallic outlines, 22 basic colours, and two special colours.
  • It comes with two fine tips in which 24 pens come with 1 mm tips, and eight pens feature 1 mm.
  • It works on different surfaces that include stones, rocks, fabric, wood, mugs, canvas shoes, plastic, glass, etc.
  • The ink is odourless, non-toxic, water-resistant, sum-proof, and leakage-proof.
  • The set conforms to ASTM D-4236 safety standards.

6. Artistro Acrylic Paint Markers

This is another excellent paint marker set from Artistro. The 12 coloured paint set is highlight pigmented and offers a glossy, opaque finish on both dark and light surfaces.

The 12 acrylic colours include purple, blue, red, pink, white, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, gold, silver, and white. The water-based ink is odourless and free of toxins.

Along with rocks, the paint markers can be used in different surfaces including canvas, textiles, fabric, metal, treated wood, pottery, stone, plastic, terra-cotta, polymer clay, etc.

The paint pen set comes with a medium point, which is ideal for fine lines and filling in the design. And, high resistance of the ink ensures that your painting stays permanent even outdoors.

The package comes in a creative paper package. The overall set is extremely lightweight, allowing you to move around easily.

Key Features:

  • The set has 12 vibrant and glossy colours.
  • The paint markers work on different surfaces, including rocks, stones, plastic, treated wood, textile canvas, metal, terra-cotta pottery, etc.
  • The water-based ink is permanent, odourless, and non-toxic.
  • The pens feature medium tips that are perfect for both fine lines and filling in the surface.

7. ArtShip Premium Acrylic Paint Pens

No matter what your rocking painting needs are as the package comes with 1 set of medium points and 1 set of the extra-fine point set.

So whether you want to do detailing or cover a broad surface, you can accomplish the same efficiently with these pens.

ArtShip comes with 35 pens in the package, that include 20 extra fine tip markers and 15 medium tip pens. You will find 22 different colours that are double boxed to provide maximum durability.

Furthermore, you can use this extensive set of paint markers in a wide range of surfaces, including rock, stone, ceramic, mug, painting, wood, fabric, etc.

When it comes to the quality of the product, you will not be disappointed. Each colour offers rich, vibrant strokes that are smooth and consistent. The nylon tips are designed to provide maximum durability.

Lastly, the paint markers are odourless and non-toxic and hold ASTM D-4236 certification. So you can let your kids explore their creativity with these paint pen sets.

Key Features:

  • The pack include one set of extra fine-tipped pen and one set of medium point pens
  • It comes with 35 pens in which 20 is extra fine tip pens, and 15 is medium-fine tip pens
  • Water-based non-toxic and odourless ink with ASTM D-4236 certification.
  • The premium-quality ink offers long-lasting and consistent performance.

8. Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Pens

With an assortment of 40 vibrant colours, this paint pen set is all you need to explore your creativity.

There are four metallic outline shades, including silver, gold, metallic bronze, and metallic yellow.

You will also find five fluorescent colours that include purple, green, pink, orange, and yellow, two skin colours and 26 basic colours.

Ohuhu Acrylic marker pens offer versatility as they can be used on different surfaces such as stones, rock, fabric, wood, shoes, canvas, plastic, glass, etc.

The water-based ink odourless, non-toxic, leak-proof, sun-proof, and dry quickly. Along with adults, the set is also safe to be used by children. The tip ranges between 0.7mm and 2mm that can be ideal for multiple creative purposes.

Key Features:

  • The marker pen set comes in 40 vibrant colour options.
  • The pens can be used on multiple surfaces, including rock, stones, fabric, canvas, mugs, shoes, plastic, etc.
  • The water-based ink dries quickly and offers smoothness.
  • The tips of the pen range between 0.7mm and 2mm for multiple purposes.
  • The ink is odourless and waterproof.

9. Emooqi Acrylic Paint Marker Pens

This is another premium quality acrylic marker that you would love to work with. The ink dries quickly so you can ensure to have a clean mess-free crafting surface.

Moreover, the inks are also water-resistant and UV-resistant. This means that you can keep your rock painting outdoors without worrying about them being destroyed by heat or water.

These are not merely for rock paintings, but you can use these pens to explore your creativity on different surfaces. You can use them on metal, canvas, fabric, textile, pottery, terra-cotta, plastic, stone, clays, polymer, etc.

Furthermore, the 2-3 mm tip is designed to provide a consistent flow of colours across the surface. The medium-sized tip is not too thick or too thin and caters to different needs.

The pack includes 24 vivid colour options that include yellow, red, orange, pink, green, blue, purple, white, silver, gold, black, light blue, leaf buds, tan, beige, iris, etc.

Key Features:

  • The pack comes in 24 colour variants.
  • The 2-3mm medium-sized tip that can be excellent for drawing fine lines and filling in broader areas.
  • It works on rock, stone, plastic, terra-cotta, metal, fabric, textile, etc.
  • The water-based ink dries quickly and comes with UV-resistant and water-resistant.

10. Reason Acrylic Paint Markers

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Last on our list is the premium quality acrylic paint markers. The set includes 14 distinctive colours encompassing 20% more ink.

The water-based ink dries quickly and is non-toxic, fade-resistant and does not have a strong fragrance. This makes it easier for you to place your creation both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, the strong ink is capable of working efficiently in different types of surfaces that include porcelain, rock, stone, glass, leather, fabric, metal, treated wood, etc.

You would enjoy the ease of use provided by the product. All you have to do is shake and push the tip down on different surfaces.

Key Features:

  • The paint marker comes in 14 different shades
  • The team is medium-sized measuring 2-3 mm
  • The water-based tip is water-resistant, fade-resistant, quick-drying, and does not have a strong smell.
  • It can work on different surfaces rock, stone, leather, treated wood, canvas, ceramic, plastic, metal, porcelain, etc.

What to look for while buying Paint Pens for Rocks?

When buying paint markers for rock, the following are the factors that you should consider:

  • The Quality Of Ink

The quality of the marker is one of the key factors to consider. Water-based inks that dry quickly will give you a smooth, consistent and clean work.

Moreover, premium quality inks are non-toxic and odourless. Consider whether or not the product complies to ASTM D-4236 safety standards.

If you are planning to do rock painting outdoors, then look for ink that offers water-resistance and fade-resistance.

  • Ease of Use

Is it easy to carry the marker pens? Do the caps are coloured to easily find the matching colour?

Does it take a lot of time to prime the colour? These are some of the questions that you need to be asking when assessing marker pens.

Moreover, some pens offer anti-rolling features that protect them from falling down from the table.

  • Color Options

If you are just starting out a basic set including 12 colours would be sufficient for you.

But you are a professional artist or into DIY projects; then you should opt for paint pen sets that come in more colours. You will find a marker set that includes more than 30 paint pens.

What Pens To Use To Paint Rocks?

Acrylic paints are best to use on rocks. This is because these paints are thick, long-lasting yet give a smooth glide.

Another great option to work with rocks is gel pens. These are smooth and perfect when you have to draw fine lines.

How To Paint On Rocks?

Following are some tips to paint with rocks –

  • Choose a flat, smooth rock. It will be difficult to work with paints when
  • Before you start painting, clean the rock, remove the dirt and let it dry.
  • Use a sealer on the rock before spraying.
  • Priming the rock will help in making other colours appear more vibrant.
  • Let one layer dry before you for another layer.
  • Use a stylus or small brushes to create dots or small details.
  • If you make a mistake, wash or wipe off the paint while it is still wet. This makes it easier for you to clean off your mistake without messing the whole thing up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How To Take Care Of Your Paint Pens?

Paint pens are extremely easy to clean and care. When you are not using them, make sure that you place the cap back.

Additionally, always keep the pen in an upright position with tips facing downwards to maintain the flow of the ink.

2. Are Paints Pens Waterproof?

While some of the paint markers come with water-resistant abilities, not all of them have this feature.

And when you are doing rock painting for outdoor, decor considering this feature becomes imperative.

3. What Is The Right Way To Use Paint Markers?

To properly use paint markers, first, you need to prime it by pushing down the tips with fingers for a couple of seconds and then shaking it.

Subsequently, press the tip down on a paper. Continue doing this process until you see the ink flowing out. After that, you can use it as a regular marker.

4. How To Seal The Rock?

When using spray sealer, make sure that you keep at least 8” distance between the spray and the rocks.

Furthermore, ensure that your first spray is heavy. You can keep the next couple of layers light. And make sure the rock is completely dried out before you use the paint.

5. What Do You Use Paint Markers For?

Paint markers are generally used for outlining and coloring. Moreover, it can also be used for lettering or calligraphy.

Paint markers are used in various art activities such as drawing on rocks, canvas or wood.

6. How Can You Remove Paint Markers?

If the paint is still wet, use a wet wipe to clean out the area. But you can also invest in remover, which makes it easier for you to remove the paint, especially when it has dried.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best paint marker depends on your purpose. You will come across tons of different options with a wide range of features. Above we have reviewed some of the best paint pens that you can use on rocks.

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