Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse: Which One Should You Decide to Get?

Remember that day when you saw a mouse without any tail for the first time? What was your initial reaction? Probably, you were like, what the freaking witchcraft is that. Yeah, we feel ya, buddy.

Wireless technology has brought a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. However, it still couldn’t manage to take over the wired one. When it comes to the gaming mouse industry, it’s pretty much the same picture now.

Although, if this battle between wired vs wireless gaming mice had been held a few years back, the wireless one would have won without firing a single bullet.

But in recent years, many gamers have switched back to the wired mouse. Wondering why? Let’s find out. Now, wired vs wireless gaming mouse, who would win this arm-wrestling?

What is Wired Gaming Mouse?

The most familiar mouse with a tail is a wired mouse. You will usually find a USB port that connects directly to the desktop or laptop at the end of the tail. And that’s the highway to the main system to transmit your input data.

Wired mice are still popular among gamers because of their reliability and practicality. And you know there’s an old saying, “reliability is the precondition for trust.”

Also, in most cases, the wired mice get to touch the latest update in the industry. The best thing about the wired mouse is its plug-and-play nature.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge or losing signal while working. Can you imagine the annoyance when your mouse suddenly stops working in the middle of a crucial moment on a multiplayer match?

What is Wireless Gaming Mouse?

The first-gen of wireless mice used Bluetooth technology to establish short-range connectivity to the computer. Most of the laptops had built-in Bluetooth features by then. However, most of the desktops didn’t have that luxury.

Since then, wireless technology has improved a lot. Today’s wireless gaming mouse uses a 2.4 GHz frequency for connectivity.

And that has introduced a significant performance improvement. A Bluetooth mouse had a 133Hz polling rate; the modern wireless technology offers up to 1,000 Hz.

It offers the user great freedom of movement and hassle-free management. No worries about your cable getting tangled or stuck. You can even use the mouse while you are on the bed.

Now, that’s a luxury, right? We will have a brief discussion about the advantages and disadvantages down below.

Advantages of Having a Wired Gaming Mouse

The wireless mice arrived in the market with a great expectation of taking over the wired ones.

However, that dream is still looming behind the clouds of doubts and disappointments. So, what went wrong, and why do people still choose to go for the wired ones? Let’s find out.

  • Ease & Comfort

Gamers love the wired mouse as they can just plug and play. That saves a lot of hassle and makes things fast.

All you have to do is just plug the USB into the port, and you are good to go. So, no more stress about running out of charge or losing the connection in the middle of a game.

  • Price

A wired mouse is a lot cheaper than a wireless one. If you are looking for a reliable mouse under a budget price, then a wired mouse is the way to go.

Imagine buying a wireless mouse for $100, and it stops working. Well, I have the warranty? Huh, sure you do; however, can you trust yourself not to smash it on the table after losing an essential match?

If the answer is no, then a wired mouse is your solution as you can just get a new one for $5.

  • Speed

The wireless mouse relies on the radio protocol to transmit signals, so there’s a big chance of experiencing poor latency at times.

You don’t have to worry about that when it comes to the wired mouse, as it has a reliable wire to transmit data.

You know well how much important latency is in competitive gaming. Even a second of lag can have a huge impact on your result. Therefore, if it’s reliable connectivity you are looking for, then a wired mouse is your go-to buddy.

Disadvantages of Having a Wired Gaming Mouse

No human is perfect, and mice are not made by aliens so, there’s imperfection. Let’s have a close look at our good boy wired mouse.

  • Limited Range

The wired mouse is still not fully independent from the motherboard. You gotta keep it connected to the USB port to use. In terms of the technological advancement of the 21st century, that’s a bummer.

 Your range is limited to the length of the wire. On the other hand, a wireless mouse provides you with a great range of independence.

Advantages of Having a Wireless Gaming Mouse

You won’t find many professional gamers who use a wireless mouse for gaming. The reason is as clear as day. Yeah, you guessed it right, they find wired mice more reliable.

And, when it comes to competitive gaming, reliable hardware service is one of the essential keys to victory.

However, in recent years wireless mouse popularity has started to gain some momentum. I’m sure you are curious to know why.

  • Freedom of Range

Wireless mouse offers a wide range of useability. You can control your computer from your bed even from another room and who wouldn’t want that? That can offer you great relief especially, in the winter season.

No one loves to take off the blanket after waking up and reaching for the desktop. If you have a wireless mouse, you can just get your stuff done without getting out of your comfort zone.

And being able to game while laying down on your bed with the blanket on is something special, right?

  • Compatibility

Compatibility could turn out to be a real trouble when it comes to the wired mouse, at times. But you can connect the wireless one to any device with a built-in Bluetooth feature.

It can be a real-life saver while you are traveling. The wireless mouse lets you carry it wherever you go.

 So, even if you are thousands of miles away from home and have a laptop and wireless mouse, you can game without any worries.

  • Speed

You might be a little confused now as we have already put the wired mouse ahead in terms of speed. No worries, we will make everything clear to you.

Yeah, it’s undeniable there was a time when speed was a big issue with the wireless mouse. It still is but only with the cheaper ones.

A quality wireless mouse can provide you with the same speed as a wired mouse. In some cases, it can even beat some of its rivals from the wired side.

The newly introduced hyper speed and lightspeed technology got rid of the latency issue the previous-gen used to suffer. However, a quality wireless gaming mouse doesn’t come cheap.

Disadvantages of Having a Wireless Gaming Mouse

We have already explained that above still, let us point out one of the most obvious ones. And that’s none but the price.

  • Price

The mind behind the development of the wireless gaming mouse technology deserves a medal for sure.

They have been able to get rid of most of the issues they used to have. However, the manufacturer still couldn’t offer a quality wireless gaming mouse at an affordable price.

And that cast away the dream of many gamers of owning a reliable wireless mouse. Purchasing a quality wireless gaming mouse can cost you the moon. So, that’s a real turn-off.

If budget is not an issue for you, you can go for the wireless one without any second thought. It won’t let you down.

Final Verdict

In terms of recent performance benchmarks, the wired and wireless mouse performs almost the same. However, the high production cost of wireless mouse hardware shortens the room for making an affordable gaming mouse and, that’s a big turn-off for many gamers out there.

Wired provides reliable and long-lasting performance, also offers an affordable price tag. And that’s the secret behind the huge popularity of this mouse.

On the other hand, a wireless gaming mouse can provide you with a comfortable gaming experience. However, we wouldn’t recommend you go for the cheapest ones in the market. Most likely, you will have terrible using experience with them.

So, wired vs wireless gaming mouse, who gets the trophy? Well, after comparing the quality, reliability, features, and affordability between these two, we must declare the wired ones as today’s winner.

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