Different Types of Tapestries: Explained in Details!

Art is a fascinating thing that pleases us from within. That’s why we always surround ourselves with numerous forms of art. Your taste in artwork can tell a lot about yourself!

A tapestry is a wonderful form of textile art. It’s usually woven by hand using a loom. The artists make use of colorful fibers and weave them together to produce excellent designs. This art has been around since medieval times!

There are actually various types of tapestries that you can find. Today, people use them to decorate their walls.

A beautiful tapestry can add elegance, taste, and character to the room. It attracts the eyes of the visitors and creates a soothing environment for all!

The History of Tapestries

Although the first samples were found to be used since the Hellenistic times, tapestries in their complete form were first noticed in Europe back in the 14th century. They were created to decorate the castles, churches, and homes of noblemen.

At the very beginning, only religious scenes appeared on the tapestries. However, historical events started to find their way into these artworks. The fact that they were easy to transport helped in making them more important and popular.

You could just roll them up when you’re traveling, unlike the large paints that were harder to move. Besides, they were far more durable and less likely to be damaged.

Thanks to the weaving methods, tapestries looked differently beautiful from different angles as well as lighting conditions. As a result, the majority of people started to accept them.

This form of art saw an insurgence during the renaissance periods. They were much more affordable and looked better due to the use of a wide variety of fabrics like linen, wool, silk, cotton, etc.

The designs were no longer limited to religious scenes and historical events of the victorious kings. Instead, simpler incidents like hunting expeditions, feasts of kings, scenic landscapes, etc. started to appear on the tapestries.

Being around for centuries, these things represent histories of different timelines. They often show how things were in the medieval ages. It shows the struggle of humankind in an artistic manner.

Then, the art evolved with the evolution of men and matured with time. That’s why you can see contemporary arts in modern tapestries along with ancient works.

Types of Tapestries

You might be perplexed about which type of tapestry you should decorate your bare and uninspiring walls with. To save you from the confusion, we’ve come with the most beautiful kinds that are sure to enhance the décor of your home!

1. Based on Origin

Let us present three of the most popular and gorgeous tapestry types that come with historical significance.

  • Pansu Tapestries

Pansu tapestries have been around since the middle ages. They bear the long-standing traditions and culture of France. You’d find amazing patterns and color combinations in each of them.

Featuring ancient French arts created by famous artists of the medieval ages, temples, scenic landscapes, ruins, etc., your wall will appear unique to everyone.

The impressive use of vibrant colors, captivating designs, and fantastic weaving results in giving your interior a refined and cultured outlook!

  • Belgian Tapestries

Belgian tapestries stem from the use of the experienced and tested hands of the skilled European weavers who’ve been materializing this art for generations!

The intricate designs that are found in these tapestries will capture the eyes of anyone who appreciates artworks. They will make your walls look more exquisite!

  • Bayeux Tapestries

This incredible hand-woven tapestry is known to have originated in the 14thcentury. It bears the grandeur of medieval art and tells the story of the Norman conquest of English.

The excellent craftsmanship blends the story-telling and perfect use of colors to create outstanding tapestries to embellish your interiors!

Anyone who takes a look at a Bayeux tapestry will find themselves lost in the medieval era and get a taste of how things were before. You’d be awed at the impressive designs and the detailed works every time your eyes turn to this remarkable piece of art!

2. Based on Designs

Depending on the designs, these are the most popular tapestries that you can find on the market today.

  • Mandala Wall Tapestry

The Mandala design is undoubtedly magnificent and refined not only in appearance but also in the message it delivers.

It consists of geometrical figures that represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. The design helps you to relate to the life that exists beyond the material world.

You’ll be lost in spirituality every time you concentrate on this impressive design. So, besides enhancing the outlook of your interior, this one makes everything seem peaceful at the same time.

  • Star Mandala Tapestry

This is another remarkable Mandala design that consists of beautiful designs of stars. You would be stunned by the lovely and tasteful outlook that it offers!

  • Medieval Tapestry

If you are fascinated by the events that transpired long before you were born, the time when kings reigned over men, you should go with this artistic design.

Medieval tapestries feature knights, castles, and various historically significant events. They often tell stories that you’d love to hear.

This design is perfect for you if you’re an avid admirer of history!

  • Sun and Moon Tapestry

Sun and moon tapestries can brighten up the mood of your home in all seasons thanks to the stellar designs of suns and moons.

They often tell the stories of a time full of life and prosperity. Each tapestry bearing this design can boost your inner-self and make you hopeful.

  • Bohemian Tapestry

This design has become quite popular in the modern age thanks to the unique and modernized design that caters to the taste of the millennials.

It has a surprising way of adding warmth to your interior style. You’d love the touch of contemporary style of art in each of these tapestry type

  • Psychedelic Tapestry

Psychedelic tapestry is incorporated with incredibly powerful designs that can be both pleasing to the eye and peaceful for the soul.

The smart use of a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors along with attractive patterns will offer tranquility every time you take a look at this design.

3. Other Types

A tapestry is an old form of art. So, it’s obviously not limited to the types we’ve mentioned.

Over the years, this art branched out into many, many kinds! Besides the ones we’ve mentioned, you’d find Elephant Tapestries, Lion Tapestries, Solar System Tapestries, etc.

We’ve only mentioned the most popular ones with exquisite designs to narrow down your search for the tapestry design.

Final Words

The various types of tapestries give you a wide range of choices. So, you can single out the ones that appeal to you the most.

They have an excellent way of decorating your walls with eye-pleasing works of art. Your room is your canvas, and one of the best ways of filling it up is by using gorgeous tapestries!

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