How Do You Make the Perfect Pom Pom With a Pom Pom Maker?

Pom poms are truly never out of fashion. Whether it be for decoration or as accessories, these cute little things are used all over the world.

To make things even more effective, Pom Pom makers are also being sold in great numbers. So if you are a DIYer looking to save some coins, get one for yourself!

But now comes the real question. How do you make the perfect pom pom with a pom pom maker?

We are here to help you with all your queries. To learn all about making perfect pom poms and using its production device, keep reading!

What Is a Pom Pom Maker?

A pom pom maker is a nifty little tool made of wood or plastic used to produce carefully crafted pom poms of different sizes.

Since a pom pom is round in shape, the tool used to make it is round as well. It comes in various sizes to meet the demands of differently sized pom poms. Cardboards are used to make makeshift pom pom makers too. But the most popular materials are wood and plastic.

Essentials You Need to Make A Pom Pom

Although the pom pom maker is the star of the show, it is not the only thing you will need to make a pom pom. Check out our list of essentials listed below to find out everything you will need.

  • Thread

You will need the thread for two reasons. Firstly, the pom pom is entirely made of thread. Usually, the material of the thread is yarn. However, other materials such as Irish linen, wool, nylon, etc., are also used. 

The second use of the thread is to tie the pom pom when necessary. But other objects are used for the second purpose too.

  • Pom Pom Maker

A pom pom maker is a device worth all the extra cash. It will make your pom poms appear much better and your work much swifter.

Generally, it consists of two halves containing arcs and a cover. There is a space between the halves to insert the thread.

  • Scissors

All three ingredients are essential here. You cannot skip any one of them. Since the process is relatively simple and low-budget, every tool is pivotal.

As the final ingredient, you will need a pair of scissors to cut through the pom pom when necessary.

The Guide to Making a Perfect Pom Pom

If you have your essentials ready, it’s time for you to start working! Follow these steps to create the perfect pom pom.

Step 1: Wrapping

You know that each pom pom maker has four semi-arcs made of wood. In this step, you will need to hold two of these arcs consecutively. Then, grab the end of the thread, leaving out a little.

 Start to wrap the thread using that left-out portion and then follow up using the rest. Another way to do this is by pinching the end of the thread between the arcs.

If you want your pom pom to be more on the fleecier side, keep tugging the thread a little while you complete the wrapping process.

In this way, it will appear nice and tight. The material of the thread will cause it to stretch a bit. But the final result will be neat and fleecy.

Step 2: Repetition

Remember how we left two sides of the wooden arc?

Well, it is time for you to work on those now. It is better to do the two parts separately because this will make the process neat and less complicated.

Repeat the process of the first step with the two arcs that are left to wrap. To make this process quicker, you can grab multiple threads together.

Step 3: Cutting the Pom Pom

Once you complete wrapping the two halves of the entire circle, place them together. Hold them together with arc covers that come with the maker. 

Then, take a pair of scissors and insert its tip to the center of the joined circle. Start cutting slowly through the center portion. 

Step 4: Tying the Pom Pom

If you want to get a fleecy pom pom, you need to focus on tying it properly. It might take a few turns for you to get it right. But do not give up and keep on trying. Once you get the hang of it, it will seem as easy as pie!

All this while, we have stressed making a fluffy and tight pom pom. If you have followed our instruction of keeping the pom pom fleecy, you will notice that the thread tries to push the covers while cutting.

However, trying to secure the covers at this stage. Keep them secure until tying the thread.

If you want to keep it simple and monochromatic, you can use the same thread to tie that you used for making the pompom.

On the other hand, if you want to distinguish the tying thread better or want a different look, go for another type of thread or yarn.

One thing that you should maintain in this step is the control of tugging. Remember not to tug too much, as this will cause the entire pom pom to break down.

Step 5: Making the Knot

After properly tying the pom pom, you have to make the knot. Instead of thread made of yarn, you can also use Irish linen.

It will keep the pom pom from falling apart since it is very strong. This can essentially be used while making loops to tighten the knot.

Step 6: Final Touch

This is the final step of the process. Remove the cover, the arcs, and all the other parts of the maker.

To ensure that your threads are even, rotate the pom pom using your hands. If there are any uneven parts, cut those out.

Go Make Some Pom Poms!

There you go. If you have followed all the steps, you now have some beautiful pom poms ready for use. You now know all about making pom poms properly.

But don’t just keep it to yourself when asked; share how do you make the perfect pom pom with a pom pom maker! Let others be a part of what you learned from our article as well!

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