12 Best Transfer Tape for Vinyl: Top Picks in 2023

How many times there you’ve had to take a step back whenever you thought of giving the vinyl project a shot? If you’ve already lost the count there, then we think you’re drowning yourself in overthinking for no reason.

Want to know a secret? You can get the whole process on an easier track just with a simple move and that is getting the best transfer tape for vinyl. Once you bring it in, you’ll feel like it’s nothing harder than a child’s play.

But the question is, which one will fit into that criteria? Well, aren’t we here to help you out with that? Just stick till the end, and you’ll know about it more than you’re expecting right now.

Best Transfer Tapes for Vinyl

We know you don’t have a ton of time to waste looking for the right vinyl transfer tape. So, rather than wasting too much of it, let’s jump to our list of top 12 transfer tapes where your perfect one is waiting for you. Here comes the first one –

1. YRYM HT Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape

We bet nothing pisses you off more when you can’t even see the design properly while transferring it on the surface. But guess what’s here to get you out of that hassle? It’s the Clear Vinyl Transfer Paper Tapefrom YRYM HT.

The last thing you’ll have to worry about while bringing this one in is the size. With the size of 12” x 50’,not only can you cover a huge project, but you also won’t have tothink twice before working with bigger designs. Plus, the ½” grid got your back in ensuring precision with the design’s cutting and positioning.

What happens with the detailed designs is some small parts of the design, like a dot or something, stay back when you’re trying to put it on the tape.

But thankfully, YRYM HT has left no chance of that with its medium-tack option. Now you can get the whole design on the tape just with burnishing on both sides twice.

Another part of this medium-tack option that you’re simply going to adore is it not being too sticky. Unlike some of the tapes, this one comes off so easily that you won’t have to put even a bit of extra labor there. Moreover, it has also eased up the transfer in the perfect way.

Now the question is what kind of project you’ve got in your mind. That’s because it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to work with anything like glass, paper, plastic; it can keep up with all of them. Even if you love working with the metal surface, this one ain’t going to let you down.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a large size of 12” x 50’to help with bigger designs
  • The medium-tack option made the transfer more convenient
  • Compatible with metal, glass, paper, and plastic
  • ½ inch grid helps with the precise positioning and cutting
  • Clear tape allowsseeing properly while transferring the design

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2. TapeManBlue Vinyl Transfer Tape

You’ve got a ton of orders to complete within the shortest time? Then be sure that you’ll have to wish for nothing but a tape that can keep going till you’re leaving a breath of relief on finishing it off. Well, it looks like your wish just came true with the Vinyl Transfer Tape from TapeManBlue.

With the 12 inches of width and 300 feet length,  no matter what kind of monstrous project you’re dealing with, it can handle them all like a piece of cake.

And don’t think it’s going to make your job any difficult because its removable adhesive doesn’t let it get any harder for the user.

So what are you looking for? The best transfer tape for Cricut vinyl, Silhouette Cameo, or the other craft-die cutters? If yes, then you can pick this Tape from TapeManBlue as the closest option to that.

On top of that, the clear film ensures precision whether you’re working with letters, stickers, or graphics. This means rather than looking in and out too many times whether the design is in its place or not; you’ll get to see it all from the top.

We probably haven’t said about the perfection it delivers when it comes to removing it. Doesn’t matter if you’ve had to struggle with bubble, tears, or marks earlier,it won’t be happening here for sure as long as you’re using this tape.

Highlighted Features

  • High Tack ensures flawless transferring
  • 12” X 300’ size allows covering bigger projects
  • Clarity of the tape delivers precision in the process
  • Perfect for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or any other craft-die cutters
  • Easy and clean removal doesn’t leave any residue behind

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3. JANDJPACKAGING Transfer Tape for Vinyl

It’s often kind of a tough job to find the right-sized tape when you’re just a rookie or getting started with vinyl experiments. But thankfully, Transfer Tape for Vinyl from JANDJPACKAGING is here to fill that gap for you. Want to know how?

Well, with the perfect spaciousness of 12″ X 50′, you’re going to have a wider scope to try large projects. But another thing you’re going to love about this tape is you won’t have to worry about having too many leftovers as the 50’ length is just enough for your experimentations.

You ain’t going to find even a single person who worked with vinyl and hadn’t faced problems with the measurement.

But don’t think you’re going to have that hassle with this one. Thanks to its 1/2” grid that makes sure you’re getting all the ease that you need while cutting the tape.

And what has taken the convenience sky high is the clarity level of the tape. Now, rather than working blindly, you can clearly see where you’re putting the vinyl. You can say goodbye to the chance of it ruining your project with that for sure.

Do you know what will take your bar of ease higher here? The medium tack option. Now, you don’t need to put Hulkish force to peel it out, and neither there’ll be any residue when you’re done with a peeling.

Now comes what we loved the most about this tape – its versatility. It’s totally okay if you want to try the Cameo, Pazzles, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Oracle, etc., this one will get you through. And if it’s the surface you’re worried about, you’re free to try a hand on sign stickers, ceramics, glass, cups, windows, walls, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • 50’ long rollis considered sufficient for most projects
  • Total clarity aids in improving the positioning of the vinyl
  • ½” grid helps with precise cutting
  • Medium tack doesn’t let it be too sticky
  • Compatible with Cameo, Pazzles, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Oracle, etc.

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4. Craftopia Transfer Paper Tape Roll

If you, too, believe that clarity, ease, and versatility are what makes a tape the best vinyl transfer tape, then team Craftopia got something you’d like to check out.

Yes, we’re talking about the amazing transfer paper tape roll they’ve brought in with the 1” alignment grid.

At first, let’s check out the quantity and size you’re going to get on it. Well, the number is 12” X 25’ here. So, if you’re asking this one to handle your ‘not too long’ projects, then that’s going to be easy as pie.

On top of that, the clarity of the tape ain’t going to let you have any problem to see through. And we don’t need to say it again, how it being clear is going to help you out with the whole process. Not even the scotch tape can match up with its clarity.

But what was more of a greater aspect for this is its 1’ alignment grid, which we’ve already mentioned earlier. The best thing about having this feature in is it takes out the chances of falling short on accuracy in cutting and alignment. This means you’re going to get it right on the first shot for sure.

Want to have a surprise? Like a cherry on the top, you’re going to have a squeegee with this tape roll that you can use forputting the design on the project.

And compatibility? Doesn’t matter if you want it for the indoor or outdoor adhesive vinyl, it can be useful on both.

Highlighted Features

  • The 12” X 25’size decently enough for small projects
  • 1” alignment grid with blue color ensures accuracy
  • More clarity than scotch tapes makes it easy to use
  • Free squeegee comes with every purchase
  • Flawless with both indoor and outdoor adhesive vinyl

5. Frisco Craft Transfer Paper Tape

If you’ve got some kind of fascination with glitter vinyl, then you’re probably going to love this one on our list more than any other. That’s because it comes with every feature you’d like to have on your next best transfer tape for glitter vinyl.

We don’t know what you’ve got in mind, whether it’s plastics, sign stickers, metal, ceramics, glass, windows, walls, and porcelain.

But we know one thing, and that is this tape from Frisco Craft can get your job done on any of them. The only thing you’ll get to see is nothing but perfection.

So, what are you going to experiment with this time? Is it Cricut, Cameo, Provo Craft, Pazzles, Silhouette, Oracal transfer tape? None of them ain’t going to be a problem as this tape has all of their name on its list of compatibility.

And what to say about its level of ease? Even your little kid can try it out without making a mess. Thanks to its awesome clarity that makes you see everything under the tape. So, the last thing you can expect is to have any trouble with the alignment there.

By the way, the time it’s going to need to catch the surface properly is just 2-3 minutes. Just give it that much time, and after that, no matter you use it on indoor or outdoor surfaces, it won’t come off that easily. And don’t worry about the size as the 12” X 50’ ain’t any small number.

Highlighted Features

  • 12” width for handling bigger designs
  • 50’ length – 4x more than regular brands
  • Goes with a ton of variety on surface and vinyl
  • Takes only 2-3 minutes to complete the transfer

6. HTVRONT Transfer Paper Tape

Not every brand knows how to maintain the same level of excellence for both beginners and professionals. But HTVRONT is not one of them, and their Clear Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape is here to prove that.

With 50′ length, it can back you up like 5 of those regular 10′ rolls. So, even if you’re planning to get started with dozens of projects, there’s no way that you’ll run short on tape with it.

Along with getting the premium craftable quality, this clear tape comes with the ½” red grid alignment that makes it much convenient to maintain precision. On top of that, it saves a ton of your time as you don’t have to waste them in putting the design efficiently.

But the magic of the grid doesn’t just end there. With the help of flawless clarity, it’ll put a full stop to your struggle with accurate positioning.

And once you set the design in place, you’re going to have to put almost zero force on the peeling. Thanks to its medium tack for pulling that off.

Don’t think we’re done praising this tape of HTVRONT. Amazingly, it has shown versatility as well with its ability to work with Provo Craft, Cameo, Silhouette, Cricut vinyl, Pazzles, Oracal. And when it comes to surfaces, you won’t have to hold back if you want the design on metal, glass, paper, plastic, fabric, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • 50’ length is as good as five regular rolls
  • ½” red grid alignment makes it more precise
  • Clarity ensures perfect positioning
  • Medium tack helps with easy peeling
  • Applicable on metal, glass, paper, plastic, fabric, etc.

7. Vinyl Ease Paper Transfer Tape

So, you’re missing having one with the opaque film? Well, let us get that gap fill up for you with the next one on our list. What we’ve got here is none other than the Paper Transfer Tape from Vinyl Ease.

This premium quality tape is capable of ensuring any project you’re planning to lay your hands on. Doesn’t matter what kind of surface you love the most to work with; if it’s a smooth one, then you can bring this tape in even with closed eyes.

With its medium-high tack design, you’ll get just perfect proportion on the adhesive, which won’t let it become too hard for you to pull off.

To be honest, it has made the usage so easy that you’ll feel like things just got smooth as butter. Now, you can also try a hand at lettering, scrapbooking, graphic designs.

Plus, it makes sure you’re always ending up with the smooth transferring each and every single time. In case you feel like you need some changes in your windows and walls, you can go for it and also try it on ceramics, glass, plastics, and metal surfaces.

By the way, if you’re expecting some residue after the peeling, then forget it as that’s not going to happen here. And with its 6” X 100’ size, bring in as much projects as you want; it ain’t going to run out that easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a humongous length of 100-feet
  • Useful on craft vinyl, screen printing, scrapbook paper
  • Perfect for windows, walls, ceramics, glass, plastics, and metal
  • Gives residue-free peeling

8. VViViD Vinyl Transfer Tape

It never was that easy to work with vinyl when you’re trying to put it on your beautiful wall. After all, who wants to ruin the wall’s paint just for the vinyl. Well, Vinyl Transfer Tape from VViViD is here to solve your problems.

If you’ve got a new hobby to nail the skill with the decals or signage, then we bet you’re going to love this 12″ X 50′ transfer paper with medium tack.

On top of that, this clear tape doesn’t stop you from checking out what you’re having on the surface. So, you’ve got the leanest chance to make a mistake there.

Plus, the blue grid will take care of that alignment part so that you won’t have to worry about the precision there. Perfect and smooth cut, isn’t it what you were asking for?

But what made us amazed about this tape from VViViD is its patented adhesive. After all, this is what has made it possible to apply designs on the wall without ruining the coating or paints. Even if you’ve got a curved point on your wall, it can work on that part too.

Now comes the wow-factor! It’s the UV absorbers that the makers thought of adding to its material and adhesive.

As a result, where the regular tapes can sustain only 9 months to 1 year at your store, this one can last up to 4 long years.

Highlighted Features

  • Sportsa decent size of 12” X 50’
  • Material and adhesive contains UV absorbers
  • Patented adhesive works on walls without damaging paints
  • The blue grid improves the precision

9. Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

What if the mug you’re drinking coffee on could’ve had yourfavorite quote written on it? We know you can order one for yourself but will the joy be the same if you could make it by yourself?

We know your answer is No, and that’s why we thought of getting you the transfer tape from Cricut to let you go to DIY mode.

Its 5.5” x 240” size might not sound like a big number at first glance as you’ve seen bigger numbers earlier.

But when you have a Cricut Joy on your desk, you’ll simply be amazed to see what this amazing transfer tape is capable of. Now having a longer design printed for your wall ain’t going to be a problem.

Even a ton of variety of vinyl tapes can’t change its performance level a bit. Choose anything like holographic, holographic sparkle, patterned, metallic, and matte metallic vinyl, and you won’t have to pull yourself back. Just don’t put it in a test with shimmer or glitter vinyl as they’re not recommended with this tape.

Now comes the question –where can you use it? Well, you’re not bound to any specific category here, as you can go for almost any surface you want. Now, you decide what kind of surface you want to redecorate with the vinyl.

But what works as the game-changer here is it being the real time-saver. As you’re going to use it with the Cricut Joy, within the shortest time, you’ll have the coolest designs tagged on your wall.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a size of 5.5” x 240”
  • Goes with most of the vinyl except glitter or shimmer one
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to use on different types of surfaces

10. Oracal Clear Transfer Tape

When we came to know that some users think that the Oracal is the best transfer paper for vinyl, we didn’t believe it in the first place. But when we saw their Clear Transfer Tape, we understood each of the reasons why they claimed this one as the top one.

There’s no way to question its premium quality as that can only be compared with the finest. So, if you’ve got the slightest doubt about its consistency, giving just one shot will clear it all.

But the best part of getting this tape is its ease of installation. And if you think of going for the layering vinyl, especially on the multi-color decals, you’ll find doing it as easy as slicing a piece of butter.

We’ve always admired the tapes with grid more than the ones without it. Because that makes it more convenient to nail the precision in setting the design.

Thankfully, team Oracal understood that too and didn’t deprive this one of the grid. So, you’re going to have all the perfection while transferring the design.

And as the tape comes with superb clarity, you won’t have to see yourself in a position where you might mess the work up just because you couldn’t see it.

Besides all of that, its compatibility is something worth the appreciation. Now, you can pick any gloss or matte adhesive vinyl and put it on any smooth surface.

Highlighted Features

  • 12” width for accommodating big designs
  • 50’ length is compatible for bigger projects
  • Clarity improves the overall visibility during the work
  • Compatible with matte and gloss adhesive vinyl

11. Renook Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape

What is your definition of ideal transfer tape? If being flexible, compatible, and convenient is what you call the determinant of so, then congrats! You’ve got a match here, and we call it the Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape from Renook.

With the size of 12” X 50’, this tape is not only capable of taking bigger projects in but also the longer ones too. So, when you need to change the look of your shop’s window or need to have the logo a bit bigger, you can let this tape handle that with closed eyes.

And the positioning? You probably haven’t noticed its ½” alignment grid that won’t let anything go wrong there. Plus, you won’t be leading yourself to a mess when you’ll see that you’ve got some clear lines that you can follow while making the cut.

Want some more reason to pick this one up? Well, then let us hit you with some more. What makes it easy to work with the vinyl?

The clarity of the tape, right? Thankfully, this one got that in its list too. Now, you can see what’s on the other side of the tape as clear as day.

We never call it a good tape if you need to put half of your energy just to peel it. Thanks to its medium tack, for you, that part is not going to be a hard nut to crack anymore. Now, you choose where you want to see your next vinyl – glass, metal, plastic, windows, walls, ceramics, indoors or outdoors?

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 12” X 50’ measurement to cover large designs
  • Medium tack made the peeling easy
  • Goes with glass, metal, plastic, windows, walls, and ceramics
  • ½” alignment grid gives the right positioning angle

12. Hwook Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape

It might sound a bit harsh, but we’ve seen some major brands forgetting to add some minor features that could’ve taken the product’s appeal to a greater level. But not all the brands have made that mistake. One of them is Hwook, and their Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape is the proof that we ain’t bluffing.

When you’re running out of time and the vinyl has to be on your surface within the next few minutes, then you better let this one deal with it.

As it’s quick and easy to transfer, you won’t need to waste too much of your precious time here. A fair share of thanks goes to its medium tack, too, for taking it there.

Do you know what is rare when you start searching for the right transfer tape? Precision and ease. You already know where the ease comes from, and now it’s time for the precision. Well, you can let the ½” grid squares take that headache as you’ll have to do nothing but follow the lines.

But it won’t be useful for long if you see the size has betrayed you. Thankfully, the size of this tape 12” X 70’, which means you’re going to have plenty for your upcoming projects too.

Now, let us ask you something. Which surface do you find the most challenging when you think of having vinyl experimentation?

If it’s something like windows, glass, metal, car emblems, walls, glass, plastic, porcelain, or ceramics, then you better stop counting it as a challenge as this tape can keep up with all of them.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and quick with the transfer
  • ½” grid squares for eased up alignment
  • Great with surfaces like walls, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramics, etc.
  • Can work with both indoor and outdoor adhesive vinyl

Factors to Consider Before Buying Transfer Tape for Vinyl

Do you know what makes a buyer reach the right buying decision? The factors he/she is considering before swiping the card.

Things ain’t any different when it comes to transfer tape for vinyl as that, to a certain extent, determines the perfection of your project. So, let’s check out how you can pick the right one for yourself –

  • Versatility

The best thing about working with vinyl is you just can’t get enough of them once you get to know how beautiful creations youcan bring up with them.

When you start trying them on glass, you’ll feel like trying them on other surfaces as well, such as plastic, paper, and even metal too.

But it’ll be nothing but a waste of money if you try to buy tapes for every surface or project that you’re planning to work on.

Rather than going for the hassling way, pick a vinyl tape that can keep up with everykind of project you’ve got in your mind. The more versatile it’ll be, the wider your experiments can get.

  • Washability

It doesn’t matter whatever your project is made of; sooner or later, you’ll have to go for a wash unless it’s on paper. But won’t it be a devastating view if you see the vinyl is looking like a torn piece of work after you’ve got it washed?

Don’t worry; that ain’t going to happen if you don’t forget to get a transfer tape that can easily sustain a good number of washes.

Do the opposite of so and wait to watch your beautiful vinyl wash away. To get a tape that endures washes, you better go for thorough research before making the final purchase.

  • Time of Transfer

You’re not roaming in the sea of time, remember? So, if you really don’t want the tape to eat up all your time during the transfer, pick something that is quick and easy. If the transfer is taking more than 10 minutes, then you might have to reconsider getting that one.

But to be honest, taking a few more minutes than this doesn’t make it a bad one. All you have to do is make sure that the performance is good enough for your projects.

  • Colors

It’s often seen that users go for the black one. The reason is nothing else but their urge to have the simple one.

But the truth is, it’s not mandatory that your project will have to stick to the same color all the time rather than involving other colors.

So, if you feel like that the project will get a better edge with different colors, then don’t hesitate to lay your hands on some. And don’t worry about your desired color as there’s tons of color set in the market to back you up there.

  • Applied Pressure

Call it the beauty of the vinyl or hassle; not all of them work under the same kind of pressure. Depending on the models, they might ask for a professional machine or a simple iron, or your palm can do the trick too. So, when you’re picking your one up, check out what kind of pressure your vinyl is going to need.

  • Size and Quantity

If you start counting the most crucial aspects while picking a vinyl transfer tape, then we bet the size and quantity should be on the top 3.

At first, think about what kind of product range you’re currently thinking about. If it’s for the business with bigger orders, you better go for the one with a larger quantity.

On the other hand, if you’re just experimenting as a beginner, then choosing something with a smaller quantity will be okay. Now comes the size.

Well, it totally depends on the size of the surface you’re working with. You can easily understand which size will be perfect on the basis of that.

How to Use Vinyl Transfer Tape?

Well, if you’re waiting to see something complicated in this part, then we better tell you that you’ll have to return disappointed. Because using a vinyl transfer tape is probably going to be one of the easiest tasks you’ve ever tried.

But that’s only possible if you know how to do it right. So, let’s check out how to pull it off without wasting any time.

Step – 1: Make the Design

If you’re not new in the world of vinyl, then we don’t think we need to tell you that you’ll have to take care of the design in the first place. So, utilize the design software of your cutting machine to create what you want to see on your project.

Step – 2: Load, Cut, and Weeding

Now, it’s time for the load, cut, and weeding. After putting the machine into the right setting, apply the vinyl to the cutting mat, followed by loading it in the machine.

Once the cutting is done, you’ll get to see the final design outline in no time. Then, get rid of the excess vinyl with the help of your weeding tools.

Step – 3: Cutting the Vinyl Transfer Tape

It’s time to put the design on the tape. But before doing so, you need to cut the tape according to the size of your design. As you’re not going to need the entire roll, it’s better not wasting even the smallest part of it.

Step – 4: Putting the Design on the Tape

Make sure that you are putting the design’s adhesive side on your tape. Once you place it right, take a scrapper and burnish over it. After that, go to the other side and do the same.

Step – 4: Peeling

Now, slowly peel the tape out. Don’t rush it. Otherwise, you might leave some residue behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if there’s no scrapper tool to burnish with?

Nobody said that it’d have to be a scrapper tool all the time. If you’ve got any craft stick, you can use that too. And in case you don’t have that, you can use your ATM card to get it done.

  • What if any part of the vinyl stays back while peeling?

Just peel slowly when you’re trying to put the vinyl on your project. But if you see you’re having a part of the vinyl left back in the tape, rather than finishing the peeling, put the tape back.

Now, burnish over it again properly and slowly peel it off. You’ll see the whole design has been transferred.

  • Why is finishing so important while picking a vinyl transfer tape?

That’s because it has the ability to influence longevity. For example, if you’re choosing the one with a matte finish, it might last up to 3 years. On the other hand, the glossy one can take the number to 6 years.

  • Does the transfer time influence efficiency?

Not exactly. But it’s better if you can get one that eats up less of your time.

  • Is it possible to reuse the transfer tape?

Yes, it’s possible, but only if it has any adhesive left on it. Otherwise, it’ll be nothing but a useless tape or paper.

Final Words

We bet you were thinking that working with vinyl is nothing but a tough job. But you’re not on the same page anymore, are you? So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the best transfer tape for vinyl and add a new feather to your creative skills.

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