How to Make Bracelets with Paper? 2 Effective Methods Explained

Playing with paper can be a lot of fun! It lets you be creative, develop some skills at crafting, and that too, without costing much at all! So, get ready with the tools and dive into the big world of paper patterns!

Today we are going to learn how to make bracelets with paper. And they won’t just be for play; you can wear them too!

We are going to describe two simple ways to do it. Both require the same tools, only the steps will differ. So, here we go!

How to Make Bracelets with Paper? (2 Methods)

Method 1: A Frilly Fun Bracelet

The tools you will need for this are paper, a ruler, scotch tape, a pair of scissors, and crayons/markers (but this last one is optional).

Step 1: Make about 7 to 8 Paper Strips

Cut the paper into thin strips by cutting it along its length. The width of the strips will be equivalent to the thickness of your bracelet.

Be careful to not make the strips too thin because then they would just tear apart while you’re working with them. To get neat strips, use the ruler as your guide while cutting.

Step 2: Join the Strips

Now get two of those strips, lay them on top of each other at right angles so that they look like the letter L.

Take care to align them perfectly around the edges so that they don’t poke out by the corners. Now use the scotch tape to lock them in their places.

Step 3: Start Folding

Take the bottom strip, bring it over the strip at the top to create a fold that is of the exact width as the top strip. The bottom strip should now be over the top strip.

Now, bring the top strip over the bottom strip and create a fold to cover up the bottom strip. Then bring the bottom strip over again. In this way, keep alternating the folds between the strips, and continue this along the length of the two strips.

Tip: At this point, you might find that you are running out of paper. If that happens, then just cut another strip of paper of the same length, and tape it to the ends of the strip that has fallen short in length.

Step 4: Connect the Ends

After you are done creating adequate layers with the strips, bring the two ends together and connect them with tape to form the bracelet. And voila, you are done!

That was easy, wasn’t it? We sure hope the steps were simple enough to follow! Now let’s try another way.

Method 2: Woven Band of Colors

Here, you will need the same tools as before, with only a pencil as the addition. So, to reiterate, you will need papers (more papers than the last method), a ruler, a pencil, scotch tape, and scissors.

For this one, you will have to get one extra tool –a pencil. Other than these two, you will need the same tools that were required to make the first bracelet.

You will need very long strips to make this style of bracelet. So, make sure that you are sitting down with a lot of scotch tape by your side. You will have to use tape to make the strips longer.

Step 1: Make 4 Strips of Paper of Equal Measurement

The size of your strips should all be the same. And the length should be about 10 inches, and the width should be ¼ inches. First, make the measurement with a ruler, then mark the points on paper with a pencil.

After that, you just have to cut them along the markings. Get 4 strips of the same measurement.

Tip: Use paper of different colors to make the bracelet more fun. Or you can also use crayons and markers at this point to draw up some patterns.

Step 2: Start the Taping

Now you will have to use the tape to make longer strips. Each strip has to be about 20 inches in length.

Join one strip to the end of the other, align them properly so that they don’t stick out by the corners. After this, tape them up properly so that they don’t come loose.

Step 3: Begin to Weave

All the strips should be 20 inches in length by this point. Lay one strip in front of you horizontally. Then take another strip, put it below the first one, and then pull it over to the top again. It should look like the V has gone through a horizontal line.

Now work with the first strip, that is, the one that you laid out horizontally in front of you.

Take one of its ends and thread it below one leg of the V. Then, take the other end of the horizontal line and thread it below the other leg of the V.

The end result should look as if the letter V has been double-bordered. Make sure that all the strips are parallel to each other, and that they are of the same length.

Step 4: Mark and Keep Weaving

Now with a pencil, number the four strips. Then you have to keep weaving. Bring in strips 1 and 4 through the inner side of the V.

Do this in a way, so that strip 1 lays on top of strip 4. At this point, strip 4 should be on top of strip 3. But don’t let that happen. Bring strip 3 over strip 4 and keep it folded like that.

Read this step carefully and repeat the same procedure with steps 1 and 2. The strips should have an arrangement that reads in this order: 4, 3, 2, 1.

Step 5: Keep on Weaving

Now you have to bring strip 1 on top of strip 2 so that it lays beside strip 3. Now bring strip 4 under strip 3, so that it falls beside strip 2. After this has been done, the strips should read – 3, 1, 4, 2.

If you have gotten these last two steps, then you have understood what needs to be done. Continue weaving till the end of all the strips.

Tip: With every bend, check the length and make sure that the strips are parallel to each other. Otherwise, the bracelet will look clumsy.

Step 6: Tie Them Up

After making enough weaves, you are still going to have some paper left. Tie these ends of those strips up, then lo and behold, you’re done! Your bracelet is ready to be worn!


We hope all the steps were clear to you, and that you were able to follow. These bracelets are a great idea for parties, and you can make a lot of them without spending too much money at all! So, make one for all your friends, and have fun!

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to make a paper bracelets, it took me to my school days, this type of bracelets were popular then, and I think kids just loved to make them then.

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