Ecotank vs Laser

Ecotank vs Laser: Which Printer Will Work Better?

The development of technology opens a vast ocean of new mechanisms. To choose one from Ecotank and laser, you have to evaluate some more criteria of both.

The selection of ecotank will save you money, while a laser makes you save your time. Each printer is unique in its features and usability.

When you have determined to pick one from these two, go through to compare Ecotank vs laser in detail. So, let’s see both the fractures and probable facilities to fix up which printer will work better.

A Brief About Ecotank

An ecotank printer is different from a traditional printer. It has a large ink tank rather than a cartridge. You can easily fill up the tank with ink, and it will serve you till you have printed 14,000 pages.

This refillable ink tank system is formulated with an ultra-high-capacity ink system that makes you save time with money at the same time.

It started its journey in Japan and became most popular as it has a unique ink cartridge. So, it can lessen the wastage of the system and ensure durability.

Features Of Ecotank

An eco-tank is such an amazing device that provides you with a designer tank that can consume high-yield ink. It will provide you with a wide range of modern facilities. Its amazing features are bellowed.

  • Design and capacity

The tank has specialized key nozzles that can only fit the fixed tank. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefit of being compact and sleek.

The new design of the tank allows you to get a hazardous free refilling of the tank with a very small footprint.

  • Budget-friendly with durability

An ecotank is a budget-friendly device that never makes you upset with its performance. You can print more than 10000 pages with a single installation of ink.

To ensure durability, you will have a two-year warranty with it. But it will serve you the best with high volume printing in proper maintenance.

  • Connectivity

Nowadays, the wireless connection has become most popular. You can easily connect it from wifi and print via wifi, whatever your requirement is.

You can easily print Email, print, Cloud Print. It will also help to print via Remote Print Driver.

  • Seed and workability

An ecotank is a fast-printing device that provides you with a high-quality print. It can ensure 10ipm for black and 5.0ipm for color speed while printing.

A Brief About Laser Printer

The laser printer started its journey in 1975 with IBM and was used in a mainframe computer for the first time.

It was transformed into a modern and contemporary device with laserjet and a compact, fast through Hewlett-Packard in 1984. It reduces the price with the long-lasting quality of the outstanding device.

A laser printer is a prominent device mostly used as a photocopier machine. Its mechanism is different from the previous one.

Features of Laser

When you select a page to print out in a laser printer, a laser beam mechanism sends the documents to draw. Then the writings of the documents on a selenium-coated drum.

It works through a nonstop electric supply, so you have to charge the drum. After charging, it rolls in toner to adhere to the image on the drum.

Then it moved into the paper applied to it with sufficient pressure and heat. The charge is disconnected after the operation has been done successfully.

  • Speed and workability

If you want to use a laser printer for personal use, it will serve you the best. With it, you can print above 200 pages per week. But for official purposes, you can choose a work group printer from Fullycraft.

You can print more than 1000 pages with it. Again, you may use Production printers to print 50000 pages to serve production purposes.

  • Resolution

The resolution of the laser printer is the most important part. You will get 600dot per inch in this printer. If you get a production printer, it will provide you with 2400 dpi.

It is a high-end printer that can provide you with a smoother resolution with the help of Resolution Enhancement Technology.

  • Printer languages

Hewlett Packard invented a language to instruct printers called Printer Control Language. You can easily print spreadsheets, letters, and databases by using it.

Image printing requires an advanced mechanism of large memory that you may find in postscript.

  • FPOT and warm-up time

FPOT denotes the first paper out time. A laser printer takes only 5 to 30 seconds to prepare. After switching on, the printer needs some time to warm up. It will take care not to get into trouble in printing.

Comparing Ecotank vs Laser – the differences

There are many differences between an ecotank and a laser printer. The differences are given below.

Fast workability

After laser printers start their journey, it is consumed by many. It has an inherent ability to work faster with its modern mapping and applying tone features.

It can supply you with 8 pages per minute. In comparison to a laser printer, the ecotank is slower.

 But an accurate and configured ecotank is not so much slower. It can give you monochrome printing, copying, and scanned documents.

Print Quality

Print quality matters a lot when you buy a printer for yourself. In the case of printing photos, charts, and specialized documents, an ecotank printer performs better than a lesser.

It has ultrafine printhead nozzles which can mix and arrange ink droplets in patterns of sharp dots. When you print photos on shining paper, a laser printer can’t provide you with the desired output.

Ecotank is appropriate for high-quality color combinations, and the laser is most suitable for text printing.

Price Range

For long days, the laser printer is cheaper than the ecotank. But when it is price per page, ecotank may win over leaser.

An ecotank reduces the cost of ink cartridges, and it matters when you measure the cost of the pages.

Sometimes it makes you cost more than the printer requires. Though individual users prioritize laser printers, the situation reverses while putting more ink for detailed output.


The durability of the electronic device depends on the handling and maintenance. So both ecotank and laser printer provide you with long-lasting durability if you know the proper handling methodology.

The laser printers with Sherman tanks lasted forever. But with the development of technology, it is changed.

You may get a warranty on the product, but the durability depends totally on the quality of the products.

Bottom Line: Which One is For You?

Both printers have their beneficial capabilities and features. Here is the guideline for your convenience to evaluate the comparison of Ecotank vs laser.

So if you want to choose one from then, you should consider your purpose and necessities. A laser printer is very profitable for business or office use.

But if you want to purchase one for your family, you can take an ecotank printer as it also will serve you the best in home.

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