Best Yarn for Newborns: Recommendations and Guide for 2023

Your first human instinct when you see a baby is you’ll want to protect it. Babies need warmth and care, so making sure they’re wearing comfortable clothes is important

The parent who loves knitting for their baby wants only the best yarn for newborns.

There are many kinds and varieties of yarn. One kind of yarn is good for washing, another might be warmer, and some others might be easier to knit and crochet.

You’ll want to find the perfect choice for your little ball of joy.

Top 5 Best Yarn for Newborns

When you’re deciding which yarn to use, you’ll find a sea of choices. Being a parent is a full-time job and researching all the options takes time. So, we’ve handpicked the best yarn you can get for your baby.

1. Bernat Baby Blanket White Yarn (3-Pack)

In this package, you get three skeins. Each one is 72 yards long, totaling 216 yards with all three skeins. You get enough yarn to knit a comfy little sweater for your baby.

It’s machine washable, which is a useful quality. We all know babies are a little messy, so keeping the clothes clean won’t be a problem. The material is 100% polyester, which is pleasantly durable.

If your baby has sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry. This stuff is Oeko-tex certified and completely hypoallergenic. The manufacturers have tested it for over 300 harmful chemicals to ensure safety and comfort.

Despite the washability, the fiber is soft and rich in texture. Infants will find it comfortable and fall right to sleep. There’s no need to worry about rashes or itchiness.

This particular variant of the product is white. However, there are several other colors available. Most of them are pastel shades that go well with the décor in your baby’s room.

Since you’ll be knitting with this, you’ll want the specifics. It has a knitting gauge of 8 stitches and 13 rows with an 8 mm needle. It has a crochet gauge of 8 single crochet and eight rows with a 6.5 mm hook for those interested.

You should only wash this yarn with cold water. Warm water may damage its integrity.


  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Several colors available
  • Very soft
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Yarn might tangle
  • Washable only with cold water

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2. Zituop Super Chunky Rover Bulky Yarn

In the winter, your baby wants a snuggly hat to keep those little ears warm. This bulky yarn is perfect for knitting one. First of all, it’s great at retaining warmth since it contains mostly acrylic.

It’s also easy to knit and crochet with this fiber, thanks to the extra thick strands. The yarn is 13-20 mm thick, making it easy for beginner knitters. Even if you want to crochet, the hooks will easily grab on.

You’ll want to be careful when washing it, though. It’s best to hand wash with cold water. Using hot water may mess up the knit, and it won’t look great afterward. However, the yarn lasts a long time with good care.

The best application of this 40-yard skein is if you make hats or a shawl with it. You’ll need at least 4 of them for a small sweater and up to 15 skeins for a blanket.

Many parents love taking cute photos with their little ones. This yarn comes in several pastel colors that look great in pictures. You get a camel shade in this particular ball.

We know knitters have a love-hate relationship with acrylic. But here’s a bold take: acrylic isn’t that bad. Some people can have an allergic reaction to wool, which isn’t an issue with acrylic.

It also comes at a much lower price. For those of us on a budget, that’s a huge plus-point. The more affordable price is better for bigger projects.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to knit
  • Nice colors
  • Retains warmth
  • Lasts longer than others


  • Isn’t machine-washable
  • Might fray

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3. Alize Puffy Fine Color Baby Blanket Yarn

If you want something simple and special, this is the one. This yarn is really fluffy and quite thick. You won’t need a needle or hook to get going. Even kids will love working with this.

The yarn itself is soft; it’s much softer than any other regular material. Therefore, it’s pretty lightweight too. Infants will love the feather-touch feel and sleep soundly.

You get three skeins in this lot. Each is 16 yards long, which is enough for a comfy sweater. They weigh about 300 grams in total.

The threads are colorful, with several light primary colors and pastel tones as well. You get an end product that looks lively and vibrant.

This yarn is 100% micro-polyester, which means you can wash it in a machine and dry it. You’ll want to be careful not to wash it too many times, but it can handle the usual cleaning.

Since this thread is pretty bulky, it’s also decently warm. You wouldn’t want to take your child out in the snow with it, but it’s fine for a thermostat-controlled environment.

If you want to make a big blanket, you’ll need far too many balls. The total length isn’t very long, so use economically.


  • It’s very colorful
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Extra-thick strands
  • Great for beginner knitters
  • Okay to wash and dry


  • Not very long
  • Tiny loops

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4. JubileeYarn Baby Soft Bamboo Cotton Yarn

If you can afford it, you should try using high-quality yarn for your baby. This one has a blend of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo rayon. You can feel the premium quality as you touch it.

There’s no need to be too careful with this fiber. You can put it in the washing machine, and it’ll be fine. Just try to use lukewarm water and remember not to use any softener.

While it’s not the lightest, the yarn has a super-fine rating in the weight category. It’s a comforting presence on your baby’s chest and is pleasant to hold. You’ll find it to be quite soft too.

If you want to crochet, use a C-2 size hook. As for knitting, a 2.25-3.25mm needle should be just fine. You’ll enjoy knitting with this thread; the quality will speak for itself.

There are four skeins in this package. They should be enough for medium-sized knitting projects. The thread is 306 yards long in total, and you won’t need much more for a baby.

This package comes in Dynasty Blue, which is a pretty attractive color choice. However, there are tens of other color options to choose from, depending on your preference.

A great thing about this yarn is it’s hypoallergenic. It’s hard to know if a baby is allergic to wool unless you make contact. So, it’s better not to risk it.


  • 306 yards long
  • Bamboo material
  • Washable in machine
  • Great color
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Slightly thinner than average
  • Might have knots

5. Lotus Yarns Lace Weight Cashmere Knitting Yarn

Let’s look at what some yarn connoisseurs will appreciate. This thread is a 50% cashmere, 40% fine wool, and 10% angora blend known as “soft gold” by artisans. The quality and aesthetic will fail to disappoint.

Each skein has 365 meters of yarn that weighs about 50 grams. It’s perfect if you’re knitting something big, like a blanket. You’ll need far fewer balls of thread than other yarns.

We suggest using a needle between 2.25 to 3.25 mm for knitting. Its lace-weight makes it versatile for many kinds of knitwear. So, you can make a sweater, shawl, or Afghan hat with it.

The best feature of this wool is its quality. It feels rich to the touch and has a silky shine. Your baby may not appreciate the texture, but they’ll look and feel charming.

It comes in many solid colors, and each looks better than the last. Each shade has a distinctive muted look, but it shines in the light as well.

Lotus has an international reputation for its yarn. They spin and dye their fiber to a classy finish. Afterward, the product is exported all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

So, get the best for your baby. They’ll be warm and snug in this amazing yarn. Make sure to keep it away from fires as it burns quickly.


  • Premium quality
  • Cashmere blended with wool and angora
  • Versatile for knitting
  • 365 meters long thread
  • Only 50g per skein


  • Relatively expensive
  • Catches fire easily

Best Yarn for Newborns: Buying Guide

The choice of yarn can be the key factor in a knitting project. When you’re choosing for your baby, there are several more things to weigh in. Babies chew on their sweaters and have sensitive skin. Here’s what you need to consider.

Yarn Fiber

Alpaca, mohair, and angora fibers may look fluffy and snuggly, but they’re not well-suited to babies. Infants might swallow the shredded fibers from these, and their skin might itch as well. You should also avoid single-ply yarns, seeing as they shed and aren’t too durable.

The best fibers for babies include acrylic, bamboo, merino, and cotton. You need to look for soft yarn, which all of these are. Try going to your local yarn store and looking for baby blanket yarns, as they keep infants in mind.

Washing Instructions

One thing new parents don’t have is spare time. Babies regularly spit on their clothes, and it can get messy. Washing should be easy; many yarns aren’t that simple to wash, though. Look at the tag on the ball before buying to see if it’s machine washable.

If you can tumble dry the material as well, that’s all the better. Acrylic is usually the easiest to wash and dry. However, it’s not the only one; you can clean several other fibers with ease.

Yarn Weight

Heavier yarn will usually be restrictive to newborns. Kids like to wiggle around, and a bulky sweater can get in the way. Choose a lightweight fiber to knit. These will be a little tougher to knit or crochet but will be much more comfortable.

You can use heavier yarn as your kids start to get older. Bulky sweaters are much warmer in the winter, and you can layer them over others. You can search the yarn weight conversion chart to see which one works best for you.


Parents traditionally use blue or pink yarn for babies. Putting the issue of heteronormativity aside, you can find many other colors these days. The options aren’t all just pastel either; you’ll find many bold and bright colors available now.

If you like monochromatic color schemes, you can try black and white tie dyes. And you can’t go wrong with a whole rainbow color spectrum. Honestly, go wild; no one’s judging.

What Yarn Is Safe for Babies?

Newborns have sensitive skin and like to chew whatever they can hold. Therefore, a parent needs to be extra-cautious about the yarn they’re using for their child. The fiber, its washability, and whether it can cause an allergic reaction matter.

Wool can irritate some babies, and for some, it can lead to a full-blown allergic reaction. Try to look for hypoallergenic yarn before starting to knit. Acrylic is one of the safer options; so is polyester.

Acrylic is also great if you regularly wash the knitwear (and we heavily recommend washing). Babies drool a lot and sometimes puke, which leads to bacteria growth. Some fibers withstand machine-washing more than others; pick one of the former.

As for the fiber you choose, try using a yarn that sheds less and has better overall integrity. The last thing you want is for your baby to swallow a tiny thread or inhale it. Some good options are polyester and merino.

Final Words

Your infant is a delicate bundle of happiness. You should only pick the best yarn for newborns when knitting them a hat or sweater. We’ve curated the five top fibers available for your baby so that your angel sleeps well.

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