Best Ink for Clear Stamps: Recommended for 2023

A person does not have to be a crafter to love stamps. Can you think of a better way to spend your childhood than moments filled with colors?

Whatever your project or play is, you can store away those out-of-date rubber stamps. It is time we move toward better options — clear stamps! 

However, clear stamps are going to require inks. This is where you have to mull over to find the best ink for clear stamps. Once you get them or gift them to your little ones, it will be worth your effort. So how would you know which ink is good for the projects? 

We have got you covered with some awesome brands and a guide for you to check out. After all, it is crafting time! 

5 Best Ink for Clear Stamps

Here are five well-known products for clear stamps that we hope will fit your needs. So are you ready to give life to your works and admire the beautiful prints? 

1. Lsushine Craft Ink Pad Stamps Partner Diy Color, 15 Colors

Our first choice consists of a large pack of assorted vibrant colors that will make you content for a very long time. This product can also be a present for children who love crafts. 

You can even encourage them to enjoy finger painting activities. From handprints to graffiti, any form of artistic imagination is achievable with this package. We loved how plenty of shades one can make from eleven inkpads. 

Now, if you are looking for a way to decorate your journal or a scrapbook, nothing can beat its quality. We do have to inform you that the size of each ink is somewhat small. It is limited to only compact stamp use.

You can apply it to fabric, paper, or wood to create excellent projects. It is your world, make whatever you wish! The colors dry pretty quickly and stay as long as you let them. 

Although the product is waterproof on paper, it might have less proofing effect on other surfaces. So in a way, it is a good thing when you gift it to a child; easy to wash off after the activity. 

Besides, you can always recuperate the dried inkpad with three to five drops of water. This could happen during many occasions of frequent use. The only problem is the low-quality lid design. 

Its flimsy design can make the colors dry out faster than expected. So we suggest keeping them in an airtight craft box/bag to ward off water usage during each task.  


  • Water-soluble 
  • Excellent for versatile use
  • Works wonders with rubber stamps
  • Fast-drying action
  • Bright and vibrant 15 shades


  • Not suitable for large stamps

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2. Ranger Archival Ink Pad, Jet Black

Our next item is a single black ink pad for those who use watermarks on various surfaces. This one is our most favorite for outstanding permanence. 

It might be expensive but can last a lifetime without conceding to inferiority. This ink will stick to the surface permanently and give off the intense color the user always seeks. 

The Ranger Ink Pad is resilient due to the excellent formula devised to provide an anti-smudging job. It is also water-resistant and bleed-proof to ensure you attain the best of everything. 

If you are looking for something that not only speaks durability but also delivers color richness, here is your pick. Of course, it comes in a variety of colors, but jet black is quite a unique catch.

For people who want longevity over multi-color accessibility, this will breathe life into your stamping projects. The ink will dry really fast, whether it is gloss or matte surface. 

The terrific appearance with a low odor will give you the pleasure of long-term continuity. Therefore, experience the hours of stamping on papers without feeling any discomfort. 

However, it takes around twenty minutes to dry the stamp. If you wish to speed up the process, try the heat set for a quicker result. There are, unquestionably, more than fourteen ink pads to go for – enough to carry out a large job using only the Ranger ink pads. We highly recommend it! 


  • Permanent ink with exceptional intensity
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, and non-bleeding formula
  • Non-toxic and acid-free properties
  • Long-lasting dye for stamping
  • Incredibly rich color


  • Drying takes about 20-minute 

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3. Tsukineko VM000001 Full-Size VersaMark Pigment Inkpad

The Tsukineko is a well-known brand in the world of art and craft adventure. This product is no different from being superior in quality either. 

Although some might find buying a single ink pad at this price range is ridiculous, it will be worth every penny. This is a clear pigment ink that offers a myriad of effects. 

You can use it with other inks or powdered mediums to achieve such versatility. If you love embossing art, then this product will deliver the perfect darker tone. It works brilliantly on uncoated, glossy papers with only five to ten-minute dry-time. 

What we loved the most is the gradation effect capability using this ink pad. Once you finish stamping the images, simply apply chalk or pearl powders to adhere to the surface. 

The powder remains stuck on the stamped areas thanks to the high consistency of the ink. You can already imagine the outcome of such a task – a marvelous workpiece to admire through the mind’s eye. 

Remember that the drying period can vary on paper type and humidity. Also, do not forget to keep the project surface free of dirt and very clean to acquire perfect results. 

If you use an ink pad too often, our suggestion is to wipe the pad surface with a paper towel. All you have to do is re-ink the inker for continuous use. 


  • Ideal for embossing
  • Can be used on glossy papers
  • Best for watermarking, tints, and gradation effects
  • Easy to clean up the clear pigment
  • Acid-free material


  • Expensive 

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4. PMLAND Set of 15 Stamp Ink Pads

Have you ever wondered about the number of possibilities one can gain by a whole bunch of colorful ink pads? While PMLAND is pigment-based and washable instantly, it is the perfect answer to keep your kids occupied. 

The formula allows the user to work with fingers and palms for ultimate hand stamping fun. You can clean up the mess right away after an enjoyable activity session. 

There are about fifteen vibrant colors you can work with, giving you the luxury of a multi-shaded scrapbook theme. They are the perfect choice for any paper-related DIY décor. 

Each ink color consists of a rich oil reserve with a delicate sponge for simple stamping purposes. Let us remind you that these ink pads are compact – presumably unsuitable for larger stamp structures.   

However, if the ink seems dry after many days of application, you can always add a few drops of water to get back in action! This is why many users have relied on this product, not only for gorgeous artwork but also for durability. 

We love how conveniently it allows you to mix and create new shades. You can enjoy fast-drying, resilient to fade stamping projects without any hassle. However, there is a faint smell that is not harmful at all, but some might find it distracting. 

Overall, the safe, high-end quality color with various shading options is a package you do not want to miss out on!


  • Fade resilient and fast-drying formula
  • Additional oily sponge to prevent ink pad from drying
  • Safe for children 
  • A vibrant outcome with perfect saturation
  • Ideal for paper, wood, or fabric application


  • Too small for large stamps

5. Craft Rainbow Finger Ink Pads Stamps Partner, 24 colors

This is a product that many have come to love due to its six-pack color palette. It means the user can achieve about 24 to more shades to make the paper surface beautiful. 

If your mind cultivates imaginative décor projects, the Craft Rainbow ink pads can give life to them. The lively hues from each pack will deliver you and the children more ideas to look forward to. 

The set is water-soluble – an ideal choice for the kids to stay busy with. It does not contain any toxic, so the colors are perfectly safe to use on the skin. Being water-base also makes it advantageous when trying to wash off. 

All you will require is a little soap and water! Even if the children apply them to their clothes, you can clean them without any difficulty. 

Whether it is for finger painting or stamp on invitation cards, scrapbooks, journals, etc., the set has got you covered. No matter how exceptional the color quality is, the ink will eventually dry if the case does not provide tightly sealed protection.

That is why the packs come in sturdy plastic cases for safekeeping the inkpads for longer periods. You can later store them in a stack after use. 

All in all, it is an excellent option for those who have to stamp for versatile projects with colors. The package can also be a superb present to give to your child.  


  • 6-pack with 24-shade possibilities
  • Applicable to wide ranges of surfaces
  • Easy-to-clean water-based formula
  • Durable plastic case for storage
  • Gorgeous color result suitable for finger paints


  • Takes a bit of time to dry on thick papers 

Best Ink for Clear Stamps: Buying Guide

It is an easy task to choose the desired stamps but to find the right inks – not so much. Hence, below is a short overview regarding what you should consider before buying these items. 

Types of Inkpads

While you will come across many kinds of inkpads, these three will stand out the most. Let us learn a thing or two about them.

  • Dye 

It is water-based and works magically on light surfaces. The marks will be intense but washable. And the best part is dye-based inkpads are soluble, giving you plenty of opportunities to mix and discover new colors! 

  • Pigment

Are you looking for something that can dry quicker? Do you want the ink to remain on the surface a bit longer than the water-based ones? The pigment-based ink pads will give you the benefit of such accomplishments. 

You can use them on dark surfaces due to the saturated appearance. These are excellent for quick jobs but take time to wash off. 

  • Hybrid 

Hopefully, the name can give you an idea of these inks. They are a combination of both dye and pigment-base. Therefore, you can achieve fast-drying action as well as effortless washing at the same time.

In short, they are convenient and resilient when in need.  


As you figure out which type to acquire, the next step is to select from vast collections of colors. The multitudes of varieties can make anybody lose the sense of proper guidance.

Let us be blunt and tell you to get only what your project necessitates. If you plan to create something big, go for 3 to 6 different colors. These colors will have about 15 to 20 various shades. 

On the contrary, choosing a single-color ink pad will do just fine for individual stamping jobs.    


Make sure the product you get does not leave a splotchy result. The uneven or partial coverage of the stamp can lead to a disappointing ending. We do not want the craftwork to lose its brilliance.

This is why choose something worth the toning techniques you aim to undertake. See that the corners of the stamp do not relay faded outcomes. 

Ease of Use 

How convenient is it to use the ink – quick press and stamp? Or do you have to go to some length to extract the ink? These are the questions you should ask when trying to find a good quality inkpad

Check that the pad does not leak or dries too soon. Even the size of the ink pads will ensure easy maneuver when large stamps are in question. 


This option depends on how fast you want the ink to dry. Slow drying ones are easy to remove, while the faster drying inks are not. Whether you pick permanence or temporary, it is up to the task. 

How Do You Remove Pigment Ink from Clear Stamps?

Yes, stamps will get dirty and mix with other colors if not maintained properly. But what are the ways to keep them clean as new? 

Dish Soap

This step is when the ink builds up on the stamps over time. You will need a fingernail brush and a little soap. Any other soft brush will do. Just add the soap to the brush and scrub the wet rubber of the stamp.

It must be done as lightly as possible. Next, rinse with water and repeat the process if you see more ink stuck within the cracks.  

Baby Wipes

Using baby wipes has been the most convenient solution for many art and craft lovers. Besides, it is super easy and hardly requires any additional steps. You can use the wipes for a quick clean after each use. 

The trick is to ball up the wipe and press it into the rubber crevices and gaps. Once again, repeat the process until the stamp is completely clean. 

You can even try this technique with a moist towel. 

Stamp Cleaner

Do you use alcohol-based inks? Then it is better to opt directly for all-purpose stamp cleaners. Remember, this might be a shortcut for many users but a hard-to-find answer to some. 

Final Words

Now that you realize a great deal about the best ink for stamps, it is time to have fun with colors! 

Never give up on your imagination and let the kids have the best of times. We hope that our article was able to help you choose the right product based on your demands. Enjoy! 

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