Best Glue for Quilling: Buying Guide 2023 (Updated!)

We crafters are notorious for hoarding loads of supplies the moment we hit the craft stores. You know you are in trouble when the cart fills up with things we do not even need! 

Yet, the one object you cannot deny is the glue. If you are a quilling artist, it is all the more essential. You may declutter the other supplies, but the glue is what keeps everything together. 

It is a difficult job to find the best glue for quilling from a massive aisle of selections. We cannot let this hurdle come between you and your unstoppable imagination. 

Let us help you get the right adhesive to create what the heart tells you. Take a peek!   

5 Best Glue for Quilling 

Quilling requires a large amount of glue at every curve and turn you make. Thus, it should have the quality of not ruining the craftwork no matter how many rolls you create.

1. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

What is the first thing, besides a strong bond, a crafter seeks when hunting for glue? The answer is the clear, drying result that will not devastate the whole project by the white, clumpy appearance. 

Now that is something to discourage any quilling enthusiast. Rest assured, the Bearly Art is the opposite of all negative features. This multipurpose adhesive is non-toxic and resistant to cracking. 

It is smooth and long-lasting without causing any wrinkles to the surface. The unique formula is all about strength when it comes to stylizing various paper strips. You can use it all year without it freezing during winter. 

And do not worry, even if it does, the thing can thaw without compromising the quality. What we loved the most are the variable tip sizes that the brand offers. The quick and easy twist-off base tip allows the others to fit in tight. 

So, you can go from thick to ultra-fine thinness for complicated details in no time.

You can say goodbye to excessive gluing by accident to ruin your project. The various choices of the application make it a useful product for many crafters.

Overall, the kit is what a quilling artist often looks for in the store but ends up buying them separately. This product will provide you all the necessities in a package with highly adhesive formulation to enjoy professional-level works. 


  • Resistant to wrinkle and clump
  • Includes multiple sized tips for intricate works
  • Clear drying glue
  • Non-toxic formula for safe conduct
  • Offers versatile use besides quilling


  • Takes time to dry 

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2. Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive

What we have next is a PVA glue that is ideal for any project that consists of papers. It is clear and water-soluble for making the sticking job much faster and convenient. 

The professional quality formulation makes the newbies feel superior when adhesive properties stick to the paper. Such a successful notion only encourages children and adults alike to indulge more in quilling artistry. 

It sets faster and results in a clear solution for flexible crafting tasks. This means you can use it for bookbinding as well. The substance is acid-free with lay-flat properties to ensure a fitting outcome.

Furthermore, its pH-neutral PVA formula lets you mix water with the glue for a lighter mixture. If you think the project needs low consistent adhesive, just add a few drops of water to make it thinner. 

The water combo makes the drying action a little slower, though. You can also follow this procedure when the glue in the container seems exposed to air. 

Many users have found it more reliable than other comparable products for the brilliant setting. It is ideal for many art and craft solutions with a small tip design in the container.

One point to note is that the tip might be bigger for intricate detailing. So it is better to keep an extra needle tip bottle in hand. Other than that, we could not have found a better answer than this glue – highly recommended! 


  • Ideal for bookbinding and quilling
  • Acid-free; non-yellowing properties
  • Quick-drying formula with the clear result
  • Water-soluble for a thinner consistency
  • Affordable 


  • No close-cap after use

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3. Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Multi 3 Pack

This is a three-pack white glue for versatile surface usage. If you are an artist with crafting accessories in every corner of the workshop, this set might just be the right volume for your works. 

We know the feeling when you do not even realize the glue is finished until you are in the middle of a rolling paper strip. The frustration can make you give up on the project entirely. 

So what if you go ahead and buy this budget-friendly set of three to free yourself from such a nuisance? Aleen’s tacky glue is thick and excellent for large jobs. It comes in a container with a tip that offers three forms of cutting. 

This means the lower you cut the tip – the thicker glue will pour out. Our advice is to cut it as thinly as possible to avoid excessive adhesive on papers. Besides, the low cut can never bring back the small discharge amount advantage. 

All in all, it is the kind of product that is non-toxic and durable. The glue will dry to permanency with a clear, non-visible result. We loved how strongly it binds to the surface and papers. 

However, the only drawback is that it takes time to dry. Until then, you will have to hold on to the strip end or the shape to the surface to avoid falling out.   


  • Multipurpose Premium adhesive 
  • Highly durable for a long time 
  • Permanent drying 
  • Easy to clean with soap and water when wet
  • Super strong with a non-toxic formula 


  • Not fast in drying

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4. Scotch Quick Drying Tacky Glue, 6052-B

Here is another option for beginners who love assessing before choosing something permanent. You never know this might turn out to be your ideal choice.

This is a 4-ounce container that is super easy to handle during application. Although the tip is somewhat bigger than you can expect, it is a great option for using it as a layer on the surface. 

Despite it providing precision upon use, we recommend a needle tip bottle for fine detail gluing steps. You do not want extra adhesive sticking all over the paper and your hands, only to damage the intended shape within seconds.

The product is compatible with leather, ceramic, plastic, metal, and paper. Thus, you can use it for many other causes too. Moreover, the tacky glue is perfect for a stable and long-lasting effect. 

Since the viscosity of the product is pretty thick for no-running purposes, the users might find it a little difficult to squeeze out of the precision tip. On the contrary, it is what makes the glue heavy-duty and quick to dry. 

Another matter regarding the item is the cap. It is not reliable to keep the contents from drying out so, preserve the cartridge in an airtight store box. Overall, it is not such a bad option to prevent messy applications. 


  • Dries fast with a clear outcome
  • No running or stringing after applying 
  • Works well on various hard-to-join materials
  • Cartridge design allows the proper handle
  • Durable for a long time


  • Unreliable tip cap does not keep the glue airtight

5. Elmer’s, Clear E433 Bond Paper Craft Glue Gel

Our final selection is Elmer’s, which is a favorite to a lot of craft lovers. Similarly, does this product reach the potential to impress the maker’s loyal customers?

Firstly, it has a strong bond, unfailing container, and is reasonably priced. It is compatible with wood, fabric, and papers, letting you discover more opportunities.  

Secondly, the clear transparency makes it all the more fascinating for complex quilling projects. It is quite easy to use and safe for children to work with as well. 

Thirdly, it dries well enough to ensure durability and flexibility, especially when fixing up a book. But how long does it take to completely dry? That is the issue most users have found since it takes about twenty-four hours. 

However, the bond will be super solid anyhow. Another disadvantage of the product is the consistency feature. While other formulas do not appear on the paper during the application, this one tends to soak in the paper. 

It can be disastrous for many enthusiasts despite the clear, glue gel properties. On the other hand, the product is easy to clean as long as it is not dried entirely. 

The container is not suitable for applying directly from on the rolled paper strip. Therefore, use the needle pin bottle with gentle pressure for a wrinkle-free solution. 

Although Elmer’s products have always been reliable to many consumers, we cannot put much faith in this item for quilling projects. 


  • Acid-free
  • No-running formula
  • Solid and durable 
  • Offers ultra-clear result after drying
  • 24-hour permanent dry-time 


  • Bleeds through papers

Best Glue for Quilling – Buying Guide?

When you are on the lookout for the ideal glue for quilling, people learn a thing or few. Here are some of these features you can go over for acquiring what you require.

Types of Glue

Since the consistency varies from brand to brand glue types, the user ought to distinguish the product by its suitability. Of course, crafters seek something thin or dries fast. 

But not all glues have similar properties to achieve that purpose. Therefore, these three kinds mentioned below will assist the quilling artist to comprehend the differences. 

White Glue

It is the most common all-purpose glue for craftworks and has a water-based formula. The PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) creates a strong bond when connecting the coil edges. You can even apply it to stick shapes together or inside the paper domes. 

The glue is white and dries fast, allowing convenience over a messy situation. It has a thick consistency but not irritating to work with. 

Tacky Glue 

This is also a PVA glue with thicker viscosity and quick-drying action. Although it takes some time to come out of the container, the glue is excellent for multipurpose use. 

The user can apply it to form 3D quilling models because you will not have to hold the pieces too long for drying. Remember that it is water-base but permanent.  

Clear Glue

This solvent-based glue is mostly known for its bonding strength. The clear glue is easy to apply and remains clean when dried. It is best for detailing and sticking small paper strip rolls. 

The transparency of the adhesive ensures invisibility when working with colored strip papers.

Container Size 

Believe it or not, the glue size is pretty important to keep in mind. If you are a beginner, we recommend a small container. Large ones might feel bulky when holding. 

They are also tricky to work with if the quilling project is intricate. On the other hand, a bigger container means more glue within reach. You will not have to frequent the store too often.  

In general, it is better to get an additional small container to handle the quilling with ease. You do not want to ruin the hard work by a mere sticky mistake. 

Container Tip

While larger containers often come with bigger tips, smaller ones offer needle tips. Whether you are a rookie or not, we will always suggest a needle tip for fine details and delicate sticking. 

How Do You Glue Down Quilling?

Are you a beginner who hopes to get some pointers before you get down to business? You have come to the right place for precise instruction. Take a look.


You are going to need some things besides glue and the quilled paper. If you want to place the final piece on a surface, prepare a board or card. 

Get a few colorful papers cut into strips to form quilling. Do not forget the power of a tweezer and a quilling tool! Lastly, keep an extra needle tip bottle beside the glue.  


  • Step 1

Quilling techniques are pretty easy and fun as long as you have the tool to roll the strip paper. Then, finish rolling and reach almost at the end of the strip. That is when you apply glue.

Make sure to use a little amount using the needle tip bottle.

  • Step 2

Next, complete the full roll and remove the tool. Remember that the paper will try to expand, which you have to prevent from happening. 

  • Step 3

Continue until you make the desired shape and remove/wipe the excess glue to avoid ruining the process. Then, slowly stick the pieces on the surface using a tweezer. 

Make sure the surface has a layer of flayed glue for comfortable shape sticking. This is the basic hack for a beginner, which, of course, the user can experiment and improvise afterward. 

Final Words

Now that you know a thing or two to get the best glue for quilling – let us get down to business. Do not hesitate to experiment and learn. Secure the glue in an airtight toolbox for longevity. 

And lastly, the sky’s the only limit to create beautiful shapes and pieces to form art. Flourish yours with joy!     

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