Best Router for 100Mbps Internet: Guide in 2023(Recommended!)

The internet has made a lot of things possible, hasn’t it? People get jobs through the internet; they get their entertainment on the internet. Some even have met their life partners on the internet too. Tinder users, we’re looking at you.

We can’t promise getting the best router for 100Mbps internet will help you find your soulmate any faster. What we can say, though, is when you do find him/her, you two can surely stream content, play games faster.

So, to take care of your internet woes once and for all, here are the top choices you can get right now. Some of these are quite the beast, and Bruce Wayne will be proud. Read on, you’ll see what we mean.

Top 7 Best 100 Mbps Router

Let’s address something right off the bat. In this review, you’re going to see a lot of repeated brand names. That’s because when it comes to high-speed routers, not a lot of companies do it quite like the ones we’ve chosen. Here are the top picks for 100Mbps internet routers.

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6

From the sheer looks of it, this one looks like something Batman would have in his bat-cave. This beast can keep up with your 100 Mbps internet. So, let’s start off with the design first.

This router has an over-the-top design. It looks very sci-fi and very futuristic. Which might be something you either like or don’t like. It all depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

Feature-wise, it’s full of them. For starters, you can connect up to 50 devices to this router. That’s quite a lot of devices. You can be sure no matter how many smart devices you have in your house, it can take care of all of them.

For parents, the parental control features will be something of a treat. You can block sites, set limits for online activities, and also monitor the internet history. This way you know exactly what your kids are doing online. At a time where internet safety is a hot topic, this is a much-appreciated feature.

Speaking of internet safety, this router also acts as your first line of defense against malicious attacks. The NETGEAR armor protects you and your devices from viruses and other malware.

You’re not short of other advanced features. This NETGEAR router has Amazon Alexa supports and 6 amplified antennas. Yes, 6! Those antennas are what give this router its impressive range — 3500 square feet of range to be precise.

Armed with a dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, it’ll run like a champ. There are USB connections as well. You can hook up a printer or a storage driver with no hassle. It does all this all while giving you an easy-to-use interface.


  • Has a long area of network coverage
  • Parental control and other smart features
  • Fast processor
  • Easy to use UI
  • Protects against online threats and malware
  • 5GHz support


  • Design might fit all household décor

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2. NETGEAR Nighthawk 12 AX6000

You’re soon going to notice a trend here. Most of these routers look quite futuristic. Take this one for example. We love the design. If you look closely, it almost looks like Batman’s bat-plane.

Not only it can be perfect for your 100 Mbps internet speed, but also this router will set you up for the future. That’s because it supports WiFi 6. Have some free time at home? The WiFi 6 spec is perfect for super-fast and uninterrupted video streaming.

You don’t have any excuse not to catch up on those popular series your friends are always talking about now. If you want the option to plug devices into it with a wired connection, you can do it too. There are ethernet ports galore over here. This is great for plugging in a gaming computer or your gaming console that needs fast internet with low latency. Gamers, we notice that big grin on your face while you read this.

The processor spec of this one is better than our previous one. This Nighthawk AX6000 comes with a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor. It doesn’t choke up when it’s working away.

Apart from that, you get all the cool features and safety features as well. Frankly, if you’re buying an internet router now, getting one without safety features is a big mistake.

Cybersecurity features are powered by BitDefender – a renowned internet security company famous for its antiviruses. You can take a yearly subscription for the ultimate security package. There’s a one-month free trial though.

For people who work in IT, this router is a dream. It’s super easy to set-up and manage. This makes connecting and managing a ton of devices on this one a breeze.

You don’t have to be an IT professional either. If you’re the tech-savvy person in the house, most people are coming to you for tech support. That job is way easier with this one. The effective range for this is an impressive 3500 square feet.


  • WIFI 6 support
  • Top-notch security support
  • Easy to set-up and manage
  • Powerful 2.2GHz processor
  • USB and Ethernet ports


  • Vertical height might restrict it from fitting in tight spaces

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3. MOTOROLA MR2600 AC2600 

Still, looking for the perfect router for 100 Mbps internet? This time we have a Motorola router. Remember those guys? They were the juggernauts of the mobile industry and made some of the most iconic mobile phones. It turns out all that experience allows them to make a mean beast of a router.

The design of this one is more on the subdued side. It looks much more professional compared to some of the options here. That makes it perfect for an office or a home office, even just for someone who prefers the toned-down look.

It uses AC2600 WIFI spec and also the built-in ethernet ports to connect your devices to the internet. That way if you have devices that need a solid and constant wired internet connection, you can have it.

There are 4 antennas on this one. But don’t let the fewer antennas fool you though. This can still give you a solid 5.0 GHz and also 2. GHz connections. Not only that.

It’s important to note though if you’re using 2.4Ghz, you’ll get a better range. 5.0Ghz, while it is better and newer, does not give you as much range. The 2.4Ghz will cover almost 3500 square feet.

For an extra speed boost, the Wave 2 MU-MIMO that’s built into it speeds up your network, even more, giving you the ultimate internet experience. Say sayonara to buffering and stutters.

The processor running it all is a dual-core one. There are other modern features and also future-proofing too. You have beamforming. This essentially targets connected devices and makes sure it gets as much of the signal as possible.

It even supports IPv4 and IPv6. So, you’re pretty taken care of future WIFI protocols. Apart from that, you can be sure it’ll keep your network safe. And with the industry-standard WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK security protocol, your internet safety is taken care of as well.


  • A professional and subdued design
  • Good security features
  • Supports both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz WIFI
  • Supports IPv4 and Ipv6
  • MU-MIMO feature is present


  • No built-in cable modems

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4. Amazon EERO Pro mesh WiFi system

This best 100 mbps router might come off as a surprise to you. But the EERO router isn’t made by your typical network or electronics company. It’s owned by non-other than Amazon themselves. Seems like they have their hands in almost everything. How does this router fair then?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the fantastic design. We mean it has the perfect blend of being modern and chic while also not being too boring and bland. We’re no interior design experts, but with its smooth lines and classy ‘EERO’ branding, it should fit in with any décor.

Amazon’s EERO is a mesh system. Let us know if the following scenario sounds familiar. You connect your phone to the WiFi in the living room. When you’re about to hit the bed, you notice your WiFi signal is immediately weaker in the bedroom.

That’s one annoyance you don’t have to face with this one. The mesh system uses more than one access point to ensure every inch of your house has good signal coverage.

This one is literally owned by Amazon; so, you know this supports Amazon Alexa. If you already own the helpful digital assistant, this will jive pretty well with it.

Unlike some dumb routers out there (and we choose those words very carefully), this one can update automatically. Once each month, your EERO mesh network will look for updates and update itself.

You don’t have to worry about security holes or any other internet dangers. Never miss an important update, ever again. We recommend you get the 2nd generation of the EERO. It’s just simply better in every way.

They’re faster, smarter, and is backward compatible. All in all, Amazon has really outdone itself with this product.


  • Very stylish and sleek
  • Amazon Alexa support
  • Mesh system makes signal available throughout the house
  • Seamless updates
  • Intelligent features


  • You need to buy multiple to make use of the mesh system

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5. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 Router and Modem Combo

Another router, another NETGEAR; there’s a twist with this one, however. This is a router and modem combo. So, you have this one thing to do the job of two.

Why would you want that, you ask? How does saving over $160/year sound? Yep, you can save over $160 in equipment rental if you already have a combo. That’s not all, this router is overflowing with cool and modern features.

A router is no good if it doesn’t give you fast internet. This one takes care of that easily. You get blazing fast internet speed with cable providers to give you up to 400 Mbps of speed.

If that isn’t fast enough, there is also AC1900 support. That can give you speeds of up to 1900 Mbps. It’s very versatile and functional as well. There are 4 ethernet ports and 2 USB ports.

You can connect 4 devices with a wired connection and have an additional 30 devices connected with AC1900. This one is perfect for a smart home set-up as well.

Easily connect storage drivers, printers or game consoles and of course, computers as well.

The two small gripes we have with this one are the design and the WiFi range. Although not deal breakers by any means, others performed better in this department.

It has a pretty boxy design and triangle perforations on the sides. They aren’t see-through though. So, that’s a plus. The effective range is a bit lower as well. it’s rated to cover 1800 square feet of space. Not bad, but not particularly impressive either.


  • Moden and router combo saves you money
  • Fast WIFI speeds
  • Versatile with 4 additional Ethernet ports
  • AC1900 fast internet support


  • Lower coverage range

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6. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

Okay, this one is a bit of a monster. If you’re not familiar with the ROG line of products from ASUS, you might be a tad bit put off with the design. Gamers and hardcore internet users will love this one though.

The design straight up looks like an upside-down spider. We aren’t even joking here, wish we were. The sharp angles and astounding 8 antennas give it the distinct look.

This best router for 100 Mbps internet is perfect for the hardcore gamer that needs the best internet for pulling those 360 no-scope headshots.

You get a powerful processor running the whole show. It’s a quad-core 1.8Ghz CPU with 1GM of RAM. We do wonder if we’re even talking about a router over here or a full computer at this point.

Anyway, remember EERO from earlier? You can set this up like a mesh system as well. Thanks to ASUS’s AiMesh feature, you can make multiple access points and enjoy uninterrupted internet access all over your home.

It has what’s called triple game acceleration. Which essentially accelerates your game traffic, so it gets the highest priority. Gamers need internet security too. You could argue they need more of it since they’re online the most.

ASUS’s AiProtection takes care of all your security needs. It’ll take care of threats even before they hit the network. This router also supports both 5.0Ghz and 2.4Ghz WIFI.

You get great control over your network too. It tells you what devices are connected to the network and also how much bandwidth each one is using. Device prioritization is also a baked-in feature.


  • Top of the line hardware
  • Reliable network coverage with ASUS AiMesh
  • AiProtection for security
  • Supports 5.0Ghz and 2.4Ghz WIFI
  • Robust monitoring


  • Design might not be to everyone’s taste

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7. Turris Omnia 2020

If you want more than a high-end consumer router for 100 Mbps internet and are looking for a small server solution, this router from the guys over at Turris has you covered. Their Omnia 2020 is a robustly built and feature-packed router, and it takes our final spot in this roundup.

The design of this one is perhaps the blandest. That isn’t a knock on its craftsmanship though. We think the very understated design helps it blend in with different situations.

Itisn’t meant to be a centerpiece. Ratherit’ll blend in and do what it’s meant to do – provide reliable and super-fast internet.

This is an open-source and powerful router. If you need a home server, this is the one to get. The sheer number of available integrated software available for this alone makes it one of our top choices for IT enthusiasts.

You get fast WiFi speeds as well. Like most of the routers in this list, the Omnia 2020 supports both 5.0Ghz and 2.4Ghz WIFI frequencies. So, you’re covered for a long time to come.

There are 9 ports to use. This is yet another reason why this one shines for use in a home server. Powering all the features is a dual-core 1.6Ghz processor. That might sound a little underwhelming compared to some products on the list.

But given it’s just a router, that processor keeps things running just fine. You also get 2GB of ram with this one and 8GB eMMC.


  • Very professional design
  • Supports both 5.0Ghz and 2.4Ghz WIFI
  • A lot of available integrated software out of the box
  • Easy to monitor and set-up
  • Adequately powerful processor


  • Not the best choice if you want a high-end consumer/prosumer router only

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Factors to Consider While Buying Best 100 mbps Router?

Buying a router is a simple thing. That is if you know what to look for. Not all of us are tech-savvy people (and that’s completely fine). That’s why we’re here. Here are some important factors to consider when buying a router for 100Mbps internet.

Real Speed

Your router will only be able to give you the internet speeds that your ISP is providing you. If you don’t have a 100Mbps internet connection, buying a router for one won’t magically give you faster internet.

So, before buying your router, check your internet speed and then check to see whatever router you’re buying is capable of handling those speeds. Then you have the winning formula.

Single vs Dual Band 

You might have noticed us mentioning when a router supports 5.0Ghz WIFI and 2.4Ghz WIFI. That’s where the discussion for bands comes in. WiFi practically runs on two frequencies (for now). You have 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

Typically, 5.0Ghz frequency will be less cluttered and will give you the best reliability and speed compared to 2.4Ghz.

However, 5.0Ghz has less range too. If you live in a cluttered place with lots of WIFI networks, it’s best to get 5.0Ghz WIFI. Otherwise, you can just stick to 2.4Ghz for now.

But also, note that 5.0Ghz is newer. So, if you want to be future-proof you can pull the trigger now as well.

Effective Range 

This one is quite important. The last thing you want is you buy a brand-new router just to find out it doesn’t have enough range to cover your whole house. Few things are as frustrating as that.

Make sure to check the range of the router you’re buying. Does it work for the size of the house you have? All these are important factors to consider.

Processor and RAM

Most people might think RAM and processor power are only relevant when buying computers. Not quite. Your router needs adequate RAM and processor power too. Without enough RAM, you’ll face what’s called bufferbloat.

This is when your router can’t handle the constant stream of data packets when you’re browsing the internet. Enough RAM and processor power is certainly an important thing to consider.

Other Features

Once you have the basics covered, you check for additional features. Some are quality of life features like voice assistant supports, robust build quality, USB ports, and a high number of ethernet ports.

Also, try to look for MIMO support as well. MIMO will make your data transmissions over WIFI much faster and more reliable.

Wireless vs Wired Connection for 100Mbps Internet

If you were to ask this question a couple of years ago, the answer would have been much different. Wired connections have always been the recommended ones for hardcore internet users.

Over the years, WiFi has gotten much faster and more reliable as well. Although a wired connection is still faster, the difference isn’t much. WiFi’s main advantage is the sheer convenience.

Router for 100Mbps Internet

A wired connection will give you slightly faster speeds. But the main advantage is the reduced latency.

Low latency is crucial for things like online gaming, for example. Remember, though, how fast your internet depends on your ISP and the type of cable you use.

Is 100Mbps Internet Fast Enough?

As technology and internet access have become more widespread, people are willing to shell out more cash for higher internet speeds. But there is a point of diminishing return. For most people, 100Mbps is considered a very fast internet. Even by today’s standard, this is a fast connection.

In fact, 25Mbps to 50Mbps internet connection falls in the fast internet range. To put things into context, you can play an online game, stream videos while three other people are also using a 100Mbps network. That’s a pretty solid connection.

A 100Mbps internet speed is perfect for small offices or home offices. If you have an online business or game a lot, you’re sure to make good use of it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to change my ISP for 100Mbps?

Typically no. If you don’t already have fast 100Mbps internet, you can ask your ISP to upgrade you to a 100Mbps connection.

2. How fast is a 100Mbps connection?

A 100Mbps is on the upper limit of what would be considered fast internet for most people. You can download files at 12.5 MB/second. Upload speeds are good too.

3. Are 100Mbps routers expensive?

That’ll completely depend on which router you get. The brand and features also come into play. Some routers have really over-built features that aren’t meant for normal consumer use. Those can end up costing quite a lot.

Most good consumer or prosumer-focused 100Mbps routers are affordable for what they offer.

4. Is 100Mbps worth it?

If you can get 100Mbps internet and can afford it, it’s completely worth it. Most of our time is spent online. We need to be connected online for work, keeping up with friends and family.

All of our entertainment is also online nowadays. Netflix is a thing, and so is multiplayer gaming. If you use the internet a lot and need a lot of bandwidth, 100Mbps is worth it.

5. Do I need 100Mbps internet?

For people who earn from the internet, watch a lot of streamed content, play video games or run a small office, a 100Mbps connection is a valuable investment.

Final Words

There you go. Now you know which one to get when shopping for the best router for 100Mbps internet. The internet is here to stay. So, why not embrace it and go all in. It’ll only open more opportunities for you and is an investment for the long run. Besides, having fast internet is one of the joys of modern life.

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