Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier

Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier in 2023

Dealing with a weak or broken signal in the antenna can be a bit of a pain. Well, you are sure to face that if you are residing in an area where the transmitted signals are weak.

And there are a couple of factors that can cause such scenarios. One would be that you are residing in a remote area where there are too many trees around. Another one would be there are too many buildings around the transmission tower that are lowering the signal’s strength.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, getting the best outdoor TV antenna preamplifier can get you out of such scenarios. They are going to amplify the weak signals. As a result, the reception range will get extended, which will eventually offer you access to a large number of channels.

8 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier

It might sound easy to get one of the well-performing preamplifiers. But because of how saturated the market is, you are going to have a hard time getting one of them. However, we are aiming to make the choosing process a bit more manageable for you. And for that, we have huddled a narrowed-down list for you, which goes something like this:

1. Winegard Boost XT Pro

Let us kick off our antenna booster reviews with this device that is being offered by Winegard. The range that this one is capable of delivering is quite off the charts, and you will know after going through the review.

To start with, it is compatible with most of the antennas that are out there. You will be able to make it work with the ones that utilize a passive or non-amplified signal receiving mechanism. And after you properly set this up, you can make your antenna achieve an extensive amount of range, enabling you to enjoy more channels.

Talking of which, it has a straightforward installation process. The unit integrates a signal meter that will make it effortless for you to set this one up. There is an option in which you can pair the signal meter with a bundled app, which will allow you to set this one up at the exact position.

Aside from the installation process, it boasts TwinAmp technology. This technology makes it capable of enhancing both the VHF and UHF frequencies. It does a great job in lowering the interference levels from the signals, which is going to eventually ensure that the pictures you see on the screen are clear.

Apart from that, the unit integrates Clear Circuit technology. That will make sure that the noise from the received signals is reduced significantly. The typical noise level will 1dB.

That level of noise is considerably low, which means there will be a reasonably low amount of signal dropouts. It will also make sure that the pixelation issues do not occur.

Lastly, it includes all of the hardware in the package. You will not feel the requirement to get anything extra.


  • Works with most of the antennas
  • Integrates signal meter
  • Easy to set up
  • Boasts TwinAmp Technology
  • Features Clear Circuit technology


  • Bundled app does not work with iOS
  • Not that durable for extreme weather conditions

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Are you living in an area where you find it extremely difficult to find a good channel signal? Well, worry no more because RCA has got the right thing for you.

First of all, the design that this unit features focuses on areas with an extremely poor reception range. So if you are in such kinds of locations, you are going to witness a significant improvement in the reception range of your antenna. This design is one of the reasons why we have included this on in our antenna preamplifier reviews.

Aside from the design that it boasts, the unit has an FM trap that is switchable. After activating it, you will notice that the interference rate between the signals is going to drop down at a considerably high rate. You can enjoy FM frequencies at their absolute best after setting this one up with your antenna.

Apart from that, the signal enhancing capability of the unit is pretty solid. It optimizes the performance of the VHF and the UHF signals separately. As a result, the amplification occurs efficiently on both of the bands. This is another reason why we picked this one for our antenna pre amp reviews.

Alongside that, the advanced SmartBoost technology that it packs will make sure that you have access to most of the channels that are being broadcasted in your area and the locations that are nearby. And after activating the FM trap, you can access most of the FM channels that were not visible to your before.

Other than that, the installation process for this is hassle-free. The package bundles with all of the necessary hardware, which means you will not feel the need to get anything separately after getting this.


  • Features a unique design
  • Switchable FM trap mechanism
  • Offers access to plenty of channels
  • Packs SmartBoost technology
  • Optimizes the performance of both UHF and VHF separately


  • Voltage requirement for the power inserter is not standard
  • Some of the units might ship with defective power inserter

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3. GE Signal Booster 42179

On your search for the best outdoor antenna amplifier you will find yourself among plenty of models. However, not all of them will sport a weather-resistant design that this one from GE does.

As we have mentioned above, GE has utilized high-quality materials for the overall construction. Those materials make it achieve a high durability level, which makes it exceptionally resistant to harsh weather. It also achieves a long lifespan for such a construction. So there would no need to worry that much if you set it up in a position that is exposed to the weather.

On that note, the installation process is hassle-free. The package that will ship to you will include all of the necessary hardware. You are also going to find zip ties and rubber boots. The ties are going to make it easier for you to manage the cables, and the rubber boots will allow you to make it mount properly with the surface.

Alongside that, it works with most of the antennas. You can make this work with both the passive and non-amplified ones. Also, the amplifying procedure that it implements is exceptionally efficient. It is capable of providing you access to the channels that are transmitted further away from you are residing.

Also, it does a decent job in increasing the strength of the weak signals. As a result, even if the signal you were managing to receive was distorted and was dropping out, you should be able to get them at their full strength after installing this.

Lastly, because of its design, you will have the freedom to set this one up the way you want to. You can mast-mount it or mount it on the doors and walls.


  • Housing is highly resistant to weather
  • Comes with zip ties and rubber boots
  • Installation process is pretty easy
  • Can be mounted in different ways
  • Capable of amplifying low strength signals


  • The included instructions are a bit vague
  • Can not pick up some of the VHF stations

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4. Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice

Even though most of the boosters that you are going to stumble upon will be able to pick up and amplify the UHF stations, only some will be capable of picking and amplifying both the UHF and VHF stations. And this one is one of them.

To begin with, it has a unique design that has the ability to pick not only the UHF but also the VHF signals. It optimizes both of the signals separately, which makes them have a higher strength than what they have in the area that you are living in.  As a result, you might discover new channels that were not accessible to you before.

Apart from the ability to pick both the signals, the unit has a high capability to boost signals with a high amount of noise and interference. It can separate the interference and make the antenna that you have capable of picking the exact signal that is being transmitted from the station.

Aside from the wave boosting capability that it has, it boasts overload protection too. So even if there are too many waves blocking the channels that you want to get access to, it will be able to ignore those and connect to the channels you were shooting for.

Other than that, the housing can resist water exceptionally well. This ability to resist water is the thing that mainly worthy of including in our antenna pre amp reviews. And for this, worrying about the durability and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions is something you would not have to do.

Besides that, the package ships with all of the necessary hardware. You would not find yourself seeking something that is not already included in the package.


  • Capable of picking both UHF and VHF channels
  • Packs an overload protection
  • Housing is waterproof
  • Boosts weak signals
  • Includes all the necessary hardware in the box


  • Included zip ties are not that durable
  • Might need a little tweak for some TVs

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5. PBD HDTVBooster

You might be living in an area where the TV channel signals are weak but have more than ample mobile waves. Well, that is where this booster being offered by PBD steps in.

First of all, it has a built-in 4G LTE filter. This filter will get rid of the mobile waves that might be causing the pixelation problems. As a result, the waves that your antenna is going to pick will be filtered from the mobile waves, which means the performance and the efficiency it will enhance significantly.

Aside from that, the installation process for this one is reasonably straightforward. There will be no need to go through any sort of hassle, nor will there be any need to go through any intricate process. In fact, you should be able to get this one started and fully operating in about a couple of minutes.

On that note, you are going to find all of the required hardware in the package that will ship to you. It even comes with an RG6 coaxial cable that is reasonably large. You will not feel the requirement to get or purchase anything extra after getting your hands on this package.

Alongside that, it has a wide compatibility range. It should work with most of the antennas that are out there. So whether you have a passive or non-amplified antenna, there would be no need for you to worry that much about the compatibility.

Aside from the compatibility range, the amplification system of the unit is quite praiseworthy. It does a great job in enhancing the overall strength of the channels that are around you. Also, it will provide your antenna with the ability to reach the channels that are broadcasted farther away from where you are residing.


  • Sports a 4G LTE filtration mechanism
  • Installation process is simple
  • Comes with all the required hardware
  • Includes a long coaxial cable
  • Can boost the strength of the channel


  • LTE filter malfunctions sometimes
  • Housing is not that sturdy

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6. THE CIMPLE CO24db Distribution Amplifier

Are you on the lookout for something that has the capability to boost the reception range of your antenna and lower the amount of distortion of the received signals at the same time? Well, you should not look any further because CIMPLE CO has the unit that is the one for you.

To start with, it utilizes a highly efficient amplification mechanism. That mechanism is so efficient that it makes your antenna receive signals that you might have never heard of. So, you should have access to more channels that you never thought you could reach before installing this.

Apart from the efficient amplification mechanism, it is highly capable of boosting the weak signals’ strength. As a result, your favorite channels that were once filled with distortion should be noise-free once you set this one up. You are going to enjoy the channels at their best with this.

Alongside that, the construction of the unit is of sturdy materials. Those materials make the overall housing solid and exceptionally durable. You can expect it to withstand harsh and tough weather without showing any performance issues. And the housing also has built-in mounting points.

On that note, the housing also has a gain control knob. This knob will offer you full freedom over tuning the amplification the way you want to. You can adjust it precisely to get the channels that you actually want. And the channels that you should be able to gain are FM bands, VHF, UHF, ATSC, NTSC, OTA, and FTA.

Besides that, the instruction guide you are going to find in the package will make it easier for you to set this up. You would not face any difficulties in that regard for the manual.


  • Strengthens weak signals
  • Offers a higher range of reception
  • Minimizes the amount of noise and distortion
  • Capable of capturing a lot of bands
  • Housing has built-in mounting ports


  • Can not lower the interference of other waves
  • Does not work that well with some antennas

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7. Philips Outdoor SDV9119N

One of the well-renowned brands that are offering outdoor amplifiers that are highly reliable is Phillips. And this one that we are going to talk about is not an exception in that regard.

Unlike some of the other units out there, this one has both the 4G and 5G LTE filters. These filters are going to block all of the unwanted cellphone networks for the antenna. As a result, the signals that the antenna is going to receive will have a low amount of interference.

Alongside the filters, the TruAmp technology that it packs will enable you to connect to a large range of channels. You should be able to connect to HDTV, VHF, and most of the UHF channels.

Also, the technology enables the device to lower the overall distortion rate, which will eventually make sure the networks have a low amount of noise and distortion.

Other than that, the overall design of the unit is pretty weather-proof. The materials that it implements for the construction can withstand tough and harsh weather conditions. So you will not have to think that much if you are placing this one out in the open where it will be exposed to the environment.

On that note, the installation process is straightforward. You might not even have to spend more than half an hour on setting this one up. It comes included with all of the things that you are going to require for the process, which means there will not be any need to get anything extra.

Besides that, there is a signal finder LED on the front. It will light up when the device can receive most of the signals at their higher strength.


  • Both 4G and 5G filter
  • Design is weather-resistant
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Capable of connecting to a wide range of channels
  • Features a built-in signal finder LED


  • Might not work that well with the passive antennas
  • Some of the units might be defective out of the box

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8. ANTOP HD Smart Boost

Some of the boosters that are capable of offering a high range tend to mess up with the networks within reach of the antenna. However, this one that is being offered by ANTOP is not one of them.

To start with, it has a dual output port on the back. You can connect two different devices with it. And both of the ports are capable of offering the same amount of performance. So if you want to connect amplifiers to both of your TVs, you will not feel the requirement to buy two boosters separately.

Aside from the dual output that it has, the device has a built-in 4G filter. This filtration mechanism will make sure that the antenna does not get interfered with mobile networks. As a result, there is going to be fewer amount of signal drops. Also, the filter will make sure that the distortion amount is considerably low.

Other than that, the process of connecting it with devices is pretty hassle-free. You will not find yourself going through any intricate steps. Also, it works with both passive and non-amplified antennas. And the operational mechanism is pretty simple too.

Besides that, it has a high capability of adjusting the reception range of your antenna. After setting this up properly, you should discover new channels that were not accessible to you before. You would have access to new channels with this.

Alongside that, the device is highly efficient in lowering the noise from the networks. Eventually, the signals that were weak and full of noise before should be clean and clear. It will also not mess with the existing signals, which some of the boosters tend to do.


  • Both the setup and the operational process is easy
  • Compatible with most of the antennas
  • Has dual output ports on the back
  • Features a built-in 4G filter
  • Capable of lowering the noise from the signals


  • Some of the packages might ship with missing parts
  • Housing is not that durable

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What to Look for Before Buying?

You will have to keep some certain points before you purchase one of these. With those factored in, your chance of getting something worthy and offers good performance will be pretty high. That being said, these are the points that you need to factor in before making a purchase decision:


First and foremost, you need to consider that the one that you are getting is compatible with the antenna that you have or not. There are two types of antennas that you can amplify. One is passive, and the other one is non-amplified. And not all of the boosters that you will find on the shelves will work with both of these.

For that reason, before you spend your valuable cash on any of the models, you need to check whether it supports the antenna that you have. If you happen to get something that does not work with your antenna, you will have a piece of useless device lying around.

Range Boosting Capability

After checking the compatibility, you should consider how capable the booster is in the case of boosting the range. Most of the amplifiers are going to do a decent job at this, but some will only offer you a limited amount of range. And the ones that do provide you a limited amount of range are the ones you want to avoid.

On the other hand, do ensure that if it is not limiting the nearby signals’ reach aside from just boosting the range. If it limits the capability to receive the nearby signals, you will not be able to enjoy the channels you once enjoyed after setting it up. You can only access the new ones that are being transmitted a bit far from where you are.

Interference Blocking Technology

One of the main problems that cause pixelation is interference. And the antennas suffer from this the most as they do not have a built-in mechanism to avoid it. For that reason, we would highly recommend you opt for the boosters that can block the interference from the channels’ network.

As a result, your antenna’s networks will be capable of receiving a low amount of distortion. And the connection is going to stable, which will lower the chances of dropouts also. Basically, you would have a redefined TV watching experience with one of these.

Mobile Network Filters

Aside from the interference caused by other networks, mobile networks can mess up with the antenna’s reception quality. And as a mobile network is something that you are going to have a lot in your area, you are sure to see a loss in the picture quality if you install a booster that can not filter out the 4G and 5G signals properly.

Nevertheless, even if you can not get the one that can filter both the 4G and 5G signals, make sure that the one that you get can at least filter out the 4G signal. That should be good enough for ensuring a good picture quality and a good reception capability.

Noise Reduction Capability

Even though most of the units would be capable of reaching the networks that are far from where you are residing, not all of them would be able to lower the noise from the signals that it is going to find. Usually, the networks that are low in strength have a lot of noise in them.

And no matter how much range your antenna can achieve after setting the booster, if it can not reduce the noise from the weak signals, you are not going to have a pleasant TV-watching experience. For that reason, it is essential to consider if the booster has noise reduction capability or not.

Installation Process

The installation process is the key to getting a good reception for these boosters. In other words, no matter how good of a booster you get, if you can not install it properly, you will not get the most out of what it is capable of offering. For that reason, you should opt for the one that has an easy installation process.

Alongside that, do ensure that the package contains all of the essential hardware. If you get something that does not come with all of the required parts, you need to opt for them separately, which would not be that much of a cost-effective purchase.

The Housing

One of the most important factors that you will have to consider when you are opting for these is the housing. As you would have to install this on the outdoors, where it would be exposed to the environment, you should opt for something that has durable housing.

Shoot for the ones that utilize high-quality materials. Those will have a high durability level and would be able to withstand harsh and tough weather conditions. You can also position them in the best possible place without worrying too much about the lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most powerful outdoor TV antenna?

There are loads of antennas out there that will claim to be powerful than the other available ones. No matter how powerful they claim to be, if they do not have an amplifier built into them, they will not be that efficient in case of signal reception. The amplifier is exactly what makes them powerful.

It allows them to capture the signals that are being transmitted from stations that are far distance.

2. How can I boost my outdoor antenna signal?

If you want to boost the antenna’s signal reception capability, there is really no alternative that getting an amplifier. That will boost the signals that are being captured by the antenna. As a result, the networks are going to have higher strength, which will eventually increase the signal reception capability.

3. Do I need a preamp for my TV antenna?

It depends on the area that you are residing in. If you are located in an area where the TV stations and the transmitters are close, you will not require one of these. However, if you are considerably faraway from the stations and have a large number of blockages in the middle, you should get yourself one of these.

Alongside that, even if you are close by the stations, but your antenna is not that well-performing in receiving the networks that are being transmitted, you would need to consider getting one of these before replacing your antenna.

4. What is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna?

There are plenty of options available in the market. However, only a few are really worth the money. And for scrutinizing whether they are worthy or not, you will have to consider the overall performance.

In our opinion, when it comes to omnidirectional antennas, the brand LAVA has a bit of an edge. They have an extensive lineup of reliable products to offer to the market. And you are sure to find one of the well-performing ones in their product list.

5. Can I use an old satellite dish as an antenna?

Yes, it is possible to repurpose an old satellite dish as an antenna. However, you are most likely to access the digital signals only as most of the satellite dishes can only receive digital networks. Nevertheless, there are some workarounds that you would be able to do to make them receive FM signals as well.

But if you do find the workaround steps hard and a decent amount of money, we would recommend opting for a budget antenna instead. Getting one of those would be a cost-effective decision.

6. Do antenna signal boosters work?

Yes, they do work. However, the efficiency of most of them is not going to be the same. Some will offer good performance, whereas many will offer an average and mediocre performance. If you really want to get the most out of what these are capable of offering, you should go for the ones that check all of the factors.

7. Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

Even though it might sound stupid, but it does work. When you are wrapping the aluminum foil, you will increase the surface area. As a result, the level of conductivity will also increase. Eventually, you will boost the signal of your antenna. So, in a nutshell, wrapping aluminum foil will allow you to boost the signal to some extent.

8. How can I make my antenna signal stronger?

Though there are plenty of processes for doing this, the best and the most reliable way would be to get a booster. Those will amplify the signal and increase the reception capability. And as most of them are easy to install, you will not need to go through any intricate processes either.

Final Words

If you want to receive all of the signals that are being transmitted in your area and the areas that are far from your location with higher strength and better clarity, you should not settle for anything other than the best outdoor TV antenna preamplifier.

And we hope that we were able to making it easier for you to choose one.

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