Best Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS: Buying Guide 2023

Are you familiar with Dolby ATMOS? It is a premium and immersive audio format that adds height to your flat home theater system audio set-ups. This latest sound surround technology from Dolby is integrated with in-ceiling speakers to transform your living room experience with stronger and better crisp sounds.

The thing is that they introduce new height dimensions to your existing sound system set-up, resulting in enhanced sound performance.

Moreover, the best ceiling speakers for ATMOS are what you need to turn things around rather than overhauling your conventional surround sound systems. They are affordable, highly compatible, and easy to install.

So what are you waiting for? We have done the bigger task for you by pinpointing some of the best options you can find in the market. Have a look!

5 Best Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS 

The market is overflowing with lots of products such that it can be hard choosing what works for you. We have a comprehensive review of the best ceiling speakers for dolby atmos to help you decide. Keep reading.

1. Micca M-8C 8 Speaker

If you have a small room and need to amplify your speakers, the first choice on the list would be a low priced option. Though low priced, it’s a high-quality in-ceiling speaker that will deliver the ultimate sound for your money.

The design comes in an 8inch sized ceiling speaker that delivers crystal clear and smooth sound performance. Another reason that makes it the best ceiling speaker for ATMOS is the crossover design for a perfect integration between the woofer and silk dome tweeter.

Hence, it ensures a coherent transition to deliver both high and low sound frequencies. The one-inch tweeter is enclosed in a rigid and durable dome to produce a high-frequency response.

The large diameter woofer features a high excursion design for maximum bass sound dispersion. Its exceptional performance with the low frequency is a rare thing for a ceiling speaker and will also save you the bucks for a subwoofer.

Furthermore, the integrated crossover allows a balanced sound performance, making these speakers ideal for listening to music or for a home theater system.

The Micca M-8C is more economical and features a foolproof design concept. It’s easy to install in-ceiling using basic hand tools like a screwdriver. The low mounting depth and mounting tab system make the installation process a breeze and that the speaker is firmly secured on the ceiling.

Besides, connecting input cables is easier using the gold plated and color-coded male connectors. Its grill is custom white, but you may paint it to blend in with your interior décor.


  • Crossover integration
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Sold in single units
  • Great low-frequency performance
  • Quite easy to install


  • Grilles are detached and may slip off

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2. Acoustic Audio Home Theater Speakers

If you are looking for a high-performing speaker with a larger surface area, then you might be interested in purchasing this Gold woods’ speaker design. While the previous model comes as a single piece, the Acoustic Audio CSic83 is available in a set of two or five pieces for even distribution and sound performance.

Although the price tag per piece is like that of our first review, this bargain comes with a 3-way class system set-up supported by a 3-way passive crossover. This means that each speaker comprises an 8-inch woofer to radiate more air over a wider room area.

It also features a midrange driver for bass sound and a tweeter for high-frequency notes. Hence, the Acoustic model is the best ceiling speaker for Dolby-ATMOS as they produce a well-balanced audio mix from a home theater.

The construction is rigid since the woofers are reinforced with high-grade butyl surrounds for absorbing vibrations. It also reduces wear and tear. The cone comes with a highly rigid polypropylene with progressive spiders to handle continuous and fatigue-free highs.  

Each 13mm tweeter has a soft-dome design to manage higher frequency up to 350 Watts’ power input.

They are simple to mount in your ceiling because of the low profile baffle, and the spring-loaded push terminals allow easy connectivity of input audio cables. Included in the package are an instructions manual and a cutout template for the ceiling marking and installation process.

Lastly, its white grill will blend well with any interior décor, and you can paint them to match your set-up.


  • 3-in-1 construction for super performance
  • High quality and durable design
  • Sleek design and beautiful color
  • Affordable price tag


  • Bulky pack

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3. Klipsch RP-140SA Ceiling Speaker

Are you looking for the best in ceiling speakers for Dolby ATMOS inside for an optimal listening experience? Then you can consider Klipsch-RP-140SA Dolby ATMOS for the ultimate sound experience.

This incredible device is a pair of two speakers that offer your existing audio system a seamless integration to unlock crisp, clear, high, and low frequencies.

Fair enough, you can unlock a superior sound experience in your home theater with these in-ceiling speakers at an affordable price tag. The rare to find Dolby ATMOS-enabled speakers elevates the audio experience of your current floor standing speakers, creating a virtual surround and height effect.

The speakers come in an Acoustic suspension cabinet design with a high-quality cloth grill that protects the cone from external elements. Its black vinyl hairline finishing has an elegant appeal and will supplement your interior décor.

Another thing to add is that it features a textured or non-slip base. Hence, this ensures that the speaker doesn’t shimmy backward at higher volumes but stays perfectly in place.

This design comes with minimal installation procedures and a ten-foot speaker cable. You may position this set on top of existing set-ups to shoot up the sound to the ceiling and bounce back to produce the Dolby ATMOS height effects.

Moreover, this is good news since you don’t have to cut spaces on the ceiling or route wires in the ceiling and walls.

Once plugged in, your home theater adaptation automatically adapts effortlessly to your surround set-up.


  • Made of solid wood cabinet construction
  • Power handling capacity up to 50 Watts
  • No technical installation process
  • Dolby ATMOS add-on speakers
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing speakers


  • Cost more than some Dolby ATMOS speakers

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4. JBL 8128 Elevation Speaker

A larger room with a larger ceiling surface area requires a speaker with a wider woofer to fill it with ATMOS Dolby sound. Manufactured by JBL, the 8128 model is the best choice of a ceiling speaker that will perform exceptionally.

Not only is this unit from a leading brand, but the design is also elegant for your interior décor. Without a doubt, it will accentuate your indoors to match your style and preference.

We also need to mention that this JBL has a contemporary grill design that brings out a sophisticated appeal. Although it’s not a cheaper option for domestic use, it’s a worthy option for high performance and reliability.

The construction is quality and solid such that it’s one of the best ceiling speakers for ATMOS under extreme usages such as in cinema and other commercial uses. Additionally, it’s fitted with a 6W transformer for use of 70V / 100V, which gives it the power to perform.

Moreover, this in-ceiling speaker features a high-sensitivity 8-inch full-range driver. Hence, installing a couple of these will be adequate to immerse the entire theater with optimal sound while operating at the lowest amp power.

This design may lack a tweeter but contouring the cone makes it possible for the woofer to respond perfectly to high frequencies free of distortions. Additionally, this design is compact, which allows easy handling during set-up in your ceiling.

Further, it doesn’t look bulky due to the small size. Lastly, the added dog-ears equally enable you to easily blind mount installations.


  • Comes with dog-ears for easy mounting
  • Produces high-fidelity performance
  • Features a 6 Watt transformer
  • Full-range driver for wider sound coverage


  • Lacks a cable connector or terminal

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5. Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Speakers

Pioneer is a leading manufacturer of audio devices and will not disappoint for ceiling speakers. The Pioneer-SP-T22A-LR is one of the best ATMOS ceiling speakers there is in the market and the most recommended for commercial performance.

Besides fame, the add-on speaker design comes at a budget-friendly cost. Hence, you can afford to transform your conventional home theater system into an immersive cinematic experience.

The set of two speakers have a comfortable power handling capacity of up to 80 Watts each. They also feature a top-firing 0.5-inch tweeter and a 4-inch concentric driver for improved frequency response while integrating with your existing home theater system.

Another unique style in SP-T22A-LR is the curved cabinet design, which not only beautifies your home but stiffens the enclosure and helps reduce vibration. The result is in performance is accurate, tight, and powerful bass.

Moreover, the speaker features a stand-alone base and can sit anywhere convenient to maximize the space in your home. The upward-firing concentric speaker has the soft-dome tweeter mounted in the center of the cone to control the tweeter’s dispersion and send the sound effects straight up to your ceiling.

Moreover, the cone has a textured surface to make it stiffer than the usual flat-surfaced cones. This design helps to push distortion to higher frequencies, beyond the woofer’s effective range, so that the Pioneer SP-T22A-LR can sound much louder.

Finally, installing the speakers is effortlessly easy as you just connect the audio cables from your receiver to the rear ports using male connectors for a more secure connection.


  • Has a 4-inch textured surface woofer
  • Can handle 80 Watts power
  • Integrated with a high-frequency soft dome tweeter
  • Elegant curved cabinet design
  • Amongst the best atmos ceiling speakers


  • Performs best with Dolby ATMOS-enabled systems

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What to Look for Before You Buy?

When you hit the shops to buy the best in-ceiling ATMOS speakers for your indoor use, what are the most important things to consider? Or, in simpler terms, what features should you look for? Here is a guide to help you out.

Sound Performance

Sound performance is the reason you’d like to change your current set-up. Hence, it’s a top priority when looking for ceiling speakers. Different models from different manufacturers will achieve different levels of clarity and sound crispness for performance.

This is so because of the difference in construction materials used for the magnetic structure, woofer cone, and the tweeter if installed. A higher quality of construction is ideal for performance.

Some speakers also come with built-in crossover to separate the high and low frequency between the bass cone and tweeter. Others will also have controls for different frequency ranges to fine-tune the system to suit your sound preference.

Sets or Single Units

In-ceiling speakers come either in single units or sold in sets of two or more speakers. The choice you make between the two will depend on the shape and size of your room.

The bigger the room, the more speakers you may need to fill it with an audible sound. For price; some models may have expensive sets, but worth your needs while some may be inexpensive and won’t satisfy. Hence, so you need to balance between the options by paying attention to features before numbers.


If you were to achieve outstanding performance best Dolby ATMOS in ceiling speakers, then you must also install them properly on your ceiling. Inspect your ceiling to determine the space between it and the roof or other obstacles such as beams.

If the ceiling has little clearance between the boards and roof, it’s advisable to go for a low profile speaker to have a smart flush fitting. Many speakers will also have a paintable grille to blend with the color of your ceiling.


Ceiling speakers mount on the ceiling boards without exerting much weight and damaging your décor. However, not all ceiling boards can carry the same weight.

It’s equally important to determine whether or not your ceiling boards can handle the extra weight of a speaker. While most ceiling boards won’t have a problem, lighter speakers are appropriate for thinner ceiling boards.


The easier it is to mount the speakers on your ceiling without hiring a technician, the better. Some units will come with mounting tabs, simple tools, and an instructions manual. And some designs will require you to figure out or get an expert in fittings.

You also need to connect directly to your amplifier or receiver using a cable. Hence, you need to budget for the audio cable needed and include them in your purchase if not provided in the speaker pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better between ceiling or wall speakers?

Wall speakers are common features in surround sound set-ups, but if you want to create a 3D audio set-up, then ceiling speakers are the best choice. In addition, they deliver better sound and experience.

2. What do you need to power ceiling speakers?

All you need is an external amplifier or receiver to connect to each ceiling speaker using speaker cables

3. Where can I mount should ceiling speakers? 

The best position is at equal distances apart from the walls and along the length of the room. Next, space one speaker at least two meters from the other for the best stereo sound effect.

4. Do these speakers use power from mains?

No. The reason for this is because they are usually subdued speakers and lack internal amplifiers that need a power connection.

5. Are in-ceiling speakers worth it?

Ceiling speakers improve the audio performance from your home theater, creating a more immersive sound experience. They are suitable for the ceiling and make a worthy addition to a surround sound set-up.

6. Are in-ceiling speakers expensive?

In ceiling speakers come at different prices depending on the brand, quality, model, and more. Pick one that will match your budget and deliver the best value for money. What matters most is the quality of the speaker.

Final Words

Just like with most electronic fitting, finding the best ceiling speakers for ATMOS isn’t easy. Once you install and connect them to your Dolby ATMOS receiver, there will be a varied improvement in sound performance.

We hope that this review will help you choose among the options and has enlightened you on how to go for the best in ceiling atmos speakers.

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