10 Best 24 Inch Smart TV with Wifi to Buy in 2023

The ever so evolving technology has made most of our home appliances smart. Starting from everyday essentials such as washing machines and fridges to entertainment sources such as TV, all of them are now smart.

That being said, because of how popular these smart TVs are now, you might be in the market looking for one.

However, if your room is not that spacious, going for the large ones would be a waste of money. Well, that is where the best 24 inch smart TV with wifi models step in. They have all of the features of the larger brothers but has a small form factor. For that reason, they are the ideal ones for the rooms that are relatively small in size.

8 Best 24 Inch Smart TV with Wifi

There are countless of these in the market that will claim to have all of the smart features that a TV can ever have. However, not all of them will be worth the money. And we would not want you to end up with them. For that reason, we have huddled a list of the top rated 24 inch TV models that we could find. And they are as follows:


One of the benefits that you will enjoy after getting the best 24″ smartTV is access to endless entertainment. And this one that is being offered by INSIGNIA will provide you that.

To start with, it integrates the Amazon Fire OS. This operating system is the brains of the device. It is what makes the unit smart. You are going to have access to the web, other media platform, a limitless amount of music, and countless entertainment sources.

Along with that, you are going to have access to tens of thousands of channels.

Other than the OS that it integrates, this 24 inch smart TV with wifi bundles with a remote that will enable you to provide voice commands. You can navigate through the whole OS in the hands-free mode for that remote. Eating while watching your favorite shows will be much easier with this.

Alongside that, this 24 inch wifi TV integrates Alexa. The smart Assistant will offer its helping hands to manage your home. You will be able to connect it with the other smart devices that you might in your home and control them through this smart Assistant.

Apart from that, the picture quality of the panel is solid. It has a 720p resolution, which is pretty enough for a display of this size. And as you are going to be pretty far from the panel, you will not be able to detect the pixels that easily. The color that the panel can produce is pretty up to par for a 720presolution panel.

Connectivity-wise, it has three HDMI ports on the side. And the refresh rate is standard. It has a 60hz refresh rate that will redefine the video watching experience.


  • Integrates Fire OS
  • 60hz refresh rate
  • picture quality is decent
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Bundles with a voice-control remote


  • Not compatible with all of the popular apps
  • Sound quality is pretty mediocre

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2. VIZIO D24-D1 D-Series

Being able to output great details is quite important for a unit to become the best 24 inch smart TV with wifi. Well, VIZIO had factored that in when they were manufacturing this unit.

Let us talk about picture quality first. The panel that the unit sports has a 1080p resolution. Because of that, you will be able to watch all of your favorite shows and channels in great detail. The color production of the panel is quite good as well. It can output vivid colors, which will redefine your watching experience.

Aside from the panel, it adopts an edge lighting mechanism. Instead of utilizing the middle portion, the backlighting is on the edges. As a result, each pixel will get an equal amount of light, which will allow the unit to offer you a wide viewing angle. Also, it can adopt an ultra-thin design for this too, which makes it look elegant.

Alongside that, it comes with a proprietary OS that will enable you to browse through most of the internet-based entertainment platforms. Starting from Netflix to Hulu to Youtube, you should be able to access them all. The UI is easy to navigate too. Also, all of the apps will update automatically.

Other than that, the panel that it utilizes has a 60hz refresh rate. Because of that, the motions are going to look smooth, and you can enjoy most of the contents in 60 fps contents on the web. It also has a USB port on the back that will allow you to play content from a virtual storage device.

Overall, this is a great pick if you are in the market for the best 24 inch 1080p TV.


  • Panel has a 1080p resolution
  • Utilizes edge lighting mechanism
  • Thin and elegant design
  • Sports a USB port on the back
  • UI is easy to navigate


  • Casting features is a bit finicky
  • Built-in speaker is not that loud

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3. LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24 inch smart TV with wifi

The manufacturer LG is considered one of the top dogs as they are one of the largest providers of display panels. And their screens are well-performing and offers a top-notch picture quality. That is exactly why we have included this in our 24 inch smart TV reviews.

First of all, the panel of the unit has a reasonably wide viewing angle. In fact, it is wider than what most of the other brands are offering at the moment. So when you host a stayover in your room, your friends will not have any trouble viewing the content being played on the screen, even if they remain in the corner.

On that note, the amount of content you are going to have access to will be plenty. You will not feel like you do not have anything to watch because it will offer you access to most of the internet-based entertainment platforms. From Netflix to Youtube, you will have access to most of them.

Besides the viewing angle of the panel, the screen has a 720p resolution. Even after being a sub FHD screen, the color that it can produce is quite up to the mark. It is comparable to the other higher resolution screens that are out in the market. That means you will be able to enjoy the contents with vivid and vibrant colors.

Aside from color production, the LED is exceptionally bright, making it a worthy contender of being the best tv for sunny room. The details that it can output are comparatively great, considering that it is a 720p panel. Also, it integrates Miracst that will enable you to cast contents from other devices.

For that reason, we are confident enough to state that this is the best 24″ smart TV that is under the sub FHD resolution.


  • Panel can output great colors
  • Capable of outputting great details
  • Integrates Miracast
  • Brightness of the screen is quite praiseworthy
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Audio managing software is not that polished
  • Does not support Hulu

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4. Sony KDL32W600D 24 inch smart tv with wifi

Another leading manufacturer of televisions that tends to have great picture quality is Sony. Well, they did not disappoint us with this unit that they are offering in that regard.

To begin with, it packs the X-reality Pro engine. That proprietary engine will make sure that the picture that the display outputs are sharp and clear. You will be able to enjoy augmented reality in its all glory with the highest possible clarity.

The engine will also be able to output better color production, which will redefine the watching experience even further.

Other than the engine that it packs, the screen has a 720p resolution. Though it is under the FHD resolution, the engine that it packs will make the pictures feel like they are of higher quality.

Along with that, you will have access to most of the entertainment platforms, including Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix. That means you will not feel like you have anything to watch.

Aside from that, it integrates Motionflow XR 240. It is a refresh rate technology that is capable of eliminating motion blur. As a result, you should be able to enjoy sports and other fast-paced action movies in the way they were meant to be.

Alongside that, Sony did not skimp one bit in the audio department as well. They have implemented a Clear Phase technology, which is going to enhance the audio output. For that reason, audio of all frequencies will have an even production, minimizing the amount of distortion and fading.

Besides that, there are plenty of connectivity ports. It boasts two HDMI ports along with a composite port. So you will have no trouble connecting two different input devices with this.


  • Packs X-reality Pro engine
  • Displays pictures with great details
  • Supports Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube
  • Sports Motionflow XR 240
  • Implements Clear Phase audio technolo


  • UI is not that polished
  • Remote does not have a user-friendly design

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5. Westinghouse Roku 24 inch smart tv with wifi

Having a smart assistant built-in can make navigating through the OS a hassle-free process. You will have exactly that kind of experience if you get this one that Westinghouse is offering.

First of all, this 24 inch smart TV with built in wifi supports both google assistant and Amazon Alexa. That means no matter what your preference is and no matter which ecosystem you are in, you can add this to it. Also, the assistants are going to offer you the ability to give voice commands.

Along with the integration of smart assistants, it even bundles with the Roku Mobile App. Through that, you will be able to cast whatever is on your phone to the TV’s large screen. And as it is going to be connected to the internet all the time, it should automatically update its software and firmware.

Other than that, the input ports are quite generous in this unit. It has three HDMI ports and one USB port. The USB port is going to allow you to import content from local storage solutions. This number of connectivity ports alone makes this one a worthy pick for 24 inch smart TV with built in wifi.

Apart from the connectivity ports, you will have access to top-rated and the most popular streaming services. Also, the built-in subtitle engine will let you enjoy foreign content at ease.

The panel that it packs has a 720p resolution. It is capable of outputting pictures with decent sharpness and clarity. The color production is quite up to the mark as well. Also, the Dolby Audio chip that it boasts will redefine the audio listening experience as well.


  • Compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Firmware updates automatically
  • Bundles with Roku mobile app
  • Packs Dolby Audio chip
  • Generous amount of connectivity ports


  • Does not have the capability to reduce motion blur
  • Included remote is not that praiseworthy

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6. Sansui S24P28DN 24 inch smart tv with wifi

Are you on a tight budget? Want to get one of the cheap 24 inch TVs but do not want to lose that many features for spending too little? Well, you should have a look at what Sansui has to offer here then.

To start with, it sports a 720p resolution that is highly capable. It can produce crisp pictures, and the details of the picture are reasonably great, considering the panel’s resolution. As a result, you are sure to get a redefined movie-watching experience by installing this in your bedroom.

Alongside that, the unit packs stereo speakers that have a considerably high amount of range. The audio listening experience that you are going to have will be immersive, and you will be able to listen to most of the frequencies in their full details.

There is a multi-viewing mode too. That is basically a proprietary casting system.

With the screencasting system that it has, you can play the content from your phone and PCs. That means you can play contents that are stored in the local storage too. It also has two USB ports on the back, which will enable you to connect a local storage solution to it.

Other than that, the design that it boasts is quite elegant. It has relatively small bezels on the side, which makes it look sleek. Also, the stand on the bottom looks quite good too. It will blend exceptionally well with the other furniture that you might have in your room.

Aside from the design, there are a plethora of ports on the back. It has an Rj45 port for a wired connection to the internet, three HDMI ports for input, and one earphone out.


  • Panel that it boasts offers crips images
  • Features stereo speakers that have a high range
  • Sports a proprietary screencasting system
  • Plenty of ports on the back
  • Design is quite sleek and elegant


  • Does not have any motion blur reducing mechanism
  • Not compatible with some of the streaming apps

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7. Philips 6000 Series 24PFL6704

If you are not on the lookout for cheap 24 inch TVs and want something packed with features, you should keep this unit that is being offered by Philips in your consideration.

Unlike some of the other 24 inch smart TV with wifi models out there, it integrates Android OS. Because of how popular the OS is, you are going to have unlimited access to entertainment. All of the popular streaming services are compatible with this, including Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, and plenty of others.

It even has Google Assistant built-in. You can have full control over the smart devices that are in your home with the remote because of that. Also, it will enable you to give voice commands to the TV, which means you are going to have a hands-free navigating experience with this.

Other than that, the panel that it has is capable of producing high-quality images. It has a  720p resolution, and the colors that it can produce is quite vivid. You will be able to enjoy most of your content with vibrant colors and proper saturation. Also, it can retain the details of the picture reasonably well.

Aside from the panel, Philips had put proper emphasis on the speaker department too. It boasts dynamic audio technology, which will combine both of the 8 watts speakers that it has on the side to provide you an immersive audio listening experience.  

Lastly, the viewing angle of the panel is reasonably wide too. It is 178 degrees on both the vertical and horizontal side, which means you would be able to enjoy the content at its full glory even if you find the corner position of your room comfortable.


  • Packs Andriod OS
  • Integrates Google Assistant
  • Viewing angle is 178 degrees
  • Utilizes dynamic audio technology
  • Panel can produce exceptionally good colors


  • Version of the Android is pretty dated
  • Includes a cheap HDMI cable in the box

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8. NT North Tech 24″ LED HD

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While going through the 24 inch smart TV reviews, you might want to get something with a smooth OS. Well, in that regard, you need to take a look at what North Tech has to offer here.

To start with, the proprietary OS that it packs is heavily polished. Because of how polished the OS is, you will not notice any jitters when you are browsing through the UI. Also, navigating through the apps will feel buttery smooth too. The instances of occasional lags will be reasonably low as well.

Other than that, the panel that it comes boasting with is 720p in resolution. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it achieve a wide viewing angle. You will be able to view the images on the screen at off-angles without any issues at all. It will neither output graying that the panels of low viewing angle outputs.

Aside from the viewing angle, the visuals that the panel can provide is quite praiseworthy as well. It can output images with vivid colors and great details. You can enjoy most of your favorite shows and movies on this with a redefined viewing experience.

Alongside that, there are plenty of connectivity ports on the back. It has a USB port that will enable you to access the contents you might have stored in a local storage device. Also, it features HDMI ports, an ethernet port, and an optical port.

Apart from that, you will also be able to cast the screens of other smart devices to it. And the wifi chip that it features inside is reasonably fast. You can browse through the web without any network loss.


  • Capable of outputting pictures with vivid colors
  • Supports screencasting
  • OS is well polished and reasonably fast
  • USB port on the back
  • Wifi chip is reasonably fast


  • The screen has some glaring issues
  • Does not have any smart assistant integrated

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What to Look for Before Buying?

Even though getting a TV might seem like an easy task, in reality, if you do not keep the key factors in your mind, you will not be able to get something that is worth the money you will spend. Well, if you do want to spend your money wisely, you need to keep these factors in your mind:


The most important factor to consider when you are purchasing one of these is the panel. It is what makes these worth getting. Considering that, you would want to opt for the ones that are capable of offering good picture quality.

24 Inch Smart TV with Wifi

With the ones that can output great picture quality, you can get a redefined movie and video watching experience.

Refresh Rate

Having a 60 Hz refresh rate is standard at this moment. Any display that has lower than that is not really relevant in the market right now. Nevertheless, they still exist, and we would highly recommend staying away from them.

If you happen to get one of them, you will not be able to enjoy the fast-paced sports and other contents properly. Also, the UI will not feel that smooth either.


Another thing that is quite crucial for these is the OS. It is one of the factors that makes these “smart” and packs these with smart features. That being said, we would suggest opting for the ones with Android OS if possible.

Those are compatible with most of the apps, which means you will have endless access to the contents. Along with that, they have a highly polished UI as well.


Most of the 24 inches models are going to have a 720p resolution, which is really not that bad. Because of the small screen space and how far the panel is going to be from you, you will notice any sort of pixels or loss in clarity with those.

Best 24 Inch Smart TV with Wifi

However, if you can, you should opt for the ones that have a 1080p resolution. Those will be able to offer a high amount of sharpness and clarity.

Color Production

One of the factors that most of the panels can not deliver is a good color. And with those, the contents that you are going to watch will lack both vibrancy and vividness.

Considering that, you would want to shoot for the units with a good color production panel. By getting those, you can enjoy the contents in the way they were meant to be enjoyed.


Another factor that most of the manufacturers will skimp on is the speakers. No matter how good the visuals are, if the unit can output proper sound, the watching experience you will get will not be that enjoyable.

For that reason, we would highly recommend shooting for the ones that have Dolby Audio technology. Those are capable of offering a superior audio listening experience.

Smart Assistant Integration

Last but not least, you will have to consider whether the TV integrates any smart assistant or not. Even though you might think that this factor is not important, it is capable of making the whole user-experience hassle-free.

You can provide voice commands with it, which will offer you a hands-free operating experience. Also, you can connect different smart devices with it without any issues at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 24 inch TV big enough for bedroom?

It depends on how large of a bedroom you have. If you are considering a reasonably small bedroom in size and does not have that much room space, the 24 inches are going to pretty big for your room. On the other hand, if the room is considerably big and has plenty of room space, these are going to a bit too small for the room.

2. Do all smart TVs have wifi built in?

One of the factors that make a TV “smart” is the wifi chip it packs inside. That means it is necessary for these to have a wifi chip. Without that, you will not be able to access different streaming platforms.

Alongside that, they require web connectivity to download apps and to update the firmware also. So, all smart TVs should have wifi built-in. Some even have a wired ethernet port on the back.

3. Does Samsung make a 24 inch Smart TV?

Being one of the top manufacturers of TV, Samsung has an extensive lineup of smart TVs. And yes, they do have plenty of smart TVs to offer that has a 24 inches screen. However, not all of them will be worth buying.

There are plenty of better options available that are not from Samsung. And we would recommend taking a look at those first before you look at the offering that they have.

4. How heavy is a 24 inch TV?

Most of these are going to sport a slim overall design. The slim design does not only make them look sleek and elegant but also keeps the weight low. Because of being lightweight, the installation process for these is pretty hassle-free.

So, most of them are going to be reasonably lightweight. Typically, they should be around 10 pounds. There are many that are under that too.

5. Is 24 inch smart tv too small?

As we have mentioned above, the factor of whether a 24 inches TV is large enough or too small will entirely depend on the room that you are installing it. If the room is pretty large, then it is going to be too small for it. However, if it is not that large, then the size should be good enough for the room.

Final Words

Getting a TV that is larger than 24 inches for a small room is not really worth it. You will not only have to spend extra cash but will not be able to get all of the things that it has to offer.

For that reason, you should opt for the best 24 inch smart TV with wifi for those rooms. And hopefully, we were able to make it easier for you to choose one.

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