5 Ways a Heat Press Machine Can Be Used For!

A heat press machine comes specially engineered to help you transfer your own designs and decorations onto various items like garments, mugs, plates, caps, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Different machines come with varying designs and capabilities to help you choose one that meets your unique needs.

However, most people don’t know that a heat press machine is a highly versatile unit that can be used to perform a variety of things apart from the basic t-shirt printing.

In the following post, we’ll take a look at 5 tops ways in which you can use your heat press machine.

5 Ways a Heat Press Machine Can Be Used For


Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of decorating garments. In fact, it poses a stiff competition to heat press method, with both methods having their upsides and downsides.

The problem with screen printing is that you’ll need to learn a lot of things before you can start doing it. You’ll also need to set up a shop which can be pretty expensive.

However, using plastisol transfers will enable you to transfer your designs to garments without having to do the real screen printing. All you need is the transfer, your design, and a good heat press machine and you’re ready to go.


Another way you can use your heat press machine is to do dye sublimation—where you print a special ink on the paper and then transfer it to a polyester or poly coated garment using your heat press machine.

Sublimation is great in that it enables you to transfer even more complicated designs not only on garments but on a wide range of other items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, jewelry boxes, etc.


Vinyl is also a popular method of decorating your garments with your preferred designs. It enjoys wide usage in the imprinting of names and numbers on sports jerseys as well as team uniforms.

The beauty of the vinyl method is that you can effectively do it with your heat press.

So, if you’ve many schools and sports activities around your area, consider offering vinyl transfer services in your garments printing shop!


Yes, you can also use your heat press machine to add sparkle to your customer garments and other items without necessarily having to buy the rhinestones and placing them on the garments by yourself.


Lastly, you can use your heat press to decorate patches on your garments.

If you’ve got a design, say a blank patch, that fails to translate well into embroidery or screen print, you can easily put it on a sublimated patch and heat seal it with your heat press to make it look appealing to the eye.

All you need is one easy press and your complicated design transforms into an amazing decoration!

Final Verdict

These are 5 other ways you can use your heat press machine apart from its main job of printing designss on garments and other items.

This shows how versatile and more useful a heat press machine can be for you, whether you’re an individual or a businessperson.

What other uses of heat press machines do you know?

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